CVS 3 TV is looking for victims of flea and tick treatments


I am writing on behalf of CBS 3 in Philadelphia in light of the EPA increased scrutiny of spot on flea and tick products.

We are doing a story about the dangers of spot-on flea and tick treatments.

We would like to find a dog owner and a cat owner to tell us their stories as part of this story.

We are in Philadelphia and looking for a dog owner and a cat owner in our Philly area including New Jersey and Delaware.

If you can help please give me a call or send an email at your earliest convenience.

My condolences to those who have lost their friends.

Thank you so much,

Joan Sill



Sergeant’s Gold Flea&Tick

If you care about your animal, you will not buy this product. My 60 lb. lab mix has been in a daze for the past 24 hours and who knows how much longer. She has been pacing around the house, panting and twitching, not knowing which way to go or what to do. I FEEL HORRIBLE that I have put Maggie thru this to save a few dollars.  If you don’t want to lose your pet, DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!


don’t use toys from hartz

I purchased a fishing toy for my cats from hartz and my husband and i went to go visit his mother and within 2 hours we got a phone call from my son who said he came home and found our 6 month old cat’s legs strangled in the fishing line of this toy. the more the kitty tried to get out of the string the tighter it wrapped around his legs. my son had to use a knife to cut the string off the kitty. i told him to rush him to the vet emergency center and by the time he got there the kitty’s foot was swollen to three times its size because of lack of circulation. it has been almost 5 weeks and he still has problems walking and now cannot retract his back claws. when i called  hartz to complain, they  gave me a case number and told me to send in all the doctor bills and reports from the vets. as of yet i have still not heard anything from hartz. my vet said that the string had caused damage to his veins and nerves and he may not be able to ever heal correctly. if there is anyone else out there who has had a similar situation, we need to make sure that this toy is banned.

Another Hartz Victim

My 3 year old dog was rushed to the Vet this morning after using Hartz flea and tick drops.  She had egg sized welts all over her body and head.  She was treated and sent home and now is on close watch.  The welts are coming and going with no warning, even now after treatment.  The vet has her taking medication twice a day to help.  It’s heartbreaking what Hartz has allowed and even promoted when they know there have been issues with their products.  I feel like I’ve paid them to harm my dog, I’m digusted!!!!


On April 18, 2009 we applied Sergeant’s Silver Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs on our 2 puggles (Daisy Mae & Jack) & our Lab Mix (Cody). All just have turned a year old in February and April.


Shortly after we applied the product to Jack he started running around scratching & itching. He was whining and just could not sit still. Not knowing that it was a reaction to this product we waited thinking that it was something else making him “go crazy”. When he started foaming at the mouth we decided we better get him to the nearest vet. hospital. Before we could secure our other 2 dogs… Daisy started foaming at the mouth as well. We contacted the vet. hospital and talked to the emergency vet and she told us to bathe them with dishwashing liquid and then get them to the hospital. So after bathing all 3 dogs, loading them in the car and RACING to the hospital with 3 foaming, salvating, whining dogs and 2 distraught owners we find out that it’s the application for fleas & ticks causing this scare of a lifetime.

After a $261.80 hospital charge and several injections to each dog, a sleepless night and now today (the next day) I’m on the Internet searching this product and find all these people that have either lost or severely ill pets.

I AM OUTRAGED! Is our dogs in for more permanent health problems due to this product?

Other symptoms we have noticed SO FAR:
in the emergency room both puggles were shaking, twitching ears, twitching muscles

We had to contact the vet. hospital again this evening for more meds.


This product is causing pyrethrin poisoning on pets and the public should be told before more pet’s lives are lost!

Video Joel Grover Investigations on NBC L.A. See it on Youtube

My cat Nightingale died March 8th 2009, less than 9 hours after applying Hartz Flea treatment. I’ve been looking for info since then to try and make some sense of a senseless tragedy. I saw this Video on Youtube on Monday, March 23, it had just been posted.

It is about Over the Counter Flea Products that harm your pets.

Title: Dangerous Pet Products?


Hope this helps a little.


People you need to do your research!  Most of what is doled out & advertised will kill you & your pet.  I have found out by experience there a FEW Vets out there that ruly have your pets well being at heart.

After many decades of having four-legged companions I have chosen to raw feed & go totally organic.  Good nutrition works wonders for building high immunity for your pets.  All of this high heat, processed, questionable ingredient sourced food on store shelves has given rise to the climbing incidences of heart, liver & pancreas problems with our companions.  Add the insult of over vaccination & pharmaceutical drugs the result is the disasterous.  Just like choices you make for yourself, the choices you make for your companions, have serious consequences.

For every vaccination & drug there is a safe alternative.  You just need to search for it.

Not only do I feed in this manner, I do not use any harsh chemicals in or around my house.

No, I do not have a flea problem.  I use a combination of cedar oil based products & garlic oil based products, inside & out for control.  Regular vaccuming & bathing works wonders.

I will NEVER again use any topical flea product, either OTC or Vet perscribed.  Thank goodness I have a Vet that does not believe in the use of such products.

YES, there are a few Homeopatheic vets out there BUT, beware of the fakes.  Just like any other industry some are jumping on the bandwagon to lure you in & are doling out the same unsafe crap.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  There is No EXCUSE with access to the Internet!  By being a well informed consumer you will enjoy many, many trouble free years of companionship with your furry friend.

My Dog Fell Victim Last Night…What Else To Do?

I gave my 7lb Shihtzu this poison two days ago. I didn’t know. This morning she was lethargic and trembling and would cry out in pain every few minutes. I started to google search b/c I just had a feeling it was the flea “poison”. I ran across this site. I immediately bathed her (about three hours ago) with Dawn and she is actually feeling better. She is laying in the back yard in the warm spring sun and has eaten as well as drank some water.

Since she seems to be better should I take her to the vet? I have not had the best experience with PetSmart as I took her to the vet the first time this happened (last month) and they didn’t link it to the flea treatment. She had a fever and was trembling. She recovered two days later so I thought it was a cold. But then when it happened again, I realized it was Hartz.

Hartz wants me to “cease and desist”

I’m a veterinarian and a pet health writer. I write a weekly column for the Miami Herald. Last month I penned one on feline safety when using flea products intended for use on dogs. My aim was to caution cat owners on the issues related to toxicity when inappropriate chemicals are applied.

Unfortunately, I mentioned Hartz as marketing a product line that is widely implicated in feline toxicity. Hartz didn’t take it too well. They’ve sent the Herald a “cease and desist” letter in which they ask for an apology and a retraction.

Here’s my response on my daily veterinary blog, You tell me if I’ve been fair.