Horrible, Dangerous Product. DO NOT USE!,

I put this medication on my Maltipoo last night and about a hour later noticed copious drooling, non-stop licking, itching and erratic behavior. I called the emergency vet, and we were on our way within 10 minutes. She was given IV fluid therapy and seems to be doing better now. I do not recommend this product at all. It should be removed from all stores.

Hartz Flea and Tick Dip

I noticed a couple of fleas on my Pomeranian and Tabby Kitten. I decided they needed to be dipped, so I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon and bought the product. Both of my pets became very ill, acting strange, panting, the kitten whales loudly. I got scared, so I gave them a plain water bath to rinse the toxins off their little bodies. Afterwards, I decided to do research on the product online. I was mortified when I learned that this product is known to be toxic to pets. I video taped the reactions of both pets and in the video tape, I showed the bottle of Hartz product that made them sick. I hope they will be ok. We need to get the product taken off the market. My poor babies are suffering and it breaks my heart.

This is not fair!

I just got a yorkie about two weeks ago. My family is new to having a pet around inside the house, usually we have outdoor cats. Milly had her first veterinarian check up with us two days ago, and we found out she had fleas. Since Milly is living in our house, we took this matter very seriously and we did whatever we could to prevent/kill the fleas. Our vet gave her a treatment that would only last a day, and said to come back on Monday for the full treatment. Well we couldn’t wait another day because we wanted Milly to be 100% ok! So I went to Petco to buy a flea product for fast relief, and unfortunately I was drawn to buy HARTZ flea and tick spray. As soon as I got home, I applied the product just as the directions told me to do so. I sprayed a little on her from 6 inches away, rubbed it in, brushed her and then wiped her down with a towel. Shortly after the application, she was lethargic and couldn’t stand up. I quickly went to my computer to search HARTZ flea treatment side affects to see if it was normal for a dog to act this way, and to be sure everything was ok. Needless to say I came across this site, and read all of the testimonials. THANK GOD I did so, the information saved my dogs life! I called my vet for extra advice on what to do. She said to wash Milly with Dawn soap or mild dog soap, and pour loads and loads of water on her. I did so, and after I dried her up there was an instant change in her behavior. She began to lick my fingers and walk around again. I thank everyone for sharing their stories! I’m so glad I was able to save my dog, and I am unbelievably sorry for those who have lost their little joys to such devastating circumstance. HARTZ should be around no longer! It is not fair for unknowing consumers to purchase this product in hopes of helping their pet! Not killing it!

Please Get Products From Your Vet

I just want to help spread awareness to all of you folks that have used Hartz products. When it comes to flea and tick prevention, there’s too many owners that get over the counter products. Please don’t do this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Hartz product or any other brand, even Frontline. Get it from your veterinarian. As a veterinary assistant I see at least one pet that’s been subject to these products every week, and the result varies with each of them. Some succumb to the toxicity of product and nearly die, others break out in hotspots all over their body, and still more come in completely infested with fleas. Get your preventative products from your vet. This is the only way to guarentee that it will work. If it doesn’t, the company will reimburse you, but only if you got it at a vet’s office. Even getting them from PetMeds and other such websites, though cheaper, does not guarentee it’s the product you think you purchased. It’s of dire importance to keep your pet on flea/tick preventative and heartworm preventative. Yes, it is expensive to do so, especially if you get it from your vet. But prevention is much cheaper than a cure. I am begging all owners out there to please take care of your pet. Fleas carry tapeworms, and can carry hemobartonella – the organism that causes cat scratch fever – and those parasites can cause serious harm or death to a pet. The same for ticks that carry Lyme, Ehrlichia, and Babesia – devastatig diseases to your pet. Heartworms are even more important to prevent. They’re transmitted by mosquitos, and one bite from a mosquito can infect your dog or cat, even if they always stay indoors (please remember that mosquitos can get inside, and fleas can be tracked in from your front yard). The treatmet is six months long for a dog, and the injections are arsenic based. Heartworms in cats can effect their lungs. Is it truly fair to let them suffer through something like that, because you wouldn’t get preventative from the vet? Products like those made by Hartz are detrimental to your pets because people assume it’s ok to use since it’s being sold in the store. Please, please, please don’t fall for this. Read these other stories and see what Hartz has done to pets because they falsley market their products. You have the right to know about your pet’s safety with these products, so talk to your veterinarian to get all the information you can. Love your pet, get in the know.

Frightening: I bought another product now worried

My cat is constipated so I bought Vet’s Best thinking it was capsules of psyllium & slippery elm.  On opening I didscovered it was filled with horse sized PILLS which were also HARD.  the directions said t break pills in small pieces feed to cat.  NOW:  a person CANNOT BREAK these HUGE pills.  Also there are no score lines to cut them and they would never fit in a pill cutter.  Sooo…. I put 2 in my coffee grinder and ran it a loooonnnnnggg time to powder them:  and mess up the grinder which is for coffee. Psyllium & slippery elm are not easy to clean off at all.  I wil call Hartz, the bottle says Money Back Guarantee.  Let me know what that means from Hartz when ya get a moment.

So sad t o red these storeis.  Luckily pet lovers know each other, so I will join in and SPRED THE WORD RE HARTZ AND MAYBE THEY WILL FOLD AND ANOTHER CO. CAN BUY THEM FOR A FEW PENNIES.

What the hell!

We have a 10 lb. Jack-Chi that we gave Sargeant’s Gold flea and tick too yesterday. She had a flea, and being here mama, I thought, well, if there is one, she probably has others. I gave her the formula on her back as directed for her weight. Not even 2 minutes later she was runnung around trying to get the stuff off her back and then hiding from us. I gave her a bath, not even 10 minutes later to get the stuff off. Night time came and she slept by my leg all night shaking and hallusinating. She was jumping around like something was chasing her and would not eat, drink or sleep. At one point she started panting very hard and that is where I started to cry thinking I poisoned my little girl. I called the 24 emergency vet and told her about the Sargeant’s flea and tick and he suggested I wash her, which I had done, and then told me that stuff was like legalized poison on shelves! It has now been about 24 hours and she is just starting to act normal. The scariest experience I have gone through. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!

Hartz Flea & Tick Drops

I wish that I had known what Hartz does to animals before I used the product. My cats Tucker and Bella (brother and sister) both had a few fleas. I went to walmart and bought Hartz Flea and Tick Drops. I put the product on both cats. Bella was fine but my cat tucker started to bald a little in the area in which I put the product. He was acting normal nothing unusual. Then one day he was walking into the living room and he seized and died. My friend did CPR for 10minutes. I had no clue what happened I was a wreck. Both me and Bella saw him die. She was depressed for so long because of his passing. I am heart broken. I wish that Hartz would be shut down. The loss of an animal is horrible. My house seems so much quieter now and I hate it. He was the little trouble maker and watched over his sister. I am thankful he did not die in pain it was very quick but I just wish I knew that it was preventable. For now on I am sticking to Dawn soap to treat fleas. To get rid of fleas around the house I sprinkle salt.  I miss him so much and I wish that some how Hartz could realize that they are ruining families.


My boyfriend Jim and I just spent an ENTIRE night helping our Chihuahua,Moochie recover from a horrible reaction to this stuff!! I feel so betrayed by my Vet :(. I have never seen this precious little baby in so much agony!!! Even when she had bi lateral and inguinal hernia surgery in Feb 2010 she was not in so much discomfort!! My Vet changed what seemed to be a perfectly acceptable medication, to this CRAP!!! Do these people NOT realize that our Furries are like our human babies? We LOVE them and we agonize over their needs and well being just like we would our human children!!! These babies deserve just as much respect and compassion as humans do!!! Give me a break!!! Has the world come down to just the bottom dollar and marketing such toxic stuff to make money out weighs the potential for harming the user? How do we really band together people and stop this company dead in its tracks? I am ready to fight back!! Reply to me and lets show these people that we are not going to take this anymore!!!!! Boycott,phone the company,flood their system with emails!!! Our hearts were breaking last night every time poor Moochie squealed and seemed to bounce off the very walls in here discomfort :(. Our Furrie babies need us to protect them and give a voice to their needs!!! Help send a message to these people!!!!!! Could someone send more info on the class action lawsuit that has been filed? I think we should sue the hell out of this company.

I Wish I Read This Blog Before Giving My Poor Cats HARTZ Flea Control

This story came in via email from Jaclynn:

“I gave both my cats Hartz Flea Control stuff before bedtime (which I purchased at Walmart). I noticed something was up at about 4:00 am when one of my cats Tigger, wasn’t sleeping in the bed with me. After looking around for him I finally found him under the bed which I though was very strange. After much coaxing, I finally got him out from under the bed to sleep next to me… I noticed during the night that he kept flinching (like pets often do when they have nightmares). It became clear that something was really wrong when he wouldn’t eat his breakfast in the morning (he LOVES food)… I rushed him to the vet immediately after I noticed he was walking funny and twitching.

“The vet said that most of the poison had been absorbed and may have compromised his Kidneys; he also mentioned this wasn’t his first experience with this product poisoning pets. He advised me to go home and check on my other cat Tinkerbell, who seemed fine when I left. Sure enough Tinkerbell was twitching so I rushed her in as well. He washed the poison of their backs and both cats had to spend the night on IV. They are home now and on antibiotics but still seem very ill with high fevers.

“This whole experience has been extremely stressful and emotional. I am very lucky that both my cats are alive but I am worried about the effect this might have on them long term. On top of the huge vet bill I have missed a ton of work and had many sleepless nights because of Hartz. I want Justice.

“Do you know Hartz will actually give you a claim number and has a whole routine set up for this madness? How sad. If anyone would like to start a civil suit against Hartz or has any suggestions for me please let me know! The vet even offered to testify against them…”

Dog Flea Spray and Tube

Written last night…

I used the spray twice but only left it on for a very short time,
just till my baby started shaking and I saw a rash forming. My Shihpoo’s skin was
“burning” it seemed similiar to a persons scalp burns when a perm is
left on too long. So both times I washed it off. The fleas were gone 1
day but then back then gone then back and only in batches less than 5.
So I just used a flea comb to rake the fleas up and kill them manually
between my nails. Tired of this and thinking we may have a bigger
problem I exchanged the spray for the drops at walmart. Thank goodness
they have a great return policy! Because I had no receipt. So many
told me the drops were better than the spray so I decided to give them
a try. People only recommended the “advantage” brand never another and
thinking all brands were the same I got hartz and put it on this
afternoon. I did see another rash, but didn’t think it was as bad so I
left it on about 10 hours!!! After 7 her heart was racing, and I did
think that strange…

Curious to see what reviews said about using the second dosage and
when or even if it worked I discovered this site, and all that I read
made sense because of the rash, so I bathed my baby instantly!! And I
am so worried I can’t sleep.

She’s curled up beside me in bed and i’m watching her for any unusual
signs 🙁 so far She’s just been breathing heavy sighs, like “stop
typing/clicking on your blackberry already, i’m trying to sleep!” haha

So here’s to hoping its not too far into her bloodstream!!!

And as soon as I can i’m fricken takin that garbage (the other 2
doses) BACK and THIS time i’m getting a gift card!!! Or cash,
whichever they want to give me! 😛 and I will bring a print off of
consumer reviews to let them know i’m not the only one and the stuff
is junk and should be taken off the shelf.

Oh hold on! My baby just made choking sounds!!! Like she threw up in
her mouth 🙁 I better get off my phone and let her sleep! Or she could
get sicker…

Goodnight from 2 year old Panda the Shihpoo and her Mommy! 🙂

The next morning…

Well she seems to be ok this morning, the rash is gone, just dry skin from the baths remains and her scratching…but so far all is well, thankfully!