Not just flea and tick products

I am fostering a litter of kittens and when they were 4 weeks old, I asked my mother to pick up a can of formula at the store. I was very specific about the brand, but she accidently picked up Hartz milk replacer. She later called me, frantic, because after ingesting the Hartz formula, all three kittens were vomiting and one was down and out. I raced home, picking up a can of the right formula on my way. The one kitten was really sick, her gums were extremely pale and she was almost completely non-responsive, but her swallowing reflex still worked, which is a good sign. I forced some Nutri-Cal into her as well as syringe fed some water and kept her with me, nice and warm. It took about 3 hours for her to come around. But she finally did, and she’s been fine since switching her back to the regular formula. I had told my mother absolutely no Hartz but she bought it anyway, thinking I just didn’t like the brand. Now she knows the real reason.

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