The  EPA told me that if it isnt reported to them directly they cant help , they said it doesnt matter if there are thousands of reports they have to be reported directly to Epa for them to help , also call hartz file a complaint save your case number they must report all  adverse effects ,    We  cant save some of our pets but maybe we can help some other poor animal from suffering this terrible  death


    I purchased Hartz 4-15 lbs. Ultra Guard flea & tick drops for dogs and Puppies for my 9 year old, 5lb.4oz chihuahua, Woodstock.(this has been his weight for many years) We were getting ready for our morning walk so I put it on him before we walked out the door. We were about 3 minutes out when he froze in his tracks. He just stood there not moving. I got down and asked him what was wrong. Then he started wobbling and looking like he was going to pass out. Then he fell over, his eyes rolled back and had a seizure. I scooped him up and ran back to the house. When we reached the porch Woodstock started screaming a loud painful scream and passed out again and had another seizure. I laid him on the floor and started rubbing his body and calling is name. My partner, Karen was at home and called our Vet,(Steuben Vet.Clinic in Bath,NY) and they said rush him to them. It’s a 1/2 hour drive I made in about 20 min.s. Karen is a newborn nurse so she gave him CPR most of the way there because the inside of his mouth was blue and he continued to have seizures. He woke up before getting him there. They were expecting us and Martha the Vet did an exam. He was still having neurological side effects. He was given 3 baths by Peggy, with Dawn dish soap and rinsed, to completely wash off the toxins. I sat with Woodstock, on my lap, in the waiting room for about 3 or so hours to observe him. They also weighed him.(5lbs 4oz) That was 2 days ago. By acting quickly and knowing infant CPR and the 3 baths saved his life. I hate to think that, what if I applied this product and left him alone, it would have killed him.It was a very frighting experience to see my beloved friend and companion become neurologically impaired and possibly leave us in such a painful way because of something I did to him. THIS PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET. WHY IS IT STILL BEING SOLD???? The Hartz name has been around for a long time and I thought it was a product I could trust not to harm and kill our friends and family members.

  2. We used a small amount (less than recommended)of Hartz ultra guard flea & tick powder for cats on Artie our lovable cat. He became violently sick and died. We all loved Artie very much and miss him very much, especially our other cat Manny! I live in Cleveland, Ohio and didn’t think that they sold poison in stores that would kill your beloved cat. THIS PRODUCT NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET. WHY IS IT STILL BEING SOLD???? My cat Artie was very healthy before I gave him the Hartz flea powder (poison) that killed him. We need to orginize and stop this poison from being sold! Hartz needs to be hel accountable! We need Vet’s that will give us medical proff of our poisoned animals so that we can stop this from occuring. EVERYONE

  3. My cat Artie died from a small amount (less than recommended) of Hartz ultra guard flea & tick powder for cats. He became violently ill and died from the Hartz flea powder. We need Vet’s to give us proff of our poisoned pets to stop this killing! We all love Artie very much especially our other cat Manny! We need to organize and stop the killing! E-mail me at above web site (e-mail) for cuyahoga county, Ohio victims or at [email protected] Lawyers must help us make a court case to stop this. How about Elinor D. Molbegott at 419 Latham ln. in east Williston, NY 11596, she is in animal law and we need to coordinate with product liability law in the courts. [email protected] for Hartz victims in cuyahoga county, Ohio. Together we can stop the killing with attorneys and Vet’s helping us in the courts to prevent this killing & to remove this product (poison) from the stores!

  4. My cat Artie was killed by a small amount (less than recommended)of Hartz ultra guard flea & tick powder. We need Vet’s to confirm this to stop the killing! We loved Artie very much! We live in cuyahoga county, Ohio at [email protected] other Hartz victims in cuyahoga county Ohio please let us know so we can join together to stop this killing!

  5. I applied Hartz cat and kitten flea drops to my 4 year old mane coon/ ragdoll mix and within 1-2 days the muscle spasms from the drops (after 2 baths) had gotten so bad she was urinating on herself and having major problems. I found out about all the complaints online and was so angry. My kitty needed to have emergency care, yet 500.00 dollars was the base fee! I had called animal poison control and only again was asked for a fee, this time 60.00! I was never given ANY help for a home care. I was told to give her a bath with Dawn dish soap and lots of water and then told “Good Luck”!!?? I understand that if your not a Vet, your never a “Liberty” to give medical advice. BUT only after a Long horrible night of force feeding her water and praying for her life, I woke up the next and she was still in bad shape but not dead! :)) so I racked my brain as to what I could do for her…. CHARCOAL!!!!!! ****** “Activated charcoal is a substance often used for the treatment of toxicity or suspected toxicity. It is used to absorb unwanted “drugs” or “toxins” that may have been ingested.” Also I had found a site that was PUBLIC (don’t have to be a Vet to find) and I you can look at the second web site this product SAVED MY CATS LIFE!!!!! The local feed store had some for cats, dogs, goats and sheep. The product was only 9.00!!! If it weren’t for my hunch and all my time and effort Hartz cat and kitten flea drops bought from Wal-mart would have stolen yet another life. I never found ANY help thru this for my kitty so I am sharing what I did to save her life in hopes that this may help another life from being destroyed by a KILLER FLEA PRODUCT BY HARTZ!!!!!

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