I was babysitting a 6 month old kitten named Scamper and he had a 3 in 1 hartz flea collar on. It was put on him the day he came to my house. The next day he couldn’t walk, and had a severe lack of brain function. He also refused to eat and drink for 4 days after the collar was removed. I washed the kittens neck and my 6 month kitten Bynx tried to lick the other kittens neck. Today Bynx won’t eat or drink. Bynx has trouble walking and has a loss of brain function. I’m so scared. I hope he makes it. The kitten i’m babysitting is eating now but is still having alot of trouble walking and the motor skills are still at very low level.

Concerned and surprised

I’m going to keep my eye on my cat. Oh gosh.
But I’m glad this site is here with so many people willing to share their stories.
My cat showed signs of fleas all of a sudden, but my local pet store was out of frontline for cats. I figured I’d get a quick fix and get a Hartz flea collar at the big grocery store near-by.
She was not happy about a collar, which is to be expected. But, she licked at her neck a few times, got a spacey look, then went into the closet. Very weird behavior for my cat, rambunctious as she is! I googled “flea collar lick” and this was one of the top sites listed. Well, after reading some of these stories, i immediately took off the collar and threw it out. Bernice got out of the closet, but she still seems a little off. Hopefully it wasn’t on her long enough to do damage, but at least i know the warning signs of poisoning. She ate and played with one of her toys, but now i just feel so worried. I hate to think of others who, like me, trust what’s put on shelves to be safe.

Two cats die in less than one month

Both of my cats, Tasha & Beaux were healthy.  They had gotten fleas, Tasha’s was worse than Beaux’s.  My son gave her a flea bath and within 24 hrs.  she was gone. This was on January 3rd, 2012.  I didn’t know why.  About two and a half weeks later Beaux’s fleas were seriously intense.  My daughter-in-law has two other cats that live with us and said I use Hartz One Spot Flea drops on my cats I will put some on them all.  My Beaux died in less than 24 hrs. at the vets office.  He had seizures and went into respiratory failure on January 26th, 2012.  I did not make the connection until after he had passed.  My son used Hartz flea shampoo on Tasha.  We need to get this stuff off of the market before another animal dies.  I am broken hearted and angry at the same time.  This is a horrible travesty.

Hartz killed my Cat!!!

Just had to put my cat to sleep yesterday, because she had kidney failure due to the Hartz flea drops. She was only 5 years old. She was an indoor cat so she hadn’t gotten into anything else. I only used it once and shehad a seizure.I thought I would have Elly at least 15 or more years as great of care I took of her. She was my little girl. We were so close.

Poor Peaches

My Wife applied Hartz Ultra Guard Plus last night according to the instructions to Peaches, Our 4 year old rescued cat for a flea problem. This morning Peaches is convulsing and can barely walk. She just left for the Vet. I’m waiting now for the Verdict.

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea&Tick Drops PROBLEMS!!!

My dog Lola, (a 3 year old mutt) had fleas, so I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Drops. I read the entire label to make sure that I was taking every precaution needed and then I put it on her just as directed. She almost immediately started whining and panting and I wrongly assumed that it was because the smell was making her uncomfortable. I left for class and about an hour later I came home to find her yelping, panting, whining, shaking, and rolling around on the floor trying to rub her back on the carpet (where the drops were placed). I have never seen her in so much pain; it seemed almost like her skin was burning. At first I thought maybe the medicine was killing the fleas and so they were all biting her and putting her in pain but it just wasn’t going away. After realizing that this had gone too far I decided to give her a bath to wash off the medicine. The first half of the bath she was whining and shivering and panting all at the same time and then after scrubbing her down a few times she began to calm down and act like her normal self. Right now she is laying down relaxed, 100 percent different from when she had the medicine on her. I researched this product to find out what went wrong and found this site and started crying after thinking that if I had been gone all day at work then I would have risked my dogs life because of this awful product. I am so lucky to have been home so quickly and realize what was going on before it got that bad. Something has to be done about this product, this is NOT right!!!

Hartz Ultraguard Rid Worm Liquid.

I have a 4month old Husky/Pit. He was a extremely active dog, sweet. I found out he had worms after looking at his poop. I went to Walmart to purchase this Dewormer, used it when i got home, the next day my dog was extremely ill. He was throwing up constantly, not eating/drinking, lethargy. Had to goto the vet to get some meds because he was dehydrated, purchasing this crap 4 dollar dewormer from Hartz has now caused me to spend 300 dollars on a vet bill, if these meds don’t work i will have to proceed to x rays and blood work following a hospitalization coming out to a total of $1,200. Hartz products is definitely not the way to go.

My mistake

I never knew that there was actual medicine that would do something to a harmless, playful animal, just like mine. I read the directions and precautions on EVERY part of the box of “Sergeant’s Silver” flea killer, and none of it said that it would cause as much of a shock as it did to me tonight. I gave my cat, Holly, the medicine around 9:30 pm. And maybe a hour passed and she began throwing up, it was a horrible sight. She left big chunks of throw up all over the bed. And when she was finished, she ran to the living room because of the shock she was in. That’s when I realized it had to have been the medicine. Then I seen Holly begin to drip drool out from her mouth and twitching. I was so terrified. My husband pointed a light towards her face and we seen foam forming around her mouth. We took her a very cleansing bath, we scrubbed very hard. Right now it’s 1:25 am. and she ate a little bit of chicken and drank a bit of water, and she is laying on the couch in front of me, fine as she was before I gave her the medicine. I trust that she will be better than ok when she wakes up. DO NOT BUY “SERGEANT’S SILVER FLEA KILLER!!” Take it off store selves EVERYWHERE..

HARTZ waterless shampoo

I just used the HARTZ waterless shampoo for cats on my 1 year old male cat about five hours ago. Now he is having seizures and cannot walk straight. He has never shown these signs before and this has been going on for about four hours. I have washed him to try and get the shampoo off him and I am praying he makes it since I live in a small town and there are no emergency vet offices in a 50 mile radius and its now one in the morning. I found this site trying to figure out what could be wrong with him and now I have found it.

Hartz 3 in 1

I put a hartz 3 in 1 flea collar on my 8 1/2 month old cat and within an hour he threw up, then went and curled up in a ball on my bed for 2 hours. Usually Marshall is really active and he’s never thrown up before so I knew something must be wrong and removed the flea collar. That was 3 days ago and he has barely eaten since! I’ve tried buying him some wet food with no luck and have tried hand feeding him dry food but he only eats a few bites and then goes and lays in his kitty tunnel. I feel so bad I can’t believe they are selling a product that’s so dangerous to cats!