Finding this site may have prevented a nightmare.

I’ve always had pets, until recently. I work from home, and my fiance works long hours, usually 7 days a week. As a response to my complaints of days and nights spent alone, he picked up a stray kitten that had been lingering outside of our apartment building and gave her to me last night. Like most strays, she was thin and infested with fleas. I went to the grocery store to pick up the usual list of cat supplies, and instead of a collar or flea bath, I figured I’d try Hartz Ultra Guard. After applying the drops, I went about my day, and noticed that she was able to lick the area I had applied the treatment to. She had the usual reaction any cat does to things that taste bad, excessive saliva. This lasted about a minute, and everything else appeared normal. Concerned, I Googled the product. After reading a few entries posted here, I had her in the tub, dish soap at hand. I’ve been watching her since, it’s been about an hour now and she seems fine, being that she’s very affectionate I’m sure any changes in behavior won’t go unnoticed (she’s on my shoulder right now, still wet from her bath) But I’ll post an update later this evening. Hoping all goes well, I’ve already gotten very attached to her.

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  1. It’s been a few hours now. She’s eating, drinking, and playing as usual. Going to watch her for the rest of the week to be sure.

  2. So glad you found this site. Now that you have bathed her she will probably be fine! Hope you and your kitty have many years of happiness. 😀

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