Phantom’s Story

This afternoon, my boyfriend and I decided to pick up some flea and tick medication for our cats.  We placed the drops on our cats and within minutes, one of our cats was scratching furiously. We tried to stop her while it dried, but to no avail. At this point, we attempted to call Hartz’s 1-800 number, but their office was conveniently closed..So, we turned to the internet.

When we did, we found this site, and its a good thing we did! Phantom was starting to twitch, and we washed her immediately.  We then called the vet, and took her in. (Fortunately, there was a 24hr vet). An hour and a half later, Phantom was released. They had to rewash her, and sedate her, I think they may have given her some medication too..But, wasn’t paying much attention as I was so relieved that she was going to be ok.

The alarming part of it was that the vet told us she has seen MULTIPLE problems with this medication. The chemical in it is a neurotoxin which is why Vet clinics do not sell Hartz medication. She has also seen fatalaties due to this medication.

After all this, I can’t help but wonder how a government that seems to regulate everything in an attempt to make us feel ‘safe’ can’t regulate pet medications. Sure, pets aren’t human, but to those of us that own one, they are like our children. How is it that there has been no lawsuit filed against Hartz, or, has there been? If not, I think that we need to do something! And soon! People who are only trying to do the best for their animal are hurting them. And this in turn hurts those people.

I will tell everyone I know about this, and I hope that you will too. I will also be contacting Hartz in the morning. This company should not be allowed to distribute medication that can have fatal results. How has this product managed to stay on the shelf for as long as it has?

My New Kitty

My husband and I picked up the sweetest stray kitty, probably a little over a year old, Saturday night outside of a restaurant.  We have 2 cats at home so naturally wanting to protect them from Mr. New Kitties fleas, I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz flea medicine and put it on all 3 of them.  The new guy slowed down and eventually, literally passed out, dead asleep.  He was literally sleeping so hard, that my other 2 cats were circling, sniffing, and HISSING at him and he didn’t even lift his head…..I had to check if he was breathing.  Being a stray from the street, I concluded that he had a street kitty illness and that I’d take him to the vet first thing in the morning, and I did.  When I told the vet his symptoms and that I had put Hartz Flea medicine on him, she immediately said, we need to bathe him, that is why he is sick.  She proceeded to tell me stories about ceasures and neurological damage Hartz causes and she couldn’t see why it was still on the market!  She wouldn’t neuter him either, for fear he wouldn’t come out of the anesthetic.  Needless to say my other cats both got baths.  I emailed this story out to every one I’ve ever gotten an email address on and I know a lot of them did the same.

hartz flea and tick on myspace

I was reading a myspace bulletin and came across something shocking about how hartz flea and tick caused a dog to foam at mouth and vomit, WOW i thought i was the only one until now.  About a couple weeks ago I went to walmart and got the hartz flea and tick treatment for my dog rusty hes a malti poo and about 12 to 15 pounds, i know for sure i got the right dosage for him.  So we came home gave him a bath and put the treatment on, everything was fine.  I went to my bedroom and was watching tv and when i came out a couple hours later my dog rusty had the hallway covered in vomit and was foaming from the mouth constantly.  I would wipe his mouth off and it would foam as fast as i could wipe it off.  So my first instinct told me to put him in the tub and wash him off and call the vet.  Thank god my vet lives a block away,  she told me that she has also heard of this happening to alot of pets and she told me to give him a low miligram dose of benadryl.  I gave him the benadryl and he slowly started getting better.  the whole night he was ancy and restless but thank God he is still alive,  I couldnt imagine what could of happened if i wasnt home and he was left in the condition he was in.  So that is my story and Rusty is fine now but has anything been done about this and is there anything we can do about it?

Hartz Gold Harms

I bought Hartz Gold Flea Treatment for my three dogs. I purchased the appropriate strength for each of my dogs, administered the drops according to direction and all three dogs became severely ill within approx. 2-3 hrs.  All three dogs foamed at the mouth. I could tell by their behavior that they were also in pain. My largest dog seized after about 4 hrs. Small repetative seizures. My medium sized dog became lethargic and hid for approx. 12 hrs. My smallest dog, a chichuahua, had so much foam coming from her mouth, that she began to aspirate on it. She was in a panic, as she could not breathe. She had saliva and foam coming from both her nostrils and mouth. I used a baby nose bulb to suck as much foam out of her nose as possible and gave her repeated hot baths with shampoo, to hopefully rid her coat of the toxic substance that had not yet soaked in. She was better within about 2 hrs.  Approx. 4-5 days later, I noticed that all along where I had applyed the Hartz gold down the dog’s backs,  the skin had completely burned off, leaving harge tracks of scabs where the wounds were clotted from blood oozing out.  Hartz should be sued. They are endangering who knows how many dogs and cats’ lives.

Beware of Hartz Gold Flea and Tick – Owner had emergency room visit

I am writing to warn everyone against Hartz Gold Flea and Tick.  Recently, I purchased this product as my Vet was closed and I figured to take a short cut, not at good idea.  Immediately after putting the medicine on my two very big boxers they both started getting welps all over their body.  I read the instuctions and followed them about bathing them and figured at that time we were all safe.  Not so!  I sleep with my dogs, and in the middle of the night I woke up with a swollen face and swollen eye.  The medicine even though washed from my dogs had made it’s way to my skin and eyes.  I immediately started googling the product and found that the product is toxic.  I called Hartz poison hotline and I was instructed to go to the emergency room.  $1,000 later, I am begging everyone to stop using this product.  I am not sure why it is still on the market!


Baton Rouge, LA

The Hartz operator didn’t even care!

I was trying to help my dog by using the sergeant’s gold flea & tick squeeze on her to prevent her from being harmed by fleas…  Little did I know that my poor baby, who is a two year old Chipin, would suffer the way she did.  Yhanna, my dearest dog, started jumping sporadically. At first I misunderstood and thought she just wanted to play. Soon after these symptoms started occurring Yhanna started to vomit. She puked well over twenty times. I felt so terrible; I didn’t know what to do.  I googled the symptoms she was having and I came across this website.  I really wish I had found this website before this terrible night came upon us!  Yhanna was in such distress, we finally got a hold of a local vet and she talked me thru this catastrophe.  I gave my baby multiple baths with Palmolive dish soap and I rinsed her skin thoroughly and kept her as warm as possible. My dog is feeling somewhat better but she is still acting very strange, she is still having some problems with itching but it has calmed down considerably. I feel terrible for putting her through this!  These worst of the symptoms subsided in about 6-7 hours. I was up until 5 am comforting my poor dog, and the Hartz’s operator did not care at all that my dog was going through this horrific event. I will tell every pet owner that I know NOT to use this misleading, pet killing product!  How can these people not care?!?! So please, pass on the word to all of your friends who own pets because it could be worse. There have been countless deaths caused by this product, don’t let it be a puppy that you know!

This crap almost killed my dog

First of all, I want to say FUCK YOU to Julie and the Sargeant’s company.  I will tell everyone I know that has a pet about this and all of your products.  I will be researching how to file a lawsuit and will be contacting my government officials.

My husband put this shit on our dog and we left the house for about 2.5 hours to celebrate our 25th anniversary.  When we returned our dog had vomited all over the house, was foaming at the mouth, her pupils were dilated and she had trouble standing.  We immediately put her in the tub and contacted the fucking idiots at Sergeants.  They were more worried about getting our statistics and trying to convince me it was because she had licked the poison.  During the hour long car ride to emergency care she could not lay still.  They gave her atropine and muscle relaxant and we decided to take her home.  By the time we got home she could not see.  She could only make out shadows and if we moved she would bark until we spoke to let her know it was us.  She was disoriented and didn’t know where she was.  She was finally able to lay down and get some rest at 3:30a.m.  By 7:30 she was able to see again.  She is much better now, but 4 days later she is still scratching and her skin is still irritated from where that shit was on her.

The vet and everyone at the office said that this shit should not be allowed to be sold.

We had a memorable 25th wedding anniversary thanks to Sargeant’s.  Again, FUCK YOU Julie.

Cachou and Lynx react horribly to Hartz 3-in-1

Bonjour, je suis désolé mais je n’écrit malheureusement pas Anglais.J’ai tout lu vos histoire et moi également j’ai la mienne à racontée.Avant-hier, mes deux chats ont recu un traitement anti-puces Hartz 3-1.Quelques heures à peine et le mal était déjà fait.Mes deux chats ont eu des réactions, ils bavaient beaucoup et ont eu des étourdissements pour ensuite convulsionner pour finalement tomber complètement létargique.Actuellement ils sont chez le vétérinaires et ont recu deux injection de valium et placé sous soluté.La facture atteint 300$ mais ils ne sont toujours pas certains du pronostique.

Je vous tiens au courant de tout évolution du dossier.

Merci de m’avoir écouter 🙁

Voyez le lien où vous pourrez voir les vidéos de deux pauvres bêtes soufrantes took the liberty of translating the post above as best Google Translate could do:

Hello, I’m sorry but I write Anglais.J unfortunately not got any read your story and I also I have mine to racontée.Avant yesterday, my two cats have received anti-Hartz flea 3-1 . Few hours and the damage was already fait.Mes two cats have reactions, they bavaient lot and have to then convulsionner dizziness finally fall completely létargique.Actuellement they are among the veterinary and have received two injections of Valium and placed under soluté.La bill reached $ 300 but they are still unsure of the prognosis.

I wish you aware of any developments.

Thank you listen to me: (

See the link where you can see videos of two poor animals suffering