Poor Peaches

My Wife applied Hartz Ultra Guard Plus last night according to the instructions to Peaches, Our 4 year old rescued cat for a flea problem. This morning Peaches is convulsing and can barely walk. She just left for the Vet. I’m waiting now for the Verdict.

2 Replies to “Poor Peaches”

  1. PEACHES ; Do not use this PRODUCT….Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Spray has already killed my TABBY…He was 11+ YEARS OLD….this spray is PESTICIDE and POISON…..Hope that the VET can recover the damage….For the fleas , use FRONTLINE or SIMILAR with a DRONTAL tablet…Maybe even a regular bath or shampoo….And do not get any more HARTZ products….They all KILL !!!!

  2. Dont know if you will see this email but I was wondering if your cat pulled through? And if yes, what was the diagnosis and treatment? My dog is having difficulty walking after using this horrible product.

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