Guerilla tactics

I cheaped out and tried the Sergeants Flea Drops, not believing the negative press that I’ve read. Big mistake. I poisoned my 3 cats. Luckily, I quickly noticed my kitties acting ill and washed them clean shortly after application. I also had activated charcoal in my medicine cabinet, and dosed them (knowing that charcoal is a standard hospital treatment for poisoning victims). They were fine within a couple days, but I was severely shaken by the event.

Now that I am a believer, I wonder why haven’t these products been pulled, and how many deaths are necessary before a recall is instituted? I don’t want to find out, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands. I make sure to have a Sharpie in-hand whenever I go to a store that carries Hartz and Sergeants products, and write “Will kill your pet-visit for more info” on both sides of ALL of the flea drop packages.

Generally, I’m opposed to vandalism. However, until the products are safe or removed I will continue this campaign. I suggest you do the same. Eventually someone will get the hint.


My cat Midnight was 14. I gave her Sergent’s Silver and she started hiding which I knew was normal from the medicine. But then she was using the bathroom on the floor,. She never did that before. She then stopped eating. I gave her real Tuna and she ate it but ran in the closet. The next morning, I went to feed her and she did not move. I thought she was dead but my sister touched her and she let out a faint meow. I rushed her to the vet, but without money, they could do nothing. I had to have her put to sleep. She was my baby and she trusted me to take care of her. Now she is gone. PLEASE do a class action suit. I will definately join. Cathy Yates  EMAIL: [email protected] now has an online store

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