Always read up on products before putting them on your pet!

I have just spent a lot of money purchasing a pedigree collie from Wales in the UK, and a lot of money getting him sent over to Jersey Channel Islands via plane. As soon as he arrived i noticed that he was very itchy and uncomfortable. I left him until the morning as he was a bit stressed from the flight. The next day he was even worse, he was constantly chewing himself and crying, itching like crazy. I took him to the vets straight away, even though he had a vet check the day before he flew. The vet informed me that he had a very bad skin condition which was obviously visable as he was covered in red lumps, a rash and flakes of skin all over. I spent a fortune at the vets just to get him looked at and have some puppy shampoo to soothe his skin. This puppy is only 12weeks old and is in a mess! As you can imagine, i am not a happy owner!.. I got on the phone straight away to the breeder to make sure he was aware of this problem, and asked him if he had not noticed the skin condition before he sent him to me, especially since he had a vet certificate from the vet saying he was ‘Fit to fly’. The breeder informed me that he had given the dog ‘Hartz flea drops’ the morning before he got on the plane. I had never even heard of this brand before, having worked in a pet shop for over 5years and knowing the best brands to use! I thought this was obviously a cheap make so no expense to the breeder. I looked it up and guess what?.. bad reviews and more similar stories from people who unknowingly administered this product on their poor pet! I am so annoyed and angry that this product is being sold. I will be warning everyone in the future of this product if it is not ceased off the shelves.

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  1. This is horrible all of the stories, it’s very sad.
    I am looking for a good flea and tick medicine, and am glad I decided to check up before I got Hartz!
    I just got a puppy, and need a good flea medicine to administer, any suggestions since you had worked in a pet shop?

  2. You are very lucky and wise to read up on products you are thinking of using them. I can reccommend using a few brands, depending on where you can purchase them from. A few good ones that i know of are ‘Johnsons’, ‘Vetzyme’ and ‘Sherleys’. Obviously do not go to a super market and pick just anything up!… If you are unsure, i definatley suggest you go to a trusted pet shop with a good repuation and ask their advice on products they have for sale, and if possible what previous customers have thought to the treatments. If you want a safe and secure option i would say go to your nearest vets, get your puppy checked over, weighed and they will give you the best prescription available. I hope this helps.


  3. Never use an over the counter product such as Hartz or Seargants. The products to use are Advantage, Frontline Plus and K9Advantix (for dogs only). I get mine from a vet, however they now sell these in pet stores. They are safe for your pets. Be sure to try one drop to see first though, ever pets skin is different,I was advised not to use flea collars as well.

    I have used Advantage on my kitties, and K9Advantix on my dog, a shepherd mix succesfully for over three years, and never had any reaction.

    Hartz should not be on the market, would human products that kill be allowed?


  4. “would human products that kill be allowed?”- you don’t want to know the answer to that. It’s absolultly Just check your toothpaste ingredients next time you want to scare, guaratee you’ll switch to Tom’s of Maine’s hippy paste :). Better yet, check out your antidepressents, those kill TONS of people, and the drug companies of course get away with it. Fact is when i hear about stuff like this, clearly the Hartz corperation, or more then likely their parent company, is pulling some HUGE weight in the government, I am also astounded how many stories there are in the news….NEXT TO NONE! I could find only a handfull of official new stories, and tons of individual stories. Then you hear about the people trying to sue Hartz and having no sucess. Or having Hartz pay for the vet bill. That is an insult, I suppose they could put an approx. on how much the animal suffered, how much you suffered, your kids, etc. Boycotting won’t work, they’ll just come up with another company to sell their poison with, as long as it’s cheap, people will be gullible too buy it unfortunately. There needs to be a huge onset of awareness, or some crazy PETA people going in and trashing a few distrubution places lol. Money is the only thing companies like that understand, and if you do something that makes them lose a substantial amount, that’s the ONLY way they will change.

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