hartz not good

I have a cat her name is missy and she is just over 12 weeks old.

I went to walmart and purchased hartz one spot flea killer for cats and one for dogs as well as flea callors and spray and shampoo as we were having a lot of problems with fleas at our house this year 2009.

so I got this stuff and used this on my cat just one drop is all I used on her and 2 days later she would not eat or drink and she could not walk.

she was shakin so bad as if she had been left out side all day or just had a bath.

so I called my vet and they said to bring her in right away so I did and now they have to keep her over night and try medication and IV on her to try and make her better.

I just hope I dont lose her over this or that it damages her at all.

this is not fair that any one should have to deal with this from useing some thing that a lot of people believe in and know I will not use hartz at all any more and if there is some thing we can do about it could some one please email me and let me know.

my email is [email protected]

thanks to all

Hartz has no heart

When I put Hartz flea medicine on Babise ( my service cat), he began crying and mewling, his eyes were watering, it burned babise so badly he cried for the better part of an hour. I tried to get some off of him but I had to let it be. I was hurting him worse. He somehow managed to get some in his mouth and he was foaming as though rabid, perhaps as though he had eaten a piece of alka-seltzer. It was very upsetting and scary for both of us. Not to mention painful. His poor neck and my poor arms. Rinsing out a cats mouth is not an endeavor to take on lightly, you will get hurt, how badly depends on how fast you can get out of their way once youve finished. I bought one for my cat and one for my miniature chiuahuah. The medicine caused her to have convultions, vomit, have seziures and then become paralyzed from the neck down. After more than 12 hrs of her howling from the pain, I could take no more. I had been holding and criyng with, my 4lb dog for too long. I decided to put her to sleep but since I couldn’t afford a vet, I used my sleeping medicine Ambien. She woke up 4 hrs later doing a little better so I gave her a little more and she woke 4hrs later. She had stopped howling and crying and within a few hrs was eating and drinking on her own. Miricales do happen

Silky Terrier Poisoned by Sergeant’s Gold 1/10/09

Last night we used Sargent’s Gold.  Three hours later I awoked to him agitated, rolling around, scratching and salivating like crazy.  It was like he had stuck his face in a bowl of water.  After consulting with my husband and our eldest we called the vet.  The vet told us to go to a 24 hour vet and gave us a contact.  We drove 10 miles to another town and were at the vet unti 1:15 in the morning.   We had to leave him there.   It cost us $420 and major trauma for our dog that doesn’t like anyone else except his family.  We brought him home today and he’s not totatlly 100% but he’s supposed to get all the way better soon.  Please tell everyone you meet about these posts.  I would NEVER have believed it had I not lived it.  I would have thought these posts were exaggerations.  NOT TRUE.  THEY ARE TRUE and SCARY!  Class Action Anyone?

My Cat Mikki

I used Hartz on my 9 year old cat Mikki and a few days later he was lethargic and made the most horrible meow I have ever heard. I immediatley took him to the vet. I was told that he was poisoned by the flea medicine and was as close to death as he could get and this was not the first case they had. It was at least the 10th case they have had in 3 months. We were lucky, others had died. We were able to bring him home a few days later. Unfortunately, he is now back at the vets again. This time with a complication due to the poisoning. He now has a liver problem and has been at the vets for over a week. They say he should make a full recovery. I feel blessed that I have such a great vet. Others have not been so lucky. It is horrible that these products are still on the market.

Your pets are an extension of your family. They provide unconditional love and friendship. I feel for every single person that has lost a member of their family due to these harmful products.


After losing my cat tigger to hartz, im and very nervous about any flea and tick treatment…i was wondering if anyone out there knows or has used revolution? I havent heard anything bad about it, but if there is something I need to know could you give me the information? it would be for my 6lbs chi.

My Punky


I have three 14 1/2  year old cats that I love dearly. I bought some flea medicine Monday 01/05/2009 and put it on them, I’m not sure of the brand I think it was Hartz I got it from a Dollar General Store, and last night 01/06/2009 before i came to work when I woke up at 9p.m. one of my babies was having a seizure, I immediatelly called the vet and he said to bring him he would meet me there. He said it was the flea medicine that was doing it. So right now I’m at work and I was researching on flea medicines and i found this website and it has made me sick that these companies are still selling these products and it’s killing all these animals. I don’t know if my baby is still alive or not I want know until I get off and the vet opens back up in a few hours. I don’t know why it took longer for it to affect him than it did other cat stories that i’ve been reading but he has all the same symptoms as they do. If there is anything that I can do to help get this POISON off the shelves someone please let me know.

dog in pain

we used the sergeants gold and my small dog has been in pain i bathed her but she looks paranoid she hides and cries and is constantly rolloing over how until this passes this really sucks we just found this dog and we havent got it registered or nothing this product should be off the shelf

A request for photos

Gigi wrote in to ask:

Two of my cats were victims of Hartz, but I posted about it on your site when it happened several months ago. I also run an animal welfare/pet blog. I’m currently compiling info, photos, and clips about Hartz & its victims to create an anti-Hartz video. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make a post on your site asking for anyone with animals that have been victims (either illness or death) of Hartz to please contact me with pictures of their animal(s) to include in the video. The pictures do not have to be of the animal when affected by Hartz.  If people would like to have their animal included, they can just send a picture of their animal in happier/healthier times (or while affected by Hartz) to me at [email protected] I’d also like them to include the animal’s name if possible. I already have the permission to use all pictures at Hartz Victims Quilt. I already have many pictures, but I think the more pictures I can get, the greater the impact. I just don’t think people quite get the seriousness and danger of that poison! Again, if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!

lucky,junior,and baby

lucky was a sweet calico that i got when she found her way into the factory i work at, i brought her homae and cleaned her up .and had her for about a year and a half. some friends were staying with us for awhile and decided to put her out side when I went to another state on vacation because it was easier than changing the litter box, she got pregnant by Buster, a large grey himilayan that adopted our yard as his area. he was later killed by some a**hole neighbors giving him antifreeze. Lucky only had one kitten, which we named junior because he looked exactly like his father.Baby was a very young stray that was brought home by our kids they found on the way home from school.while Lucky was outside she got fleas,pretty bad, she was given a bath with hartz flea and tick shampoo and seemed to be okay(i didn’t know about any of these problems) junior got a taste of the “shampoo” as he was feeding and he wound up dying within a day(poor little guy went into convulsions and died in my lap. Lucky became very lethargic, i thought this was due to losing her only child,and she held on for a few more days, becoming much skinnier than she already was.and having yet another member of my family die in my arms when i came home from work. and finally Baby, loved curling up with Lucky but never tried suckling from her, and apparently this close contact between them caused yet another kitten to die very quickly. I wish I knew the “animal loving” companies product did this before i gave one cat a bath and lost all 3.