Sergeants Silver Squueeze on, almost killed my dog!!!

Over the weekend we applied Silver squeeze on to my dog, Sassie. Over the next few hours, she began drooling, shaking, crying, biting, scratching and was so uncomfortable, I couldnt believe it. She went from hot to cold, she woulndt eat or drink anything. We were feeding her water through my sons medicine dropper to keep her from dehydrating. You couldnt console her, she looked like she was going to die. We washed it off after I googled the product, that sent me to this page. I never believed this would happen and to see all the other victims, I almost cried myself. I called the company this morning and they were very nice. I talked to an emergency specialist and she explained the reaction. However, I dont feel anything will be done about it. She said they would document it and if enough animals were having the same reaction, they would do something. From the looks of this blog page, I feel enough animals were injured from this. I thought i was doing the right thing, buying a brand that I could trust. I was wrong. Please please dont use this product! Id hate for anyone to have to watch their pet be in so much pain.


Living in the city, I never go to Walmart (there is no Walmart anywhere near us). But recently I was dog sitting my Uncle’s dog who lives in the suburbs and took advantage that I had a vehicle and went to Walmart to buy a few house hold items that we needed. This is how I came across the Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick Drops for my baby who is a mix Boxer & American bull dog. I usually buy her Frontline from the vet’s office but THOUGHT this is a great deal as it is nearly 1/2 of the price! My doggie was due for her monthly flea & tick prevention last week and something inside me said to read up on this product before putting it on her and after reading all of these horror stories I am so grateful that I did! I am a true believer (always have been) that you should ALWAYS listen to your instincts!! I want to thank everyone who shared their story and wish the best for all of your pets!!!


My cat was a rescued stray black and white saddleback patterned kitten of barely five weeks of age.  When I got him he was fighting an absess at his throat from claw punctures and starving.  He wasn’t able to meow or even purr.  The absess was beginning to go septic.   I was able to save him from this.  I ne ver so enjoyed a purr before his first after he became able to. 

Zekee was just past his year birthday by two months.  Because he was an indoor/outdoor cat I didn’t want him to be dealing with fleas. 

 I used a Harts flea and tick control cartrige for one application for a cat under five pounds in the afternoon; two or three p.m.  By midnight he began having shaking, tremors/lower body seizures?  By three a.m. he developed dark tears, and it seemed that his eyesight was not as good.  Then he slept for awhile.  Just when I was going to take him to the vet,  Zekee started drinking water and eating again.  He looked like he’d made it through.  He stayed inside and rested; I thought this was good for him.  Then he developed diarhea.  I came home yesterday from work.  And when Zekee didn’t meet me as usual, I hunted all over for him calling him.  He came out of hiding.  Zekee coundn’t walk without trying to fall over and I don’t think he could even see.  But even so, he tried so hard to come to my voice.  He tried so hard because he loved me and needed help like before.  Zekee was shivering and I wrapped him in a towel and he collapsed into my arms; he tried to purr. 

In the early morning hours, he gave me one last pitiful meow in pain and then suffered in agony quietly.  By morning he couldn’t lift his head  or respond.  He was dying very slowly; painfully.  His tears were brown. I’ve never seen the like before.  I couldn’t stand watching him suffer any longer.  I stopped his breathing.  He gave up without much fight, he was so weak.  I pray he understood that I did it out of love for him, not to betray or hurt him more.

Of course I feel responsible for what happened to him; it’s got to be the worst way to die, because of the one person you have come to trust for your well being.  Zekee and I have been utterly betrayed by the Hartz company.   And the utter irony in this story of Zekees’ death is that the medicine never got rid of Zekees’ fleas.  So, Zekee died in the most horrible of ways for absolutely no good reason because the medicine served to kill the host not the pests.  Zekee did not deserve this kind of death; he never did anything but, be greatful for his home and the love he had.

I’m done using Hartz products and those who are affiliated with them.  I will not recommend them to anyone.  I will never forget the harm they’ve done me and my family.

Want to try to stop Hartz?

After treating my 3 cats with Hartz flea and tick drops, I had to rush one to the Vet within hours. The vet required blood tests to rule out the common diseases and the entered into a discussion with us about the toxicicty of the Hartz product we chose to use.

Fortunately, since we are diligent pet owners, we caught it quickly. We immediately bathed all 3 cats with Dawn dishwashing liquid (recommended by the vet) and watched the cats carefully. I believe we are out of the woods.

We then started the research and were horrified at the volume of pet tradgedies associated with this companies products.

What I suggest is this, go to These sites all have a contact us links at the bottom of the page. Voice your displeasure at the fact that these retailers sell products that are toxic to their customers beloved pets and that perhaps, as a pet lover….and their customer….you may choose to do the bulk of your shopping elsewhere. If those three retailers pulled this companies products off their shelves…….it would have a financial effect on the company. This is something that companies understand….when you effect their bottom line.

The EPA obviously doesn’t see a problem…..let’s let the retailers know that we, as animal lovers do.

Join me in this fight?

Dean Stone

Beloved kittyboy passed away

“My beloved Kittyboy, an indoor cat passed away yesterday just two days after I applied Hartz Ultra Guard One Spot Flea Treatment. His death followed the course of an obvious poisoning. He was the most beautiful affectionate loving cat anybody ever knew. He was only 6 years old, in excellent health and died just two days after I very regretfully administered that poison Hartz Ultra Guard. Is there a class action suite that I can join? I am heart broken. I was present when this cat was born and he loved our family through a divorce and move. He knew no trauma until I put that poison on him. I am profoundly sad, and now enraged. Murderers. There will never be

Vectra – Dangerous new product

Hi all,

I wanted to share my story regarding Vectra and it’s effects on my 12 lb. toy poodle, Princess.  My husband and I asked our vet for a product that contained tick preventative medicine as well as something for fleas, as we’d noticed a tick or two on Princess recently.  We were sold Vectra, and our vet said it was a newer product that would be no different from the Frontline that we normally use.  Unfortunately Princess had a very bad reaction to this new med.  We applied it on Monday night, and in less than a few hours she was acting like a different dog.  She became very hyperactive and wouldn’t settle down – her normal mood is one of perpetual relaxation – and I was very concerned.

I worried it was related to the Vectra but that seemed less than plausible, as she’d always been fine with flea drops in the past.  The next morning we awoke to find her even more hyper, and now she was clearly in discomfort.  She was crying intermittently, panting, trying to bite her tail, avoiding food/water, couldn’t sit still, and the area on her skin where the Vectra was applied was now bright pink.  I took her to the vet and they called the manufacturer – apparently this was the first adverse reaction they had seen.  She was given a shot of steroids w/Benadryl, along with an rx for muscle relaxants and Valium.  The vet explained that in animals who are sensitive to this med, it feels to them as though they have constant pins and needles going down their back.  I can only imagine how awful this must feel, and hate that she’s in so much discomfort.

It’s now been four days and she’s about 50% better, but has been on meds the entire time.  We lost our Bichon to cancer in the fall, and I was so scared that we were going to lose Princess as well.  If you have a toy dog, I would use caution and avoid this medicine if you can opt for something else.  If you are the owner of a puppy who is a victim of this, I hope this helps you and can be a guide for what your vet should give your animal to help with symptom relief.

Take Care,



I just gave my 5 month old kitten some hartz flea med and within 15 seconds or so she began to freak out, running around and acting really skittish. I ran upstairs where she had gone and found her up against the wall with a gel like substance coming out of her mouth and looking like she was dosed on a tranq. I immediatly ran some water on the spot and took her to the er. Thats when I was told about this lawsuit and want nothing more to join and get this crap off the shelves. This is absolutly ridiculous how they care only about money and not the lives of innocent animals.

Pets of Japan

I am posting this due to the magnitude of the disaster in Japan, as this is not a animal rescue site. I do feel there are many people who would like some information on the subject

For anyone wondering about the animals in Japan and whats  being done to help them here are  some links to check out they have ways to help if you so desire.

World Vets

On Facebook

Rescues in Japam

Japan Cat Network

Heart Tokushima

Animal Garden Niigata

Dangerous Pet Products! Stop the use of highly dangerous pesticides in pet products!!!

Hello to all,
I created the petition “Dangerous Pet Products! Stop the use of highly dangerous pesticides in pet products!!!”
Our goal is to reach 10,000 signatures (or more) and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:
We need to get these dangerous pesticides off the shelves and off the market for GOOD!!! I need 10,000 or more people support so my Mayor, Governor and other state, federal agencies will listen and get these pesticides removed!!!
Troy Kurtz (Miami Beach, FL)