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Green Paws and the Natural Resources Defense Council are prompting consumers to appeal directly to the Presidents and CEOs of big box retailers like PETCO and PetSmart to remove flea and tick collars containing the harmful chemicals tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur. This attempt to directly contact retailers is designed to add greater support for our formal petition with the EPA to ban tetrachlorvinphos and propoxur from pet products as well as our lawsuit filed in California against 16 major retailers who carry flea and tick products which are in violation of California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, which prohibits businesses from knowingly exposing consumers without proper warning to any chemical “known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive harm”.

Those interested in sending a message directly to these retailers can do so at the following link:

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Recent survivor of the Hartz

Our 8 year old cat Lou is a recent survivor of the Hartz flea poison and we are so thankful that she is with us today.  Lou has been with us for 7 years after she was abandoned by her previous owners.

On December 30, 2009 around 8 a.m. she found her way home after spending a cold night probably confused and dillusional after the poison I applied the previous night.  This normally spunky cat was staggering, convulsing and incoherent.  We immediately took her to our veteranian who bathed her and medicated her.  He advised us that the chances for her survival were not good.  Throughout the day we made several trips to the vet where Lou was being treated.  Lou spent 24 hours being treated and observed to the tune of over 400 dollars.  A hefty price to correct the affects of a 4 dollar product.

Lou survived and is a normal cat today and our family is one of the lucky ones who can tell a success story.

My heart goes out to those people who do not have the funds to save their pet.

Never again will anyone in this household use any Hartz or Seargant products on any of our pets.  The suffering they cause to animals is really beyond belief.

Hartz can and WILL kill!!!

Never!! Please, never ever use this product!

We have two beautiful healthy young dogs (4-5 yrs), with a pristine health record (until hartz of course). They get premium food – Timberwolf Organics, Acana, Origen, Blue (I mention this because poor diet is often associated with illness in your pawsy companions).

We had new neighbors with dogs move in a few weeks ago and my little one had started itching a bit. I was going to order frontline from petmeds and instead picked this up in a split second decision while walking out from Wallys. My logic being, “hey if it doesn’t work, I can still order the Frontline”. Plus it was priced at only $5.99

On Saturday evening, I showered the girls and applied this on my itchy one. The next day my dog started showing signs of minor epileptic shocks – yelping in her sleep…yes I do know about dog dreaming, but these dreams, if they were that, were, with shock, pain and disorientation. Since it was Sunday, our regular vet was unavailable. We had no idea how serious this was about to become! That night, convinced that she was having a series of bad dreams we made sure she slept close to us on the bed. The episodes continued that whole night, a couple of hours apart.

Next morning I noticed some swelling on her snout and one of her eyes. There was also a red spot on her belly. By that time we had read other peoples reviews on this product and were shocked that this poison is still put out for unsuspecting consumers!! Alarmed we called the local emergency care and described her symptoms. They urge us to rush her there. By the time we reached the hospital, my baby had gone into an anaphylactic shock. She had petechiae all over her abdomen and she was swollen all over!

She was hospitalized after she was stabilized with steroids, antihistamine and antibiotics. Our woes did not end there though. I can go into more details, but I feel it suffices to tell you all that after about four thousand dollars and a homeopathic detox program, we were finally able to get her close to normal. After about a month and a half today, she still takes some herbs and supplements to support and balance her messed up immune system.

Just ONE tube of the three doses!!

The amount of anguish and death related to this product far outweighs the justification of dogs who might be ‘flea free’. In the course of that week we must have met at least half a dozen vets who just shook their heads when I mentioned the Hartz product!! It has killed hundreds of cats apparently and is more fatal to their littler bodies (my dogs are about 65lbs each).

Please do not, do not buy this poison!!

PS: Friends on the Hartzvictims forum, please also post your reviews on potential buyer sites, like Amazon, which is where I originally posted this review.
Thanks Josh for having this site. I feel sad for, and my compassion goes out to every person and their pets on this forum.


Hartz hurts another one…..

Yesterday I was contacted (I do small scale rescue) by a woman who had a kitten she could no longer care for.   They had gotten him off of Craigslist, and his sister as well.  They had them both taken to a low cost spay neuter facility (which is great!) but they came home with fleas.  This was about a week ago.  They could not afford the good stuff, and was told over the phone by a VET to get rid of the fleas, use an over the counter less expensive product.  They went to Wal-Mart and got the Hartz spot flea treatment and applied it to both the kittens, who I failed to mention are 4 months old.  Well the little girl died the next day.  They could not afford a vet so did not bother doing anything about it.  She said the other kitten started acting lethargic, moody, and really tired.  Then a day later his hair started falling out.   She thought it was because he was just itching so much because of the fleas, which by the way, he still had.  He is completely bald on the back of his neck (where the drops were applied), the back of his ears, around his eyes, and his nose, almost his entire face.   He is going to the vet today to see what can be done.  He seems healthy other than that, acts like a normal kitten again, and is extremely loving and sweet.  just in pain and looks awful.  I dont know what can be done to help him at this point, as well as the hair and what not, but hopefully the vet will have some ideas.  It is heartbreaking to see him like this, and frustrating as anything that a vet told them to do this.  The same vet would not see them, or even work out a payment schedule with them to help this kitten out….  I am hoping for a full recovery, even if it takes a year, or 10.  We are calling him Rocky, because he is a fighter!