Thought flea collars were safe :(

I thought flea collars were safe, until last night when my cat Sam wanted me to hold him. I turned him over on his back to rub his belly, and seen that around his collar had NO hair! If I had done my research before buying flea meds I would have stayed away from Hartz. Luckily the vet says that we took it off of him quickly enough, and we gave him a bath with Dawn dish soap. She said that he will be OK as long as he doesn’t start with the¬†Diarrhea¬†and Vomiting.

Sam & Hartz flea collar

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  1. I recently lost two cats from the shampoo and flea drops in less than a month. I am glad yours is ok. Just keep an eye on him. How did you insert the picture? I would love to insert one of them. Thanks and hope all is well.

  2. Oh my goodness! My poor cat looked just like that after only 4 days with the Hartz flea collar on… Poor thing she is so miserable…. I wish I would have know then what I know now!

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