My 1 1/2 Year old Shih-Tzu

I was givin my dog Tuzo a bath on may 30th with his regular Hartz Ultra Guard shampoo but he just rubbed one of his paws against his eyes and today he’s almost blind!!! He can’t open his eyes! I even had to take hime to the vet last night at around 12:00 a.m. but he still can’t see a single thing. They told me that he got an infection because of the shampoo. I’m not O.K with Hartz selling any of their products. I think that should be considerd animal abuse. The government shoul do something about it. I would and am.

We lost our Greta on May 23rd, 2011

I had no idea until yesterday that Hartz UltraGuard Plus Drops for Cats killed our beautiful 16 yr old kitty Greta. I am so sorry that we did know that Hartz products were so dangerous to our precious pets, and wish I had thought to google it before we gave this product to our 2 cats. Poor Greta really suffered, and I am heartbroken that I did not even connect the flea drops to her sudden illness. She seemed okay for about one week after we applied the drops, but then she was so sick, I had to take her to the vet to have her put to sleep. The first day she was ill, she had diarrhea, then she vomited for hours, our baby was in such pain, she cried everytime she had to throw up. She did not eat or drink anything. The next day, she seemed very thirsty, but everytime she drank water, she would urinate as she was drinking the water. Sadly, she was sick on a weekend, and by Sunday evening, she was just wiped out, lethargic and just tired of feeling so sick. I took her to the vet on Monday. He thought it was either diabetes or renal failure. She was so dehydrated that he couldn’t even find a vein large enough to give her the needle to put her to sleep. Her bladder was very full, this means her little kidneys were not working. I read many of the posts from pet lovers like us who have experienced what we have just been through. I am grateful for this website, and I will do what I can to spread the word to hopefully one day get these products off the market.
My heart is broken to realize that we may have been able to save our cat if we knew how lethal Hartz drops were. I’m so sorry Gretie, we put you to sleep too soon. We love you and will try to help other cats in your memory.

Update on dogs

Rambo wore the flea collar last week, he started having seizures. Maddie had the same thing too. I am really going to kill Hartz. Hartz is so stupid and they want the dogs to die.

My Mocha has died

On Wednesday, May 25 my 7 year old Chinese Crested Mocha died of renal failure .  It happened  so insidiously and quickly, I had no time to act.,However  I know now that he had the toxins in his system for a while.  I have a feeling that it may be due to the Hartz Ultra-Guard flea drops that I used on him in the fall and this spring.  I am so sick about this and mad at myself for not researching this product before using it.   Over the winter he started having foul smelling breath.. I cleaned his teeth and the bad breath continued.  I now know that the bad breath was a sign of toxins in his system and not a dental problem.   Just a few weeks ago I noticed he was losing weight and I started giving him soft food.  He was eating and seemed  healthy with no serious problems. Then on Saturday May 21 he had a seizure.  He came out of it OK and I made an appointment for him to see the Vet for a check up and to schedule an appointment to get his teeth cleaned.. I thought the seizure may have been due to him not eating  from a dental problem. The vet checked him over and we scheduled him to come in the next day for a teeth cleaning.  The next day he did not seem right so we did a blood test which showed that he was in severe renal failure and the vet said that he only had a week to live.. The next day he went into convulsions and I had to put him to sleep.. I am sick about this and so mad at myself for using the flea drops. Most of the cases I read on this site had a more immediate effect on the dog and hurt them , but in this case it was over time. That is,  if this is what killed him.. I was wondering if anyone knows if an autopsy would show whether it was the flea medicine that caused this problem.  I have five other dogs that do not seem to be affected and I used the product on them too.. Maybe some dogs are more sensitive to it than others.  However I will never use it or any other chemical on my dogs. This was a very hard experience to go through and  should have known better, however,last year I almost had a dog die from a Tick Borne disease.   I would appreciate any feedback from this and some ideas of alternative flea and tick prevention.

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus spray for pets

Fleas have been horrible and for the past 2 months I have used Frontline on my dog and 2 cats.  A couple of weeks after the second application I noticed no relief for the cats.  So I sprayed them with Hartz Ultra Guard Plus.  For the next week everything seems fine then I noticed my male cat acting very lethargic and just not being his usual self.  A very weak meow, not much moving around and not eating or drinking as usual.  Because him and his sister are diabetic I take him to the vet yesterday.  He noticed the fleas and I tell him what all I have used.  He pulls down a container of the Hartz ( an older bottle) and points out the statement that Hartz is “hazardous to humans and domestic animals.”  This infuriates me that Hartz is able to sell something when it is ‘hazardous”.  It should be removed from the store shelves!  I am still waiting for the results for my cat and I am praying that he will be okay and that his sister who is also not eating much will be okay also.  I will be spreading the word via facebook and twitter about this product.

Hartz Flea and Tick made my YorkiPoo sick !!!

Someone please help me !!! I had my dog groomed for the summer on this past Thursday May 19th 2011.  With his fresh shave down for the summer we notice he had picked up some fleas which is possible because we spend a lot of time outside. On Thursday my dog was fine acting normally.  On thursday on my way home from work I stopped and picked up some Hartz Flea and Tick shampoo from my local walmart and some Hartz flea and tick topical drops for him. I came home and gave him a fresh bath and added the drops once He dried off. Thinking Hartz is a good trusted brand to use on your animal I had no worries. I WAS WRONG !!!!. the next day when I woke up for work he was shaking and trembling and to to top it off the fleas and the eggs were all still there. and now he is not able to stand and will not eat or drink.  I am so hurt and upset as my dog will not even bark anymore.  I finally called a friend who also has a dog and she told me to go quickly to my local walmart and buy a bottle of dawn liquid detergent. Needless to say I ran to to walmart and back home to give him a bath. I scrubbed, scrubbed him and made sure i used lots and lots of water on his body. After his bath every flea and it’s eggs were gone. I mean no sign he ever had fleas on him..   However I dont know what to do to help him now. someone please let me know how to help him if I have time.

Hartz flea drops made my dog viciously sick!

My fiancee and I just relocated to a new state. I have not found work yet so money is very tight. So when my 1.5 year old Austrailian Cattle Dog, who is allergic to fleas, got infested we were forced to buy the cheapest thing for fleas. HORRIBLE MISTAKE!

We ended up buying the Hartz 3 month supply UltraGuard Flea & Tick for dog 31-60 lbs.

The first month I applied the drops right before bed. During the night my dog also happened to get into the trash. By morning he got horribly sick… the worst I’ve ever seen him be. Throwing up violently every few minutes and with diarreha that was so horrible is was spraying out of his bottom. Literally I was cleaning poop off the walls as high up as my hip level. He was that sick for almost 24 hours unitll he finally got to sleep and at least stopped throwing up and diarreha. I was nursing my poor boy back to health for three days. At first he wouldn’t even eat the rice, chicken, and pumpkin mix I make when he’s sick. I had to feed him little scoops of yogurt which the yeast, my vet-tech sister said, can help aid in settling his stomach. I wrote this whole experience off as whatever he found in the trash making him sick. I didn’t even think of the flea drops I applied until the next month.

Yesterday was the the day I marked on the calander to give him his drops. I did the usual thing I do and gave him a bath, waited for him to dry, then applied the drops. I ended up putting them on mid-day and this time he did not happen to get into the trash. Later that night I noticed he started to act funny. But most times I give him flea drops he does… not getting petted and much makes him pout a bit. We went to bed carefree. Today he wasn’t acting sick yet, but he was acting REALLY off all day. He was panting rapidly, shaking, didn’t eat his breakfast, pacing back and forth, really uncomfortable, and he wouldn’t even take a treat from me. So when I took him out and he had a diarreha I naturally started getting really worried and began thinking back on what could of gotten him sick. The only thing it could be was those damn drops. I looked online to see if anybody else had similar reactions when I found this page. I rushed Icarus to the bathtub and began scrubbing. I washed him for about 30 minutes while he looked just miserable.

He’s starting to look a bit better. His shaking has gone down, he played with the cat for a little bit, and now he’s sleeping. Thank god I found this page when I did. I hope by washing off the posion labled as safe for pets I saved him the pain of getting that sick again. I’m livid at myself for not catching it the first time and that this is even in the markets. The worst I was expecting by choosing the cheaper brand was maybe it just didn’t kill the fleas. I never dreamed by buying and using Hartz would indanger my poor dog so much. I’m going to take ever action I can to make this story and others I’ve read that ended even worse heard.

Hartz ultral pro has hurt my min pin Carley

My vet stopped selling the flea medication my dogs took orally so I purchased the Hartz medication over the counter until I could order her medicine online. Upon administering the proper dosage on her she started acting strangly.. She walks around in circles and it looks like she is hallucinating. She jerks her head and wines while she is losing strength in her rear legs.. The vet said she is having seizures. He said she is having a bad reaction to the Hartz flea medication.. If it dosen’t stop within a week, she needs to see a specialist. I’m afraid she will die, especially after reading some of these horror stories. Something needs to be done about this.. It’s terrible when you are trying to protect your dogs from fleas and you end up maybe killing your dog. I can’t beleive there isn’t a class action suit against Hartz.

EPA Aggregate Incident Summary Report for 2010

A very big thanks to James from for sending this over.

Below is an aggregate incident summary report for pet spot-on products, which includes the number and severity of incidents that were submitted to the EPA by the product manufacturers in 2010:

Click HERE to download the Incident Summary.

The Exposure Type/Severity Category Codes in the report are as follows:

HD – Minor human incident
HE – Human incident-symptoms unknown or not specified
DA – Domestic animal death
DB – Major domestic animal incident
DC – Moderate domestic animal incident
DD – Minor domestic animal incident
DE – Domestic animal incident-symptoms unknown or not specified

According to the report, there were 27,216 incidents reported in 2010, which is significantly less than the number of incidents reported in 2009 (36,472), but slightly more than the number of incidents reported in 2008 (26,461), which had prompted the EPA’s investigation of pet spot-on products.

At first glance, it may look like things are improving, but upon closer examination, you find that almost all of the reduction was due to the number of incidents reported for ONE product — Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs (EPA Reg. No. 002517-00080), which is also sold under the name Sentry Pro XFC (same EPA Reg. No.) and TriForce Canine Squeeze-On (EPA Reg. No. 002517-00080-083333). Those products were discontinued (but never recalled) at some point last year (they are no longer shown on Sergeant’s website), which probably explains the lower number of incidents reported by Sergeant’s in 2010.

Missing from the report is a summary of incidents for Vectra 3D (aka FirstShield Trio) and Vectra for Cats and Kittens (aka FirstShield for Cats). I just asked the EPA to provide me with a summary of incidents for those products, too.

Yet another victim…

I just wanted to share my story with any of those interested.  I purchased a Hartz flea and tick collar for my dog.  She is almost a year old and weighs about 15 pounds.  She wore the collar for almost a week and it had progressed from restless nights, to severe dehydration, and having potty accidents in the house.  In one day, she peed 3 times and pooped twice!  VERY unlike her.  After reading stories about adverse effects of the collars, I took it off her immediately and gave her a nice long shower and used her earth friendly 100% biodegradeable puppy shampoo with all ingredients listed and with names you can pronounce.  Last night, she slept straight through the night.  In the morning, to my surprise, she was jumping at the door to let me know she needed to go out.  Later in the morning before going to work, she let me know she needed to go out and go again.  I’m hoping she is on her way back to healthy.  Now I feel bad for getting mad at her when it was probably that stupid collar.  I can’t say for sure, but I do know she was not acting normal and after taking that off, giving her a long gentle shower, it seemed like she started getting better.  Coincidence?