I have a 5 month old kitten who I just found fleas on yesterday.So I went to my local Walmart and bought Hartz flea medicine to solve the problem before it got out of control.About a half and hour later she started laying around,hideing and acting ill.She is a very lovable cat, total lap cat but everytime I went near her she would run and when she was near me she would just shake.I read all the comments on this web page and immediatly washed her off the best I could.Today she is 50% better than yesterday.She still doesn’t want to be held but is acting more normal today.I will never buy this brand again.I also bought home spray and ear mite medicine and Im not so sure about those either.Live and learn thank goodness I learnt before it was to late like some of this brands victims.

Hartz Ultra Guard kills Pomeranian

Yes that’s right on Monday 11-17-08 I applied Hartz ultra guard flea and tickdrops to our brand new addition to our family, Scooter, a Toy pomeranian weighing about 4.5 lbs. I gave him the 4 to 12 pound dose as directed. By the next day he was acting strange but we didn’t think much about it. Over the next couple of days he was acting more and more strange. This is our first experience with an inside dog, and we had never had to use this type of product before. We thought we were helping him by getting rid of the fleas. We did not even think that it could be the flea drops killing him. By Friday it was apparent that things were not going to get any better. My wife took him to the vet and they started around the clock care until Sunday morning when we had to make the decision to put him down. He weighed less than 2 lbs by this time. Apparently it attacked his nervous system and he would not respond treatment I can’t believe that any company would sell this stuff even if it rarely kills animals. My wife, 15 year old son and I are totally heart broken over the loss of this family member. Scooter will always be remember.

We miss you

Robert Theresa and Matt


I had bought thi sproduct at Wal-mart after seeing a flea on my cat. I followed the directions on the package and shortly after wards my cat was acting very strange. He was licking his back, running around the house, hiding in dark spot, panting very badly, his heart was beating very fastly, shaking and his eyes were as big as they could be. I was very concerned right way and was not sure what to do. that is wehn i went to google and typed in Hartz flea treatment and found this site. I was horrified!! I could not believe what this site was saying about Hartz products. Rite away i went and washed my cat with soap and lots of water. He was still acting strange though. It tooks hours for him to calm down and begin to act like his normal self.

I can not beieve that this product is allowed to be sold in stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hartz Ultra Guard Flea & Tick Spray

One word. Wow. For those who have used Hartz products and have suffered or seen the effects of it can all agree in asking the question “Why is this stuff still on store shelves?”

I recently found out that my 2 month old puppy Mei had fleas. I was able to get some of them out with just my hands, but I decided I wasn’t going to let her outside  until I got some kind of flea product for her. I should have checked online for reviews.

As soon as I got home, I sprayed 5 clicks onto her and noticed that she was acting funny. She was rolling on the ground and clawing the air as if there was something on her back that wouldn’t come off. I quickly went online and googled “hartz spray puppy” and saw that one of the links said “BEWARE.” I was shocked to find an entire site focused on Hartz products victims. I bathed my Mei immediately and noticed that she had stopped reaching for her back. Thank goodness I found this site.

So for those of you planning on buying any Hartz product whatsoever, the bottom line is DO NOT BUY ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS WHATSOEVER. For those who have already bought and used it which lead to you arriving at this site, bathe your dog or cat RIGHT NOW before he/she decides to clean his/herself.

SGT. Gold Plus…

Yesterday I bought this stuff in effort to save money on flea and tick control…. After about an hour of applying it to my yorkie-poo, he began to drool and run around crazily. I knew very quickly it was the flea product. ( he was fine before the application) I immediately gave him a bath hoping to wash some of the chemicals. He began scratching like crazy and hard enough his fur was falling out. I bought bought benadryll hoping it would bring him some comfort through out the night… Needless to say, it was a long night… I brushed my dog while he layed on me the entire night and if I stopped he would dig at his skin….He is acting a little better now, but next to parvo virus.. this was the worst thing I have ever seen an animal go through.. I can not believe it is sold and andverstised to be the best….

My 3 Cockapoos

Friday evening I applied Sargeants Gold Flea and Tick to my 3 cockapoos.  By midnight they were slamming themselves against the kennel walls and backing and crying.  We tried to calm them down but they were VERY agitated.  Finally we let them out and put them in the family room.  They barked and banged into the walls.  When we got up they had vomited all over our family room.  Our youngest one wouldn’t stop rolling around, crying, and scratching.  The only way to help him was to pet him continuously.  His eyes were red and he kept going off to corners and hiding.  I thought for sure we were going to lose him.  We hand fed him ice chips for the rest of the weekend and finally by Monday he seemed more like himself.  Another one of our dogs developed hard matted fur where I applied the product.  He licked his back paws all weekend and wouldn’t look at us.  He would hide in a corner wouldn’t eat.  That fur has now come off and he has a bald spot the sixe of a half-dollar on his back.  It’s raw and very uncomfortable for him.  The third dog coughed and scratched for the rest of the weekend.  I called Wal-Mart and spoke with the manager.  He said they can’t pull it off the shelf without a recall.  Since there isn’t a recall I emailed this site and my story to our local television station.  Hopefully, they can help.


I used this on my little pom, he is 6 years old and never had fleas, I saw one on him so I got this product. That is the worse thing I could have ever done. He started losing his fur and scratching himself till blood came out and now his left ear has no fur on it. He has sores on his body and he takes off running for no reason, bites at us (I am sure it is because he is so aggravated), kicks his back legs like a bucking horse and goes off and hides. I could not find him in my house for 6 hours one day. He was hid in the back corner of the closet. He will also get behind the toilet and on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. It is like he is trying to hide from something. He has never acted like this before. I put this on him about 3 weeks ago. I think these people need to have charges or a lawsuit filed against them. This product should not be on the shelf.

Shaggy’s not “Shaggy” anymore

My cat is 12 years old and I have never seen him this thin and losing hair. He’s had the big swaying belly and weighing in around 12 lbs., with a thick coat of  beautiful orange and white hair(hence the name Shaggy) Now weighs 8-9 and hair is thining very quickly. I have been treating Shaggy with Sergeants Flea and Tick spray for more than 3 weeks now, and although he is eating ok, his behavior has changed. His meow has changed to almost a yowl(don’t know if he is in pain or if his vocal chords have been affected). He is mainly an inside cat and now prefers to remain outside. He cries to come in and runs when the door is opened. He’s started sleeping on kitchen counters(never), I’ll find him in the dryer, in the bathroom, these are places he has never been. He has also disappeared for over 24 hours. None of these behaviors showed up until he was treated. Thank you for the information and will be passing it along!

Hartz Ultra Guard Pro – too close for comfort!

Oh my goodness, I, like everyone else on this website, cannot believe this is happening.  Why is this stuff still on the market??  If Hartz was truly trying to help cats and owners, they would fess up to their mistakes and pull their products.

Yesterday morning, I put Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Drops on my 5yr old cat.  Let me also say that she is my best friend.  I cherish the time we spend together and always welcome her to company.  So, a few hours after the application, I noticed that she was strangely kicking/shaking her back feet.  It almost looked like it hurt for her to stand on her back feet.  She is also vehemently licking her back paws.  I just thought that she had scratched her neck with her back feet and gotten some of the Hartz (evilness) on her back feet – so I though she was just trying to get it off.

THANKFULLY, she has not had any seizures or problems with balance, so I think she will get over it.  I’ve washed her neck a couple of times with plain water, but I’m contemplating whether to take her to the vet.  I’m in nursing school and I really don’t have the money to take her to the vet.

Please, pass this message along to other pet owners.  Don’t take chances with the cheapy flea stuff.  DO NOT USE HARTZ!!!

Sergeant’s Gold Flea&Tick squeeze on for dogs. It is POISON!

I honestly thought I was doing something good for my dog.  She had gotten some fleas, and although we bathe her twice a week she was still suffering.  So I went to walmart and bought this.  It looked appealing, and was not the cheapest thing they had, it was 12.00 for the box.  I truly thought I was doing good.  I brought it home and put it on her.  She acted strange about an hour later, really itching at her back.  I though that maybe it just felt weird on her fur, so I didn’t think anything of it.  She got to where she was flopping, literally flopping like a fish on her side when she was laying down.  Still I didn’t think that the flea medicine could be doing this, I thought that maybe she was just feeling really itchy.  Finally at bedtime when she was just twitching and jumping around, and still doing the fish flopping, I thought maybe that medicine was the problem.  I got her in the tub and washed her with some shampoo, and prayed that she would be ok.  She didn’t get any sleep, she was miserable.  This morning she was still having muscle twitches, and her back leg just kicks randomly by its self.  I called my vet, who told me to give her benadryl and watch her, if she doesn’t get better bring her in.  I only pray that she will be better, as I have lost my job and it was a stretch for me to buy the stinking 12.00 medicine for her.   I can’t afford the vet, I just pray to God that my good intentions haven’t cost me my best friend in the whole world.  She seems to be resting well now, the benadryl is helping some.  She’s only twitching every now and again.  I complained to the better business bureau, and don’t know who else to contact to get this stuff off the market!  We have to do something, if someone was poisoning our kids, we sure wouldn’t let them get away with it!  I tried to contact the sergeant’s company through their website, but strangely enough the link for contact them doesn’t work.  How funny, guess they don’t want to hear about what their poisons are doing to our pets.