My Best Friend is Gone

Thanks to Sergeant’s gold flea and tick squeeze on. My sammy is gone. I put that shit on him about 3 am this morning, around 4 am my wife said he’s acting weird, I didn’t pay no mind to it thnking he just wanted togo outside like normal. Well about 5 pm this evening he was acting really sick. he was bloated and dragging his rear paws, i laid down with him and around 6:30 tonight he died. I need help to prevent other losses of best friends. Its a real tragedy to my daughter she grew up with him. I need help so i can get revenge on this company for the sake of Sammy RIP 21 SEPT 2008. contact me via email or cell @ [email protected] or 517-936-8481

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  1. I Am sorry to hear about Sammy, I just had a bad experience today from using a Hartz Rid Flea shampoo and almost lost my dog Summerwheat. I had to pay $800 to determine this was what was wrong with her.
    I would like to offer you a portrait of your pet, for free. I am an artist and I love painting my dogs, so if you would like, just e-mail me a picture and I will do it for you and mail it to you. Again, my heart goes out to you and I hope I can make you feel better with this gift.

  2. thank you so very much i want a real big painting of sammy for the livingroom let me know the cost. i will foward you the picture i will be in touch and again thank you so very much god bless you you email direct to [email protected] or call 517-795-1720 again thanks so very much

    Ronald and Angela Allen

  3. TRACI,
    I would love to email you a picture of Sammy but you did not leave an email address……please do and i will send it ASAP…….You have no idea what this will mean to my daughter and us.

  4. I didnt know either about how dangerous these products were until tonight.
    I bought Hartz Flea UltraGaurd Spray. I put it on my sweet chihuhua Selina around 2pm.
    I went to the store came home and by 6pm she was walking like she was drunk or disorientated. I immedialty gave her a warm bath and rinsed her several times. She is now resting comfortably. I will keep a close eye on her and watch for further side effects. I am so sorry for your loss of Sammy. We should make a petition and put our thoughts together on paper. This is just not right. There must be a way to get this product off the market. please email me with any suggestions.
    [email protected]

  5. I put Sergeant’s Gold on my dog Sunday evening and it is now Thursday morning. Two vet visit’s this week and my dog is still suffering side effects from this medication.

  6. Hi all. First let me say that I’m so sorry for your losses and your vet bills and the suffering of your pets. This should not have happened at all. There should be something done about this company. I’ve only dealt with Hartz and am scared to use anything else made by another company.
    My story:
    I had a Peekapoo who was my pride and joy. My whole world. His name was Bama. We moved and I let him go and stay with my mother in law because it was supposed to be a short term move. Anyway, long story short, her yard was infested in fleas, which we didn’t know. By the time we got out there to check on him, HE was infested in fleas. I groomed him, cutting off all his hair. The fleas were crawling in droves. Yes DROVES on him. I shampooed him in Hartz Flea Shampoo. I dried him off, still the fleas were massive. I waited a little while and bathed him again. I thought that two baths was enough for one day and so we dried him and sprayed him with Hartz Flea Spray for the dog, their bedding and furniture. This spray done it all. Now that should have been a wake up call for me right there. How can a spray be good for killing fleas on furniture and bedding and carpets also be good for a baby’s skin? Anyway, another trip out there the following week and we did the same thing over again. Two baths and dried and spray. Three days later, my baby was dead. I chaulked it up to all the fleas. After beating myself up over and over for about 3 years, I came across this site and when I begin to read the horror stories, I realized that my baby was a victim of Hartz products. I used everything Hartz on him. Ear mite medicine which made his little ears puff up, drain horribly and smell worse than rotten eggs, and they would dry out and become scally and peel. Now I know what my baby died from. I know it in my heart. So why, with all these stories and complaints out there about these products, are they still being sold? It beats me too. I will never use another Hartz product on my babies now.
    I’m sorry for everyone’s loss and what you all have been through. My email is [email protected] if you’d care to email me.

  7. i’m so sorry to all of you 🙁 i thank god i found this site. if it’s any consolation…because of this site and your heart-breaking stories, you may have saved lives…i will never give my babies hartz products and i will work hard to make sure my friends and family don’t either!!

  8. I just want to suggest to everyone that they contact the Environmental Protection Agency with their stories and report this product as defective. I used Sergeant’s Gold flea and tick squeeze on for dogs on my dog Tucker and within hours he was acting funny. I attributed it to the flea treatment, because that was the only thing I’d done differently that day with Tucker. He was drooling A LOT, running around all over the place, but looking like he was in distress. He kept whining and crying out, scratching where I applied the treatment and kicking his leg back like a mule. He had vomited a few times too. Thankfully I found this site and read all the stories and horrified, I called the ER bawling and in hysterics. They told me to bathe Tucker in Dawn dish soap and I did, twice. I then rushed him to the ER and thankfully the vet told me his condition was not life-threatening and that it was a good thing I got there when I did. He was given shots of Robaxin, Recover, and Torbugesic, and then Valium. He suffered through the night, crying and kicking and twitching, as nothing seemed to be giving him any relief. Since he hadn’t improved much in the morning I had to take him to the vet again. He was given more Valium and prednisone tablets. I was told he may suffer some hair loss because of the extreme irritation to his skin. About three and a half days later he was finally doing better. His treatment with the Prednisone tabs continued for a week. Anyway, Tucker is now back to his young self, thankfully. This product has caused a lot of pain and suffering to myself and my poor innocent baby, and over $300 in medical expenses. I urge you all to report your incidents to the Environmental Protection Agency, Poison Control, Sergeant’s and Hartz, and the Better Business Bureau, the store you bought the product from and whoever else you might be able to get involved. Maybe if they get enough reports they’ll do something about it. Sergeant’s is offering to reimburse the medical costs after they review and investigate my claim, although the letter they sent me was rather dismissive and made it sound like it was my fault and frankly pissed me off even more, but at least I’m expecting reimbursement. It’s the least they should do.

  9. csardiwade- i am currently sedating my shih tzu, saki, bc he hasn’t slept in over 48 hrs due to sargeant’s flea product. i am wondering about your experience with them, hoping for some guidance. if you don’t mind, pls email me @ [email protected]. thanks!

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