Looking for Local Victims in Cleveland


My name is Carl Monday.  I am the investigative reporter for the CBS affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are looking for pet owners in the Cleveland area who have witnessed their pets becoming ill, or die from the Hartz Flea Powder or other product.

If you have a story to share, and you live in the general Cleveland area, please e-mail me directly so we can include your experience in our investigation.  Thanks in advance.

Carl Monday

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So glad I found this site

So, I don’t exactly have a Hartz story but I wanted to express my appreciation for this site.
Just today actually we bought flea treatment from the vet for our cats Kito and Percy. The cats managed to lick a bit of the stuff. Kito frothed a bit at the mouth and I totally freaked. So I scrambled around the internet, to find thankfully that since I had used a vet distributed treatment, the kitties should most likely be just fine. During my frantic web surfing though I came across this site and was sick to my stomach to read these heartbreaking stories. I am so angry that a company is still pushing their products to unsuspecting owners. I’m so sorry to everyone who has experienced a loss of a furry friend due to these dangerous meds. My heart goes out to you all. I also could not help but send an email to Hartz corp directly. Of course it’s just one little email but I want to continue to help raise awareness of this monstrosity of a a company.
love, Megan

Research re OneSpot Flea Treatments

I have been doing extensive research since both the incident with my cat and finding this website. You might be interested in checking out the U.S. EPA website for more information on this subject: http://www.epa.gov/opp00001/health/petproductseval.html. If you are in Canada, as I am, you can file a report with Health Canada about the adverse reaction to this. Even though the form is for Veterinary Drugs, I am sure it will go the right department for over-the-counter pet treatments. Go to: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/vet/applic-demande/form/dar-rim_form_cp-pc-eng.php. Click on the PDF link which will open to reveal the Drug Adverse Reaction form which anyone can fill out and mail or fax to the address provided on the bottom of the form. I have completed it and faxed it this morning to Health Canada. Hopefully, if enough of these forms are submitted, HC will do something concrete about this problem. Otherwise, I would suggest writing letters to the stores that sell these products, maybe posting notices at Vets’ offices (if they will let you); post at Humane Societies, pet rescue foundations – anywhere that other pet owners will find this information. I also posted on the Hartz Facebook page (and they did not delete it much to my surprise); they invited me to contact them to explain what happened to my cat. I don’t know if I will bother. I am more interested in warning the public however and wherever I can.

a cat named Mouse

My Mouse was a healthy 12 year old long haired orange & white cat. I found him dead on August 23, 2011. I also used Hartz drops. He had stopped eating, became lethargic and wasn’t acting like himself and the fleas just got worse.  I wish I had found this website and known that I was really poisoning him, I cry everyday, I loved him so much!

Another Ultra-Guard One Spot (cats) horror story

I was almost sick reading this site realizing that my poor cat might have died from my stupidity, but am so glad I did find this. I bought Hartz Ultra Guard One Spot Treatment for cats last night and applied it to my cat. Shortly afterwards, he began trying to lick the area and scratching it. A few hours later he appeared foaming at the mouth, so I rushed him into the bath and used Ivory soap to get the stuff off him. Thankfully, he is okay and eating and behaving normally. I SO wish I had checked this out on the web before using it, but I stupidly trusted Hartz. I bought this at Atlantic Superstore in PEI Canada and am going to write and beg them to stop carrying it; also, I am going to make sure I post notices at the Humane Society and anywhere else I can think of to save other pets from this horrible fate. From me and my sweet little boy Billy, thanks to everyone else who took the time to post here to let others know about the dangers of this product.

Finding this site may have prevented a nightmare.

I’ve always had pets, until recently. I work from home, and my fiance works long hours, usually 7 days a week. As a response to my complaints of days and nights spent alone, he picked up a stray kitten that had been lingering outside of our apartment building and gave her to me last night. Like most strays, she was thin and infested with fleas. I went to the grocery store to pick up the usual list of cat supplies, and instead of a collar or flea bath, I figured I’d try Hartz Ultra Guard. After applying the drops, I went about my day, and noticed that she was able to lick the area I had applied the treatment to. She had the usual reaction any cat does to things that taste bad, excessive saliva. This lasted about a minute, and everything else appeared normal. Concerned, I Googled the product. After reading a few entries posted here, I had her in the tub, dish soap at hand. I’ve been watching her since, it’s been about an hour now and she seems fine, being that she’s very affectionate I’m sure any changes in behavior won’t go unnoticed (she’s on my shoulder right now, still wet from her bath) But I’ll post an update later this evening. Hoping all goes well, I’ve already gotten very attached to her.

Waiting to hear from the vet

I used the product Hartz Ultra Guard rid flea and tick shampoo on my dog last night.  By the morning, he was acting very different..he was not playful like he usually is and did not even want to go on a walk.  Later during the day, he was very weak.  He has not eaten since, could not jump on and off couches and threw up as well.  Finally after reading posts on how bad this product is, I rushed him to the vet where he will be for two days.  I am hoping so much that he will be ok 🙁  This product should not be on the market anymore!


Another victim

My 1yr old cat became lethargic after few hours of putting hartz guard plus on her, my other cat was fine. By morning she was vomitting and by evening barely walking and wobbling. The next day she lost use of her front legs and walked on her knees, I thought she broke them in a panic I took her to the vet. Vet was suspicious about the product but said nothing to me about all the dealths and illness it casues, I took her home and bathed her with dawn, although she was drinking she was not eating or going to the bathroom. By day 3 she was barely hanging on would not stand, I brought her to the vet where she later died. The cause was acute kidney failure, which I read can be caused by so many things but the timing of me putting this product on her is just too coincidental, after reading all these stories I have to think it killed her. This is just so awful, why is this stuff still on the market, I wish I had googled it first.

If your pet has been hurt or died read this

I have been  fighting against Hartz and other over the  counter  flea products since 2001 It has only been in the last year and a half a person suing  for damages  in  court had a chance to win the case. But they are now in small clains court.

Please if your  pet has been injured  or died as a result of these horrible products, do something about it. Don’t think you  can not becasue you can. The more people who take action the better chances are we can  get these products off store shelves.

 There are many things you can do that won’t cost  you anything but a little time. PLease check out the “Need Help” page for info on what you can and should do. Take action and please tell everyone you know and meet about these. You may just save an animals  life  by doing that.  Thank you for helping.

my kitty died last night..rip Juliet

last night, 6 pm I put a drop of the flea and tick drop on my 3 year old cat.. i had no idea that it could hurt her.. within 4 hours, she was having convultions, seizures, dialated eyes,, rapid heart beat, drooling.. I had no idea… called the vet.. he said bring her now.. we did.. he said he would sedate her to control the seizures and convultions,give her fluids and an antidote.. , well she didn’t survive the night… I am so upset… and feel like a complete failure as a pet owner… i had no idea that this could happen… I am outraged that this product is sold as being safe…