We just got a new puppy she is about 1 years old and we bought her and my other dog Hartz flea collars to keep fleas off since it’s flea season. Today she went to the bathroom in the house so we put her in her cage I went to check on her and she threw up on the ground it was clear spit. I took her outside thinking the puke was pee, and she wouldn’t leave the patio so I figured something was wrong. She is a very energetic dog and loves being outside. So I brought her inside and she just collapsed and started yelping it was a long painful yelp very high pitched. She ran into my arms and started shaking. Her seizure lasted about 2 hours. We took her to the vet and they ran tests and said she was pretty much fine but, it must be from poison and said that the collar chemicals could have gotten into her skin in the neurological system of the dog and to never put it on again. They gave her so corn syrup with water and said to giver her rice and chicken for protein to wash away the chemicals. When we got home we looked at the collar and it was disintegrating. She has stopped shaking and is no longer frozen up into a seizure but she is wiped out she has been laying on the couch for 3 hours now and she will let out a high pitched yelp every now and then. I will never use Hartz collars or any other products ever again. Wish we knew this before we bought their products. It needs to be taken off the shelves! We hope she survives and comes out all right! ):


  1. Please file a report with the epa it only takes a few minutes , you could save someone elses dogs life that the only way were gonna stop are animals from being killed 202) 272-0167. epa number give them the epa number off the box collar came in

  2. I found fleas on my dog Kobe last night. So i went to the store and bought hartz shampoo and collar after my husband gave kobe a bath he put the flea collar on him shortly after that kobe started having trouble breathing i called the pet hospital and they told me that i should bring him in. I knew that we couldnt afford it since he had to go there 6 months ago and that cost over $700. they told me that i should give take the collar off and give him a bath to get as much of the chemicals off as possible. After that he didnt want to leave his cage and the breathing got worse. When we woke up in the morning he had passed away. Hartz products should be taken off the shelves no where on the bottle does it say how much shampoo we should use and it dosnt say that both products can be used together. I’m goign to let everyone know the NEVER buy this product.

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