chemical burn

my daughter rescued a kitty a couple of weeks ago and did the right thing by bathing him and treating him for fleas when she brought him home.  she used the hartz flea and tick treatment ment for kittens and he has spent 4 days in the animal hospital with close to 25%  chemical burns   over his back and left shoulder.  he had to be sedated and the area debreeded and given antibiotics.  i was so shocked by the damage it did to his little body.  i am so pissed that a company could put out such a product that has the potential to kill the animal that you have brought into your home as part of the family.  i am at a loss as to what to do next any suggestions.

sergents is killing my family today.

My wife applied the flea poison to both our cats and our dog last night. At 2 am our cats were shaking and the dogs throwing up. She just called me at work and after $700 at the vet trying to save the cats, she is having them put down. We may lose our dog as well. I just found this site and I am amazed these product are on the market, and don’t have huge gigantic warning labels. I cannot believe in 24 hours of trying to help our pets of mild fleas, they are dead and dying. This is truly incredible. I cannot believe that some pet loving lawyer has not taken this case on??? I am going to send them my vet bill. Bastards.

I Will NEVER buy a Hartz product again!!!!

My cat and dog were suffering from fleas, and they came into my home. I bought the Hartz UltraGuard Pro for my cat, and put it on her on a Monday afternoon. Tuesday she wouldn’t walk around, use her liter box, eat, drink….nothing! I called the Vet and they told me to take DAWN and wash it off of her immdiately and give it 36 hours to leave her system. She didn’t get better, I ended up feeding her through a syringe and giving her benadryl, as directed by my vet. As the 36 hours were about to be up, and she wasn’t any better, in face possibly worse…I woke up this morning to shower, and went in to find her lying helpless on my floor. She had passed, all because of this harmful drug!! Do not put hartz products on your animals!!!


First I have to say thank you for this site. About a year ago I put Hartz Flea and Tick on my dog about an hour later she started licking and drooling. And we are not taking about a little bit of drool from a 60 lbs. dog. It was just a constant drool. It didnt stop until we bathed her did it finally stop her from the producing so much saliva. So I am really greatful for this site I am never using any Hartz product again on any of my animals. It’s really sad to know that I have been poisoning my dog for so many years. And even more thankful that none of them died from this horrible product.

Profender alternative

Hey Folks,
For those who don’t want to use Profender or other chemical de-wormers search “diatomaceous earth food grade” . My big, tough, cat gets laid low every time we use the topicla stuff, Profender. I searched for and alternative and came up with a mechanical solution. Diatoms are little critters with silica shells. These shells slice and dice worms, fleas, lice. We used it externmally on our Shepard to get rid of fleas. It is used with natural food folks – veggies and animals – to de-worm big critters, rid barns of flies, and as pest control in the garden. Food grade DE (Yes, the swimming pool filter stuff but more refinded, I actually use an alternative to that for our pool from In The Swim.) is fed to animals in grains or regular food as a de-wormer. Search for yourself. Make your own call. Our local feed store in NH carries food grade DE or you can get it on line.
Peace and Pets, and as little drugging as possible,


Close Call!!

Earlier this evening I applied Hartz 3-in-1 flea dip onto both of my cats, Samuel (a 2 year old tabby) and Elise (a 13 year old torte) after only a few minutes I began to notice both cats laying in an uncomfortable crouching position, and began to wonder if there was something wrong. I shrugged it off though, thinking they were just being hissy because they were wet on the neck and it simply felt awkward. I went to bed, and ended up waking up around 2am realizing that Samuel wasn’t in bed. (quite unusual) I went into the living room and found him still in his crouching position, and when he saw me, he immediately got up and starting trying rub the dip on me and crying like it was really inconfortable. I started to immediately google the Hartz flea dip and found this site. Needless to say, I went and scrubbed the stuff off both of my cats. At this point, they both seem happier wet than with that stuff on their necks. I ended up getting quite a bit on me when Samuel was wiping it on me, and it really seemed to have an uncomfortable burning like tingle to it.

Can’t believe some of the stories I’ve read on here, I am very sorry for your losses, I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost my babies. Thank you so much for sharing your stories.

Bad Hartz!

On 4/15/2011, my wife had purchased HARTZ Ultraguard Plus Flea & Tick drops for 4-15lb. dogs. We decided to treat our 2 dogs (Lucy=A terrier mix and Misha=Jack Russell Terrier) prior to us going outside to mow the lawn that day. My wife preceded to mow the front yard while I was picking up in the fenced-in back yard. Lucy continued to follow me around the back yard while Misha ran around running-a-muck as she normally does with her energetic self. Upon walking up the slight incline in our back yard, towards the house, I noticed Misha was laying down on the lawn. I thought she was doing what most dogs do when they don’t like the smell that is on them, and that is rolling around in the grass/dirt. I called Misha’s name, too which normally she would jump up and be right at my heels, and she didn’t budge. I ran up to her and put the trash bag down that I had in my hand and knelt down beside her. She appeared to me to be having a seizure or “seizure-like” activity. She was very lethargic and trembling with excess saliva foaming from her mouth. By this time my wife was coming around from the front lawn to where the front meets with the fenced-in back yard and noticed Misha doing this and me at her side. She comes in through the fence calling her name and asking me what is wrong. I said, “I think she is having a seizure”! I picked her up and made sure she was pointed slightly towards the ground so that she would not get strangled on her own saliva. I said we need to get her to a vet ASAP. We called our local vet to which we found it was just after hours and they referred, per answering machine, to go to the emergency vet hospital in the city that is near us. We hopped in my truck and headed that way. Long story short, we spent countless hours in the emergency vet hospital to which they took her straight back to wash her off very good. She was diagnosed with Pyrethrin Toxicity and muscle tremors and was given Methocarbamol (muscle relaxer) to take at home. Yes, we were lucky enough to bring her home. IT RAISES A RED FLAG WHEN THE VETs AND VET ASST.’s ALL WONDER WHY THESE PRODUTCTS FROM HARTZ HAVE NOT BEEN PULLED FROM THE SHELF! I feel for the owners that lost their beloved pet while we were able to save ours. I can only sympathise with them and pray that they reach closure. I hope this posting helps at least one person from making the mistake we did. All-in-all, if your animal has any reaction, bathe them immediately with dish detergent (Dawn is preferred by vet) very well and get them to a vet so meds can be administered if they are actually having a seizure or “seizure-like” activity muscle tremors. Be safe and love your animals! Thank you for reading and spread the word to people that you know that may use the cheap alternative!

Hartz Signs Deal To Targeted Social Media Sites

 I hate to be the bearer of bad news but after readings this article it appears that Hartz has a brand new all out advertising campaign which will target social media sites. As most know social media sites are the ‘hot’ spot online. Virtually everyone has either a myspace, facebook, care2 or twitter account these days. This will target those users.

 I am going to actually beg all of you to please, please use your social media accounts to try to prevent the needless harm and deaths of  more of our companion animals that this new advertising campaign will inevitably will cause.

It’s a very simple thing to do.  All you need to do it warn people by adding a post or tweet once a week , even better once a day on your account. Something very simple to do such as:

WARNING – Hartz flea and tick products are dangerous and have caused injury and the deaths of thousands of animals. For more information check out  Please do not make your pet a victim by using them.

It’s just as simple as that.  Just write up something or feel free to use the above, save it on your computer so you can copy and paste it to your social media accounts on a regularly basis. You will be saving animals lives by doing this.

Below is the URL of the web site  where you can view the  article and some of the actual article

Thank you for helping to save animals from Hartz!


Hartz Signs Deal With for Targeted Social Media Engagement Program has announced a deal with The Hartz Mountain Corporation, utilizing’s innovative advertising platform, Examiner Connect. Focusing on pet health, the program will create word of mouth marketing through the creation of original and authentic pet care and health content, which is simultaneously relevant to the Hartz® UltraGuard® brand initiative and targeted consumers.

Hartz is the latest brand to participate in the Examiner Connect marketing program created by, which is based on the unique relationship that has developed with its 72,000 content producers, in this case, more than 2000 pet and pet health writers.

I’m Curious.

About a month ago I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard flea and tick spray for cats. It was on sale and being that my cat has long hair I figured it’d be perfect for her! I’ve had a problem with her fleas for awhile and they just keep returning. After using it on her she got very upset (of course) then I noticed her licking her mouth strangely. She had very thick saliva drooling out of her mouth! So i cleaned her off and set her to her water bowl to drink. It stopped after a few minutes. I just figured it happened because maybe she had licked herself and the chemicals thickened up her saliva. Well, today I noticed she had a few fleas on her face. I decided to take a gentle approach and get a q-tip with the a little bit of the spray at the end and dab it on the area with the fleas. Immediately after touching her with the q-tip just around her ear she FLIPPED out! She ran all over the house till finally I caught her and settled her down in my arms. Then I noticed she had the thick saliva as well as drooling coming from her mouth! I didn’t put any around her mouth or anywhere her little tongue could reach! And she never stopped to clean her self off. She is fine now and back to normal but I was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with this side effect before! I do not plan on using this product any more. And other Hartz products have literally NEVER worked on any of my animals except this spray. Not only does this flea and tick spray cause her such discomfort but I don’t ever want to see what future problems arise if I continue using it on her. I love her too much to do a quick fix for fleas… When I typed in google with the name and symptoms this is the top site that talks about anything that happens to our animals due to Hartz products. I have to say Thank You to everyone who has shared their stories. If it wasn’t for this site, I may have been ignorant enough to continue using this product!

So grateful for this site!

I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their stories, I bought Hartz Flea and Tick Drops for my 2 dogs just yesterday. I thought I’d save a little money using this product instead of Frontline. I am so incredibly thankful I followed my instincts and decided to research before actually putting it on my girls. Reading all the stories of heartbreak and tragedy was enough for me. I will be returning the product to the store today and will share what I’ve learned with everyone I know. I am a dog groomer in training, and since I am bringing dogs to my home to work on I thought I was being proactive by treating my dogs, just in case. After all I’ve read, I’d rather deal with fleas than the horrible side effects and possible fatal consequences of this terrible product. Frontline will, now, be worth every penny! Again, thanks to the creators of this site and to all the parents of the treasures we call pets, for giving me this valuable knowledge.