what can we do

My weimeraner dog should have to go through the hell he is going through, a weimeraner is a very active dog and now he can hardly stand after giving him the sergeants gold flea drops, we are both on unemployment so cannot afford to take him to the vet, we have heard that the only thing we can do is try and flush him out, and that is not a guarantee that he will not have lifelong effects because hartz is too stupid to realize that their product is killing animals!! The whole damn company should be blown to hell!!  I will not use hartz product again and am working diligently to let the world know not to buy any hartz products.  I have contacted the local news company, but that is not doing my dog anygood, the damage has been done.  Two weeks after applying the product the dog became lethargic, which is highly unusual for these dogs. The next day the twitching and spasms began and he stopped wanting to eat or drink. After collapsing and hardly able to get up we took him to the emergency vet center, after one look at my dog the vet already knew what had happened, it was actually the first question the vet asked “what flea treatment are you using”, after we told the vet seargeants gold flea drops, the vet said the dog had been poisoned, and recommended a full blood work up, iv treatments.  Since we are both unemployed and could not afford the treatment we had to refuse the treatment and took our dog home to force liquids and food down him. I even went to the local head shop and bought some daily cleanse detox for him.  Surprisingly after the first triple dose (usual dosage is one pill three times a day, i gave the dog 3 pills at once to get it going), anyway after the first triple dose he took a nap and the first thing he did when he woke up was drink a full bowl of chicken broth and he could actually stand up (very wobbly but he could stand!), so I am still giving him the daily cleanse and force feeding/drinking, along with benedryl (allergies),  he is still having his  bad moments, but he does perk up every once in a while.  I hope he pulls through, he is not having diarrhea or vomiting, but is very weak and still falls out when walking, twice when he was trying to urinate, he even wagged his tail last night.  Please keep me informed if there is something else I could be doing or if anyone has any success stories.  My email is [email protected] .     the only thing i know to do is keep him drinking and flushing him out, i am thinking of trying echinacea, is there any hope out there?

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