Unsafe Dog Treats

We recently purchased Hartz “Oinkies Pig Skin Twists” for Dogs. We gave our dog one of these treats and she had a seizure! She has never had one before and has not had one since. I read your packaging and see that these treats are MADE IN CHINA. I don’t know what toxins are in them, but we will never buy, use or recommend Hartz products again! I am aware that there are absolutely no controls on the absolute crap that comes from China! I can’t believe that Hartz would sell this poison from China! All I we can hope is that the word gets around and they will eventually be out of business!

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  1. I bought Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists wrapped with Bacon for my three Pomeranians. I really didn’t know about the recall on Oinkies or I would not have boughts them. Shame on Wal-Mart for selling these products!!! I now have one of my Poms in the hospital because of cluster seizures. They had to sedate her and put her on IV fluids. So far her bill is right at $600. I know her problem was caused by the Oinkies because that is the only thing different in her food/environment AND my male Pom also had a seizure but only had the one and recovered. Please be aware that these things can be POISON to small dogs. I will now never buy ANY pet food/snack at ANY store. I will make my dogs food/snacks myself because I can not trust what is on the market at this time…

      1. Bad Ass, No, my pet is a dog, not a pussy and he refused to eat them. I had an allergic reaction to the smell of the chemicals. Open the bag and have a nice big smell. And change your name to Bad Manners.

      2. Well I guess you must have a 400lb dog! You don’t ever want to see a little, or even a BIG dog have seizures, it is very sad to witness, so take your smart mouth and wash it out!!!

        1. My pom is having diarrhea and vomiting. I know it’s these damn dog bone treats. I’ll never give him another one!

        1. That’s great!! I know that’s right! Anyways, yep I believe they made my 200lb English mastiffs sick as well as my 100lb great pyrenees. That’s the whole reason I’m on here to see if other people have had any problems with their dogs eating them. My girl mastiff has laid around all day in the same spot. All 3 dogs went from normal acting to clearly feeling like crap. I thought about what all 3 of them could of gotten into and realized they all had each eaten one of those bones. So yep, in the trash they go! Hopefully they’ll snap out of it.

    1. My dog was hiding them in the yard instead of eating them. When I smelled them my allergies acted up in the nasal area. Very strong chemical smell. Allergic reaction!

    2. My dog ate a bit of one of these and then had what I thought seemed like a seizure, after reading this I’m sure that’s what it was! He wheezed all night and seemed to be in pain but thankfully he is fine now. I threw them out!

      1. My dachshund chocked on a piece and began to cry out loud as he could not breath. My husband had to do the Heimlich on him for the piece to come out and his throat was bloody. These are dangerous.

      2. My boy has had 5 seizures since last night. These treats are the only new food introduced to him. We see the vet soon.

        1. My 120lb German Shepherd loves these. He begs for them. I give him one a day. He has a very sensitive digestive system. So I have to be real careful of what I give him. These Never gave him any problems. He is also a very healthy dog.

    3. I bought a package of these last Saturday April 5 2021 at the Christmas tree shop and gave 1 to each of my shorkies they are 9 month old and I took it away from them when it got short my little boy has had trouble with his bowels ever since his sister so far is okay I threw the whole package away never again will I buy anything from hartz products

  2. I had purchased Hartz treats from Walmart, for my Jack Russell, Raider. Thank God I was with him when he started to eat these treats, as I found wood/saw shavings in his treats! Needless to say, I contacted Hartz immediately and was told to return the item, which I did. In return they told me they would send me some coupons for more treats. I told them to keep them and go out of business. I will NEVER buy any Hartz products again and have spread the word to family and friends of our beloved pets!

    1. They almost killed my jack Russell terrior who is my everything!!! He’s still sick and this is now the 4th day!!! Now thank god I pinned point what’s making him sick!! Shame on Walmart for selling products that goes back to like 2013 being recalled!!!!! I really would like to talk to the highest person in charge of this all for almost killing my baby!!!!! I would like to sit and watch the manufactures eat all of these and get as sick like my dog did. He was close to death and this makes me sick to hear cause they have saw shavings and particles of drugs!!!!! I swear what is wrong with people today!!!! I’m really thinking now my dog and cat both died because of stupid China That must love seeing animals die!!!!!!! Love to be face to face with these idiots

      1. You should sue this Terrible company! How do they still get away with murder after so many dogs and cats have died and/or gotten very ill?

      2. Well, I am so glad I read your comment about Hartz “Oinkies Pig Skin Twists” for Dogs and now I’m very worried. I just came back from Walmart and purchased the Oinkies Pig Skin Twists for Dogs. My little dog just ate half of one and I took it away from him and have thrown all the others out. I hope and pray my little dog doesn’t get a seizure. Why in the world does Walmart carry them if dogs get seizures from them – STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for your post.

        1. They did studies and experiments people. They could not link any illnesses or side effects to the antibiotic used in the oinkies. Y’all are overreacting and scaring other dog owners. Some dogs are just sensitive to these types of treats or it’s probably something else they got into. Calm. The. Heck. Down.

          1. I gave my dogs one each. My older dog got the shots. My 7 month old got shots vomitting and shaking. I know it’s from these cuz that’s all we had for treats. Never buying Hartz again.

    2. “Ok, so instead of continuing giving your dog our toxic product, we are going to send you ANOTHER possibly toxic one for free”

      Uhhhh ok that makes tons of sense. Like animals are just as important, if not more, than humans. Unsafe working conditions, unsinitized careless mess of a “business” needs to get out under. If you can’t take the time and brains to figure out how to do your job, you honestly shouldn’t even have jobs and should just be homeless. But,don’t go begging for change when you realize your mistake and now are a useless member of society.

      I’m really glad you were there when it happened. It would have been so sad if he or she died from their lack of attention

      1. Thanks for posting. I was thinking about buying a package & then thought I’d better check the reviews online first. I’m literally standing in the store reading everyone’s stories. You probably saved my 2 dogs today.

        1. I wish i had done this 🙁 i picked up a package saturday and now my chihuaha is now very, very ill. No energy, puking, diarreah. I will be sueing if anything further happens to him. It was 100% a result of this treat. DO NOT BUY!!!

    3. My dog hoss has become very ill from theese freaking treats.im angry and upset to see him in pain .he ate them and seemed to love them .but now he’s bloated and been throwing up.i seen the lining from the bones .i want them off the shelf.

  3. I honestly believe these treats (not really treats to me anymore) killed my sweet lab Joey. He ate two of them because my other dog Cosmo wouldn’t eat his. He became very sick (vets couldn’t seem to find out what was wrong with him (put him on baytril). He seemed to be getting better and than on the fifth night of being sick collasped and died. I will never purchase another hartz product or anything made in China.

  4. I purchased the hartz oinkies wrapped with bacon on Feb 8th 2013. Gave one to my 20lb pom/yorkie/chi mixed dog. This dog is like my baby. A few hours after eating this oinkie rawhide twist wrapped with bacon. He woke me up shaking & throwing up. He also has diareah really bad. The next morning he was weak and quiet. later in the day he felt better but didn’t have much of an appetite. I emailed hartz, they responded back within 24 hrs. They asked me to call their complaint line. When I called they asked that I send in the receipt & upc #. I also called the store where I purchased this dog treat. I will never buy hartz products again.

    1. Did your dog recover? Cause same thing happened to my dog and we are on the 4th day and he’s still sick. He’s on antibiotics but this didn’t cross my mind till today we went to the vet yesterday. My dog had high fever chills throwing up and dirreah said its just a virus. I didn’t think so I knew something more so I started going through all his food and sure enough I found this bag of oinkies made in China!!!! I am beyond pissed he is my baby and if something happens to him these people will pay for my loss of one of my best animals ever!!!! He’s only 3 years old. I’m so beyond mad and loss for words

  5. I have a 2 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback that was diagnosed as having pancreatitis after repeated diarrhea and vomiting episodes over 2 months. I feel aweful for not figuring it out earlier, but about 3 weeks ago my mom mention the problems with Hartz and Waggin Train treats. My pup loved the bacon wrapped pig skin twists and I never even considered those as the source of the problem. I’m so upset with myself that he’s gone through this, but since I stopped giving him those he’s had ZERO problems.

  6. We bought Oinkies on Super Bowl Sunday and gave them to our catahoula/shepherd mixes. One had no reaction but the male has had 4 seizures since. I didn’t realize it could be the oinkies until today… Needless to say, they will not be having any more!! Hopefully that fixes the problem.

  7. We had same result from Hartz Oinkies with our Carren Terrier. I hope someone has the means to sue the crap out of Hartz. Thier treats come from China, need I say more!

  8. I bought Hartz Oinkies Original Pig Skin Twist for my 85 lb weimaraner. He is very fit and stays on a strict grain free diet due to his allergies, no table foods whatsoever. The day after he ate his first and only Oinkie Pig Skin he began vomiting with diarrhea. This continued for 3 days with accompanied depression, fatigue, and extremely rancid stools. He was diagnosed with Canine Pancreatitis and he had to stay on IVs for 2 days with a vet bill of $600. He is an inside dog and this is the only new addition to his diet. All signs point to the Oinkies…

  9. I bought Hartz original Oinkies Pig Skin Twists for my 2 dogs. A 90LB pit and a 70LB Redbone Coonhound. My Coon started having seizures shortly after eating them. My pittie had no problem so I didn’t really connect the twists as the cause of seizures. I hadn’t bought any for about 5 months, and I did again about a month ago. Well, my coon had no seizures during the time she didn’t eat these damn things and within a day or so of having one she had a seizure. I am now positive that these are the cause!! I took them back to Walmart and got a refund as well as explained to everyone in line how horrible this product is. I am also weaning my dog of the seizures meds shes been on to control the seizures from this product! Shame on you Hartz!!!!!!

  10. I purchased Hartz banana apple treats and my 10 year old golden retriever got sick twice after eating them (rarely throws up). I know it was the treats. I will never buy Hartz again.

  11. I had fed my female Lab i rescused some Onkie pigskin twist, and thought they had a strange smell. Well, a few weeks back my Lab had a seizure. The vet didn’t inquire about anything fed to her, she just informed me that I recently recused this dog and didn’t have any knowledge on possible pre-existing conditions. But now after viewing these comments it seems quite clear. This is no coincidence! These Onkies are dangerous to our pets.

  12. What’s wrong with these people? Doesn’t Hartz get the message??
    We gave Hartz Oinkies to our Chaweenie and within half an hour she was having an allergic reaction! Her jowels swelled up and she was very uncomfortable. WE gave her Benadryl which seems to help but, a day later, her throat is still swollen and we are seriously considering taking her to the vet! Hartz – you haven’t heard the last from me!

  13. I have a 65lb Bassador (Basset hound/ Lab), He’s been eating these Oinkies for 4 years and loves them. Then about 10 bags ago he wouldn’t touch one or two of them out of every bag. I called Hartz & the kid asked me for the upc from the bags, he said none of those had been recalled. He sent me a coupon, well,needless to say I have bought my LAST beg of treats from Hartz. I don’t want my beby ending up sick or worse like any of the rest of you poor folks. So sorry to hear Walmart & Harts are heartless people 🙁 I finally found a pet store that 90% of their food & treats are Made in America.

  14. This morning we decided to give our boxer Layla an Oinkie pig skin twist to keep her occupied and not wake the other dogs or children in the house. She chewed it and enjoyed it as she has other bones in the past. This was her first ever pig twist. Approximately 45 minutes later I noticed swelling near her left eye. I didn’t think much of it, took a shower and come out to find her eyes swollen and her covered in little bumps. I called my vet’s emergency line and I was instructed to give her Benadryl until the office opened. I did so and as soon as the office open, I took her in and she confirmed she was having an allergic reaction. At this point we were unsure what could be causing it and the vet thought it would unlikely be the pig twists. After a shot and pills for the next couple days and a $59.00 bill, we were out the door.
    That afternoon, Layla was in the care of my teenage son. Another dog of mine had a pig twist buried in his cage, Layla found it and started chewing it. When I arrived home, I found Layla with her eyes VERY swollen and again bumps on her body. I am 100% convinced she is allergic to this product!! I will be requesting a refund!!

  15. King was given a oinkie treat on 2/22/14 and on the morning of 2/23/14 he was very sick. He has had diarrhea all day and vomiting. I have an appointment with the vet on 2/24/14 in the am. I pray he will survive. He was not sick at all prior to giving him the treat. I will never give my dog or cats anything from Hartz, How can you sell these things knowing they are causing illness and death in our beloved pets.

  16. I bought oinkies pig skin treats stuffed with bacon at Walmart yesterday and gave my 4 mo old pup one last night. He’s been sick all night and all day, vomiting and listless.

    I assumed if a treat was unsafe it would not be for sale.

    I’ve learned better now.

  17. I bought my 1 yr old yorkie the original Hartz Oinkies and she has vomited, had bloody diarrhea and been extremely weak since eatng apreox a third of one treat. I know it had to be what has made her sick. She hasnt been herself at all since. Shes always spunky and fun loving. It makes me furious to see all these comments and no one has pulled these crappy things off the shelves! It has been terrible to see my dog feel so bad. Please, whatever you do, do not buy these treats. If you have, return to the store or throw them in the garbage!!

  18. My seemingly healthy 4 year old dog passed away suddenly 3 days ago after finding out the day before she was in kidney failure. Vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, etc. Complete shock to us. I just now found these Oinkies in the drawer and sure enough made in China. I’m beside myself right now with guilt. I sure hope this wasn’t the cause of my dog’s sudden kidney issues. Never again will my surviving dog get any treat I haven’t made myself. I am absolutely sick over the possibility I fed my dog poisoned treats.

  19. We fed our pomeranian just one of the Oinkies wrapped in bacon. He quit eating, and vomited just a tiny bit, hardly any. He then seemed fine but two days later, my husband found him lying on the floor in a seizure and he was in a coma by the time my husband could drive just two miles to the vet. The vet hooked him up to fluids. His kidneys were working full blast but he was not recovering. He seized and died that night. Our hearts were broken. Nothing else had changed in his home, food, etc. except for buying him these treats. This dog belonged to my handicapped child. It has been extremely difficult for all of us. Our pom was just 2 weeks short of his fourth birthday and he had never had any health problems.

  20. I am so in shock right now reading these comments have literally made me pale and sick. I am terrified and disgusted with the dirty Chinese scum that have no hearts. I dont know what we expect from China though, because CHINESE PEOPLE EAT DOGS. I am so scared I havent given my dog this specific brand I dont think. But I literally just gave my Chihuahua a twisted treat and it resembles the Oinkies. I took it from her after 15 minutes cuz I noticed this awful strong chemical like smell. I decided to Google it and I found this site. I am now thinking there is poison in all bones and dog treats. I think we should all agree to just give our dogs chew toys instead. TOYS THAT WERE MADE IN AMERICA obviously. Cant trust anyone. I am so saddened to hear about all of the pups that have had seizures and that have passed away. I will pray for you all..and please do the same for my dog Milly because I now fear something will happen to her.

  21. I bought Oinkies treats for our two pits one 52lbs the other 60 lbs, and since eating them both our dogs have become sick with severe diarrhea and rancid gas. No seizures in our dogs, and hopefully nothing to follow. We bought the pig skin twist rawhides from a local Walmart. It’s amazing to me that this product is still being sold after all the issues they are causing!

  22. Our beloved lab Vegas died 3 days after receiving an oinkie as a Christmas present from our neighbors! The pain and suffering he went through is devastating to all of us! Vegas unfortunately died on December 28th, 2014! These “treats” do not break down in the stomach! DO NOT GIVE THESE TO YOUR DOG!!!!

  23. My Pom/Maltese is in the vets office right now after eating two and a half of these in a span of two months or more. He’s been vomiting all the time, bloody stool, depressed, tired. My baby might not make it through and I’m pissed at the fact they’re still selling these, I fed him the original pig skin twists and I’m regretting every minute of it

  24. I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my lab since yesterday as she is exhibiting an allergic reaction to something. I do use the oinkies but her brother has shown no ill effects and he litterally eats one daily. Well the female usually ignores them but ate one two days ago and has been broken out in hives since. These comments have helped me to figure out that is probably the oinkies. Why don’t they pull these things from the market!

  25. Hi. My mom has been giving my dig some Hartz dog treats. They are called Hartz Tasty Rewards Soft Combo Rolls With Real Bacon And Cheese Flavor. Has anyone have a problem w/ these?? I seem to, I believe. My MOM has been giving these to her for a while now. More so last year. My dog’s eyesight and hearing has been going since. Yeah, so she is 14 now (female yorkie), but she has only been acting this way ever since we were giving her these treats. We started giving these to her late last year. My dog has since then, starting to lose her eyesight, and then COMPLETELY lost her hearing! We heard shortly after about Hartz being bad for dogs. After hearing this, I took her off of the treats. Her health has GREATLY improved since! Her eyesight, unfortunately, never came back, but her hearing has! ‘Like she never went deaf! 🙂 But THEN, my mom switched her back on the Hartz treats, and now her hearing has DRASTICALLY went down and now she is more tired than ever! ;( My mom used the stupid excuse that “she has been noticing my dog’s hearing loss fir a while no.” BS! My mom HATES the dog bc she has to make an extra effort to watch her now bc she has to take my dog potty every two hours or so! She has threatened to kill the dog before bc of it. My mom’s a KOOK and is NOW willing to put her on the treats that we had previously BOTH agreed to take her off of!! She puts her claim out w/ the angry excuse that she is the one who “visits her 10-20 times a day.” BS! I see my mom on her laptop almost 24/7!! It’s like, so bc I’M in my room a lot of the time (but ‘come out here and there), that I don’t see my mom visiting my dog once in a while?? Ha! And, when I mean, ‘visit my dog,’ I mean bc we had to section her off in the kitchen so that she can find where her food and water bowl is. She no longer is allowed to walk around the house. But anyways, whether my mom likes it or not, I am TAKING HER OFF OF IT!! >:( But yeah. I looked at the ingredients and where the treats were made….: You guys claim that these are made in China and that one of the ingredients is saw dust, but, on the bag, it says that it is made in the U.S.; and I don’t see saw dust in the ingredients…. But I still see a negative change in my dog….. Has anyone ever had such an experience w/ this specific dog treat?? Please get back to me on this. But regardless, I’m just giving you guys a head’s up about it. :/

  26. I am so mad! I have been giving my door pig ears thinking they are safe and my dog has been to the vets twice. Eyes bulging and bloodshot. No energy. Not eating well. Bringing him back in tomorrow. The only change was giving him these treats. going to make homemade dog treats from now in. I don’t trust any of them.

  27. Has anyone initiated a class action lawsuit against Hartz or retailers of these products for injury caused by Oinkies yet? I would appreciate the contact info if available.

    My Lab had a seizure shortly after eating one. As our vet indicated a dog “treat” wasn’t likely the cause, we didn’t throw them out. Almost two months later, I gave him another. No treats in the interim, as the vet suggested weight loss. Shortly after that second Oinkie, he has now had a second seizure.

    I’m blessed, he’s alive, but no other pet should go through this. I’ve bagged up the Oinkies in their original packaging, sealed them in airtight packaging, and contacted my vet.

    Class action info?? Please…
    Michele, Zeke, and family

  28. A couple days ago I was filling up my car with gas and some spilled on my hands. So, of course, I washed them and didn’t give it a second thought. Then, days later my hands have that same gassy smell and I couldn’t figure out why and then I realized I just gave my dogs Oinkies so I smell the bag and that was it. I always felt there was something off with them but couldn’t put my finger on it. I have no doubt they are treated with something toxic for that “real smoked flavor.”

  29. My baby has epilepsy. Its really hard to watch him seize. After his second one for the week, I wondered why the hell he had them so close together as he never has. So I was searching the net and came over this. Oinkies are and have been one of his favorites. So I was thinking he ate one tonight. And come to think of it he had one the other night when he seized as well. I’m wondering if this had been his issue the whole time. I’m feeling so guilty thinking that I have been feeding my best friend, my heart, poison.

  30. I have given my dogs the “Oinkies original pig skin twists” in the recent past mainly because they love them. On Sunday 1/17/16 My Australian Shepherd ate one and an hour later he had severe vomiting and he was very lethargic. The next morning he was at the vet. They could not find anything wrong with him so they gave him fluids, antacids and antibiotics and sent him home. When I picked him up he had a little more energy and drank some water as soon as we arrived home. Shortly after I tried to feed him and he still wouldn’t eat and had severe diarrhea. He is now back at the vet to have more fluids and tests done as well as an ultra sound. I definitely feel that these treats are responsible and so am I. I feel absolutely disgusted with myself. I am so picky on what my dogs eat, they only ever get raw food diets or grain free foods. None of my other dogs have exhibited any illnesses or symptoms from these treats but I WILL NEVER use anything from Hertz again. Clearly they are in it for the money and not in it for the well being of your pet. If I lose my dog because of these treats not only will I absolutely hate myself but all hell will break loose against these idiots who seem to think these treats are “Healthy”.

  31. My five year old pup has been sick for the past 24 hours – extremely lethargic, whimpering, won’t lift his head off the couch. The only change to his diet in the past two days was one treat – an Oinkies! Very upset!

    1. My dog become really sick yesterday after chewing one of those oinkies, I just wrote to the company but they don’t seems to care. Not buying any other product from them, hope my buddy its gonna recover from this :/ .
      From Montreal Canada

      1. Sh*^ Just gave my dog a oinkie treat, and googled while she was chewing to make sure they were safe… after reading all this…I ripped it away from her, and hopefully she will be fine.
        I will be looking into this further.
        Winnipeg., Canada

  32. We have 4 dogs and bought the Hartz Oinkies treats at Target. Last night 3 of the dogs each ate one of the treats and all three have gotten sick since. My other dog has no symptoms of illness and the treats were the only thing that have changed in their diet. I’m 100% convinced the treats made them ill. My Beagle mix had explosive diarrhea last night and we just figured that he had an upset stomach so we just cleaned him up and took him outside for a nice long walk. Well, this morning I woke up to our Miniature Pinscher covered in diarrhea. I bathe her, walk her and then proceed to go take care of our Beagle. His crate was covered in diarrhea, as was he, so I bathe him and immediately take try to take him outside, but not before he explodes with diarrhea all over the floor and the door. After cleaning that up, he goes to poop outside and all that comes out of him is blood. He has been bleeding out of his anus all day and is very lethargic. I have an early vet appointment tomorrow to get him taken care of, provided that he makes it through the night. I am FURIOUS that Target would sell this item and I will be contacting Hartz to make a VERY SERIOUS COMPLAINT. To top it off, our little Chihuahua mix started having diarrhea tonight. I will never, every buy a Hartz product again. We just had to put down my beloved 16.5 year old Pomeranian a month ago and if I lose my Beagle I’ll go crazy. I’ve never been so upset in my life.

  33. I bought Hartz Oinkies at Save on Foods yesterday. My little 6 pound toy poodle has never had these before, was fine until he had one. Since then it’s been similar to others’ experiences: vomiting, restless, shaking, diarrhea, etc.

    This product needs to go. I called Save On to complain. I really hope they take it off the shelves.

  34. I bought Oinkies bacon flavored a few weeks ago and my sweet great Dane puppy shot out diarrhea through all four sides of her kennel at night, she too was covered in her own fecal matter. I told my wife it must have been the filling and that we would not buy the bacon one anymore. Just a few days ago I purchased Oinkies smoked flavor and once again my puppy shot out diarrhea through all four sides of her kennel at night. I have two packages of Oinkies I need to return with only one eaten from each bag. This company should recall these products and mail out an apology to all its customers!

  35. I bought some Oinkies smoked pig skin wrapped in bacon and gave a treat to each of my small breed dogs. Both dogs started with diarrhea the day after they ate them. I did not associate their illness with the treat until the next day. I gave them the oinkie treat again and within 2 hours my shitzu started to vomit. I had to take him to the animal hospital at 1:00am because he vomited so much he started to vomit blood from his stomach irritation. My maltese also started to vomit during the night. Both dogs had severe vomiting and diarrhea, $600 later they were diagnosed with poisoning. How many pets have suffered and died from the neglect of this company producing poison treats. I will never buy a product from them and will tell every pet owner I know not to buy their product.

    1. Hi,

      What did the vet do to help him get through it? How long was the recovery?!

      Our 3 year old Yorkie is in the same situation – he’s currently in the emergency vet still. His blood sugar and white blood cell count is low and he’s been on IV, antibiotics & gravol

  36. My 11 month old Pomeranian is currently in the vet overnight due to these Hart’z oinkie chicken and pig skin chews. After he ate one, he started trembling almost like a seizure. The vet said he was having a toxic reaction to something he ate. Iv fluids, medicine and an overnight stay all because of these horrible treats. I couldn’t wrap my head around what it could have been until I really started investigating these new treats. These need to go! They are dangerous, seems like it’s been this way for 4 years now.

  37. I purchased an oinkie for my Anatolian shepherd, pitbull mix she chewed very little of it and that same day she ended up vomiting. Wasn’t sure if it was the new food she was eating so I gave it to her again, she chewed it very little again because I was monitoring her, and gave her her food and again… she vomited around the same time she vomited last time. This time I just gave her her food without her chewing the oinkie that day and she was fine. If I would’ve known this product had been recalled I wouldn’t think twice purchasing it. How do I get my refund ?

    1. My dog took oinkies and twice was sick for nearly a week. When she threw up both times she eventually threw up what looked like a plastic swirled casing just like the oinkie. Very ridgid and curled just like the oinkie. She eats nothing else besides dog food. Not sure if it was plastic but it definitely looked the same. In any event it was not digestible. Don’t buy this product!

  38. I have given our Cockapoo two and he has had no bad reaction. However, when I read the package and saw that they were made in China, I decided that I better do some research and I ended up here. Needless to say, the remaining “treats” are going into the garbage. You can’t trust anything that comes out of China. They have even poisoned their own babies with formula! Hartz should know better.

  39. My Friend suggested the Pork Chomps brand because it was rawhide free. Immediately after my 10 year old lab ate it, he suffered a seizure. I didn’t correlate the connection until a friend mentioned it. Now I’m seeing all of these comments in google and I’m flabbergasted! I didn’t even think to see if it was made in China, guess what, it is. Homemade goodies it is.

  40. I’m about to cry!! I bought the original Oinkies because they only had two ingredients, so I figured they would be safe. My puppy has been chewing on one for about a week and last night finally “unraveled” it into about 3 pieces. Our potty break last night resulted in an extremely soft stool, and this morning I woke up to her heaving. She eventually vomited. Since the Oinkes were the only thing that new that she has had, I looked them up and found this! I should have done that before purchasing, but I thought it was good enough for me to choose the original ones versus the bacon flavored ones with 10x the ingredients. I’m scared that this is just the beginning of a much worse illness. I’ll be monitoring her closely, and hopefully she’ll be alight.

  41. I Bought a bag of oinkies for my german shepherd so she could have something to keep her busy when I left. I knew the Hartz flea stuff was awful, but I thought their treats were fine. My friend even feeds them to her dog and her dog has never had any problems. I gave one to her Friday afternoon and Saturday at 6am she vomited twice. I didn’t think anything of it at first, just figured she probably got into something outside. She acted fine the rest of the day. However Saturday afternoon I gave her another one, then 6am in Sunday morning she started vomiting again, but this time she vomited EIGHT times!! Then I knew something was for sure wrong. These were the only change in her diet so My friend looked them up for me and stumbled on this page. I feel so sick to my stomach right now. I think I would die if my dog doesn’t make it through this. I thought she was improving yesterday evening but today (Monday) when I came home from work I found not vomit in her crate. I immediately rushed her to the vet and I’m awaiting test results now.

  42. I bought these Hartz bacon pig tiwist treats at publix for my pitbull mix thinking these look like some treats that would keep her occupied, so that Friday night that I bought the treats I gave her two of them, then later on that night I noticed that her stool was really soft but didn’t think anything of it I just figured it was just something that she ate maybe her body didn’t work well with the treats or something. Then the next day I noticed that she had diarrhea and that there was blood in her stool red blood and I noticed I had to take her out quite often that day and each time I took her out her stool was very soft diarrhea and had red blood in it, so I decided to keep an eye on it and on Sunday still the same thing .So I just saw these reviews and now I’m worried, the fact that Publix or any place is even selling this after looking at these reviews I’m really upset and then I can’t believe that this is even allowed. I’m taking my dog immediately to the vet and I’m returning these treats back to Publix and letting them know what’s going on here and contacting Hartz because they will be paying for these vet bills. With all these bad reviews on these treats I can’t believe that any store would even possibly even think about selling these,I’M FUCKING PISSED,IF MY DOG DIES FROM THIS YOU CAN GUARANTEE THERR GOING TO HAVE A MAJOR LAW SUIT ON THERE HANDS

  43. My two year old golden retriever had one of the Hartz Oinkies three days ago and still has diarrhea. I have her on rice only. No blood in stool that I can see. I see lots of posts re this product. Despicable that it is available for sale. How long before dogs typically recover?

  44. These oinkie treats have resulted in horrific, bloody diarrhea for our sweet boy a German boxer mix. We have had TWO vet visits and an unnecessary round of antibiotics to cure what boiled down to bad oinkie treats. How is this companies still allowed to manufacture and make these?!

  45. You guys are pussies. My dogs eat about 10 a day and they’re fine. They wouldn’t sell them if they were truly THAT BAD. No way they can automatically cause seizures. Poor little “Hartz victims”.

  46. My 2 year ol Cockapoo are several Oinlies and then threw up blood and had diarrhea. Been to Vet. A little better, but still coughing. Please send attorney info to 205-266-0990

  47. My dog was hiding them in the yard instead of eating them. When I smelled them my allergies acted up in the nasal area. Very strong chemical smell. Allergic reaction!

  48. I bought some at Walmart “Oinkies smoked pig skins with bacon flavored wrap”. I gave it to my dogs then I looked it up to see if there was any recalls which I should have done in the first place. And I’ve read people’s comments so I decided to take them away from my dogs.
    Hoping my dogs don’t get sick on what they did eat.

    1. My dogs did get seriously ill. After $400 at the vet, they are recovering. Oinkies are a terrible product. I am sticking with Purina products and Milkbone snacks. Hartz is using Chinese plants to make treats. I don’t trust them.

  49. My black lab has epilepsy,4yrs.yesterdaygave oinkies.he had2 seizures. I knew better dam china.Anyway a lot of dog foods are to blame also,purina,petagree,top brandnames.I would get a hold of his advise & meds & foods. Dr.Gary Richer ms.Dvm.Holistic Veterinary.He knows alot.hospitals the have two.or check internet. I even contacted consumer reports magazine. There have been lawsuits.And pets cost a lot to take to vets.these company’s should pay our vet bills. And gas everything. Godspeed to all. And do your research I worth it for or kids & animals! Royce Johnson Jan.31,2019

  50. On Monday, July 8, 2019, we bought a bag of Hartz Oinkers dog treats at Walmart. Today, Friday July 12, we had to take two of our three dogs to the vet for severe watery diarrhea. I called Hartz medical line and was told that we should take our dogs to the vet immediately. The vet said that the pig skin treats that Hartz makes are unhealthy for dogs. Too much fat in them and they are made in China.
    One dog was dehydrated and running a fever. The other one had severe stomach cramping. After spending close to $400 on both dogs for tests and medicine and intravenous fluids, our dogs are recovering. But we are sick about these stupid pig skin treats.
    Hartz would not refund our money – they told us to go get our money from Walmart.
    I thank God that our dogs are going to be ok once the meds start working.
    Lesson learned – do not buy anything from Hartz.

    1. I’m literally crying right now. My dog was so sick….vomiting, severe diarrhea, lethargic and eventually vomiting mucus and yellow bile? in a trail about 4 ft long. It was so scary and awful. Sat with him an entire day feeding him water and later on gave him plain unsweetened applesauce and a scrambled egg. He kept it down and the next morning was still having severe diarrhea. Did the same routine that day and he became more alert. The vet was closed for the weekend and I knew as long as he wasn’t still vomiting we could wait. The third day (labor day, vet still closed🤦)he was better but awfully tired. Gave him a tiny bit of his dry food and he did fine except now he has AWFUL gas. I couldn’t figure out what it was that made him sick. Ruled out frogs because he would have spit it out. No wounds/bites anywhere and definitely no poisons that he could have gotten into. Wondered if it could’ve been the new Oinkies I gave him but was convinced that they were fine since it says they are easily digestible and contain no rawhide and my other dog didn’t get sick. So I chalked it up to mushrooms I saw growing in the yard until I realized they’re growing outside of their fence zone. So I search the internet and find this. I want to have them tested to find out what’s in them. I’m so mad right now. Hartz is the absolute worst….earmite treatment and flea meds DO NOT WORK EITHER.

  51. I had a 5 year old yorkie female 8 lbs named skittles my best friend in the world. We loved each other with all of our hearts. My shadow. She would have followed me to the end of the world and so would I have her
    She loved the chomp twists bacon flavor she would get sick and throw up Sometimes she would walk hunched over but always had gotten better the next day. The last night on August the 25th 2019. She had her twist chomp and a few milk bones. In a few hours after that she threw up and was swollen in her stomach it was about 100 am. She seized and died. I’m so sure it was the twisted chomps that was making her sick but I didn’t put it together until it was to late. She was my life like a daughter to me she was very healthy and showed no signs of being sick until she would eat these things I Wish I would have been smarter only 5 years old I’m so broken hearted. Please don’t feed your babies these things i cant prove it but thinking back on it I would put my life on it that’s what killed my baby girl skittles. I wish I never had bought these things.

  52. I just lost my 10 year old yorkie. She had bloody stool and a swollen stomach. I took her to the vet and turns out she had severe pancreatitis. She was gone within 2 days. I truly believe these treats caused what happened to her.

  53. We used to give our lab an oinkie nearly every day before we left for work. She started with some loose foul stools that became bloody, appearing a little bloated, seeming very tired and bouts of vomiting. It took about a month to figure out what the issue was with the help of our vet. Thank God she is okay! Stop selling these HARTZ.

  54. We brought a new puppy home last week and I wanted to make sure our 2 yr old lab/ pit mix was not left out so I stopped at walmart to get things for the puppy and grabbed some treats and toys for him as well. I saw the hartz oinkies chews and thought he would like them. Well he really wasn’t thrilled about them but did eventually eat it and I gave him another 2 days later. The puppy also chewed on them a bit. Well for several days the puppy has had diarrhea and the 2 yr old has had diarrhea and is now throwing up. After reading this I know this is the problem not just stress over the new puppy cause there getting alone just fine. I’m gonna call the vet in the am.

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