Yet Another Story

On Sunday I headed to HEB and picked up some Sergeants Gold Flea medicine because i didn’t have the usual Frontline.  I administered the product on all 3 of my poms at 7:30 pm.  By 9:00 pm all the dogs were scratching uncontrollably, panting, rubbing their bodies on anything they could find, twitching, whining and just plain miserable.  Almost as if they were possessed.  I looked at the box and it mentioned symptoms of vomiting and foaming at the mouth.  My 3 were not doing this, but I called the emergency vet.  I was advised to wash all the dogs and if they started vomiting to bring them in.  Needless to say I was giving multiple baths (ivory & dawn) and up all night with the dogs.
By Monday evening, one had bald spots from non-stop scratching and I made an emergency visit to the vet.  Shots, anti-inflammatory cream, fluids later, she is still a mess.  Nothing helped.  This morning I dropped another off at the vet because he continues to twitch and has bitten his tail and is now bleeding.   I was told by the company it should be out of the system within 48 hours.  Not the case.  It’s now Friday and they are still twitching.

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