Sweet Angels Lost the Battle-On the way back home to Heaven.


I had no idea that today would be these adorable little babies last day to be cuddled and loved and run around and nick at each other’s tails, just like every previous day since they were born. They had a very short 6 week run at life.


I used something cheaper than Hartz, I don’t even think it had a specific brand but one thing it did have? IT DID HAVE THE POISION. Please protest everyone.


It was a quiet tuesday afternoon when I decided to bring my kittens inside to feed them some warm milk and play with them just as we would any other day. This time I noticed a flea or two on them, so what did I think; I thought “Oh, I think I’ve got something for that, yes, yes I do.” (A friend had given me a tube of Flea and Tick Drops years ago) I didn’t think it would be as potent nor did I think that several hours later my little babies would be laying in the floor foaming at the mouth, jolting threw every muscle in their little bodies and slowly dying…


Needless to say they look nothing like in the picture now. They are limp, cold, wet little bodies with a very faint heartbeat and no breath left in them. The smaller baby died in my arms.


Now I have a sad mother cat and a broken heart. I will never forgive myself as long as I live.

I can’t believe trying to kill something as small as a flea can murder your pet. They really need to take this shit off the market or atleast start making warning labels so that people will know that it is a quick killer of YOUR PETS NOT THEIR FLEAS!

The fleas are still alive…


Tried them all

Ive tried all these crazy back-o-the-neck flea treatments on my cats. They’re evil. When we got our new (shoddy) furnace, air quality suffered, add to this the flea treatments for my 4 indoor cats (who caught these things from the neighbour’s outdoor cat, Elvis, who we take in because he is neglected.). A week later Mikey isnt breathing well and goes into a decline, so finally I put him to sleep. This is about the time my mother’s coughing started up and stayed until open-window season. We didnt make the connection. The following spring, we gave the cats treatments again. A week later, Ollie died of a stomach tumour (licks the chemicals off Bennie) and less than a week after that, Tony dies from some lung condition. NOW what I do, I mix one part Skin So Soft from AVON with five parts water and I rub it into Bennie and Elvis’s fur, particularly around the neck and bum areas. The fleas hate it. It works.

Yorkie seems to be getting worse

We put a Hartz flea collar on our 10 year old Yorkie a couple of weeks ago and after about a week he started acting differently.  A couple days after we noticed that he started yelping because of stiff muscles and pain.  We thought he had arthritis.  He started walking around like a racoon with his back hunched up and his nose to the floor.  When he kept getting worse we decided to take the flea collar off in case he was having a reaction.  Within a few hours of removing it, he seemed to be getting better – except that he was scratching himself alot.  We thought that the fleas were bothering him so we put some Hartz UltraGuard Flea and Tick Drops on him.  Within a few hours, he started having trouble standing, he was yelping and his head started jerking (like a tick).  We got online and read about the side effects that seem to be killing pets.  We were shocked since we have used flea collars before and never seen this type of reaction.  We washed the stuff off him….. and shampooed him three times.  He laid around for several hours after that and is still having trouble walking this evening.  We are going to bath him again in the morning just to make sure that all the medicine is off his skin.  He has worn flea collars for the last few years and hasn’t had a problem – until now !!!  Our 11 year old cat is wearing one and has not had a problem with it…. but we are going to remove it before she does.

On watch for deadly reaction with my new puppy. so scared.

I am from the Northern Wyoming/Southern Montana region. I have had large breed dogs and they never had fleas out there. Whenever I adopted, I always gave the dogs a flea bath and kept an eye out for fleas and ticks but it was never an issue.

So, I move to Upstate New York. I adopted my first “puppy” Saint Bernard. We are overjoyed over our new little baby. We have had her less than a week.

I go to the Pet Supply store to get the healthiest kibble and hear all about the flea, tick and mosquito born illnesses dogs and cats can get out here vs. where I am from. I felt a little shocked and got right on the ball to treat my puppy.

Like the average person that knows nothing about flea and tick treatment, I head out to Walmart to get some treatment along with some housetraining supplies and some toys for the pup.

Her first vet visit was today. I wanted to get her in last week but they didn’t have any appts. available before. I wish they did! They seemed rather annoyed that I was ignorant to the flea and tick  borne disease epidemic out here and rushed me through the whole appointment. I had a list of questions and the vet and her assistant looked at each other, rolled their eyes and turn back with fake put on smiles…nice feeling. I am just trying to care for my dog and that is what they are there for and getting paid to do.

I told the vet I used hartz Ultraguard for dogs 31-60 lbs.  All she told me was that it doesn’t work and I have to wait about 3 weeks to use Frontline or another pricey, yet more effective treatment since it’s not safe to use something different/new so close in time.

I don’t like using pesticides on my pets because they are all poison in my opinion.

I get out to the front to check out and my bill is off the charts and all she really got was a rabies vaccine…

She had a full exam and I had the medical records from 9/9/11 but they have the policy that each new pet must get charged an office visit fee of $75.00. plus the cost of vaccine ….these prices are foriegn to me. So one lame uninformative and rushed office visit and 1 shot cost me $97.00. They actually had the nerve to charge me MORE because I had so many questions. I am NOT going back.

Ok HERE is the issue!!!!!! Sorry it took so long to get to the point. At the checkout counter, I asked about the Frontline they had for sale there so I could pick it up in 3-4 weeks. She asked me why I have to wait and I told her that I used Hartz Ultraguard plus and must wait 3-4 weeks to give her another treatment.

She scolded me for getting the cheap stuff and said to me that Hartz is known to kill pets so “keep an eye on your puppy” for a reaction over the next weeks or two. I came home and looked up info on the product and I am besides myself worried and angry.

I applied her treatment 3 days ago. I just bathed her in puppy shampoo for an hour. She is not showing signs of being sick but this is NOT GOOD THAT THEY HAVE THIS PRODUCT READIlY AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET IF IT IS KNOWN TO KILL OR SEVERLY INJURE OUR BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what to do other than watch her. I want to contact Walmart to get the stuff off the shelves….My heart is breaking for all the little precious pets that suffered and/or died from this poison. I am sorry for all your suffering as a result of your pets getting very ill or having to have to say good-bye prematurely.

Just lost and falling in love with my new dog each minute and thinking she may get seriously ill or die is he!!. She’s just a 3 1/2 month-old pup. How will I feel if she gets sick or dies because of my ignorance? I will feel responsible.

Hartz needs to go out of business because they don’t love animals. They love money and I do agree they prey on the people that are ignorant or looking to save money.


Ultra guard and flea spray- deadly

I have a 5 month old kitten, Pooh Bear. He had fleas so I bought the Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick spray! Well, I was spraying some on his fur, and not even 5 minutes later he was shaking, and salivating everywhere. My boyfriend came in and asked if Pooh Bear drank a whole lot of water and just forgot to swallow and spit it out everywhere, I said no he is salivating from this spray. Minutes later, the kitten was jumping around and leaping and gagging every where and moaning and just having terrible screeches. We got a dropper and dropped a lot of water down his throat to get some water in him. I gave him a water bath to get everything off of him. This didn’t help and he continued to jump around and salivate and seemed to have a minor seizure. A while later he layed down and slept, but his breathes were short and distant. I stayed up the whole night with him while he slept and woke him up every so often to make sure he was okay .His eyes were white and dazed. I thought he was dying. I ended up falling asleep and the next morning he was fine. I returned the bottle of the spray. I called hartz and explained and they said “YOUR CAT WAS HAVING A REACTION TO THE PESTICIDE” I yelled at her and said I’m 19 years old and i have more common sense than you guys, your putting pesticide in animal products!?” I’m happy Pooh Bear lived, but I told myself, if he didn’t make it, than I was going to quit my studies of a vet technician. He’s doing all better now. Walmart wasn’t to thrilled I returned it, though.

Need advice, used Hartz Spray

Hello, I’m an owner of an older Jack Russell and about a month ago found he had fleas. Well we bathed him and vacuumed our apartment. I ran across the street to the pharmacy and all they had was Hartz. So I applied that and then sprayed select areas of carpet, my dogs bed, our couch, and some pillows.

While I haven’t seen any negative side affects, I did find this site and it worried me greatly. It’s only been one day since I sprayed my apartment but I’m worried when I see him licking the pillow or just sitting there that the Hartz spray is there slowly getting to him. What worries me more is we have a new puppy coming Sunday to be his companion. I’m worried to that this will affect the puppy. Is there anything I can do, apart from trashing the pillows, bed, couch, that can prevent a possible poisoning? Or am I now in the clear and should consider myself lucky there weren’t any side affects? I would appreciate any and all advice. Thank you.

Preying on the Poor

I want to forget that today ever happened… but it did, and before I do I want as many people as possible to hear about it.  I work at an animal shelter in Philadelphia which also has a veterinary clinic in it.  I am a kennel attendant at the shelter.  I have only been working there a month.  Today one of our volunteers who is there to fulfill community service hours for the welfare program killed her kitten Gizmo.  She loved Gizmo.   She was trying to care for her pet with the limited funds she has.  She saw that Gizmo had fleas and thought she would go out and buy something to relieve her.  The product she bought was Hartz spray.  Hartz is a brand who’s name she recognized.  It is a brand that claims to work and be safe.  Why would she have any reason to think otherwise. That is the image that is promoted by their company.  That is the brand that is sold in her local store.  She saw that the kitten was acting funny after she treated it but couldn’t imagine why.  By the time she got the kitten to the shelter it was already seizing.  We scrubbed and washed little  Gizmo as best we could but the poison, because that’s what it is  POISON had already been on her too long.  The vet determined that there was nothing left to do but put her to sleep as she was suffering terribly.   I have never felt so helpless as i did holding that dripping wet, dying animal and looking at the look of utter confusion and devastation on the face of her owner.  People who live in low income neighborhoods have as much a right to have healthy pets as anyone.  If no one ever tells you that something is poisonous and it is being peddled as medicine; how are you to know????  Please spread the word.

potter’s story.

i have a male cat named potter more like my son.
he is 3 year’s old. i have alway’s used hartz ear mite killer it never worked.
but any how i started using the tick an flea one spot killer,
turns out it has put blister’s an bald spots all over my cat an caused it to where i can not hold him anymore with out him hurting, i used the one spot killer 3 months the last month hair coming out all over his body, blister’s an his skin is cracking now to where it bleed’s. i found the site Google his symptoms one night worried, an it told about a guy getting is cat shaved an bathing it 2 time’s a week for a month, that’s what there vet told them to do now i am getting my cat shaved an bathing him 2 time’s a week for a month. an being a cat he hate’s water an it make’s him mad an hates hearing me say shaved to him. but im so sorry about everyone’s baby’s going through this an they need to shut down hartz,

never buying hartz again!

my cat is an indoor cat. never been outside so i was very surprised to find a flea in his brush while i was grooming him. well, being on a budget, i went to walmart and bought hartz ultra guard, thinking it was a step up from the other hartz stuff. i applied it and he started scratching everywhere immediately and his skin was twitching on his back. I cant believe i didnt think to read the box and research first. Well, Hartz uses methoprene in their flea treatment for cats so i went online and researched it and learned that its highly toxic to cats and has caused over 200 cat deaths! then i came across this site and read the stories. i freaked out and put my kitty Loki in the tub and washed him with normal pet shampoo to remove the flea drop treatment. he seems to be acting fine right now and even ate some treats. im hoping nothing happens! im so worried he will get sick! what i want to know is, WHY is Hartz using Methoprene in their flea treatment for cats if it can kill them??!! this product needs to be recalled! do not buy Hartz!!!! I am returning everything back to walmart tomorrow!