First i want to thank everyone who has posted on this site and offer my deepest condolances to all animals lost and pain suffered.

Recently, my cat Darla developed a flea infestation, so i bought some Hartz drops and a collar for her at the store.  Tonight, i noticed that as she was cleaning herself, her tongue was hitting the collar, so i removed it and googled “hartz flea collars” to see if it was toxic to ingest…which, obviously, it is.  Darla is fine right now, and i cleaned the nape of her neck off as best i could.

This website was the first link to come up in google, and i am so thankful because i was able to remove these products within hours of application, instead of finding my beloved kitty twitching and dead beneath my bed tomorrow morning.

I pray that no damage is done, and again from the bottom of my heart i thank every one of you and will have all of your animals in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. I am glad that you were able to save your cat and remove the poison before it affected her.
    The more that people are made aware of this danger, the more pets that will be saved~!
    I have googled other remedies and there are non-toxic ones.
    If Hartz and Sargents,and any other trusted named companies, would instead use the nontoxic remedies, this problem would stop!
    It should be illegal to sell these products with their current ingedients.
    Maybe it would take alot of politicians dogs or cats reacting before they act on this, but hopefully if enough people who have gone through this expensive trauma speak up we can get legislation to ban these products from using anything toxic to the pets.
    My fingers actually got numb after applying the stuff to my cat as I have autoimmune disease and am sensitive to pesticides.
    That should have been my first clue, but unfortunately my cat had those 2 drops on for 3 hours when she began foaming at the mouth and convulsing.
    Now I had to pay $485 to the vet immediately to save her from my $700 disabilty monthly pension, which was supposed to pay my rent!since I already threw out the wrapper and the vet disposed of the tube I can not even get reimbursed by the company for what my cat suffered through~!AveHurley

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