Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea&Tick Drops PROBLEMS!!!

My dog Lola, (a 3 year old mutt) had fleas, so I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Drops. I read the entire label to make sure that I was taking every precaution needed and then I put it on her just as directed. She almost immediately started whining and panting and I wrongly assumed that it was because the smell was making her uncomfortable. I left for class and about an hour later I came home to find her yelping, panting, whining, shaking, and rolling around on the floor trying to rub her back on the carpet (where the drops were placed). I have never seen her in so much pain; it seemed almost like her skin was burning. At first I thought maybe the medicine was killing the fleas and so they were all biting her and putting her in pain but it just wasnÂ’t going away. After realizing that this had gone too far I decided to give her a bath to wash off the medicine. The first half of the bath she was whining and shivering and panting all at the same time and then after scrubbing her down a few times she began to calm down and act like her normal self. Right now she is laying down relaxed, 100 percent different from when she had the medicine on her. I researched this product to find out what went wrong and found this site and started crying after thinking that if I had been gone all day at work then I would have risked my dogs life because of this awful product. I am so lucky to have been home so quickly and realize what was going on before it got that bad. Something has to be done about this product, this is NOT right!!!

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  1. It’s appalling that this garbage is still being sold in stores.
    It cost me $500 to save my cats life after using this product on him. It was horrifying to see him seizing, the poor guy. It was a close call.

  2. I purchased Ultra Guard and applied it to my Shi Tzu puppy. She is almost 5lbs. She started to scratch uncontrollably so I took her to the groomers to be bathed. I will not purchase Hartz brand again. The product should carry a warning, (May cause severe scratching).

  3. I have used the flea and tick drops two months in a row onmy dog Marney who is a year & half. The first time, she had trouble opening her mouth without yelping. I thought she had injured herself someway. It did get better and the fleas came back only stayed mostly on legs and feet.

    This month I applied it again. The same problem of terrible pain in her jaw. I am getting to attempter wash this poison off. Surely Hartz knows about this problems.

  4. One morning our 10 year old lab mix had symptoms of weaknness in the legs and trouble getting up and down , the next day he had symptoms of a stroke,head tilt,circling and weakness in left side,we took him to the vet and he acted normal the vet did a physical and blood work and said he was fine,we took him home and he had the same symptoms of a stroke,so we took him to another vet,the dog acted normal at the vets office agin,the vet did a physical and said he was fine,when we got home the dog was agin week in the legs,circling,and head tilting,…then we started to think back what might have happened,and we remembered giving him a bath and putting flee drops on him the night before his symptoms started, we concluded that he had a stroke brought on by the use of the flee drops. we can’t be totally sure but after reading about other cases of flee drops killing and making other animals sick, we suspect the flee drops.
    We think the reson he had no symptoms at the vets office is due to him getting excited to go to the vet and having a rush of adrenalin,thus giving him enough energy to mask his symptoms. He is still the same at home but when we take him for walks, he looks normal except for an occasional fall.

  5. Did you ever think that it could have been a alergic reaction. It’s like any other medicine. Side effects are felt with some medications for a small number of people. Some people are alergic to bees, seafood, or anything. In fact I bet there is at least one person alergic for just about everything. I just think it’s just iresponsible to automatically jump to the conclusion that the product is flawed. Look, I would hate to have anything bad to hurt my dog. I love him so very much and it would hurt me too. My last dog was poisoned by the dog food that was proven to be bad. Somehow the chemicals the manufacturer was using turned to poison. He died withing 24 hours of showing symptoms. So, it can happen. I have been using the Hartz product for some time now and have found it to work very well and have had no problems. Let’s say you went to a cookout carry in dinner. You brought something that had peanuts in it. Someone who was alergic ate it and had a alergic reaction. Did you intend to hurt that person? Really who’s fault was it you for bringing it, or the person who ate it without being sure it wouldn’t hurt them. When ever we use a product we never used before. It is our responsibility to thouroughly investigating the product. You do understand all of the products for this reason is poison right?

  6. I applied hartzguard flea & tick drops to my shih-tzu because she had a few flews on her and kept itching. After applying the product it seem to leave burns on her back,she seemed to drool and vomit periodically and she would then itch her back. I’ve never looked into any issues with the product until today. I’m not sure if it’s the product or if my dog had an allergic reaction, but I threw the rest of the product out and don’t plan on risking my dogs life, only to find out later that I could have prevented it.
    Good luck and keep your pets safe…

  7. I started using the hartz ultra guard spray for fleas onvall three of my yorkies. A major burn showed up on the smallest one Gizzie and raw patches of skin showed up on the bigest one Boo Boo. After a vouple more days Boo Boo went into a convulsion and lost control of hid bowels and urinary track while doing these horrible jerks. I immediately washed off the flea spray and he returned to normal. The vet said he had a severe allergic reaction to the hartz flea spray. I have removed it from all my dogs and i willl never use it again.

  8. Gave my Chi/Jack Russell Hartz Ultra Guard Pro for itching and what appeared to be fleas.
    The next morning she was vomiting and not eating as usual during day. She did eat this evening and began vomiting again. If not better in am will take her to vet and never purchase any Hartz products again.

  9. My 5 pound yorkie was scratching so I gave him a bath and put on the Ultra guard as to directions, I’d never used them before…. Now all he does is scratch terrible…way worse that before I put it on… Now it seems like a dog that really has fleas…It has been on 24 hours and I’m sure not done a thing? I am going to take him to the vet and explain this…I will never use it again.

    1. I have used this product on my Yorkie and she weighs 5 lbs and 9 years old. This is the first time ever I had a problem! It burned my baby so bad she lost her hair and she scratches all the time

      1. Please help me. On May 9, 2017, I treated all five of my cats with the above mentioned product. For several hours after carefully applying the drops, two of my cats were behaving strangely. The two cats were literally running all around, as if the stuff was burning them. For few hours, my Papelbon went into hiding as if he thought he was going to die (as cats will). I looked up this strange behavior online and concluded that they their reactions were “normal” as their way of showing me their anger with me.

        Thing is: I’ve been treating my cats for fleas since they moved in, but only with the more expensive Advantage II or Frontline. Having been out of work for the past couple of months, I haven’t beeen able to afford the expensive stuff.

        Today, a little over two weeks since their treatments, one of my cats (who displayed the strange reaction) has lost his fur at the treatment site. I am worried to death over this, because I don’t know what to expect next. Will his skin blister, become infected?

        I now have to take him to a good veterinarian but simply cannot afford to. Should I approach Hartz about footing the vet bill. Can I psue them for causing so much pain to my Papelbon or the anguish that I’ve been experiencing?

        Please reply ASAP. I need a professional opinion before I can proceed.

        Sarah Burns

        1. This product burned two of my three cats. One of which lost all of her hair at the treatment site as well. I washed it off and i can only hope they will be ok. I’ve read lots of horror stories in the last hour.

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