My cat Midnight was 14. I gave her Sergent’s Silver and she started hiding which I knew was normal from the medicine. But then she was using the bathroom on the floor,. She never did that before. She then stopped eating. I gave her real Tuna and she ate it but ran in the closet. The next morning, I went to feed her and she did not move. I thought she was dead but my sister touched her and she let out a faint meow. I rushed her to the vet, but without money, they could do nothing. I had to have her put to sleep. She was my baby and she trusted me to take care of her. Now she is gone. PLEASE do a class action suit. I will definately join. Cathy Yates  EMAIL: [email protected]


  1. I understand what you are going through, all my kitties did the same thing. I am working on a Lawsuit, just not sure how to start.

  2. i too lost my cat 2 nights ago to this product she started hiding acted a bit funny but i just thought it was because she hates stuff to be put on her and she especially hated this stuff id put it on her 3-4 times prior over her 2 year lifespan and shes always been extremley healthy she was 12LBS and i used the product just as directed. neways the next day she didnt get anybetter when i got off work at 5pm she was having labored breathing and her eyes were squinting i immediatley took her to the emergency after hours hospital told them what happened. They took her vitals said her heart was beating 200bpm and her breathing was getting worse they put her in ozygen tank then sedated her to give her a detox bath and iv fluids at this point she started crashing they called me w/i a hour of dropping her off and told me they tried everything and she had died diagnosis toxicity from otc flea medicine and anaphylactic shock. I want this company to pay they need to stop selling this stuff they need to understand that this isn’t right im living with the guilt of feeling like i killed my cat my precious 2 year old cat not to mention the 600$ vet bill that didnt even save my cat i would have paid anything to keep her alive and nothing will ever bring her back but at this point i just want this kind of thing to stop for good thats the only thing that will put me at ease!!and i will definitely file a civil suit etc anything i can do

  3. I will definately go along with a lawsuit. I loved my Midnight so much and now she is gone. She trusted me to take care of her and it hurts so bad that I put something on her that took her life. PLease include me when someone figures out how to proceed.

  4. Hi All,

    My sister,Cathy, lost her cat (Midnight)to Sergeants Silver flea drops! She posted here earlier. My daughter also lost her dog (Nala), about 6 years ago to the Hartz flea dog collar. At that time, we weren’t sure what was wrong. Nala started bumping into walls, peeing on the floor, and not eating. After awhile, she stopped walking all together. They took her to the emergency vet hospital, and they did not know what was wrong, but thought it was neurological (brain). They ended up having to put her to sleep. The vet said they could do an autoposy, but it costs a lot, and still may not give them a conclusive cause. A few months later, my daughter heard about the flea collar causing neurological problems, with the very same symptoms that Nala had. In my opinion, there’s enough people who have lost their pet to this product.
    So, someone has to contact a lawyer (check ur local yellow pages), or maybe you know someone who can recommend one, and start a class action suit. I thought that there was a class action suit back when this was first discovered. Maybe someone can do a google search, and try to find out if there have been previous lawsuits. I’d also check the better business bureau (www.betterbusinessbureau.com) and see if there are others who are going thru the same thing.
    Hope I have helped in getting the ball rolling. I’m sorry to hear about your losses. Good luck.

  5. I got a letter in the mail from Sergent’s telling me how sorry they are that my cat died. They said, normally our product does not do this to animals (guess they haven’t seen this website) and we can not determine why your Midnight died however we would like to offer you $50.00 towards a new pet. Can you say, slap in the face? I am disgusted with them and I know some don’t consider animals human, but I feel like my child has died. Should I take the fifty dollars for my child? Need feedback. Thanks

  6. Dear Cathy,

    Since you asked for feedback I’ll provide some.

    It’s an appalling disgrace that Sergeant’s has offered you $50 towards the offer of a new pet. This is a company that claims it has the best interests of companion animals and their owners as a corporate mission? You should write your local newspaper “letters to the editor”, your state regulatory agency and the EPA. You should alert your veterinarians and express your outrage about Sergeant’s shameful behavior. You should tell everyone you know what a pathetic organization Sergeant’s truly is. Your letter to the EPA should go to Ms. Debra F. Edwards, USEPA Headquarters, Ariel Rios Bldg., 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Mail Code 7501 P, Washington D.C. 20460. She is the director of the Office of Pesticide Programs. You should copy the following members of her staff: Ms. Kimberly Nesci, Ms. Marty Monell, Ms. Lois Rossi, Dr. Kit Farwell, Mr. Norman Spurling, Ms. Lois Rossi and Mr. Steve Owens. Here are the email addresses if you prefer email to writing a letter: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];[email protected];

    The EPA, the media and the public must hear about reprehensible examples such as this. Sergeant’s, Hartz and BioSpot and other pesticide product manufacturers are counting on public apathy and ignorance. They know that in these difficult economic times no one wants to walk away from $50…but that’s a pitiful and despicable gesture on their part. It truly shows what they think of your pet–nothing. These companies have no shame and no integrity. They treat your pet and others like they were some kind of commodity that can be discarded like garbage…their belief system demonstrates that there’s always another pet and family to be taken advantage of, so if hundreds or thousands die it’s no problem–there are many more.

    These manufacturers actually thrive in difficult economic times. People look for ways to save a dollar and turn more and more to these cheap pesticide products. Unfortunately these cheap products contain ingredients that are decades old and inherently more dangerous than veterinarians’ products and other organic alternatives. Sergeant’s, Hartz, BioSpot and others take advantage of all of us, particularly the economically disadvantaged. The shame of it is that poor and low income people not only are attracted to the cheap, dangerous products but also cannot afford the veterinary medical care needed to treat a pet that’s been injured by these lethal products. It’s despicable. How many animals have to be injured or killed and how many families must experience emotional and financial devastation before the EPA takes proper action?

    Cathy, I’m sorrry for your loss. I hope you will take action to help ensure that one day these manufacturers are prevented from continuing their animal holocaust.

  7. Thank you so much for understanding. I did report it to the EPA as soon as it happened. I also sent channel 9 news, Maginty’s mailbag a note, but have not seen it on tv yet. Yes, it is hard times and I could use the $50.00 but Midnight was worth a lot more to me. They can take it and shove it. I even wrote Oprah, but now she is going off the air so it will probably never be seen. Thanks for your kind words and very intellegent remarks. Maybe you can help me get started. Cathy Yates Are you on Facebook? Thanks

  8. I am looking for a lawsuit that will start against Hartz. My grandmothers cat died from Flea Collar Toxicity. If someone has more info please let me know. Thank You =)

  9. I’m glad I was able to figure this out and I want to be on the list of people who will have a law suit against these horrible companies who are harming our pets

  10. I have been a victim of Hartz as well. I’m outraged. The public needs to know! I have an idea to help: My husband has offered to make a commercial. He’s a superb videographer, and we could make a commercial to let the public know. We can do this for free, but someone has to pay for it’s spot on the air. Who’s in?

  11. I have been a victim of hertz i had this beautiful 1 yr old Simease Cat and i used Hartz on her after a few hours she started to act very strange.. She lost her balance and she was walking properly and than she started having breathing problems and seizures from this product….I rushed her to the vets were she was pretty much not responding when we got her there and the unfortunately bad news we had to put here to sleep….If i had known this product was fatal to any animal i would have never used it… And this Product Killed my cat. I would would love to find out how i can proceed in filling a lawsuit against this company or have these products pulled from the shelves..

    This product should have been pulled from the shelves when the first stories had come out about the flea products for cats and dogs.

    I used the gold product for my cat…Please stay away from this before you come a victim and the other thing that frustrates me there should be something on the label of all side effects, and dangers of this product.

  12. Contact this person, [email protected], He has a class action suit going for our animals. If your on face book. Send me a request to be friend, [email protected] and you can see the SAD video they made about our animals. My cat Midnight is in it, or you can go to tiny timmy healing, The video is on UTUBE too.

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