By trying to save money and time, I nearly killed my precious Shih-tzu using this product!  Teddy Bear only had about 3 or 4 fleas, but they were driving him crazy and I couldn’t find the Adam’s flea spray we usually use.  I picked this stuff up at Walmart istead of Adam’s when I saw that it killed fleas in as little as 1 hour. That SHOULD have been a red flag)!  Within that first hour he started panting like mad and drooling, couldn’t sit still and scared me to death.  I quickly Googled the product and was absolutely horrified to find over 33,000 cases that had even killed some pets! I gave him a bath toget the stuff off and it made no difference.  I called my Vet and they said to bring him NOW.  He gave him two shots, one was Atropene and the other a steroid  to help him stop drooling.  Gave me a new flea pill, Comfortus, to give a week later.  Not sure now if I will….Took him home and within minutes he vomited a HUGE amount of white foam and was getting more paniky by the minute.  Harder panting and profuse drooling, so I called the Vet and once again said get him here now.  He gave him charcoal in liquid form to absorb what was in his stomach, we had black slime all over the place!  Got him back home and there was not much difference, except that the drooling was less and he finally started drinking water.  He still couldn’t sit still and it was apparent that he was totally exhausted.  I finally got him to lay on my lap and I just kept rubbing his hair backwards and forwards and as long as I did that he laid there.  If I stopped he jumped like he had frogs in him. I have NEVER seen anything like this and I’ve had dogs and cats all of my life!  Before I tried to go to bed, I offered him a bone marrow treat which he loves and to my surprise, he ate it!!!  My husband said to give him all he wanted since he refused his regular food.  He ate about 6 and we went to bed.  He still could not lay still and was still panting and breathing fast.  I laid there all night with my hand on him.  If I stopped rubbing his fur, he jumped all over the bed.  Finally around 4 am he went to sleep with only fast breathing.  I got up around 7 am and he won’t get  a foot away from me.  I think he knows how sick he was.  My Vet said they have had other cases that were alot worse, but I can’t imagine what I would do if I had lost Teddy.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t use this stuff on your pet!!!  It should be taken off the shelf and Sergeant’s should have to pay for all of our Vet bills!!!!  That is nothing compared to all of the suffering our beloved pets have endured!!! I will be calling Sergeant’s today with this story.  If there is anyone who has questions or just wants to talk about this experience, please lt me know.


  1. Hi Lynn,

    I first want to introduce myself – my name is Julie and I am an online community relations liaison representing Sergeant’s. I am extremely sorry to read this recent experience you and Teddy Bear have been through. I see you plan to call Sergeant’s, and I strongly recommend you do so. First, of course we want to hear how Teddy Bear is feeling and make sure he is healthy. Sergeant’s will also want to open up an investigation for you into why Teddy had such a reaction.

    Sergeant’s does not take this matter lightly at all and wants you to know they are taking each case reported and giving it the special attention it deserves. I also want to let you know that Sergeant’s has recently re launched their “Look at the Label” website, . This is a comprehensive website that not only offers tips on application and precautions, but also very useful information about flea and ticks.

    Of course, we do understand that in some cases reactions do occur even if directions and precautions are followed. Unfortunately, just like in the human world, no medication is 100% allergy free. This is why it is so important to work with Sergeant’s and determine the cause of this reaction. At your convenience, I strongly urge you to call 800-224-7387. In the meantime, please let me know if there is anything else I can provide you with at this time. Again, I am so sorry to hear about your experience and hope Teddy Bear is feeling better today.

    All the best to you and Teddy Bear,
    Julie and The Sergeant’s Team

  2. we put sergeants gold on our 14lb schnauzer and he became ill. we tried to save money and nearly killed him, thank god i didnt put it on the cats. He is still sensative on the back area after a week, I can hardley forgive myself for hurting my baby, and so far the vet bills are $140.00. I sure saved, and nearley killed him. Cant something be done about these people? put a warning on the box? Please dont use any of there products, maybe that will make them do something!

  3. About twelve hours ago my fiance applied Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick drops to our miniature schnauzer Woobie. He is now running around erratically, having muscle spasms, can’t sit still, is nipping and biting at his back. This dog is generally very energetic and will run and jump onto us when we call his name, but right now he seems lethargic and uncaring, probably more preoccupied with his irritation or pain. Well, for everyone out there with situations like this i’d like to direct you to a website I found doing a little research into the active ingredients of these tick and flea drops.

    The website is safe, don’t worry. It is detailed information on the most concentrated chemical within the drops named “Cyphenothrin”. From what i’ve gathered it is a neurotoxin, which explains the muscle spasms, twitching. The toxin “Cyphenotrhin” also has carcinogenic properties which would explain the heavy breathing, or hyperventilation that occurs. I urge you all to research into this chemical they use within their product and take action to have the product changed or removed from shelves completely. I plan on filing a lawsuit and it isn’t going to be pretty.

  4. Hi .. lastnight i put the gold flea medication on my dog … this morning shes foaming at the mouth and vomiting.. shes a med size dog.. ( or a small pitbull) … i have bathed her five times with dish soap…and its now letting up some.. does giving them chicken broth and water really help ?

  5. Well, we accidentally put sergeant’s dog medicine on our beloved cat. Within 15 min we noticed our little “Whiskers” behaving very abnormal. She got to where she was extremely scared, so we bathed her… and we also called sergeants hotline. They instructed us to “GET HER TO THE VET IMMEDIATELY!!” She started having multiple sizures on our way to the Vet.We got to the vet and 3 hours later our beloved “Whiskers” was DEAD! With all the problems not only to Cats but dogs Also..Please Take the First Step and BoyCot this Product…tell every animal lover you know how FATAL these Products Are.
    R.I.P Whiskers…They Killed Our Beloved Baby!!

  6. We put some of the Sergents Gold on our dog last night and he experienced all of the same symptoms listed by the other users above. We rushed him to the vet and left with $120 in fees!! They had to give him 2 shots IV Dexamethasone and IM Benadryl. We then took him home and washed him with some dawn dishwashing liquid. All in all a horrible experience and I would advise everyone to steer clear of this product!

  7. I wish I had looked on the Web. before using the sergeants gold flea treatment. I have a 5 yr. old pug and a 2yr. old pug.They both had a reaction to the sergeants golditching,panting etc. The 5 yr. old got 2 big ulsore burn looking places on her shoulders. I gave the benedrile and it helped today is sun day so I will be taking them to the vets. tomorrow.This the firt time I have used anything but frontline never again it needs to be taken off the market rightaway. 05/23/10 and it is still being sold.I hope you sue the pants off of the company Brett and Melissa

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