Yesterday I noticed that my four month old kitten had a strange discolored spot on her neck directly under her flea collar. I immediately removed the collar to inspect and clean the spot and realized that the discoloration was actually just that she had no fur on the front aspect of her neck! I wish I had heard about Hartz Victims before as she has been wearing the Hartz flea collar for about 3 months. My other kitty has been wearing a Hartz flea collar as well but seems to have had no reaction- I have taken it off now so hopefully she wont have any problems! I am shocked and appalled that such a big pet product company has these problems and is still on the market! Please DO NOT BUY HARTZ PRODUCTS FOR YOUR PETS! I hope that this site and evidence from pet owners can help to put Hartz out of business!

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  1. I would be glad to be part of a class action lawsuit against Hartz. I put the flea and tick liquid on my Yorkie (and there is a Yorkie on the front of the box) and she almost died. They need to be put out of business.

  2. We had a cat that had the same reaction to Hartz flea collars. We stopped using them immediately. We gave her allergy meds and eventually all of her hair grew back. This was 15 years ago. Our vet said it was common and recommended never using this brand.

  3. I put a Hartz flea collar on my 6 month old cat, and within two days it has put enough poision into his system to kill him. The ingredients that they use are VERY harmful to cats. They should be taken off the market ABRUPTLY!!!!

  4. I put a hartz flea collar on my 3 year old cat friday night. Monday evening I noticed she had a huge tumor like welt under the collar, which I removed. Washed it with soap and water and now she has a scab and fur missing where the collar was located. I will never ever ever use OTC flea products again.

  5. I came across this site by accident actually. I was trying to figure out how long it would take for the fleas on my cat to die after I’ve put the Hertz collar on her. My cat has worn a flea collar before but can’t recall what brand it was. She had no problems with it. My cat is about 9 years old. How worried should I be and what in the world am i supposed to do if Im not supposed to be using a flea collar?

  6. stephanie,

    look in your phonr book and buy a three month supply of flea/tick liquid medication from a local animal hospital. i did that after finding only hartz products and the hospital told me not to use those and they had had several cats brought in very ill from it. they gave me Frontline for cats but there are probably other okay brandw. I figure they know, they are a pet hospital they want happy customers. they said the liquid is better than the collars.

  7. Wow! Thanks for all of the info. We just purchased 4 flea collars for our dogs and have noticed how lethargic they have become, let alone the itching they are still doing. I took them off right as soon as I seen this web site. Thanks and I will NEVER buy Hartz products again
    Kathy (Indiana)

    1. Hi Ms. Finch, I was just looking at your comment about how a Hartz flea collar affected your dogs and this is why I need to know if your pets were alright after you removed their flea collars.

      The next day after we placed a Hartz flea collar on our dog, a multi-poo she became disoriented and fell off our bed and later started having seizures similar to those of a petite mall epileptic seizure.

      At first I believed it could have been from a concussion or a reaction to the collar so took her to our Vet whose nurse failed to tell him she had fallen so he is of the opinion she is suffering from epilepsy.

      I just now read some of the problems the collar can cause so am taking her back tomorrow to see what she can be treated with to stop any further problems.

      I truly am sorry to bother you with this but I saw your comment so decided to reach out to you to find out if your dogs managed to regain their health.

      She “adopted” us July 3rd, 2018 when she jumped into my truck because of the fireworks, and had obviosly been on her own for awhile as she was covered with several ticks which I removed and then brushed her hair, and since that night she has slept next to my chest and I’m hoping she can continue to do the same for a lot of years to come.

      Any information you have I would deeply appreciate.

      Thank You.

      Larry Whalen

  8. I have a 13 year old mini-pin . We used the hartz drops 2 years ago and he started having siezures, the vet said it was from the drops gave him meds , but we still have to give him phenabarbital to control the siezures he still has . My husband purchased a flea collar and he forgot about Hartz. He put the collar on him last week and now he’s lethargic and can’t hardly walk . I removed the collar 3 days ago and he is slowly returning to normal . If you love your pet do not use Hartz products. Maria Shelton , Norwood, NC

  9. UGH,,,,,,I must say I wish I knew about this website before I bought all of my beautiful loving very sweet cats a hertz collar (thinking I was doing a good thing to help prevent fleas etc…when the go outdoors) August 12, 2009 I bathed mall of my cats and dried them then late that evening I put their new flea collars on them. The next morning I left and did not come back later in the day and came home to the most horrifying scene I have ever seen in my life, at first I seen blue my very large male cat shacking severely as if he was very cold and he was foaming at the mouth, I ran to him and his whole body was tensing up, I then turned and seen two of my females (one female stray that we took in that was a new mommy to 3 newborn kittens) they were on our floor going into what at the time I thought was convulsions or a seizer, I was terrified crying my 5 children screaming and crying as well…I called the emergency vet hospital described their symptoms to them and they ask me “if I had used presently any new flea or tick product on them, I said oh no nothing powders or drops, just got them all a new a flea collar,” “she said take it off now and get here as soon as you can”! I did just that as my children and husband help me to round up all of our cats, we could not find one of our female cats and as my husband and children searched for her I gave all of the cats a bath in dawn dishwashing liquid, sadly we were unable to find our other female cat tootsie roll, so I couldn’t wait any longer and I rushed the cats I had to the ER Vet hospital and they took them back and came back to tell me they were really ill & ask me what type of flea collar did i get them all, i told tham hartz at my local krogers, TO MAKE A LONGER STORY SHORTER….I just now picked up my cats from the ER Vet hospital and picked up two of my ctas, they are still having muscle tremors from the collars i put on them, they almost died!:0( I am sitting here watching the mommy kitten jerk and twitch still extremely ill from this and i am left to bottle feed her 3 baby kittens until she gets well (if she ever does). Our male cat “Blue” died as with Our boy “Boots” we could not find before we left our home to go to the ER VET hospital, and another of our little girls in also twitching and jerking and also has to be on a strong mucsle relaxer to control all of the muscle spasams. we feel soemthing MUST be done about this!:0( Our five daughters, my husband and I are still going through and having to deal with all of this, it just happend yesterday not even two days ago and we are out alot of money on vet bills and having to NOW deal with the death of two cats, and teh illness of cats that have so far servived. How could they continue to do this to people and their beloved animals? Please help me and mty family make thsi company who makes Hartz pay for all of teh families that ahve lost their beloved animals. Please beware!

    1. Omg, I am a mommy of 13 cats and three dogs. I am so upset for you. You need to contact a lawyer that will assist you in sueing this company. I have never used collars only because meds around the neck sounded wrong to me. I live in Florida but if there is something I can do even just to talk let me know. My heart goes out to you and your family. You also may want to do a donation site on Facebook. I found my dog April two busted legs and heart worm. We had no funds to help Dora, but thank goodness for fb people that I barely know helped me to save her life. It can’t hurt to check it out. I’ll pray for those fur babies. Be strong.

      1. I never knew how compassionate & supportive pet parents are. This year started out a nightmare for me. Fast forward, now we all have experienced the wrath of 2020. 01/01/20 my Shih Tzu was taken from my backyard. Other than losing my brother,who was my best friend, I haven’t cried or felt so depressed about a loved one. After a very long week & a half I halfheartedly checked my local animal shelter again. Not really expecting much, I couldn’t believe my Max was there! Id been so miserable I had to confirm with my daughter it was actually my baby! I was so hysterical I thought my wanted him so made me hallucinate! Immediately. I drove across town to get him. With the good sometimes comes misfortune. While missing I believe he escaped his captors. But running away he was struck by a car & his leg was broken! My regular Vet referred me to Walnut Grove Animal Clinic because they have no orthopaedic options. Dr. Slattery is an angel! He truly chose the right profession. That Wednesday he scheduled Max for surgery on Friday & put me on a payment plan. Without my asking or suggesting it! I was looking at my calendar planning my finances to see about the next week or 2 but he said no! He didn’t want to wait that long. Of course that bone starts to set like that. Today I can’t tell it was ever broken. It tore at my heart to see him hopping & limping on his leg. Well, that long story (which is longer) is to say I’m not sure where you are but I’m in Memphis,Tn. Just as the previous post stated though there are programs that offer grants &/or loans to assist pet parents with finances for medical needs. My apologies I don’t have all the exact names. Pawboost offered me so much support & I wanted to pay it forward by passing this info along. Try Pawboost & for certain if you go online & search medical grants for pets several will populate. I certainly hope this helps you with your babies. I honestly know how it feels when you want to make them feel better. Peace & Prosperity

  10. My main disappointment was that these products weren’t working. All 3 animals were getting itchier despite treatment, and my beloved Boyfriend the cat stank to high heaven from the flea collar. I went to my vet about the problem, to see if she could recommend something that would work and actually get rid of the fleas. She immediately told me the dangers of Hartz brand products and I purchased the FDA approved, SAFE and EFFECTIVE Advantage brand medicines for all 3 animals. There is a coupon on thier site for a free dose if you purchase 4.

    When I got home I rushed to remove Boyfriend’s flea collar and was in disbelief- he had sores all around his neck and the inside of the collar was slick with oozing irritation when I removed it. I should say that I also noticed that my cat was just… sad. So, so sad and stinky from the flea collar and very lethargic. He’s already perking up, but I feel so awful for putting him through a month of this pain without knowing, and assuming this product was safe.

    My next step will be to contact Kroger’s about not carrying these dangerous products any longer.

  11. i used a puppy flea collar for my dog and im so glade i found this website the same day i put it on my dog he started to get really sick and did not want to eat play or get out of bed dont use this product it could kill your animal.

  12. OMG… this website must be a godsent!!… i was shopiing for my 5 cats flea collars, when i stumbled across thi site. I have always used hartz collar and recently i noticed mt cats had fleas. So as usual i went online and purchased the color collars like i always have.. well i had previous notice my oldest cat pulling out all his fur shortly after i gave him his new flea collar. After i started reading the stories i noticed all my cats have the spots on them. all this time i thought my oldest was just old and balding or that the fleas were making him pull his fur.. Now i see this the darn collar.. Any suits please let me know my 5 kids were in GREAT dnger thanks to this company!!!!

  13. I used this on my American short hair cat and she started acting weird, hiding under my dresser or in my closet and then last night in my entertainment system behind the DVR and was there until a few hours ago. she refuses to eat or move from one spot. she is blind after having the collar on for 3 days

  14. Wow this is so wierd, I never knew flea collars were so dangerous. Thank goodness I came across this website. I noticed the other day my cat had fleas so I went I got a Hartz flea collar unware of these side effects I have been reading. We put the flea collar on him, then we went down to the pool, BBQ and came back, we noticed he was acting extremely out of his character. He was bouncing around then pausing then would move again, not like playing like he usually does, he would go into hiding and not come out. It was wierd enough that we decided something was different. So I looked up “side effects from flea collars” and came across this website. He only had it on for half day and he changed extremely within a few hours of having it on. After reading these comments I immediately took the flea collar off. He since has been acting better. This website may have saved his life.

  15. My dog died last fall after having an allergic reaction to Hartz topical flea medicine. At the time my vet claimed that she did not believe the two were connected. According to her there was no explanation for my dog’s death. About three months ago my husband purchased a flea collar (hartz) for our cat, I didnt ask which one until recently. My cat has now lost all of his hair around his neck, thankfully, he is still very healthy besides looking like a lion. I have sworn off all flea medicines….I am sticking to natural approaches.

  16. Wow i’m glad i found this because my cat just came up to my friend about 20 minutes ago and i saw a redsih brown spot i thought there was something that wasn’t right when i grabbed him up and looked at him he had massive fur missing as well as skin that was really nasty looking and had been bleeding

  17. Oh my goodness. Thank the Lord I ran across this site. I’m a cat owner but wound up with a dog a few months ago. I purchased shampoo for the dog because he had a terrible odor. The shampoo did nothing so I found another one and used that instead.
    The odor eventually went away and we quit giving him baths as often. Well tonight my son decided to give Rico a bath. I grabbed the Hartz shampoo (my first purchase that I only used once because it did not get rid of the smell) and gave it to my son. He put shampoo in the bath water and on Rico….patches of hair has come off of him. I thought it might be fleas so I came on-line to look up flea collars. I just ran across this site and told my son to bring the shampoo. It’s hartz. He had already put it in the trash because it had a hole in the bottom. I’m so sorry for the loss of all of the animals because of this company. To you that created this site thank you. I will go online and order frontline for fleas.

  18. I have many cats and put Hartz collars on all of them before I found this site. Today I have one cat that fell to the floor…his pupils were dilated and now he lethargic. Another cat has blood in his urine, another is not himself…he seems frightened and another one has breathing problems. I rounded all of them up and removed the lethal pieces of garbage. I will call my vet Monday…..Hartz will also get a call from me. I will be returning all collars back to Walmart along with this information.
    How do I get in on this lawsuit? I am so sickened by this….my poor babies.

  19. I would be happy to join a lawsuit. My pet dog of almost 4 years just passed away 3 days after using Hartz ultra guard flea and tick collar. I have 3 young children that had to witness my dog suffer. Something needs to be done so this does not happen to any moe families…

  20. MY GOD… I have to echo what I have found here. I have a Ragdoll with beautiful long hair that after less than a month is now severely bald around the neck after wearing a Hartz flea collar. She keeps rubbing her neck on the floor and I noticed her hair had begun to matt in the area. upon removing the collar I saw that tufts of hair were and have continued to fall from her neck and she has been crying all day and night. These people should be sued.

  21. I’m glad I found this website! I bought our cats the flea collars and they were itching a lot more than usual (at the collar) for the past week-and-a-half. Once I read these stories I immediately took them off! Saving a little money isn’t worth the health of our animals.

  22. I have been reading some of these story’s and I am shocked! I have been using harts both 2n1 shampoo as well as the harts ultra plus flee collar for the 5 years that we have had are Staffordshire terrier! We give her a bath every 16 to 20 days. She is a female and loves her bathing time! What I don’t understand is why she still has flea’s! She has a brown spot on her neck that looks likest rust stain. She is brindle but her neck is all white. The flea collar is just 5 weeks old. We love our nakita as if she was our only child, and we try our best to keep her happy clean and free from the fleas ticks worms! Im confused as to why a company that has been in business this long would be dealing with things like this!

  23. OMG Do NOT use any hartz products THEY ALMOST KILLED my 7
    month old sweetheart kitten who adores everything 3 hrs after i put the hartz flea coller on her she had a seziure luckily i got her to the animal hospital just in time. Hartz alnist killed my sweet babyface fluffy kitten. Never NEVER buy Hartz

  24. Oh God, I’m so glad I’ve found this site.
    I just put a collar on my 3 month old kitten today!
    I’m going to take it off immediately when I get home!

  25. About a week ago I went out and bought a couple of Hartz flea collars for my cat, as I noticed one of my cats was scratching more than usual, and even though they are not outside cats thought maybe we brought them into the house. A couple of days later I noticed my poor cat was scratcing more than he was before. I picked up and started petting him and decided I would rub his neck underneath the collar. When I started to rub him I felt something wet. I removed the collar to find him missing clups of fur his neck raw and bleeding. I immediately took the collar off and washed his neck to remove any trace left over from the collar. I went on the internet to see if anyone else had this problem and was horrified when I saw the results. I am absolutely appauled that a well know pet supplying company such as Hartz has been supplying these flea collars to the public for their very cherished pets. I will never ever buy another Hartz product again and if I knew of this before I would never have bought this for them. I thank god nothing happened to my other cat, but it breaks my heart everyday to see him like this it looks like it really hurts. If anyone knows of any home remedies or what steps I need to take next would be very helpful. My animals are a part of our family and we love them so much and hate to see them hurting.

  26. I have been up since 5am researching every possible option as to why my yorkie has developed huge bumps all over his body over a 24 hour period since treating his flea condition. After his medicated bath and grooming I have bought him all new bedding matts and anti itch medication for his flea bites including the preventative product of hartz flea collar. The couple of sites where I put the anti itch ointment (not a hartz branded product) have gotten better but now his entire body is bumpy. After reading all these posts I realize that since putting on the hartz flea collar nearly 24 hours ago he developed these symptoms. I am rushing him to his vet as soon as they open at 9. Please do not use these products. Clearly something is off with this company if there have been so many incidents. I will not be using this collar on my other dog or any hartz products ever again.

  27. I am so sorry to hear about all the lost loved ones, and so thankful I found this website! I had just put Hartz flea collars on my precious cats and beloved dog and was looking online to see if I could use the Hartz flea drops on them at the same time, when I saw this. I had heard their sales reps were unethical, but I had no idea their products were LETHAL! I immediately removed the flea collars and will not even open the drops! You folks may have saved my children and me from tremendous heartbreak. I hope you sue them and win!

  28. Used the flea and tick spray oN my dog and he was temporarily paralyzed,he barely moved for days and wouldn’t eat. After a few days it wore off and he was back to normal but it was still very scary

    1. I have a 8year ago Jack Russell that reached the same paralyzed state after a bath I put a new Hartz flea collar on him. The side effects are scary to say the least! It did get better. Then My 3yr old female did the same after appling Hartz Amor Flea drops. I want some answers!

  29. Hi, my cat is now at the vet recovering from kidney problems. Has anybody’s pet come up with kidney failure after wearing the flea collar? She also exhibited hair pulling, depression, vomiting, paralysis, and dilated pupils. Please everybody, join the class action lawsuit! Peace out and love to you and all your furry friends. Netanya

  30. It is now January 11th and my precious 13 year old female JuJuBean had to be put to sleep. She was a mama’s girl, she would always sit on my lap every chance she got. If I was in the house, she would be in, if I was outside, she would be outside. The ONLY consolation I have is I gave her a good life for 13 years, but I feel I killed her.

  31. So glad I found this website early. I put a Hartz collar from the grocery store on my baby kitten and had a hunch I should look up information about what I was putting on him exactly. I found this website and took it off him right away. I feel terrible for all the cats and dogs who suffered because of these collars, my heart goes out to you all.

  32. OMG this is so scary. I just got one of these flea collars yesterday and today, after I put it on my car, she started acting very strange. I thought it was weird and I looked to see if anyone had the same reaction. So happy I found this site. This cat is one of my close friends and I’m taking care of her for them. They love her very much and so do I. Sorry to anyone who lost peta because of this. Are the flea sprays and shampoos bad too?

  33. My 1yr old Weimaraner had a grand mal seizure after wearing a Hartz flea and tick collar for three days! It was a terrifying experience and the poor dog was dazed and confused for hours afterward! vet said she’ s seen this before with these collar and recommended never using them again!

  34. We’ve used Hartz products before on our three cats, but we tried a different flea collar from them this time. I noticed that my cat started acting strange almost immediately. He always comes when I call him, just like a dog. Meows constantly to make sure we hear his opinion, cuddles and plays with me always. He began to run away from me, like I was going to hurt him. He would hide for hours. The next day, today to be exact, I offered him some cat treats and he refused them. That’s when I knew something was wrong. He can hear those treats from all the way upstairs. He’d never refuse them willingly. I got right online and found this site. I just hope I’m not too late. I got that piece of sh*t collar off so quickly. I was so upset and I still am. He’s acting much better, but he’s still keeping his distance from me and that fightens me. This cat is my absolute saving grace, and if I lose him, I don’t know what I’d do. He only had the collar on for 24 hours, but could something really serious happen that soon? He has two burn type sores under his neck from that collar. I want to cry again even now. I can’t afford a vet visit, which is why I resulted to buying these cheap, walmart collars. Hartz is going to hear it from me tomorrow. I hope they all rot, everyone involved with these products. These helpless little darlings of ours. God bless all of your beloved friends.

  35. Yorkie, 1yr old got very sick after using Hartz flea collar. thought we we doing the right thing by protecting our pet. the running around, the playing, the fetching ALL STOPPED 1 day after using it. thought maybe it was just something he ate, but after reading the horror stories here, i know why now. I feel horrible that i put my dog thru this..hope he recovers quickly…breaking my heart…these companies know this crap happens, yet do nothing. NEVER BUYING ANYTHING FROM HARTZ AGAIN

  36. i had bought a drop flea treament (not Hartz) & my beautiful ragdoll had some bad reactions so i was planning today to try a flea collar instead, & of course Hartz has best value buy not going to buy after reading all these comments, i cant even put a value of what my Choloe means to me. Thank you all for comments or i would have never known. I’m so sorry to those of you who have had such terrible things happen to your pets, but because of you i found out in time. I pray that all of you find healing that you just saved another cat from such “torture”.

  37. I got Hartz flea collars for my two cats. The next day my snowshoe cat had severe hair loss where the collar was, and when I took it off his neck was raw. I assumed it was just an allergy. Today, he has a large tumor-like lump on the spot where the collar was. I checked my other cat, and he had hair loss as well. I took his collar off and found that his skin was raw and oozing too. I’m SO mad about this! Hartz will definately be hearing from me. If there is a lawsuit in Indiana going on about this, please let me know.

  38. I came to look up if I could put a flea collar on my dog even though he has scabs and sores around his neck. I haven’t found an answer but I came across this site. Reading all of the things people have gone through my mind is baffled. I was thought to myself ‘well i am not getting a Hartz flea collar’ until I read that someones pet had a reaction to the shampoo as well. About a month and a half ago my dog started itching really bad. I have 3 dogs and it was just one. I gave him a bath because I saw a flea. I bathed him and one of the other dogs with Hartz. I assumed their fleas just got worse. So I bathed the same two again 10 days later it’s been about 3 weeks and they’ve gotten worse. Both of the dogs hair has thinned really bad and he has sores all over his body. He is constantly itching. One of my dogs is scheduled for surgery soon because he has a tumor under his rib. I was worried if the surgery was going to have to be put on hold because of the flea but when bathing him, there is maybe 3 or 4 fleas that fall off. Definitely not enough to have him look the way he does. The other dog who has not had a flea bath has not itched 1 time. My sister just went out to by original Dawn shampoo to hopefully help they feel better. I had never had a problem with Hartz before. Years ago we used flea collars for the 2 dogs and 2 cats we had as this is the only brand that our closest store, Walmart, sells. I spend about $30 in a cab to go to Walmart and going to PetSmart (the only ‘pet friendly’ store in my area) would be about $50. I think I am going to stick with Dawn dish soap from now on as the Vet said this is the best and is even gentle enough be used on newborn puppies/kittens who are infested.

  39. I’m so glad I found this website I noticed my female cat raven had a large infection oozing bump on her jaw I was looking online to find out what it was when I lfound this website and realized her flea collar that i just bought and put on them 2 days ago was a hartz collar I’m worried because I also used the drops on both my cats and I can’t afford a vet what should I do.!!? Please help

  40. Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought Hartz Flea and tick collar for cats and kittens!! It nearly killed my cat!!!!!!! I bathed my 13yr old indoor/outdoor cat and dried her. This was the 3rd time in 6 months I found her with fleas so I decided to try to use a flea collar. Why not? Keeps fleas away for 7 months?? Hartz has been around forever and I NEVER heard of any dangers. Unfortunately, I caught her suymptoms late because we were having a heat wave which I thought was causing her laziness. Then she didn’t want to come in, didn’t want to eat, she was not nagging me as usual, even in the cooler evening. She slept out which was unusual. The next day she cuold barely open her eyes and could barely walk. Extremely listless. I found this site and it probably saved my cat. After her wearing it for about 30 hours, I took off her new collar, washed her, and waited for three days now. She is finally returning to normal, but still showing signs of lack of appetite etc. She never did drool or have her hair falling out. She was totally poisoned though. She could barely stand up!! I cat that is active and healthy!! Almost died. I feel so guilty about not knowing the dangers. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!

  41. A few years ago we adopted a cute little Hemmingway cat, he was a orange tabby, and very playful, we called him Brawn. after a month of having him I purchased a bottle of hartz kitten flea bath soap. I had given my other cats a bath with another brand, but had ran out. Picked it up at a local store at a good price. A few days after giving him a bath he became lethargic, then one morning found him in the bathroom, shivering, and extremely weak. Took him to the vet, they gave him some medication and fluids, however upon further inspection we found out that his liver had shut down, its hard to put into words the pain as watching something you love dying before you. WE had to put him down. All I can think is all I did was give him a bath, and it killed the most playful, loveable kitten.

  42. I have just recently discovered my poor cats unfortunate situation with this very product. I got my two kittens the flea collars around 4 months ago and just recently started smelling an odor from one of my cats as if it had rolled in something very stinky (they’re inside cats) and knee something must have been wrong. I then decided to give him a bath and in return discovered a mat of hair covering a horrifying hole in his neck from the collar. I will never ever buy any products from Hartz and will be letting my other furparents know

  43. I just noticed my cat has lost fur around neck where the Hartz collar was, it also was bleeding from her rear end when she pooped. I now think the bleeding was related to the collar. Our other cat send to be doing fine, but mine was not. Never buying that product again.

  44. I lost my cat Charley Vladmir to Hartz over this past summer, Charly he was my beloved cat he helped detect the cancer in my mom early so she could stop it before it got worse. I don’t even know how this company even exists still to this to have no empathy or care in the world for what your products can do to pets. It hurts more than anything to know that the cat whom you adopted from a shelter not only died young but you were too late. He just stopped eating he wouldn’t eat for four days before he died, I had no idea what to do.
    It hurt to know that I couldn’t just walk to the vet I had no means to as much as I wanted to, what makes it worse he died in pain. If any company has that kind of reckless abandon on pets or callousness towards the lives it may take. This callousness also includes the fact that pets can’t tell us in our language what’s wrong, if they feel sick or are too hot or the like. They speak in a way we can’t understand so easy and if I would have known about this website sooner I wouldn’t have let him wear the flea collar. I would have taken the collar off right after my parent’s put it on him. My other cat Mr. Cuddles managed to live on but he wasn’t right after Charly died, Cuddles hadn’t I taken the collar off when I did he would have followed Charly into the hereafter.Even now several months later he’s crying over his friend I don’t blame him it was a hard blow because he was younger than Cuddles. I won’t hold it against him I never would either way if he never does get over it.
    A company that simply doesn’t care for the welfare of pets shouldn’t have started as a pet product company at all.
    I still blame myself for not knowing about this. He was the best mouser I ever knew and my very best friend.

  45. I just went to Walmart and purchased a hartz collar for my cat. Within 5 minutes of me putting it in her she became very lethargic & began acting strange and scared of me. I left collar on for about 10 minutes until I found this site. I’m going to bath her and hopefully that will fix her behaviour. Who’s ready for a class action lawsuit?

  46. My teacup chihuahua is 7montha old and jack Russel is 10 weeks both had allergic reactions we almost lost our babies the chihuahua had swollen eyes couldn’t breathe coughing itchy water eyes same w the jack Russel gave the puppy 1/4 mil children’s Benadryl as recommended by the vet swelling has gone down but my babies still don’t feel good 🙁 this company needs to be off the market and the product s it’s evil and hurts innocent animals

  47. This is unbelievable! I was sitting here thinking what has changed or what did I do differently with my Havana Brown cat… I knew she was sick and acting out of the norm but couldn’t think exactly what it could be. After coming across this site I know this HAS to be the problem. I put a 7 month collar on her 2 days ago and THAT’S when things changed. I’ve removed it now, but I’m still concerned for her. I’ll keep an eye on her for improvements. This is just terrible!!!

  48. Our cats Got fleas this summer. So like any good pet owner, we went strait to the pet store to purchase the needed products to rid our poor cats of these damn fleas. We have 3 cats… Front line wanted $60+ a peice for their flea collars… Now 60×3 was way out of my price range unfortunately, so we went for the HARTZ flea collars and drops. Seeing as this company was familiar I felt if it’s on the shelves as long as we use them correctly, our kitties should be safe.
    After we put said flea collars on, our youngest cat Marvin started to act very withdrawn and just over all looked depressed.. Considering we had just bathed them I assumed he was just cranky that his fur was a bit ruffled… But as the days went by his health declined steadily. After about 4-5 days I noticed his neck was very red and irritated and hot to the touch…immediately I took off the collars on all of our cats. Sadly Marvins neck got much worse very rapidly. The once just red and sore neck turned into open sores and scabs, and his temp spiked to over 106 degrees… He just stayed the night at our vet receiving IV fluids and also was given a high dose of allergy medicine.. We will find out today if we can bring him home.
    This product needs to be off the shelves and this company needs to do something about these horrible products. Thank GOD we didn’t use the drops as well. I don’t want to know what would have happened had we not caught it when we did!! Please tell all of your friends and family who have pets! HARTZ products are dangerous!



    1. It’s killing my old boxer who still had a lot of life in her. When I bought this collar in July for her fleas she started having problems and I took the collar off but the damage is irreversible. She is declining. She was fine and her perky, and bouncy self before this collar. Now, I’m watching her die. Something has got to be done.

  50. I will never use hartz flea and tick collars for cats ever again my cats now have a sore ring around their necks. I’m so pissed I just put the collard on. Hartz really needs to get their stuff off the shelves or figure out what is causing this harm to these poor fur babies. I really hate what my poor cats are going through.

  51. I had my kitten almost die today due to a Hartz flea collar. He was lethargic and gortggy after an hour of Havi g it in. I took a nap and woke up he was almost dead. I called animal poison control. They told me to give him a mild bath with Dawn and a a small dose of liquid children’s benedryl. I watched his breathing for hours. He is finally up and walking. Never again Hartz.

  52. I bought 10 flea collars from Hartz they don’t work, and most of them lost their hair around their necks, I would like a reimbursement.

  53. This is still happening. Just purchased the Hartz Ultra Gaurd Plus with Reflect-X cat flea collar on 9/22/19 from Meijer. i noticed 3 days (10/1/19) ago all around my cats neck under the collar, blood/scabs/seeping, hair loss and lesions. i had no idea these were dangerous until my vet told me it was a chemical burn. You would think after all these years they would be off the market, or make their product safer. I emailed the company, and will continue to reach out to them until i get a response from them.

  54. I just found this site and now I know what’s wrong with my cat I feel terrible I bought this product with confidence and put it on a innocent animal that has no voice and now he has major wounds this is so fucked up

  55. I’m struggling with this now. I got a hartz flea collar for my rat terrier last thursday(it’s saturday now) and last night my little guy was shaking and vomiting constantly and probably hasn’t eaten since thursday night. I took the collar off last night, and today he’s still a little out of it. It’s 2pm now and he’s starting to come around somewhat but let me tell you, it is scary considering how much powder was on my hands when i unpacked it, and my dog is less than ten pounds. What are they thinking giving the same amount to a tiny dog as a large dog, with the only difference between the size packages being the length?

    I’m going to do -something- about this. No one should have to lose a beloved pet due to company negligence and greed when all we are trying to do is care for them. I’ll post back again when I think of something. I don’t know how active this page is, but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a reply.

    1. August 1, 2020 – I put the Hartz flea collar on my my older Boxer and the next day she had a seizure we believe as my husband was watching her. I left it on a few more days as I just thought it’s her age even though she hadn’t done that before. A week or less later the collar fell off and I left it off. She has not been the same. She is drinking a lot of water and not her bouncy self. She is quiet and at times not walking right. She also seems like she has lost some vision. My heart is broke. I don’t recommend Hart’s.

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