PLEASE PLEASE don’t buy this stuff to save a few dollars..

don’t buy this stuff to save a few dollars..  as you will be paying a lot more in the end. I am a LVT and I hear stories like this alll the time. PLEASE pass it along that not to buy stuff like this from Walmart, petsmart, petco or the drug store.  ONLY professional sources of this type of drug should be used.  Even places like pet shed or pet med are to be watched as there have been some issues with online drugs as well such as counterfeit drugs… with labels slapped on them and then sold online as the real thing.  So don’t go cheap on your babies.

And if your thinking of using nothing.. remember  heartworm, lyme disease and internal parasites can cause just as many health issues as the use of these items.


Hartz Ultra Guard flea drops

I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you who posted warnings about this product. I have a Papillion & noticed he had a couple fleas. I saw the Hartz Ultra Guard product at Target & thought I would try it because Hartz was a well-known brand. I applied it to my dog this morning & then thought maybe I should see how this product is rated online. I had NO IDEA it was a dangerous product!! I am so glad I ran across this website. I immediately called my vet & asked them what I should do. They said WASH IT OFF!! They said it is not a safe product & not effective either. I feel like an idiot for not doing research ahead of time. I am just thankful it was only on my dog for 1 hour. He seems to be fine right now. Needless to say I threw away all Hartz products (I had some old shampoo too) and will NEVER buy Hartz again!!!!! Wish there was a way to get this stuff off the shelves!!!!

Hartz UltraGuard caused my pup to break out in pustules

We recently started treating him for fleas and ticks since it became that season again.  About a day or 2 after we gave him a bath in the UltraGuard he broke out all over his stomach and chest and in his armpits.  They were itching him to death.  I tried benadryl and cleaning them along with neosporin.  Nothing helped so we took him to the vet.  Mind you we didn’t assume it was the shampoo quite yet.  We thought he had gotten into fireants so I also treated the whole backyard but couldn’t find a nest.  The vet prescribed over a $100 in meds alone.  He was just getting better when we thought to give him another bath which caused the problem to flare up again.  So we found the source of the allergic reaction now for sure and its Hartz UltraGuard in the citrus scent.  Never using Hartz products again.

Hartz UltraGuard Plus ridworm Tablets

We recently dewormed a litter of.shihtzu puppies with the Hartz ultraguard ridworm tablets. we dewormed 3 times over a 3.week.period as per the directions on the box. each time we.wormed the pups they passed a few worms in thier.stool and seemed to be fine afterwards but the last.time we wormed them one of the pups became violently.ill almost immediately. she began to vomit. she had diarhea and became listless and weak. not thinking that the wormer was to blame we assumed she had.parvovirus. and were.quite.panicky. we discovered afterwards.that the symptoms.she.was.experiancing.was.a reaction to the main ingredient in the wormer. a drug.called piperazine citrate. piperazine is commonly. used to deworm pigs and cattle. and is toxic to dogs it causes severe diarhea vomiting. siezures and in most cases death. there is nothing a vet can do other than give the dog charcoal and hope for the best. we lost the puppy and discovered that it didnt even get rid of the worms after 3 treatments our pups were infested with roundworm.

Sergeants = worst 48 hours of my life

I had researched the best flea treatments online, based on what works best, and gone to the store to find Advantage or Frontline. Not finding those, my friend found Sergeants Gold, which she had used successfully on her cat. I thought twice about buying it, but because I thought it might not be effective, little did I know…

and for the sake of the companies reading this….I want to state here. I READ AND FOLLOWED ALL THE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY AS STATED.

After putting it on my cat, she went off her dinner and was acting strange, but some weird feeling moisture on the back of your cat’s neck is bound to make them uncomfortable so I didn’t think much of it. My friend reassured me that it was fine on her cat. Later that night my cat went off her dinner, which isn’t uncommon, but didn’t sleep on my bed that night, which was strange. I found her hiding in the morning, not waking me up to be fed, and she still wasn’t taking any food. Not realizing the seriousness of it I went out to run errands, and yesterday evening when I arrived home, 24 hours after applying the Sergeants Gold Flea treatment, she was acting really strange, depressed, lethargic, making strange twitching movements, seeming very unwell and still not eating. I immediately started googling the product, and to my dismay found out that I had poisoned my cat. There are no words to describe the horror I felt, as someone who gives my cat the very best raw food diet, and healthiest lifestyle…how could I have possibly been this ignorant to use a product that basically poisoned my cat….and now threatens her life….

I immediately gave her a bath, but already knew that it had been too long since the product was on her. Regardless, she did not move while I bathed her, and definitely perked up slightly after having it washed off. Before I could read anymore I was already on my way to the animal hospital. They diagnosed her with neuro-toxicosis from the Sergeant’s, with symptoms of a very high temperature and ear twitching and not eating. They recommended that she be admitted to be monitored and have iv fluids and meds, but I chose to take her home with the oral version of the  anti-seizure meds. I watched her like a hawk all night, scared out of my wits and helpless that there was nothing I could do now but wait and see what happens and hope that her system can process the poison. This morning, she peed on the bed, which is completely out of character…

Finally, after two more baths, and 42 hours after giving her this horrid stuff, she ate some sardines (the only thing she was interested in), the twitching seems to be gone, and she’s just acting a bit fragile and unwell.I’m horrified that something I purchased in a store, and gave to my cat, could have killed her. I’m sure that the extremely healthy diet I feed her contributed to her not having a more severe reaction. I have been beside myself with worry that I was about to watch her die.

Now hopefully the worst is over. I’ll be using only natural home-made remedies from here on in, and making as much of a stink about this as I possibly can. My heart goes out to all the families of pets who were worse off. This is just unimaginably awful.


Hartz Clean & Crunch cat treats

About 2 weeks ago I bought my cats some cat treats, normally I only give them a couple a week thats it. Last week my husband and I were going away for a week, I had a friend to check on the house so we just filled a water bowl and food dish that feeds them on their own. I gave them some treats, and since the bag was almost empty I set it on the counter.

We came home the bag of treats was all over the floor and empty. We also found vomit spots all over the floor, 3 days after we came home our cat started foaming at the mouth and wouldn’t drink. He is up to date in shots, so we knew it could be rabbies. Took him to the vet and the first thing he ask was what kind of treats we had given our cat.

I told the vet, they gave him a shot and said to keep an eye on him, as it was probably a slow allergic reaction and he was happy we brought him in.

Cat seems okay now, sleepy and cuddly (which our cat is not a cuddly cat, he hates being held). So hoping he gets back to himself in the next 24 hours or back to the vet.

I will never buy a Hartz product again!

Hartz Ultraguard drops

I wish I’d seen this site before I applied the flea-tick drops to my dog. She started going crazy and tried to bite her fur off. I searched the internet for info on Hartz products and found this site. I could not believe the stories here (and how true they must be). I also can’t believe Hartz continues to sell it’s products. I spent a couple hours hosing her down and she seems to be back to normal. Hope all is well with the other pets.


On February 7 th I put hartz flea treatment on my 2 cat’s,within 10 minutes or less my 19 month old cat started to have seizures we rushed her to her Vet at which time he gave her 3 shots to try and counter act the flea product that evening she had to be hospitalized for 2 days and then was put on Phenobarb for her seizures. she was okay for about 5 days then started to have seizures again,we rushed her again to an emergency clinic where she stayed for the next 5 days, unfortunately we had to put her to sleep they couldn’t stop her seizures. This product kills and should not be on th market. all total me paid almost 2,00.00 dollars to try and save our baby but to noavail we lost her anyway. Our hearts are broken over this,I have called Hartz sent them copies of her medical bills but have not heard anything from them as of yet. I also contacted my local news channel.

Thanks for listing

Mary Brainard

I have an Urgent question:

I have a question. My male 5 month old kitten is vomiting, not eating and has diarrhea. Could this be due to the fact that I put the 3 in 1 flea collar on him? Nothing else is wrong.

My Nightmare…

A few days ago I posted my story. Little did I know it was going to take a turn for the worse. We came home from the vet hoping he got Barleys swelling under control. Her ears went down a little but her entire body was still swelled up. Thursday morning she did not want to eat or drink anything. She also could barely walk. Barley just laid around the house all morning and when she would try to get up she was in pain and would always hold one of her legs up like she couldn’t feel it. We took her back to the vet and they’re was nothing he could do there and sent us to the animal hospital. They hooked her up to an iv and did some blood work. Friday morning they called and said it looks like vasculitis but could not say for sure if it was the Hartz flea drops that caused this but it was more than likely. They said she was doing good but about six hours later we got another call. They said she swelled up worse and had no more of her wrinkles… We went to go visit her and I couldn’t believe how terrible she looked. She was just laying in the kennel and couldn’t move. She knew we were there with her and kept trying to lift her head to look at us. The hardest thing was when we would talk to her she would cry, not normal wimpering crying she actually had tears rolling down her face… She knew she wasn’t going to make it much longer. She fought as long as she could. Saturday morning around 5, we received a call saying she went into cardiac arrest and they were trying cpr to bring her back but it wasn’t working. We had to let her go… She was our best friend and we spoiled her as much as we could but she spoiled us back. She was seriously one of a kind. Everyone we know has heard our story with Hartz products and they’re getting the word out. I just wish I saw this site before I used this on my baby girl… Rest in Peace Barley, you were our everything and we miss you sooo much!