I miss my Dylan!

After using Hartz flea drops my kitten Dylan died of poisoning. He didnt even live to be one, and he has a twin brother that is now alone and looks for his brother every day. I burried him and put rocks on his grave and wrote little messages on his grave. I miss him sooo much and I’ve been crying for the past month. He was like my son, and now hes gone. He died of internal bleeding and was in severe pain during the last 24 hours of his life including crying etc. I feel sick to my stomach, I didnt eat or sleep for weeks after it happened. All I want is for Hartz to go out of business and to raise awareness so that no other innocent lives will be taken. I like to Dylan is up in heaven and that when I die eventually Ill be reunited with him. He was truly and extraordinary young man and I still cry every time i think of him. People who work at Hartz, Maybe it’s time someone you love got poisoned so you can see what it feels like to have the love of your life die. I hope you people realize what your doing and STOP KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS! THEY DONT DESERVE IT!!!!!!!

Two dead cats, two ill cats and three ill people

I used to have four cats, that was until I used the flea powder from this awful company. Like many I thought that if they were allowed to sell them they must be safe except maybe a few rare cases of allergic reactions. How wrong was I?

One of my cats died of a seizure in minutes a few days after using it, another died after a day of nursing him and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why, I never suspected the flea powder, the very stuff that was meant to help them with a flea problem we got as they were all rescues with all sorts of problems and it killed two of them. The other two I guess did not get as much exposure so it so took longer to get ill and it was only after they did that it suddenly clicked, along with the fact that since using it myself, my fiance and his mother have had bad stomachs and headaches and been really thirsty, all stemming from then.

The two remaining cats will hopefully be ok, I washed them over thoroughly and even shaved their fur down to make sure every last part of it was off. The three of us will recover too. But nothing will bring back the two that died.

I can’t believe this company still sells this horrible stuff, I can’t believe not many people seem to know or say the dangers, I can’t believe that places like Walmart can put it on the shelves but I guess ignorance is money for them isn’t it or maybe just that money is money and who cares about anything else.


I saved a cat almost a year ago that I had been feeding at my job for over 3 months. I took the cat home after some boys repeatedly tried to run him over. I called him Chance just like the dog on Homeward Bound. We have a good standing with our neighbor in our appartments and of course Chance has no fear and became fast friends with his dogs. We even removed to partition on the aptios to allow them easier access to each other. As it turned out Chance picked up a flea or two and developed a scratch that could not be satisfied. We even took atvantage of it and taught him to sit up and give high fives in exchange for the oh-so-wonderfull butt scratch. As entertaining as it all was to have a trained cat that was wild just 5 months before I knew I needed to do something to help. It was so bad that when we watched T.V. even if not prompted he would sit up and try to snack your hand for hours just to get scratched. It was so wonderfull to him that he even chattered his teath in response and it looked like he was talking. My poor baby. Well today I decided to pick up some hartz flea and tick medicine at the store for him. Upon returning home I put away the groceries and took out the midicine read the instructions and applied it to the back of his neck. I also have another cat nammed Bunny but she was no where to be found so I was going to treat her latter. I cooked dinner and about an hour latter Chance began to cry and hiss. I noticed him turning his head to his back as if it was burning where I put the medicine and my daughter took Chance and we bathed him. He seemed to quit some after and all was well. Latter after dinner we washed up and we went to bed. I was awoken at 3 a.m. to Chance rolling around on the floor in extrem pain. I could not even touch him. It is 5 a.m. now and Chance is dead. Thank you for killing my cat you fucking sons of bitches!!!!!

Another Hartz Victim

In April, 2010, my husband and I adopted Ila, a six month old kitten, from a local animal shelter. Although she is an indoor cat, we allow her to romp around the screened in patio. In mid-September, we noticed that she had picked up fleas. On 9/16/10, we bought a package of Hartz Ultraguard Pro flea treatment containing three doses; each dose to be administered no less than 30 days from the previous one. Late in the evening, we applied the first dose to the nape of her neck according to package instructions. It was heavily perfumed and greasy.

The following morning, Ila was shuddering and jerking as she greeted us. In the middle of her usual antics that day, she would stop dead and stretch out a leg as it went into spasms. Several times that day, her head convulsed up and down. Nothing had changed in this healthy, energy packed cat, other than a dose of Hartz flea treatment. I considered wiping the treatment from her neck, however, it was no longer really visible. She had spent some time the previous evening rolling around on a bedspread, leaving a big greasy stain on it. During a 2-3 day period, the spasms continued intermittently. Ila vomited her food into her water bowl twice during that time. Also, instead of characteristically trying to encourage us to chase her around the house, Ila waited for us to sit down so that she could curl up in someone’s lap and be touched. That was not her style. Although now almost a year old, she still tears around like a bullet.

After the third day, I logged onto the internet, unsure of what I was looking for. In a quick search under Hartz, we learned through Hartzvictims.com that there have been numerous severe reactions to Hartz products for animals.

We quickly bathed Ila in a utility sink with warm water and baby shampoo. For a cat that we believe had never had a bath before, she was remarkably calm, as if she knew it was necessary. We washed her bed and all of the bedding through the house where she naps. We scrubbed the greasy spots off of the floors throughout the house and scrubbed the tile floor in the laundry room where we keep her litter pan, bed, and food dishes.

After the bath, the spasms continued to occur for another 3 or 4 days, however, they were far less frequent and much less severe. Today, approximately two weeks later, her energy seems to have returned and she is no longer shuddering and convulsing. Thank you Hartzvictims.com. I have no explanation for the suffering of our defenseless cat other than the Hartz product. How can this be stopped?

Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick collar burned my cats neck : (

A few weeks ago I bought Hartz Ultra Guard Plus flea and tick collar for my cat.  It all started with some stray cats that have been roaming around my back porch. My cat for the first time in 5 years ended up with fleas.  So when I was  at the  grocery store I decided to get her a flea collar.  I placed it on her neck and about two weeks later I felt a clump of hair around her neck under the collar. I took it off her immediately to investigate.  She has a complete ring around neck now. She had been badly burned by the chemicals on the collar. Im so sick to my stomach. I cant believe that I have let this happen to her.  She is the sweetest thing ever. Her name is Atira, she has long silky black hair and is the reason I didnt notice the burn sooner.  Im afraid that the area is getting infected now. I have little money but I have to take her to the vet, the burn is bad. Hartz should pay for this…..but I know that wont happen.  Some people may think its silly to be heart broken, but I love her so much, my stomach is truly turned and i feel so bad for her.  She probably thinks I put that darn thing on her to punish her…its not fare. Im a single guy and she is all I have. She makes everyday that much better to  me.. I truly cant believe that a product could still be on the shelves or the active chemical is not banned yet. And to hear that Hartz continuously places the blame on the owners for improper use of the product. Very Sad…..Isnt there something we can do to get that know chemical banned? Is anyone looking out for us and our pets?

I cant believe they sell this stuff!!

I have 3 cats and had treated them with Sargent flea drops.. All  of the fleas were gone exept 1  cat jasper the siamese, i waited a month and treated him again on sat afternoon.He seemed fine that day but sun i noticed he was just laying around being a lil lazy unlike jasper..at about 3:30 sun afternoon he went into a seizure so bad that he chewed his own tounge off!! I cant believe this happened to my jasper and i feel so guilty for putting these evil drops on him..I only wish i had done more research on these flea drops and maybe my jasper would still be here.

bambi’s story

on sept 20 2010 my 4lb chihuaha bambi was applied sargeants flea and tick drops for her back .she kept us up all nite crying and twitching and screaming.at 4 oclock in the am my huband brought our baby to the emergency vet to be told she had been poisoned.the next 2 days bambi fought for her tiny life not to mention our son and i both had a reaction to the sargeants stuff also.imagine our surprise when we went on this site to discover that a ton of dogs hace been affected the same or worse.shame on sargeants or hartz to put this on the market knowing that this stuff can kill weeds nevermind your dog.my 5 kids were devastated to know their baby could have died. the vet bills are huge! SHAME on a company that proffesses to protect our animals and then uses chemicals that can hurt or kill.did you know their websites say these chemicals can harm your animals?we trust these people to give us quality products and they sell at a profit merchandise that destroys the most helpless of living things….nonverbal animals….when all is said and done i and my family will make sure no other animal suffers the waay these have suffered.we are looking for people who are willing to share their story and fight corporate america to make sure our furry freinds are never hurt again.plz share your story with us at [email protected] look forward to hearing from you.

Afraid of losing my little girl

My beautiful 1 1/2 year old cat Harley is fortunate to be alive right now. I places a Hartz flea collar on her and my other kitten ( 9 months old ) on them both. Mookie was not affected, but not even 10 minutes after putting the collar on Harley she collapsed. I took the collar off of her promptly and rushed her straight to the vet, while my mom took the other collar off of Mookie. They gave her a bath and immediate fluids, which is probably why she is still with me now.

Everything was fine for a while, but she collapsed again a few short days after her first incident, and I never did put the collar back on her. She has been back to the vet, given another bath, and also more fluids. She still has seizures, where she will just go limp. but I stay by her side and pet her and talk to her. She’ll eventually snap out of it. She is fortunately regaining energy, eating, drinking, and attempting to play now. I HOPE with all of my heart this shows she’s on the road to a full recovery. She’s not quite back to 100% yet, and still a bit unstable on her feet at times, though she refuses to accept it as she tries to jump around and play as she did before this horror happened. I keep her by me at all times and feed her numerous times to get her back up to par.

Hartz should be ashamed, selling products that we trust will help our animals, but instead Slowly kill them from the inside.

Even though my beloved cat is getting better, she’s not in the clear yet. I can only hope she completely recovers.

Wishing I had read this site before I used the drops

We had a great little kitty named Priss Paws. Had her for 8 years. A couple months ago got two other cats as well. All came from pounds. Priss adjusted to the new cats fairly well. She never was a big cat, always looked on the skinny side. A week or so ago noticed fleas on one of the new cats so I went out and bought the Ultra guard flea drops and dosed all three cats. Priss quit eating much. She had trouble swallowing. Took her to the vet on Monday of this week after watching her start to throw up and begin to hide. Labs all ok, they gave her a shot for nausea and some special food. She tried to eat the food but just had issues with swallowing and throwing up. Took her back on Wednesday(yesterday) and they gave her a little gas and looked down her throat. They could find no reason for this swallowing issue. She was suffering so. They wanted to put a feeding tube in and all that stuff but couldn’t tell me that it would do any good. While she was still asleep I had them go ahead and euthanize her. They never really came out and said it was the drops but they didn’t say it wasn’t either. I feel the flea drops contributed.

The other cats are fine, but they weren’t as skinny as Priss and were younger. Who knows. All I know is I miss our little miss Priss Paws.

Expensive lesson learned

I have a 3-year-old cat I adopted on July1. She is a sweetheart, and I didn’t want her to be bothered by fleas. But because I didn’t want to spend the money for the vet to prescribe the “good” stuff, I got the Hartz flea drops at the grocery store.

Three days later I was in the vet’s clinic with my Lily being poked, prodded, blood drawn, etc. She was extremely dehydrated and lethargic. She had spent the entire day of Labor Day lying on my lap – very uncharacteristic of her. She spent the night in the hospital on IV fluids. We were lucky. Her blood work came back OK, and she came home again the next day. I had to put honey in her water to get her to drink it, and to encourage her to eat something.

Two weeks later she is fine and her normal self again. I decided to spend $10 per treatment to get the Advantage rather than the $250 it cost to treat her for what Hartz did to her.