Hartz Ruined Christmas!

Christmas morning started like any other but quickly took a very scary turn.  I put my beautiful 2 1/2 year old lab (Abby) up while I dressed which took me about 45 minutes.  When I went to get Abby she was suffering terrible twitching, dilated eyes and was slobbering profusely.  I panicked because I had never seen anything like this but had enough composure to immediately begin making calls to see what to do.  I called a local pet groomer and explained Abby’s symptoms to her and shared that my husband had treated her for fleas the night before.  The groomer asked if my husband had by any chance used Hartz flea killer and upon speaking with him found he had.  Her response was that this product was nothing but poison and Abby’s symptoms were typical of some pets that had been treated with this product (Hartz Ultra Guard).  She suggested I get her to the vet immediately.  Upon arriving at the vet’s office and after explaining the previous nite’s flea treatment the vet said she was 100% sure the Hartz flea treatment was the cause of Abby’s illness.  As a result of using this deadly $5.00 treatment Abby had to stay in the hospital overnite where she was throroughly bathed, given IV treatments, injections of muscle relaxer, charcoal to help clean her system, etc at the cost of $800+.  The vet said she treats at least 2 pets per week because loving owners who knew no better used Hartz products on their pets.  She also said the majority of the smaller pets didn’t survive the damage done by this product.  How in the world can this company continue to be in business! Have the “powers that be” at Hartz no conscience or compassion for animals at all!  There is nothing on the product package that alerts potential customers of the possible side effects of use of these products.  Is this company held to a lower standard just because they are manufacturing products for pets?  Shouldn’t they be required to make buyers aware of potential harms and even fatalities suffered as a result of use or their products?  The folks at Hartz can rest assured I will tell everyone everywhere I go about my experience and I will definitely enourage everyone I encounter not to use Hartz products.  I would love to see someone persue a law suit against this money hungy company. Quite obviously their concern lies with profit, not the well being of the user!

Hartz Shelter Donation Program Pledge of $3,000,000 has been Fulfilled

This is Hartz PR doing their job to well and it makes me ill. Wonder how many animals will be injured and/or die from these donations.

Hartz Shelter Donation Program Pledge of $3,000,000 has been Fulfilled

Secaucus, NJ, Dec 28, 2009 (PRWeb.com via COMTEX) —

Entering the holiday season, The Hartz Mountain Corporation, the leading U.S. pet supplies company, still had $1,000,000 worth of pet supplies to donate to local animal shelters. On December 15th, Hartz reached out to pet lovers around the country to nominate local shelters who would like to receive a free shipment of 2,000 Hartz pet supply items. The consumer response was overwhelming. No sooner had the announcement gone out when the email nominations came pouring in. By December 25th, Hartz had already received sufficient nominations to reach the pledge made in July; to ship $3,000,000 of Hartz pet supplies to animal shelters and food banks in the U.S. and Canada, to help shelters and pet owners survive the tough economy. “It seems pet lovers are in the holiday spirit as we’ve seen a tremendous amount of goodwill from consumers nominating animal shelters from all over the country, and we’d like to thank them for responding so soon and with such enthusiasm,” said Bob Shipley, Hartz Senior Vice President. “Sadly, it also reminds us that our animal shelters are really suffering through this economy, and need everyone’s help because their need is enormous. We hope that we have been able to help those shelters we could reach this year with Hartz Shelter Program pet supply shipments.”

Thanks to the consumer shelter heroes who nominated their local shelters, Hartz will be sending out 300,000 more pet supply products to150 shelters across the country. As the shipments go out, www.Hartz.com hopes to feature the Hartz Shelter Heroes who made it possible for so many shelters to receive them. In total, the Hartz Shelter Program will have shipped over 600,000 pet products. Among the items shipped, were dog biscuits and bones, meat treats, rawhide, chews, puppy pads, collars and leashes, bowls, toys, grooming products and bedding, flea and tick treatments, vitamins and dental care products, bird seed, rabbit and small animal food. About The Hartz Mountain Corporation: The Hartz Mountain Corporation is the leading manufacturer and marketer of pet care products in the United States and Canada. For 80 years, Hartz has provided pet owners with the highest quality products – innovative solutions developed with proven science and love for companion animals. Based in Secaucus, New Jersey, Hartz offers more than 1,500 products for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, reptiles and fish, each dedicated to the health and well-being of household pets. The Hartz Mountain Corporation is owned by Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCOA), together with its parent, Sumitomo Corporation, Japan (SC), an integrated global trading company. For more information please visit www.hartz.com.


Hartz UltraGuard Plus Almost Killed My Cat

Within a few hours of putting this on my cat (EXACTLY as instructed by the box) she began to have neurological symptoms, such as twitching. She was literally drugged. She was sluggish, twitchy and drooling. We tried taking a wet towel and rubbing it off, but the next morning, it was still all over her neck. Her pupils were dilated and she was twitching even worse than the night before. I called a vet that told me to wash her down IMMEDIATELY with Dawn soap. Since she was already so scared, she was almost impossible to bathe. We brought her to the vet where they had to sedate her, bathe her again, and give her fluids to try and flush this poison out of her system. The vet says they see HUNDREDS of cases of Hartz products poisoning pets. I don’t know how they can legally sell something that kills your pets. If you love your pets, please do not buy this product. If I had done even a small internet search of this brand I never would have bought this. Every single review I have seen has been negative. I just hope I can save someone else from a costly vet bill, or even the death of their pet. Fortunately she’s going to be OK, but I will do everything I can to make sure people know about this horrible product. Shame on Hartz, and shame on WalMart for carrying it.

sergeant’s gold squeeze on 4 cats killed my 2yr old cat 11.30.2009

I have a mission & a purpose, because I have a voice, Unlike my cat and the thousands of other animals that have been injured and or killed by this product and numerous other ones just like it. Just Like many other trusting consumers out there I trusted the fact that this OTC medicine designed to prevent treat and help my cat would indeed do that, but instead the unthinkable happened, I was shocked angry sad a million emotions wrapped into one, but mainly i was just angry…Angry that i never heard of this type of thing happening, angry that this was sold to me by a popular “trusting” retailer, angry that my cat suffered a terrible death, angry that I never got to say goodbye, Angry that my innocent sweet loving cats young life was cut short, and most of all angry with myself that i was the reason her life was cut short or at least thats how i felt at the time and many of you that have been through this same situation probably understand exactly what i mean by that its completely disheartening.  I’m not going to go into all the details of her death but i will say this I KNOW for a fact this medicine is what caused her death I actually  have it in writing from the Veterinarian @ the after hours emergency clinic i took her to it states the following; diagnosis is toxicity from OTC flea medicine in purple tube and anaphylactic shock. I have made a consumer report, notified sergeants gold company & legally they will have to report the incident to EPA, wrote letter to NRDC…and thats just the beginning i want to start a petition and get involved with a civil suit if anyone can please provide me more information regarding anything i can do to put a stop to this or any suits that are currently going on please do !! thanks ~nicole st.charles


Victim Story

I have always had cats, ever since I was very little, and I never had a flea problem until this past summer.  After losing my job, my husband and I didn’t have very much money each month, so instead of getting flea medication from our vet, we decided to try Hartz.  We have three cats, one of whom is 8 years old, and shortly after starting this new treatment, all three of them started acting strangely.  Our oldest especially was acting very lethargic, and we thought it was the heat until the weather cooled down and they continued to act strangely.  My 2-year-old cat, normally very energetic and friendly, started doing nothing more than begging for water constantly, and all three of the cats stopped sleeping in the bed with us.  Two of them started throwing up food and clear liquid at least once a day and I became very concerned.

I talked to a vet, who adamantly warned us against using Hartz.  I panicked and immediately threw away all of that flea medication, vowing never to buy it again.  I started doing research online and that is how I found this website.  I am so thankful that all three of our cats seem to have survived without permanent damage.  After we stopped using Hartz (and all other store brands), our cats are back to their loving selves, and they’ve started sleeping on the bed with us again.  Also, they have not thrown up a single time!  We still have very limited money, but we are hoping that we can find a way to afford a vet-recommended solution.  I would rather not eat for a week than have anything happen to my babies, and I’m so very thankful that I found out about the poisons in that medication before something awful happened!

In Memory of our Family Friend

This evening our 2 year old healthy cat died in my 9 year old sons room.  We never ever let our cat outside but somehow he ended up with some fleas.  My Dad said whatever you do don’t wash him in Hartz products.  I did not think this meant not to even use a flea collar.  For the last two weeks he has been uneasy and even quite scary at times.  Chasing my daughter as she walked by hiding under chairs, unable to sit for a long period of time, and he seemed to want to attack everyone.  This evening I heard the worst meow in the world.  I rushed upstairs to find Bishop lying on his side eyes open and struggling to catch a breath.  His hair stood up on his tail as he turned his head to look at us and took his last breath.  I felt helpless.  He died right in front of my 9 year old son.  I feel so guilty I should have never purchased this product.  He was a peaceful happy cat who loved to cuddle and the past few weeks had not seemed himself.  He was up-to-date on all shots and he was never sick.  What a terrible experience.  What can we do?  Helpless.