Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Drops

I have a ShihTzu and I picked up Hartz Ultra Guard from my local grocery store. I was thinking that using Hartz would be safe since their products have been around forever, however I was nervous prior to using it, because I had never used this brand on my Abby prior to this. I always used whatever my Vet had at their office, this day I did not have time to go by the vet’s office. I applied according to thier directions. The next day Abby seemed like she was not feeling well, like maybe an upset stomach, I just kept a watchful eye on her. The 2nd morning I was going thru the normal routine and when I called her to go out to go to the bathroom she did not run to the door as usual. I walked into my room calling for her and she was laying under my bed and she would not move, she just stared at me. I picked her up and tried to put her down on her legs and she could not move her back legs at all. I was thinking ok, sometimes when you sleep in a weird position you are stiff. So I went to work and had my son sit with her all day. He kept trying to take her out all day and she would not stand on her back legs. My husband went home early to check on her and luckily she was able to stand, but still would not walk or go to the bathroom. By this time I called my vet to make an appointment, I got home and she was able to move a little better and finally go to the bathroom. The vet was going stay open late to see her and when I was that she was able to move better, I thought I would see how see did through the night,since my vet was opening early the next morning……LUCKILY my dog has gotten better, but I know this product is the cause of all of our worry, concern and stress. I was convinced prior to finding this website. I am so glad that someone started this site……if only I would’ve searched prior to giving my dog this poison that paralized her for a day.

Flea & Tick Drops

I put the Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Drops on my dogs on Sunday, July 25, 2010 and they became very sick.  I spoke with my vet on Sunday night and he said to keep bathing them and give them Benadryl and just keep an eye on them.  Both of the dogs had bloody stools and had thrown up most of Sunday evening and night.  They were feeling a little better on Monday night but Tuesday morning they both started shaking their heads uncontrollably every time they would stand up to walk.  My youngest dog is 3 and he is normally a very social and hyperactive dog, he will not come out of my sons room and lays on my son’s bed under the covers and hides.  His personality has done a 360, my old dog is almost 10 years old and she is very lethargic. This is insane that I was able to buy this product and endanger my family members, we think of our dogs as a very big part of our family.  Is there anything we can do?

Hartz Pro Dent Rawhide Chips with DentaShield

Thankfully, my issue with Hartz products did not result in permanent damage to my dog or expensive vet bills. Although it could have caused a huge problem had I not caught it.

I purchased a bag of Hartz Pro Dent Rawhide Chips with DentaShield at my local pet supply store. One of my dogs–a rescue who doesn’t willingly surrender resources, but has never been aggressive in defending them either–became extremely protective of his chip. He growled at me and even snapped at my other dog. My husband and I went through a process of elimination to figure out what was causing this aggression response. After testing his food and food bowl, toys, crate, and a different brand of rawhide, we discovered the Hartz chips were causing the aggression. We have since stopped giving either of our dogs the Hartz chips and our rescue is back to his sweet, goofy self. I am extremely greatful we were able to curb his aggression before he ended up with a bite on his record. I will not be buying another bag of these rawhide chips.

How Hartz UltraGuard Rid Worm Paste Almost Killed My Cat

Atticus is my 3 year old (sweet and spoiled) indoor cat. This summer I decided to let him explore our screened in patio for the first time. Unbeknownst to me, he picked up fleas which seem to have given him worms. He has never been sick or had any parasites before so I was unaware of the dangers of over-the-counter (OTC) medication. I went to the local pet store today and bought Hartz UltraGuard Rid Worm Paste for Cats and Kittens. As directed by the product, I put the cream in his food. He ate it up without a problem. About an hour later I heard him gagging. He violently puked up four big piles within the following 20 minutes. I began to panic as he doesn’t even cough up hairballs or puke ever. Atticus then walked lethargically towards his litter box where he suffered from big and seemingly painful diarrhea. With tears in my eyes I force-fed him water and pet him softly as he laid in a towel twitching and zoning out. I tried finding an emergency vet or care center but none were open since its very late at night. He puked up one more time and hid under my desk. I sat down at my desk to Google the product and was shocked to find a plethora of negative reviews and fatal horror stories. At this point I began to sob uncontrollably. My poor, sweet Atticus was in pain and danger because of this disgusting poisonous excuse of a product. A few hours have passed since and luckily Atticus seems to have regained his strength. He seems perfectly fine now and even jumped up in bed for a cuddle. I will definitely keep a close eye on him all night until I can take him to the vet in the morning for proper care. I was very happy to find this website and learn about the dangers of Hartz products. Based on the amount of tragic stories I’ve read all over the internet, I feel extremely lucky that Atticus seems to have made it out ok. I cannot stress enough how important it is for word to be spread about how terrible Hartz is.

Hartz Ultraguard Pro for Cats, is killing my daughter’s “Snug”


Snug is my teen daughter’s ‘love’..her cat. She’s had him since he was a wee baby, not expecting to live when we pulled him from a local shelter with pneumonia. He survived with her constant love, attention and cuddling. Since then, he has always been her cat. He is now five years old.

Last night, July21,2010 around 8pm, my daughter noticed a few fleas on him. So I took out the Hartz UltroGuard Pro and applied it between his shoulder blades. Normally, we use Front Line for Cats, but money had been tight so I took on this, thinking it would be less expensive.

As soon as we applied it, his skin started twitching between the shoulder blades. I thought it was just because it was cold and wet and reassured her it was fine. He hid under her desk and snubbed her the rest of the night. She went to spend the night with her friend and Snug remained in her room, refusing to come out from under the desk. We all thought he was just not happy to have something cold and wet on him.

This is the account of what happened the next morning July22, 2010, with her own words.

“I got back from my friend’s house at 10am and I walked to the corner of my room where I began to take off my shoes. I saw Snug half way underneath the standing Mirror in my bedroom. So I poked him with my toe and giggled “Get up, lazy.” and he just lifted his head up at me and then put his head back down. So I poked him again and said “C’mon.”. After that I thought he was just tired so I was going to pick him up and put him on my bed. So I picked him up and his legs were dangling and half of his side was wet like he peed himself. His head slumped down and couldn’t lift it.

So freaking out about what was going on, I put him down on the floor and ran out of my room in my panic voice and screamed “Mom, somethings wrong with Snug!”

By the time I made it into my daughter’s room, she managed to get him off the floor and put him on the bed. I could see right away he was in allot of trouble. He had urine all down his side and could barely lift his head. His pupils were huge and breathing very shallow. I ran to the phone, called the Vet who said they could not see him for another hour and a half. I went back to look at him and his eyes were fixed. I tried to see if he would blink but even when I touched his eye there was no flinching or reaction. He breathing became more shallow . We quickly wasted no more time and gathered him up in a towel, ran for the Car and drove him to the Vet. We knew we could not wait any longer.

They saw him right away, and diagnosed him with toxicity from the Hartz product! He spent the day in the hospital medicated and bathed to get any of the remainder of the stuff off.

He’s home tonight, but very very very sick. There isn’t much more they said they could do unless he worsens in breathing. His pupils are still large and he doesn’t blink at all. He just stared at the wall.

I pray he survives this and will be better soon. How can anyone create such a product?? It’s devastating to see him hurting this way and the uncertainty if he’ll even live to see tomorrow!

Cure for Hartz Milk Replacement formula


This is story of my kitten Fat Mike. He was healthy, playful kitten before Hartz milk replacement. His mother was too exhausted and underweight to continue nursing him and his sister. So at that point I needed to switch them to milk replacement. I chose Hartz milk replacement and needles to say that after a couple of days giving them this product both of my kittens felt ill. Mike felt very ill. Symptoms were very similar to those described by other reviewers. When I found him in the corner Mike was very disoriented, could not walk. He would try to crawl but instead would throw himself to the side, growling in pain. His pupils were very dilated and his tummy was almost a size of a tennis ball( he is 3-4 weeks old). His eyes would not move would not follow me, instead he would just stare. I’ve seen cats die before and he was defiantly on the same path. We grabed him and drove to 24 hour emergency as fast as we could. He would scream over every bump on the road, scream every time I would move him. That’s how bad his stomach ache was. When we brought him in he was not moving except trying to crawl when moved by the vet, crying in pain. He looked like his is not going to make it.

This is what vet did and I owe her the world for this:

1. She gave him medicine to throw up(and was surprised that Mike was the first pet they ever seen not to trow up on that stuff)

2. She gave him shot of Benedryl

3. She pumped his stomach with saline solution until all of that “milk’ came out.

4. Made him to go pee(using wet cotton ball)

Important: When we arrived at the vet. they had to put Mike in the incubator since his body temperature was dropping. It is crucial as soon as you see your kitten ill to keep him warm, may be wrap him in the blanket and keep him close to your body to give him warmth.

PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR KITTEN. Ask your doctor to do the same if your kitten ends up ill after having Hartz milk replacement. At one point on the way to the vet I thought that he was already gone. That’s how bad he looked at the time.

After Mike got his stomach pumped vet said that he literally came to life. End after they made him go pee  he felt even better.

This is how Hartz formula kills kittens. Hartz milk replacement has no milk products in it and is strictly whey based. It is also has outrageously high crude fat content of 40%   vs.  formula from the vet. that has no whey products at all, milk based and has crude fat content at 18%.

Real (cow) Milk has a laxative effect. It helps kittens digest formula and enables them to poop. Whey base Hartz formula on the other hand turns formula into this mass in kitten’s little belly and sends poor animal to a very painful death. Kittens are not able to poop that stuff out and it is slowly poisons them.

Of course whey is cheaper then milk so its not hard to see the reason behind Hartz decision on keep selling that poison( and not cheap at all).

There is no limits to Hartz cruelty and they need to be stopped. But before that keep your pets alive, ask your vet to do the same procedure as they did for Mike. We really dodged the bullet this time and as for Mike he is all better and busy bulling his sister around.

I wish you all the best and Good Luck.

My Autumn

My sister passed away last August. We had to drive to Oregon. Before I left we bought Hartz Flea and Tick Medicine for both of our cats. Autumn  was not Snoopy’s mother, but constantly mothered her as Snoopy is a big baby. When we put it on our cats Snoopy developed an allergy on her neck immediately. It ate the fur and skin off of her neck. Autumn saved her life by licking most of the flea medication off. A few days later when I returned home I noticed my best friend (Autumn) was very lathergic but blamed it on the heat. The next morning I found her on the floor barely responsive. I put her in the sink and ran cool water on her. She barely responded. My beautiful baby held on for what seemed like an hour but was only ten minutes. I will forever blame myself for picking this product up in an attempt to save money. She was my best friend and the most beautiful soul. She had wisdom in her eyes that communicated to me with no need for words. Her last cries will haunt me forever as she died in my child’s arms. I miss her as if it happened only yesterday. I know my best friend will greet me in a better place but my heart aches. I fight tears to this second and hope I can prevent another tragedy/ heart ache/ nightmare for others.

worst product ever

I recently bought Hartz flea shampoo for my dog the next morning my dog had a bald spot on his head this balding is getting worse by the day and the fleas are still there i am totally ticked off about. not only is my dog slowly going bald but lays around wineing constantly. this shit is not to get rid of fleas its a hair removal for cats and dogs i think hartz figures get rid of the fur and you get rid of the fleas. I am now looking at big time vet bills to treat the ich the fleas and the balding of my dog more info will be posted on my blog site as well as my web site where i will be posting pictures of the damage this shit has cause to my dog i think the fda should make hartz pull every product from shelves world wide

Class Action lawsuit getting started

I represent attorneys in a suburb of Memphis, TN that are currently seeking pet owners who have had their pets hurt and/or killed by products manufactured by Hartz. At my request, the moderator previously posted to this site information regarding my attorneys interest in pursuing this matter. (link: http://www.hartzvictims.org/2010/04/30/seeking-clients-for-class-action-suit-in-tennessee/ )

We are in the stages now of signing those people who are interested in pursuing a consumer protection class action civil lawsuit against Hartz. If you are interested in finding our more information, please contact me at: [email protected] or [email protected]; we cannot contact you directly unless you have posted your contact information publicly.

It is not necessary for you to be a resident of Memphis, or of Tennessee to be included in this class action lawsuit.

You must contact us as soon as possible to be included in the initial stages of the suit. Many posters here have stressed interest in pursuing this class action suit and that is why my attorneys are using this site to reach the public about filing just such a lawsuit.

To avoid spamming this site, I will work to keep the moderator(s) informed of the progress of any suit that is filed and at his/her/their discretion may update this site with that information.

Hartz UltraGuard is dangerous!

I used this product not knowing soon enough the dangers  it could bring to your animal. My poor rescue dog had a major seizure and when rushed to the vet I was told to get rid of the product. My vet was angry because he couldn’t believe they still have this on the shelf. I have spread the word on FB and will gladly join any petition for having it banned. I will never purchase ANY Hartz product again, including toys. This disgusts me!!