Devastated, will he make it?!?

I have a 1 1/2 yr old male cat, I had used SERGEANT’S flea drops on him over 24hrs ago. About 6hrs later he was using only his front paws to pull himself through our kitchen, I thought maybe it was from the flea drops, so I immediately washed him off 3 times’ . Well he was shaking, had eaten a little bit, just was’nt acting himself at all. Monday morning my daughter woke me up, and said he was still shaking. Monday he was shaking all day long, nothing bad, just thought maybe he was cold from the air being on. Well, gave him another bath, still shaking, not acting right. Later on Monday evening we gave him another bath trying to get all the stuff off his fur. After giving that bath to him, he started walkn a little bit, about an hour later he started having gran-mal seizures’, and has been having them every two hours on the hour. My son who has gotten this cat for his adhd, is totally devastated, upset, lost, confused, and is now blaming himself on our cat not doing good. I told him it’s not his fault, that it was this flea drop that had soaked through his skin, and that it’s from the toxins now in his blood stream.Our whole family is devastated on this, I didn’t know anything about any of these sights’ til I was searching to see what I can do for my cat. I’ve contacted my vet who refuses to take payments’, to get him seizure meds, and all he can tell me is to make sure he gets liquids’, and that seizures’ may last a while, all I know is when my cat has these gran-mal seizures’ whole body shakes,trembles, claws come all out, he almost chokes, and just watching the little tremors’, is tearing me up, I have no income to pay for him to go to vet right now, if anyone has any suggestions’ of what to do, or where to go to help my cat please let me know asap……Until then, we’ll be keeping him here at home, giving him all our love, and affection, giving him fluids, praying for the best…Sergeants’ Hartz, needs’ to be closed down. and if i would’ve know all this information first i wouldn’t have used it, and if i did I would’nt have thrown away my receipt of this purchase, I had seen on another site if you had package n receipt , then Hartz company would be responsibile for all vet expenses…..a little too late now.

Susan the kitten

Susan is my 2 1/2 month old kitten who has recently had a flea issue, I went to my local CVS and picked up this Hartz drops that you put on the back of their neck so that they cannot lick it. I gave her this medication at about, 11:30pm. At 8:30 in the morning I awoke to Susan having a seizure ontop of me. I rushed her to the vet and she has now been there for 24 hours and I am able to pick her up in the morning. To think that I almost killed my own cat makes me sick, even more so that others will go through this traumatic experience.

No dead fleas … one dead cat.

Max ... before Hartz
Max enjoying the warmth of the unlit wood stove last Spring.

Here’s a photo of my once healthy and vibrant cat, Max. He was 10 years old, and fourteen pounds.

Friend to all who entered my home, he also enjoyed the companionship of dogs! When I had friends over, Max was the life of the party.

I buried him yesterday. He died as a result of my putting a Hartz flea collar on him and leaving it on for a week before noticing he was becoming lethargic, eating habits were changing, and his whole personality was changing. I found this site in an attempt to find out what might be the reason for his declining health, and was horrified to learn that I was poisoning him with what I thought to be a safe product. The collar came off immediately, but the damage had been done. After that, all I could do was keep him comfortable and cared for until the end.

If I’d only known beforehand … my dear pet would still be with me and I wouldn’t be writing this letter. Everyone I do know now knows Max’s story, and about this site. Thank You.

A Sincere Thank You From A Grateful Cat Owner

Two weeks ago, I adopted an adorable four month old black kitten named Elroy. Unfortunately when I adopted Elroy, I also adopted his fleas and they also took up residence in my six month old kitten named Tibbs. I decided to go the cheap route and I bought a pack of Hartz Ultraguard 3 in 1 for kittens and cats. I put the flea drops on my kittens Monday morning of last week and then went about my business. My cats fortunately did not have any adverse reactions, but for some reason, something possessed me to look up this product Monday evening. I typed the product into Google and immediately came upon this site. Upon reading a couple of your stories, I immediately whisked my cats into the sink and thoroughly washed them with Dawn soap. They were scheduled to go to the vet the next day for a checkup, and I mentioned this to her. She told me about how she’s had to treat quite a few cats and dogs who were seizing from this product (unfortunately she said that most did not survive). I sincerely want to thank all of you who have shared your stories on this website. I believe that you all have helped to save my cats. I just can’t tell you how sorry I am about the ordeals that you and your pets have had to go through. It breaks my heart to read the posts on here, but you guys are doing a great thing in sharing your stories. I would love to see Hartz clean up their act or completely shut down (even better) but until then, I will keep you and your pets in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank You For Saving My Pet’s Life!

I dunno what to say… I swear I feel so stupid and so frustrated.

Yesterday I discovered that my Sheltie of a year and a half Benny (A mini Lassie if u want) had fleas.. so I was concerned, ran to Rite Aid and the ONLY product I see there was a HARTZ.. i come back home, apply the shampoo and put the actual flea control thing.

Afterwards. I decided to come online just to check HARTZ reviews OUT OF CURIOUSITY, I see this website.. I BECOME HYSTIRICAL took Benny and washed him  right away and kept him under supervision..

NOW WHERE THE SCARY PART COMES.. I realize after that that some of my dog’s fur have LITERARELY melted and got mixed up so i had to cut some of it because it had formed like a SOLID BALLS OF HAIR… It was REALLY weird.. at first i thought some of the people here are exagerating but now i know it is the truth..

I thank God it was ONLY his fur..  I don’t care, the Fur will grow back but YOU GUYS HAVE SAVED BENNY’S LIFE SO THANK YOU because if it weren’t for you, i wouldn’t have acted and washed it away ASAP.


Hartz should be shut down

Today i witnessed my step dads cat die in my moms arms and i look at this website with my friend and his words, “How are they still in business?” and im wondering the same thing to notice just 28 problems with hartz products in ONE month alone thats bad i say they shouldve been shut down a year ago if these problems started 2 years ago its pathetic and upsetting to see some1 very special to u die or get messed up with in 3 minutes  ive never seen my step dad and mom cry and be as upset like that except we had to put our old cat boo down 2 years ago well thx for listenin 2 my point of veiw but i had to get some things off my chest some how.

my cat died 3 days after Hartz

Ok I feel just horrible. Our beloved family cat Spitz who I hand feed as her mother abandoned her just passed next to me in our home this morning at 7:30 AM pacific time. Spitz was 15 1/2 years young and a beautiful long haired calico female with golden green eyes. I originally purchased her a new flea collar about one month ago but she seemed to still have alot of fleas. She was warm loving and demanded to be brushed daily with a good appetite before given the Hartz one spot treatment. I gave it to her Thursday afternoon. The next day she was kind of sleepish but still eating and walking around demanding her normal attention. Then she started laying in weird places, then not eating and finally she would not move from the front of our refrigrator. Last night I wrapped her in a towel and she cried and had an potty accident. I cleaned her and put her in a bed with warm towels. This morning I went to pet her and she cried, I then tried to give her water with an eye drop and she would not drink it.  I called the emergency vet to take her in, then went to the bathroom to use it. I came out to check on her and she had stopped breathing. THEN I WENT ON LINE AND FOUND THIS STUFF ABOUT HARTZ!!! WHAT THE *UCK!! I’AM PISSED AND WILL NEVER BUY ANY PRODUCT BY THEM. SHE WAS DEAD IN THREE DAYS AFTER HER TREATMENT OF HARTZ. YOU SCUM POISON KILLING CAT FREAKS

Today is a sad day – My family lost our beloved 2 yr old grey shorthaired cat Bianca – RIP Bianca

Today is a sad day! My family lost our beloved cat Bianca. She was itchy from some fleas.. so I wanted to bathe her to relieve her stress. She was sleeping peacefully on my bed. My son and I disturbed her to bathe her to “make her feel better” – I bought the Hartz Groomers Best Hairball Control Shampoo. Once I turned on the water she was a bit stressed and attempted to jump out of the tub. My teenaged son decided to get in the tub with her to calm her down. She did relax. We rinsed her with water first.. the water turned ORANGE.. She put some soap on her.. she went limp.. my son said something is wrong.. so I frantically rinsed her off. We started to rub her with a towel.. and she began seizing… yoweled once then limp. I noticed she wasn’t breathing. I attempted kitty CPR to no avail. Bianca died in my arms. We are devastated. Hartz to do a necropsy to find out what killed her.

Praying for my Beloved 13 yr old Yorkie

I love my 13 yr old   6 lb Yorkie Chewch and consider him as much a part of my family as my 5 yr old Son.  As a rule I don’t like to use chemicals on any of my pets such as Frontline etc but realize sometimes they may be needed . When my wife brought home the Hartz Ultraguard Flea & Tick drops I figured we would give it a try ; that maybe it wont be as harsh as Frontline and I trusted a company as old as Hartz .  Even then because he is a small Yorkie…I used less than the recommended dosege for his size and weight and on account he is an older dog.

Well we are keeping our fingers crossed and praying. A day or so after  applying the Hartz Ultraguard  Chewch began to vomit and have severe diarreah. He became lethargic and could hardly stand up. We quickly went to the Vet who took blood, gave him subQ liquid injections for dehydration and medicine to control the vomiting and diarrhea.  As much as I hated to do it because he was so sick…I gave Chewch a quick Bath too. The next day we got the news……very high Kidney blood numbers- possible Kidney malfunction.  The Vet  asked if we changed anything or “gave him anything “. I mentioned we used Hartz brand Flea and Tick drops which his assistant replied “Oh no…not good”…you should use Frontline” but did not elaborate so I just figured they were just trying to sell their product as opposed to the  otc   product.

It was’nt until a co-worker who is vehemently against the use of all of these Flea /tick pesticides, even many of the controversial shots that are given annually… opened my eyes and said to look into the possibility that it was this Hartz product that caused my Yorkies illness. He said I should check if other pet owners have had similar incidents with Hartz too.

After reading all of the horrible stories here  it didnt take long for me to put the puzzle together noting the similarities of Chewchs symptoms to many of the Victims here.    Ok so can I prove  that Hartz UltraGuard did this to Chewch…maybe not. All I know are the  above facts  as well as the many similar stories and incidents here which strongly point to the possibility that Hartz Ultraguard nearly killed my Yorkie.  I can only  find comfort in saying  “nearly killed” Chewch because he has slowly improved over the past few days but may not be out of the woods yet. You can bet that Hartz will be getting a vehement phone call and a letter from me blasting them for their use of this Terrible poison. What makes this even mor despicable is  …Hartz…a long standing company who I thought was in the business of bettering the health of Pets is putting out a product that they market as a remedy which clearly should be removed but have failed to do so for whatever reason.  I will be demanding that I be given a case number and be either wholly or partially compensated for the nearly $1,000 I had to pay out in Vet bills . I unfortunately will join the Alumni of other Pet Owners who have been Victimized by a clearly DANGEROUS Product. Please pray for my Yorkie Chewch. I will pray for all your Pets. Pass this on to any of your friends  and family who own pets as I have…DO NOT USE HARTZ.

Hartz Brand at Target

Today I bought some flea medication for Zeus my 15 pound Himalayan cat, because he appeared to have a little flea infestation…I thought I’d save money and bought the Hartz Brand at Target. BAD IDEA! Zeus immediately started scratching and running around the apartment strangely, acting like it hurt (where I …put the stuff on the back of his neck) and began to act a little crazy there for a minute. After looking online I saw this site, and I took him in and bathed him thoroughly and repeated soaped him with Dawn. He is ok tonight but because of my quick action (I believe) that the stuff was on him only a few minutes, and he is ok. I have been keeping a close eye on him. He is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and playing like normal. I am taking the stuff back to Target tomorrow and plan on asking them NOT to SELL THIS BRAND. Thank god I still have my baby. I am sad reading what happened to others on here.