Why are they still able to sell this stuff??!?!?!

So my dog has been itching like crazy for the past month and chewing to where it was getting infected. We’ve taken her to the vet to get everything figured out. Shes gotten better but still is itching a lot. Yesterday I figured it might be because I haven’t given her any flea medication since November. I has the Hartz flea and tick drops so I used those. Instantly after putting it on Barley, she was running around the house like crazy with her tail sticking out. She finally started to calm down then ended up throwing up. I thought she was just had a stomach ache. Later on that night I noticed that she had a major rash on her stomach and the base of her tail. I thought she might of gotten bit by something since she was outside rolling around. This morning I came home from work and her ears are all swollen, along with her face, legs, and paws. The rash had gotten worse. We took her to the vet and I told him I put this stuff on her. He immediately knew she was having an allergic reaction to the Hartz. He gave her an injection which is making the swelling go down. I’m so glad we caught it in time. I don’t know what I would have done if something happened to her. I just wish I read all these storied before I used this on her.


My boxer has lost fur because I used Hartz shampoo!!!

I just got back from the veterinarian’s office. I thought that my dog had symptoms of mange so I took him to the doctor to see why his fur was falling out. After the scrape/blood tests came back negative, the vet questioned me about when I first noticed the symptoms so that she could determine what else it could be. The only thing I could think of was that  last week I bathed my dog and it was a bit weird that once his coat dried, he was excessively itchy. His skin was crawling and he also made a lot of whining noises. I thought that perhaps the shampoo was a little strong and that it dried out his skin a bit.  Two days later my boxer’s hair was falling out in tufts. I did not attribute this new problem of bald spots with the use of the new shampoo I used on my dog. Instead I suspected it was mange.  I thought that it had to be mange because fur does not just fall away like this. After the veterinarian determined that it was not mange, she said that it sounded to her like De Niro was having an allergic reaction. She asked me what brand of shampoo I had used and I told her that I used Hartz – Groomer’s Best Oatmeal Shampoo. At hearing me say that, she slapped her forehead and advised me that Hartz has a long history of denying that their products have caused pets to die. She told me to never, EVER, use Hartz products ever again.  My poor doggy. I’m sorry that I didn’t know that before I used Hartz on him.

Just gave both my cats a Hartz flea bath yesterday because I saw one flea…..

I just gave both of my cats a Hartz flea bath yesterday and now I’m so upset and wondering if there is anything that can be done.  I have read all of these stories and I wish that I had read these before I found that ONE flea.  One of my cats seems perfectly fine but the other one my male Milo seems to be in pain meowing and is shaking when he walks.  I called my vet and they said to give him a bath in Dawn, which I did but he is shaking and I’m scared.  I called a 24 hour vet but they just said they could monitor him and possibly give fluids.  I have read such awful stories about this wishing I didn’t bathe them.  I must tell you also that they have been bathed in this previously with no issues.  The same container but this time he had a reaction.  What I though was going to be good for my cats is becoming a nightmare.  I really hope he recovers.

The Cruelty of Hartz…

I have just gone through the most heart breaking experience of my life.  I lost my dear friend, my Coco, she was my daily companion that was with me all of the time.  Let me tell you my tragic story.

On Friday, Febuary 24, 2012, my husband bathed my cat Jinx with Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Shampoo for the first time. A couple of hours after the bath, Jinx began to walk strangly. His tail was stiff, straight, and pointed upward and both his hind legs were trembling and he had little mobility in them. The next morning, he wouldn’t eat nor was as active as usual, which concerned me. I decided to take Jinx to the vet, but unfortanantly, it was closed. I returned home ,worried about Jinx and about what was possibly wrong with him,so I decided to search his symptoms and I got links to the HartzVictims.org website. I began to read the tragic stories and made the “connection”.

Not only was my Jinxy terribly sick, but my Coco had died two weeks prior after also being bathed with the Hartz shampoo. Coco’s death had come so suddenly and it was a mystery, until Jinxy’s reaction to the shampoo. I now can put closure to Coco’s death and can use this expirience to advise others about this DEADLY EVIL POISONOUS SHAMPOO.

Coco, I love you and will miss you always, you are an angel in doggie heaven

-Your mommy, Patricia and 8th period VMS students. </3

My precious cat, Tigger, DIED from HARTZ flea powder

I am beside myself over the death of my cat Tigger.  I wish I could go back & do things differently.  I feel like I failed him.  I had no idea how harmful  (and in my case, Fatal) these Hartz products are.  And WHY are these products still on the market ???

It all started on Tuesday Feb. 14, I applied some Hartz Ultra Guard Flea Powder to Tigger.  Now, according to the directions, I was to cover his entire back from his neck to his tail, and his stomach & legs.  OK, I only applied the powder on half of his back, down by his tail….thats it.  I had never used this powder or any other flea product on Tigger or the other cats before. They’ve never had fleas being that they are indoor cats only.  That was applied around 1 pm Tuesday….

Wednesday morning Tigger ate some breakfast, but around 11 am he started throwing up.  At first I didn’t think much of it because my cats do throw up fairly regularly due to hairballs.  I had to work between 1-4 pm that afternoon, and when I got home he was still sick & he also had diarhea, so I called Hartz. They asked me some questions & then told me to take Tigger to the vet. Well, by then it was almost 4;30 & my vet’s office wasn’t taking anymore patients that day & I was told to go to the local animal hospital.  So, I took Tigger to the hospital.  As soon as I told the vet what I had used, he shook his head & told me thoes products were very bad.  He wanted to keep Tigger overnight & try to flush out his system.  But, they wanted me to pay that night 75% of the estimated bill of $1000.00, which was $750.00 and I didn’t have it. I made a couple phone calls, but was unable to put together that amount.  The vet gave Tigger fluids & I took him home.  I have to say, I really didn’t grasp the seriousness of the situation. I certainly didn’t think he would die.  I thought it would pass through his system & he’d be OK.  That simply did not happen.

Thursday morning, Tigger was sitting quietly by himself, he looked at me while I petted him, but he wouldn’t drink any water & he had saliva & what looked like bubbles coming out of his mouth.  I didn’t know what else to do for him. I was still in denial about the seriousness of what was happening. Tigger wasn’t crying or meowing and thankfully didn’t appear to be in any pain, although I still wonder about that & get very upset recalling all of this. Tigger passed away at 11am Wednesday Feb. 16, 2012.

I can’t tell you have much this has hurt me.  I miss Tigger something awful.  I do not understand why, when its happened so many times, does the EPA allow this company to sell these poisoness products ????  I wish I had done some research about this product before I used it, but I thought its just a powder & Hartz has been around for years, I never thought for a second that it would be harmful.

I am now telling everyone about this company & what their product did to my pet & countless others.

My Tigger was the sweetest cat I could of asked for. He was always with me. I have been sick a lot lately, and every time I wouls lay down, Tigger would lay right up agaisnt me. He would either rest his head on my arm, or I would wrap my arm around him, and thats how we would fall asleep.  He was so special to me & irreplaceable as far as I’m concerned.  I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through, or their pet to suffer the way my Tigger did.

flea collar attracts fleas

my cat wore this flea collar for 1 month. when i cut it off of her, i noticed the fleas had nested up all around the collar and made my cats neck look like hamburger meat. i am very dissapointed that there is such a product still on the market that has such harmfull effects. had i known of others complaints on this very same product, i would have never bought them. im taking remaing flea powder back to store and demanding my money back, and hatz should have to pay for the treatment for helping the healing process for my cat.


I hope my cat will be okay

Yesterday, around 5pm I gave my 6mo kitten, Kahlua,  Sergeant’s GOLD Squeeze-On for cats and kittens.. immediately after applying it I got a really bad feeling about it so I decided to research the product. (I had read the label and it does state the possible side effect as: “sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. blah blah blah”.. it doesn’t state specific side effects.. just sensitivity which is very ambiguous) Upon researching I found this website and immediately became sickly worried and gave Kahlua a thorough bath with cat shampoo and dawn soap, rinsing thoroughly. I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects yet, and it is 2pm, she does seem to be a little more tired than usual but if i prod her enough she will get up and play and she has eaten normal amounts of food/water. I sincerely hope that she does not have any reactions and it is horrible that this product (and others) are still on the shelves, especially without stating the actual possible side effects of them! I work at Target and am going to talk to my store manager to see what I can do about getting these products off of the shelves! I am sorry for everyone’s loss due to these poisons… It truly breaks my heart.

15 dollars cheaper and terrible

Gave my cat Lucy a dose of ultraguard plus and 4 hours later she was having small seizures, foaming of the mouth and very lethargic. I thought I could go cheap but now I have a 500 dollar vet bill. Don’t buy This cheap poison for your cat, it is not worth risking your cats life.

My Hartz nightmare

This story came in via email from Patrice:

“On Friday I bought hartz ultra guard pro flea & tick drops for my two cats in walmart. I put the drops between the shoulder blades
of each of my cats. For some reason immediately after the application my curiosity brought me online to research this hartz product I had just applied. I was in total disbelief after reading all the horrific reports about hartz. Immediatly after reading I thoroughly washed the oil (poison) from both of my cats necks with dawn dish soap, rinsed & went to bed.

“The next morning I noticed Hoatzin (pronounced Watson) the love bug one was nowhere to be found. When I found him he was shaking his back legs as if he had something stuck to them. This went on all morning with all his limbs shaking. I phoned several vets that were closed for the weekend & ended up bringing him to the vet ER only after giving him a second bath to remove more oil from his neck & coat. The vet was concerned & shook his head in a familiar manor, telling me this is “poison”. After performing a series of physical tests the vet concluded he has neuro damage which could get worse, could be permanent or go away I have to wait & see.

“Fast forward to present time (Tuesday) he has bounced back to his normal self. I’m not sure why the medicine did not have the same effect on Ha’ Penny (my other kitty). That said it’s not worth the gamble to see if its going to effect your pets health or not.
This was a traumatic experience. Makes me so sad & angry that this product is available on the shelves for consumers to buy in order to protect their animals from little pests (fleas) that won’t kill them. Bottom line my cat was harmed due to Hartz.”

I used Hartz flea medicine on my cat and it gave her a seizure

The other day i use hartz ultra guard, onespot flea egg and flea larve on my cat. then today she was laying in the floor while i was on my bed and she stood up and started meowing verly loud, and i looked at her and her head was jerking from side to side and she couldnt keep her balance. i was so scared i didnt know what to do, i just made sure she wasnt hitting anything with her head. after about 5 mins she stoped and was fine, i wasnt about to risk anything so i called the vet. They told me to bring her in for them to look at her immediately. when i arrived the first thing they noticed was where she had the flea medicine on her and asked what brand it was, i didnt think it could have been the medicine so i couldnt remeber the brand i had used. but after the check up the vet said to make sure i washed her with dawn then again with cat shampoo. when i got home and gave her the two baths i looked at the flea medicine and it was hartz..so i looked the name up online and i noticed that i wasnt the only one that has had this problem with this brand…………so thanks to hartz i had to suffer thru watching my cat have a seizure and not know what was happening or what to do, and pay a $89 vet bill

 heres a picture of Kitty before the hartz problem