hartz flea drops

At the end of summer I gave these drops to one of my cats within 48 to 72 hours he was throwing up and foaming at the mouth.  He was lethargic and acted like he was going to die.  After hours of trying to get a vet to answer on a Sunday, I took him into the vet.  They started him on an IV and said he had kidney problems.  They gave him an oral medicine, pills and the IV.  Well he got better and I did not relate the drops to the episode until I gave the drops to another one of my cats this past week and he had the same signs.  Unfortunately, he was not as lucky, he died with in hours of the symptoms.  I called Hartz and they said that the cats probably licked the treatment.  Well it was on the back of their necks and in my opinion, could not possibly lick that part of their bodies.  I told them that I have other cats and they would more than likely be the ones licking the treatment.  Hartz offered no suggestions and did not want to test the third treatment but wanted my dead cat.  Hartz needs to be off of the market.

Hartz Ultra Guard Flee and Tick Shampoo gave my dog a seizure!

Yesterday my husband and I gave my 2 year old dog a bath. He had not had a bath for about three months. We used the Hartz Ultra Guard Flee and Tick Shampoo in the afternoon. He was sad like always to get a bath but we did not think anything of it. Around 10:30pm he suddenly had a seizure for a minute and got up drank a lot of water and acted fine a little shaken up but normal. My husband and I freaked out and called the emergency vet line and rushed him to the emergency vet hospital. They asked us if he was exposed to anything and we said the only thing we did different was give him a bath. This was the second time using this type of shampoo and i used a lot this time because he was really stinky. The didn’t question it at all. We went home and he slept with us. The next morning we stayed home to watch him and my husband found this website and we could not believe this stuff is so toxic. I feel like the worse mom in the world and I hope we haven’t caused any long term damage to my baby! We called the vet to let them know to warn everyone not to use Hartz products, I am so mad and upset I caused this to happen to my poor dog! Hartz must be stopped!

Add another victim

My very healthy, very sassy Pomeranian started falling over(?) and not being able to stand on slippery surfaces (?)  Then I realized she was having seizures and within a couple days she didn’t get up or eat all day. I spent $1500. at the Emergency Pet Hospital for all kinds of tests.  They revealed nothing so they wanted $1700 to heart monitor her overnight to see what was going on.  I couldn’t afford to spend any more money and took her home on steroid and antibiotic.  She was already acting more alert and lively.  Unfortunately, I didn’t remember that I had giver her the Hartz flea drops until she was better and the vet didn’t seem to know about this.  Once I remembered, I looked it up on-line and found out this is a common problem.  God, I’m glad she survived it.  I normally give her advantage but ran out and found a couple fleas on her so gave her the cheap (lol) stuff.  I only put one drop at her neck and one at her tail – not the full spine as they direct.  I suppose she would have died if I did.

Like others on this site, I don’t have the package or the receipt anymore as its two weeks later now.  This is a crime and Hartz should be forced to pay damages and take the product off the market.

Near Paralysis from Hartz

My dog weighs 16 pounds so I used the 16-30 lb. Ultra Guard Flea and tick drops. About 7 days later she woke up but could barely walk and literally laid in the chair for two days. She is usually hyper when anyone comes in or if I ask if she wants to take a walk. Now she would not even lift her head. She couldn’t get down the steps of my deck, wouldn’t eat for three days and was just staring off in the distance. Do not use Hartz of any kind on any pet that you love. It is not worth it, I really thought she was going to die. She is just beginning to walk again but Lord only knows what kind of damage there has been to her liver or kidneys. I am spreading the word…DO NOT USE HARTZ, THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED TO TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET BECAUSE IT IS HARMFUL OR DEADLY TO ANIMALS SO THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH ANY PRODUCT IN MY HOME.

Another Victim

We came home last night and my dog’s face was so swollen that his left eye was almost completely shut. My husband got online and we figured he was having an allergic reaction to something. I gave him one of my children’s Zyrtec, which my vet said probably saved him from his throat swelling shut. I applied Hartz 4 days ago and had no idea that I was literally putting poison on my dog. Hartz is a highly recognized name with pets.
It’s touch and go right now but we are praying that our baby pulls through. It breaks my heart that I was the one that put this on him and his pain was caused by my actions. I had no idea!!!!

My poor pet

Upon seeing fleas, I went to walmart and bought the Hartz flea collar.  The first month it worked well, but we noticed that Keith would scratch his head even if there wasn’t a flea.  The second month he was covered with fleas, as our kitty loves the outdoors during the warm sunlight hours, and so I bought the better Hartz flea collar.  Fast forward two days and our kitty comes inside and he looks like he has been eaten alive.  He has all these areas where his hair has fallen out, and all of these open sores around his neck.  We call the Vet and the Vet says to take his collar off and come get a Frontline pack, as well as rub neosporin all over his open areas.  After my husband cuts off his flea collar, he calls me at work and tells me that Keith has been bleeding all over his neck.  My husband jumps in the car and gets the frontline (day before Thanksgiving and the vet stays open just to give us this) and applies this to him.  That night I rub neosporin all over his open/hairless areas.  Next day fleas are gone, but our poor kitty is lethargic.  He will not go outside anymore and instead lays on our baker’s rack (which he has never done before) in the corner of our kitchen and will not get up but to eat and poo.  Please anyone tell me what to do to bring our old spry kitty back!!!!!


Tuesday night, Nov. 23, Chester and I were visiting a friend in another state, where he got a tick. My friend had this product in her cabinet, and gave it to me to give to my 20 pound dog. About 30 minutes later, he started panting heavily, and basically freaking out. I took him to the bath tub and bathed him with shampoo. This did not help. I then gave him another bath, with Oatmeal shampoo. This didn’t help. I had to pet my dog all night long to keep him calm. If I quit petting him, he would start shaking and jerking. I stayed up the entire night, petting him. The next morning, his only symptom was shaking his ears. He woud shake and twitch his ears about 30 times a minute, continuously. I took him to the vet where I was visiting, and they said to give him Benedryl. I did for that day, and that didn’t work, so I went back and they have him on Temaril pills and Tresaderm ear drops. I feel like I am one of the lucky ones. I think the baths saved him. I had no idea the seriousness of this product until I came upon this website. What does it take to get this product off the market. My dog lived through this for now, but damage may have still been done…not sure, time will tell. GET THIS PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET What do we do?

Another two victims to add to the list

About eight hours ago I applied the Hartz flea treatment to my two cats. Around 1 PM my siamese started seizing so I took him to the emergency vet. As soon as we were told it was probably a bad reaction to the flea treatment I immediately called my brother and had him wash the other cat with Dawn dish soap. Got home and it was already too late for her and the symptoms were starting so we took her to the emergency vet right away. Now both my cats are staying overnight with an IV treatment and muscle relaxers to help with the shaking.

From now on I’m going to warn everyone about the dangers of this product.

Thank you so much

Last night I bathed both of my cats and then applied hartz advanced flea & tick drops.  I came across this sight a couple of hours later and quickly washed it off of them with dish detergent.  Both of my cats are still healthy and happy, it’s been about 12 hours since I put the drops on them.  If I hadn’t found this site they could have been the next victims, they are always cleaning one another and they could have licked that terrible stuff!  I cannot believe i spent 30 dollars on that product.  I wish petco would stop selling it, or give me my money back.


I and my wife had no idea about the ills of this product.  We applied it to our dog Daisy two days ago, and it just so happened I couldn’t sleep and I was surfing the web about fleas…for some reason.  She hasn’t shown any unusual behavior but as soon as I read the posts I woke up my wife and we just spent the past 20 minutes bathing Daisy repeatedly in Dawn detergent.  I’m just wondering what I should do from here?  I think my best bet is to contact my veterinary right away…Was just seeing if any of you had any suggestions?