My 2lb Chihuahua losing her hair

My poor little Lola was given Hartz drops for fleas, ticks, an misquitos an in 5 hours she started losing her hair in clumps and her skin was flaming red. With all that I have read please include me to the lawsuit because I have 3 dogs I have treated an I even lose one I will be livid….

Anyone know whats in this product that is making our animals sick? Lola has only started with hair loss is there other things I need to look for? Please email me [email protected] or find me on facebook please….


My three littles

I have three dogs, Hershey a 6 1/2 year old mutt, Bella unknown age rescued Chihuahua, and Marvin 1 1/2 year old Multipoo. They are my life. I feel bad when I have to leave them with  my parents when I go on vacation!…. Anyways I just bought Hartz Ultra Guard at Meijer thinking ” Oh that’s Easy” when I go home I applied it to all three dogs and got kind of a bad feeling afterwards because I didn’t talk to my vet first. So I got online and started researching the product. I found these blogs and immediately freaked out. I started with the smallest and made my way to the largest turning my kitchen into a bathroom and bathed all three dogs as quickly as possible. It was a mad house. All of us were soaking wet by the time I was done. When my husband gets home I’m sure he will think I’m nuts.

Anyways I wanted to thank all of you for sharing your stories. You most likely saved one, or all of my dogs lives tonight. Bella my Chi is barely 5 lbs. I used the right weight limit product on her but when something goes wrong with tiny dogs it goes down hill quickly. So Thank You, Thank You,  Thank You! I will most def be passing the word along.

I am so sorry for everyone’s troubles, and losses. I cannot imagine going through that with my littles.

Sincerely  Thank You!



Bellas Story

I gave my little chihuahua a bath with Sergeants flea and tick shampoo lot number 0327pkg101 and she ended up getting really bad leathargic after her bath. she was Just layin on the floor which is abnormal breathing weird and whining. My poor kids were crying and histarical. We took her to the veteranarian and he told us to keep her out of direct sun light cuz her eyes were dialated and take her food away since she was throwing up. It took her three days to get back to normal do to herconditon getting really bad after putting it on her next and rinsing it off. My vet bill should be paid by hartz which was 61.00.

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus for cats

Bad product. Both my cats had skin reactions to it where it was applied. I gave them both baths a couple days later b/c they were loosing hair and itching alot. One of my cats had scabs where I had applied the product, probably from scratching. Don’t buy this product. I know I won’t be buying it again.

Hartz Hurts!!

I purchased hartz one spot at my local petsmart, not because of lack of funds but of convenience. Not a good choice. I have two beautiful cats I rescued about 10 months ago. They have been spoiled since they have been with me. They are a mother and daughter. I named them Mama and Rosie. I put Hartz on them. It should be renamed HURTS because that is exactly what it does not only to your trusting friend but to you. Rosie began to react within a few moments, as described by so many others. It was like she had rabies, running around clawing to get out, crying, then collapsing on the floor,then jumping. It was the most helpless, horrible feeling. I feel like an ass that I did not know this poison was on the market. I usually go to my vet but circumstance had me buy this #!#!! shit. I called my local 24hr pet hospital and they told me to wash her down right away. I used dawn and I also used johnson baby shampoo. I was told to watch her for 24 hrs to see if she foamed at the mouth, vomitted or started to twitch because she could start to seizure. I ask again to everyone why this F#!!&%#! product is on the market. What can we do. We can tell our sad stories but we need to make someone DO something. My girls are ok. I washed the again today. They are eating, playing and less lethargic. Thank the Madonna they are ok. I am going to look into our canadian laws. I went to my petsmart and talked to the manager I will follow up with written complaint and tomorrow I am going to call Hartz. We need to get Michael Moore to do a documentary on this!! Perhaps if enough people contact him it could be done. So in our grass roots way we need to tell everyone not to use this on their animals, we are their humans and we need to protect them. Keep the faith and my heart goes out to all of you who do not have your companions with you any longer.

Roxy ~August 7, 2010~

I just got home  from my two week trip to Florida, greeted by my two favorite dogs, Roxy (2 yr old Bull-Mastiff) and Raven (4 yr old  Rot-Husky) The next morning my Dad gave both dogs their monthly dose of flea medicine.  Just that night Roxy’s ears became swollen and pussed alot, we didn’t think it was serious so we made an appt for the vet. The morning after her entire body was covered in sores, puss, and she wouldn’t move or walk. We tried to everything and when we got her to the vet we received heartbreaking news. Roxy had a low chance of surviving. Everyday was a battle because our baby wasn’t giving up. I would wake up and bathe her for an hour, than again at night; we would try and feed her with a bottle because she couldn’t eat. Watching my baby dog, only two years old, dying was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. She had to go potty on herself because she wouldn’t move. period. Exactly one week after we gave her the flea medication we finally got her to go potty alone and eat. Things were looking great and my prayers were thought to be answered. My mom woke me up at 6am and her words still are stabbing my heart, muffled from her tears she told me that Roxy had just gone. I couldn’t believe it. She was only two and to see her lifeless body instead of the smiling and energetic dog I knew just ripped my heart out. RIP Roxy You live in our hearts forever.

I used the flea and tick treatment and I will never use this again

I had bought the flea and tick treatment for my four dogs and I noticed that the dogs didnt act right after I applied the treatment they would vomit. But I NEVER would have expected what i saw on my dogs neck it made me sick and I felt so bad. I took my dog to the vet. After the vet seen the damage on his neck she knew instantly what it was. She called it a chemical burn. The cost of using a cheap medicine is unreal. My poor dog is in so much pain i want to cry with him. Hartz should be banned from selling this product. I have pictures to show what it did too him.

Just bought the flea and tick product

Just bought the product and decided to look for a review before I used the product , way back in the 70″s I had used a product on my dog and vowed never to use it again, I hoped by this time they would have made a better product, id rather let my dog get infested before Id use this flea and tick squeeze on ..thanks for the helpful reviews

2 More Victims

My family and I saw this brand at Wal-mart and bought it, and thought nothing of it. We didn’t know the horrors it would cause us. We applied a full dose to our big dog, who looks mostly like a white lab, and we applied a half dose to our half-gemshepard/half sharpai. We used the Hartz UltraGuard Flea & Tick Drops for Dogs and Puppies (31-60 lbs.) on both of them.

A few hours later, I was telling my mom that the smaller dog’s tail was between her legs, which is extremely unusual because her tail naturally curves upwards into a hook shape. We didn’t think too much of it at first. Then, they were acting sluggish and pacing around, or hiding themselves. My mom noticed the bigger white dog had not sat down in a while, so she knew something was wrong and bathed her with Shampoo.

We then looked up this brand and found sites like this, explaining how dangerous it is. We luckily had dawn soap, so we gave the white dog a second bath with that, and we bathed the smaller one as well. There was a significant change in their behavior, but they still aren’t acting normal.

My dogs will not let me touch their tails, and the one shrieked in horror when I gently touched it because I was wondering why their tails are still down. The one usually isn’t allowed on the couch because she sheds a lot, but she was in so much pain on her tail/lower back from this horrible product, we had to let her.

Luckily, our littler dog did not have a full dose, of this garbage, because it probably would have killed her. As for now, they’re both resting, and they seem a lot perkier than they were yesterday, but neither will wag their tail because of the pain. I wonder how the CEO’s of this company sleep at night knowing thousands of innocent animals fall victim to this.

I thank you all for your stories, they come up on the first page of a search, and they help save pets.

Sergeant’s Gold Should Not Be Sold

We have three dogs. Muffin, Cupcake, and Cookie. Muffin and Cupcake are sisters, Boston Terrier and some sort of other terrier mixed. Cookie is a Jack Russell Terrier. All small dogs.

We live out of town, so they get fleas and ticks a lot. We decided to get Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On, since it is cheaper than Frontline or K9 Advantix [we had been using K9].

I gave all three dogs a bath, and then we put the Sergeant’s on them. All was well for a few hours it seemed, other than Muffin and Cookie being squirmy and running around the house, jumping on the beds and rubbing themselves on them. The two would lay down for a moment, then jump back up and run around some more. Cupcake seemed mostly fine, she was only itching a little.

Then Cookie stopped running, and laid down on the floor in the laundry room. I looked over at her and realized she was breathing really hard, and drooling all over the floor, so much that a small puddle was forming. I quickly told my mother and she washed Cookie and the other two while I started to search online what was wrong.

I came to this site, and I’m very glad I did. I read entries and I told my mother what the entries said we should do. We had already washed them, so we gave Cookie a tablet of Benedryl, with no other pain killers. We took another tablet and crushed up two halves of it, giving one half to Cupcake and Muffin. They slept for a little bit, effects of the Benedryl. Cookie was itching all night, and Muffin seemed jumpy and itchy.

Muffin never got as bad as Cookie, and overall it wasn’t as serious as some entries, but I am very glad we caught this early on before something terrible happened to our dogs! K9 Advantix says it begins killing fleas and ticks in 12 hours. Sergeant’s Gold says it begins killing in under one hour. That is a dangerous amount of poison, I wish we would have saw it sooner. Never use this on your pets, ever!