Hartz 2 in 1 Flea and Tick Shampoo… Danger!

About a month ago, the latest addition to our family, Foxy, a little red-haired Chihuahua that we’ve had for nearly a year, had a major seizure in our living room that lasted about 5 minutes or so; wobbling around in circles, foaming at the mouth, back legs paralyzed, etc., then slowly snapping out of it like nothing ever happened. Being that she is the newbie around here, we just assumed that we had adopted a defective dog.
Three weeks later I gave both of our dogs a bath using the Hartz 2 in 1 Shampoo. Within a couple of hours Foxy had her 2nd seizure, exactly like the 1st. It wasn’t until then that I realized that the common denominator was the Hartz shampoo; remembering that it was only a couple of hours after bathing her that she had the original seizure. I never dreamed at the time that the shampoo had anything to do with it.
Luckily she seems to be doing alright. And Mimi, our other Chihuahua who got bathed at the same time, doesn’t seem to be affected at all. And, so far, even though the dogs got plenty of shampoo all over me while I was bathing them, my wife hasn’t had to shoot me in mid fit! (I did however beg her to give me at least 5 minutes before pulling the trigger).
I have to say that I have used this product on many of my dogs over the past 30 years, and this is the only dog I have ever seen have seizures. But rest assure, I will never trust the Hartz people again!
I have used the drops on my dogs in the past and the side-effects of those were always very noticeable, no matter which brand I used, including the Hartz. Every single dog I have tried them on has absolutely hated them; it seemed to burn them. And in fact the 2 times I used them on Mimi she seemed to get very lethargic for a few days afterwards, poor thing.
I am currently searching for a safer way of controlling fleas, if anyone has any suggestions.
As far as Hartz goes, I think they should be court-ordered to use their products on themselves for life, without the possibility of parole!!


Amazing. 5 minutes after I posted this story, Foxy went inot her 3rd seizure to date; exactly 1 week after the last one. This one seemed slightly milder than the others, but scary just the same.


Is there an antidote??

Will she ultimately survive?

Will she have these seizures from now on?

Answers: ??

Do not use seargants silver

I used Seargants silver on my dog and immediately he started itching. Within a day, he itched himself raw and was constantly crying and running in circles. His hair fell out and had literally itched the skin off his back. I took him to the vet where she called seargant’s for advise. They told her to put vitamin E on it. Yeah, like vitamin E is going to help. after two trips to the vet and a week long of my dog in constant agony, he finally started to take a turn for the better. Seargant’s did nothing but reimburse me for the product saying it was my fault the product failed because I used it incorrectly. HELLOOOO….how can you put flee medicine on a dogs back incorretly? I am FURIOUS and will NEVER use anything of this brand ever again. I highly advise everyone boycot this manufacturer and put them out of business.

Napoleon poisoned by Hartz Ultra Guard

The story below was sent via email by Chelsea:

A little background:  I have always been a dog lover. Unfortunately my boyfriend is severely allergic to dogs, and after 6 years of searching for the perfect hypoallergenic addition to our family we found Napoleon.

Last week, after finding a tick on Napoleon (age 8 months) I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard. I was sure to purchase the correct product (with regard to pet weight) and determined that Napoleon is old enough for product use. My sister has used this product in the past and I assumed it was safe. After applying the product on Saturday, and being careful to follow the directions, Napoleon began to refuse food. Sunday he began vomiting, which is not unusual due to his sensitive stomach. Monday the vomiting continued and I made an appointment with our vet (Doctor #1 at our clinic). At out Tuesday appointment, our vet decided to take x-rays to rule out that he had swallowed a foreign body. At this time I mentioned that I had applied this product, but no one seemed to think this was the cause of his illness. The x-rays appeared to show a “material like” foreign body that would have to be removed surgically. After several hours of IV fluids, Napoleon was sent home and scheduled for a return visit the next day. On Wednesday, a second round of x-rays (same clinic, different doctor) showed that there was a suspicious area of the stomach, that may or may not be a foreign body. I was given the option to go ahead with the surgery, or wait for a mobile ultrasound company to confirm the presence of a foreign body. I certainly wasn’t about to allow them to cut into Napoleon without being positive it was necessary. 7 hours later, the ultrasound team found no evidence of a foreign body. What they found was substantially worse. Napoleon’s stomach lining, intestines and colon were severely inflamed. This inflammation was so severe, it mimicked a foreign body on the x-ray.  At this point the vet (doctor #3) suggested that this could be due to chemical exposure or a viral illness. I reiterated that the only chemical exposure that he had had was the Hartz product. The clinic suggested I treat the symptoms with previously prescribed antibiotics, and anti-naseua medication. He was sent home with the IV catheter in his arm for a second night, incase he required further IV fluids the following day. Upon arriving home, Napoleon was lethargic and seemed to be wilting before my eyes. My previously rambunctious yorkie-poo puppy had turned into a sad shadow of himself. He began drooling, and repeatedly shaking his head. Having no experience with severely ill dogs, I did not recognize this as seizure activity. Early Thursday morning I attempted to administer an anti-naseua pill. Napoleon became stressed and began violently shaking his head, drooling, and smacking his lips. Thankfully this time I realized what was happening and did my best to calm him while gathering our things to rush to the vet. Upon arrival at the clinic we met with Doctor #2 who asked if he had been exposed to any chemicals. I reiterated that the only chemicals he had come in contact with were in the Hartz product. She suggested we run blood tests for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (“tick fever”) and Valley Fever (a common illness in Arizona). Both of these illnesses can cause seizure activity in dogs. She also agreed to do some research on the Veterinary Internet Network regarding this product. Napoleon remained at the clinic on IV for 12 hours on Thursday. Again he returned home that evening with the IV catheter still attached. Today (Friday) I took him back for a check up. He was lifting his head more, and showed more interest in the car ride, but was nowhere near his bouncy, energetic self. Doctor #2 met with us again and stated that she is confident that this is the result of exposure to the Hartz medication. She also stated that she was shocked at the number of incidences reported regarding this and similar medications. Further, she stated that she was unaware of the dangers of this product, or the EPA review.  Bloodwork for Tick Fever and Valley Fever came back negative, solidifying her diagnosis. Since Napoleon appeared a bit better, the IV catheter was removed and he was allowed to spend the day at home. Unfortunately as the day progresses, he has become more lethargic and is still refusing to eat, bringing the total to 6 days without oral nutrition. He has had another seizure (milder than yesterday’s) and continues to drool excessively.  Tomorrow will be day 5 at the vet, for another round of IVs and monitoring. If he continues refusing food, he will have gone an entire week without eating.

The current total of our vet bills is $865.32 and we expect that to increase tomorrow with the replacement of the IV line and the several hours he will be required to “rest” at the vet. This, in addition to the gasoline expense, recommended prescription diet, and time spent at the vet has added up to a very expensive tick treatment. However, the worst expense is the physical pain this ordeal has caused our little guy. I am horrified at the idea that we could have agreed to an unnecessary surgery only to find this terrible inflammation. I am shocked that this product is still on the market. Until consumers are successful in getting this product pulled from store shelves, it is imperative that Veterinarians are made aware of the signs/symptoms of phenothrin toxicity and learn to treat it quickly and appropriately.

Hopefully our story has a happy ending. We are praying that Napoleon makes a full recovery and is able to live a long and happy life. Regardless of the result of his fight with this illness, I will certainly beginning a fight of my own to have these products banned.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. My prayers are with other families struggling with the illness or loss of a pet due to this horrible product.

Hartz UltraGuard killing Cleo

My cat Cleo is dying, it is heart-breaking.  I was away for a week and my friend took care of her, feeding her well and administering Hartz UltraGuardplus for fleas for the first time.  Now Cleo is lying in her litter-box and doesn’t get up.  It is heart-breaking.  Yesterday I hand-fed her a little but for days now she is not moving and appears to be dying.

Lauren in San Diego

I harmed my cat

I thought I was doing something good for our cat and now am sure I contributed to her death.  Last week I purchased HARTZ tick&flea drops at our Stop&shop.  It was 15.99.  I read all directions, applied drops to back of neck and within  minutes she was   running around all crazy.  I tried to wipe some of the drops off.  A little bit later I decided she was having a seizure of sorts and she bolted for the door.  It has been over a week and we are sure she has died somewhere.  After going on-line and reading all the blogs and viewing the videos we are sure that she had a reaction the the HARTZ!  That product should not be sold and should be removed immediately from the shelves!!!!!If I can prevent one other person from harming their pet I will.  We are devastated at our loss and have terrible guilt that we harmed our family pet.

Yet Another Story

On Sunday I headed to HEB and picked up some Sergeants Gold Flea medicine because i didn’t have the usual Frontline.  I administered the product on all 3 of my poms at 7:30 pm.  By 9:00 pm all the dogs were scratching uncontrollably, panting, rubbing their bodies on anything they could find, twitching, whining and just plain miserable.  Almost as if they were possessed.  I looked at the box and it mentioned symptoms of vomiting and foaming at the mouth.  My 3 were not doing this, but I called the emergency vet.  I was advised to wash all the dogs and if they started vomiting to bring them in.  Needless to say I was giving multiple baths (ivory & dawn) and up all night with the dogs.
By Monday evening, one had bald spots from non-stop scratching and I made an emergency visit to the vet.  Shots, anti-inflammatory cream, fluids later, she is still a mess.  Nothing helped.  This morning I dropped another off at the vet because he continues to twitch and has bitten his tail and is now bleeding.   I was told by the company it should be out of the system within 48 hours.  Not the case.  It’s now Friday and they are still twitching.

Always read up on products before putting them on your pet!

I have just spent a lot of money purchasing a pedigree collie from Wales in the UK, and a lot of money getting him sent over to Jersey Channel Islands via plane. As soon as he arrived i noticed that he was very itchy and uncomfortable. I left him until the morning as he was a bit stressed from the flight. The next day he was even worse, he was constantly chewing himself and crying, itching like crazy. I took him to the vets straight away, even though he had a vet check the day before he flew. The vet informed me that he had a very bad skin condition which was obviously visable as he was covered in red lumps, a rash and flakes of skin all over. I spent a fortune at the vets just to get him looked at and have some puppy shampoo to soothe his skin. This puppy is only 12weeks old and is in a mess! As you can imagine, i am not a happy owner!.. I got on the phone straight away to the breeder to make sure he was aware of this problem, and asked him if he had not noticed the skin condition before he sent him to me, especially since he had a vet certificate from the vet saying he was ‘Fit to fly’. The breeder informed me that he had given the dog ‘Hartz flea drops’ the morning before he got on the plane. I had never even heard of this brand before, having worked in a pet shop for over 5years and knowing the best brands to use! I thought this was obviously a cheap make so no expense to the breeder. I looked it up and guess what?.. bad reviews and more similar stories from people who unknowingly administered this product on their poor pet! I am so annoyed and angry that this product is being sold. I will be warning everyone in the future of this product if it is not ceased off the shelves.

Time is Running Out

Let your voice be heard. Tell the EPA what you think about over the counter flea products.

Comments must be made before May 17th 2010

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials said more than 600 pets died in 2008 after treatment with flea and tick drops. The agency said it had about 44,000 complaints of pets sickened or killed that year, compared to 28,000 in 2007

However. they feel that compared to the number of doses sold that is acceptable. Their plan will do nothing to help save our beloved pets from injury and death from the use of these dangerous products

This is your chance to be heard. Please join me and tell the EPA we don’t want these dangerous products sold in the US any longer.

To submit a comment http://www.regulations.gov/search/Regs/home.html#documentDetail?R=0900006480ac029f

Be sure to add the docket # which is
Docket ID: EPA-HQ-OPP-2010-0229
to your comment.

Thank you


Not knowing I went to Publix to buy Hartz Flea and Tick (the one that goes from shoulder blade to tail). I have five dogs and I bought one for each by weight. Thank god I did not use the full tube on each of them. My 16 year old chihuahua went crazy running all over the house, breathing heavy and her eyes were greyish. My schnauzer and 2 other medium dogs were breathing heavy and couldnt sit still. Its almost like someone was pinching their butts and then they would run. It didnt phase my bull mastiff thank god. I have been giving them all a bath daily and they seem to be coming around except for the oldest 🙁 How dare anyone keep these on the shelves for sale. My 16 yr old dog can die just because someone wants to make a buck. I would have never expected this from Hartz and I am sure going to be a nonsense and spread the word. I was talking the employees at Publix which have experienced the same. This is disgusting and thats coming from someone who really loves her dogs… Not even winning a potential law suit can compensate for my loss. What can we do? There has to be something.