seriously, why doesn’t anyone listen to me?

I gave my kitties hartz squeeze on flea treatment about 6 or seven months ago, worst mistake I ever made. sage, the oldest (5 years) turned really jumpy and skittish, (which is weird for his personality.) while the youngest, Godai, was growling, flicking his paws like he stepped in water, and generally, irritable. I called the hotline on the back to see if these were normal side effects, and they told me to give him a bath, and if he didn’t improve, to seek medical attention.

both my boys were fine after a couple weeks, and baths. I saw my friend use the hartz brand on her cat and told her she shouldn’t use it after a vet said it could cause death, but my friend says her cat doesn’t have an issue with it. A week later her cat had a bald spot and was extremely irritable. It strikes me as very odd this company has ZERO accountability of their product, and tried to treat the situation of my pets reactions as them being allergic to the product, when they never have a reaction with good brands like frontline and revolution.

I went to the hartz website and wrote them a very lengthy letter pleading with them to take this product off the shelves till it was safe for use. However, I don’t think they’ll get back to me, seeing as on the page to write them it says: “if your pet needs medical attention contact your vet immediately.” After I submitted, it said: “We value your feedback. We make every effort to respond to each email we receive. Due to the high volume of messages Hartz receives, however, yours may not receive a personal reply.” If this were baby formula, or shampoo, it would have been recalled, taken off the shelves already…I challenge them at hartz to use it on THEIR pets.

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  1. i’m glad you listened and checked before applying. it makes me so happy that your pets wont have to go through that. please tell every pet owner you know, and spread the word at local retailers so they know this product is bad stuff.

  2. I gave my cat Jasper Hartz Ultra Guard Plus the squeeze one on 3/12/11.I then realized she wasn’t acting herself and she was cuddly she’s usually not a cuddly cat. I got really worried about her we brought her to the emergency vet and they said that this wasn’t the first time a cat came in here with an allergic reaction caused by that product. She said it is some type of really bad chemical that causes animals to die. The vet told me if we waited another day to bring her in she would have been dead. She said we were lucky to come in when we did to save my cats life. She gave Jasper a bath and medicine to help the irritation. My poor cat was soo lifeless it was scary. I never saw her like that and I never want to see her like that again.

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