Gold Sargeants Flea & Tick – Do Not Buy!

Wednesday evening, I purchased a 3 pack of Gold Sargeants Flea & Tick for weight 9 lbs to 14 or 20 lbs.  I have a male Bichon mix that weighs 21 lbs and his sister that weights 13 lbs.  I administered to both exactly as was directed on the instructions.  Within an hour, the female was flipping all over the floor, scratching  and shrieking.  The male was scratching and lethargic.  All night the female screamed.  (We bathed both of them before we went to bed that night.)  The next morning the female was getting serious.  We were instructed to bring both in to the vet and leave them.  The vet bathed both of them and injected solution under the female’s skin.  I picked them up Thursday evening at the vet.  It was implied that this has happened repeatedly with the same product.  When I got home both were going crazy with scratching/itching. The female still crying and shrieking.  Friday morning both of them had extreme burns on their backs and the male was crying and shaking.  Right now they have horrible burns on their backs that we are working with to relieve their discomfort.

Mudbug,Spunky,Roskco,& Jewel

This is my story.  I evacuated my home in Texas to my sisters home in Mississippi due to Hurricane Ike.  I was concerned about a few fleas I had found on my dogs and did not want my sisters house to get flea infested so I went to walmart and bought Seargants Gold  for 9-20 lb dogs.  On the morning of Sept. 23, 2008 I applied the flea stuff to my babies not knowing the consequences of what it was about to do to them.  I put them in their pet carriers because I had to go do some laundry while my sister was at the doctors office with her two sick kids.  When I got back around 6:00 PM my sister was already home and she told me she let my babies out of their cages and they were acting funny so I let them out to see what they were doing.  They were shaking themselves like crazy it was almost like they were on acid or something.  I immediately took a couple of them to the bathroom and started washing the stuff off but with some shampoo with oatmeal in it.  It did not change anything.  So I called the emergency hospital and they said to wash them with dawn dish soap because they were having a reaction to the flea stuff and that this has happened to a lot of animals from owners who have used Seargants or Hartz over the counter stuff because it is toxic to the animal.  I was in awe because I could not believe that there was something so toxic being sold on the shelves of stores and the government obviously was letting it happen.  How come this product is not band so our loved ones are safe?  Any way I gave them the bath twice each and I have 4 Chihuahuas that I love like my children.  I waited awhile but did not see any change so I got worried and I gathered them all up and took them to the Emergency Vet.  Two of the four was throwing up clear liquid stuff, all four of them had red ears, one had red testicles, they were panting real bad also.  They took three of them and put them on Ivs for dehydration.  Mudbug was the one they sent home with me.  I could not sleep all night because Mudbug was restless, panting, and shaking plus I was worried about the other three.  The next day, Sept 24th, I picked the three up from the hospital and took them to the vet and they sent the three home with me.  The vet said it should wear off in up to 72 hrs.  I also called Seargants and they just gave me a case # .  After 72 hrs was up my babies were not better so I called the vet.  They called seargants and called me back and said seargants just acted like I had never called in.  What a joke.  I could not believe this was happening.  At this point I am panicing because I am so worried about my babies that I love so much.  I was leaving going home that day back to Texas so the vet prescribed me some muscle relaxers for my babies and said it would stop the shaking and to follow up with my vet first thing monday.  So I went to my sisters home and gave them the muscle relaxers but they did not work with the shaking.  I was worried about them because I had not seen them eat or drink so I started giving them tuna water which thank god they drank and afterwards I would give them the tuna and they ate that.  When I got home I fixed some chicken and rice and bought some chicken broth and I also bought a bottle of Suave skin therapy Vitamin E and applied it on to their skin.  I am finally starting to see a difference like they might be getting better because last night they finally slept without having any spasms and my two younger ones Roskco and Jewel were playing.  I have even seen them eat a little dog food and drink a little water.  I plan to take them to my vet on Sept, 29, 2008 and have them checked out again because they are still having problems with their ears.  I am going to try to do something to get this out to the public about Hartz and Seargants because this just isn’t right.  I like everyone else did not know this stuff was toxic and going to hurt my babies because if I would have known I would have never used it.  And I cant believe that this stuff is still on the shelves of stores.   I will never buy any of this stuff again and it is getting to where I don’t trust anything.  Please help me by praying for a complete recovery for my babies.  This has made me feel like a parent that abuses their children.  I have been so upset over this and I apologize to them every day.


The proud parent of Mudbug,Spunky,Roskco, & Jewel

My Dog just died from Sentry Pro XFC Flea

I bought it at Pets mart and applied it on both my dogs, my female pit bull dog died 5 hours later- she began trembling about 2 hours after application and I took her straight to the vet hospital, they tried to stop her siezures, but were unsucessful she finally died from the drug- pryethrin- in the flea medication. My other dog, a male lab started showing signs of a reaction just like my female pit bull and was given the same medication – he survived, but after hours of wondering. He lived, but my baby girl died. They were both very healthly happy dogs before applying the flea medication. I called the 800 number on the box and they offer to cover the vet bills, but that is not the issue- my dog, my family member is gone- they could not pay for her life.

I am so overwhelmed with grief, what do I do now?

I am not sure who to call to sue them, but I would like to try.


Hey this Ron (sarge),

I have found out that the same poison is being used in the flea and tick shit, Hartz and Sergeants are 2 different companies but the use the same shit that poisons are best friends, or in my case my son (Sammy). To give you all an up date, Sammy is in the care of Michigan State University Vet Clinic they will be doing lots of test on him. I WOULDN’T DO THIS TO MY DOG IF I WASN’T SURE THIS WASN’T KILLER!!!!!!!! I should have the toxacology report back next week. I will keep all of you posted, I owe this to my BUBBY, He has did me well for the 8 yrs i had him And i will NOT rest until this shit comes off the shelf or/both out of business!! Rest in peace my boy, DAD will get them

Sick Shiba Inu

Purchased the Sergeant’s Gold for flea control on my dog Kit.  Within hours she was exhibiting all of the symptoms I have been reading about.  Restless, Vomiting clear liquid, biting at her rear, chewing a “hot spot” on her tail, climbing in my lap and burying her head under my arm (totally unnatural for her), listless, no appetite, one eye inflamed where she rubbed it from always looking at her back.

After two trips to the vet at a cost of $113 I researched the flea medicine.  The vet told me to wash her in a dish “detergent” to get the flea medicine off of her.  Within 2-3 hours she was displaying signs of her normal self.  Appetite has resumed with a vengeance.

Appears this problem has been going on for some time and the manufacturer typically is burying their head in the sand.  Just Google the word “cyphenothrin” and find out how bad this chemical is.

Chester- a close call and a hope for nothing further

My precious Lab/Chihuahua mix, about a year and a half old, has been sufferring from a terrible flea allergy. Even 1 flea (that he picks up from our neighborhood dog buddies) is enough to drive him nuts for days, even after the flea has been removed. He has proven to be resistant to vet flea products such as Advantix, Revolution, and Frontline. My boyfriend and I were planning another vet visit to keep finding a good solution for him. We have been reluctant to treat the yard because we want him to be totally safe. I should have known better than to pick up Hartz. I really thought I was getting a reliable product. I was hoping that even though it’s a more outdated than the newer treatments, that it was still safe if applied properly, and perhaps mainly to the feet and tail, and sparingly elsewhere. I wish I would have thought harder, and realized that this kind of treatment is outdated for a serious reason. I just wanted to see Chester calm, itch-free, and of course flea free, and we were getting desperate. So I got a flea comb, and sprayed him outside, on his tail, his feet, all over his body, and sprayed a paper towell to coat his face. I’m HORRIFIED that I actually so deliberately applied this to my dog ALL OVER and had no idea that it was so toxic. Anyways, he started immediately trying to get the liquid off of himself, which I thought was normal. He continued trying to roll it off for about 20 minutes, and I finally put him in his bed, in hopes he would calm down. But he became increasingly restless. I really deeply felt something was not right- and kept staring directly at me, and running in circles. I did a few searches online, and was deeply heartsick and frantic about what i found. In a panic I grabbed him (he was already so tired from all the rolling and the apparent discomfort) and I saturated him with water in the tub. I vigorously bathed him, and even got in the tub myself be sure I could fully rinse him. I was just so heartsick about the potential damage I could have done. My God- why, WHY is this on the shelves????!!!! I thought it was a slightly less effective product than the pricey vet ones, but that it still worked, and I never dreamed it was this toxic. I kept reading the label and found no instructions indicating that gloves should be worn, but then discovered that if “Absorbed though the skin rinse thoroughly for 15-20 minutes”!!!!! I rinsed and rinsed and of course was also starting to wonder, if it’s THAT toxic to humans, what on earth could it be doing to pets, let alone more allergy-prone ones, like my Chester. I’m worried about his bedding and all else he came in contact with after the treatment. I’m going to remove his bedding of course, and I’ll have to dispose of the Hartz stuff at the toxic waste drop off.

The night is not over. He was immediately calmer after the bath- acted happy and normal. But now he is resting. He seems to be fine- he’s not lethargic, but is resting. I just hope that NO further damage is done. I can’t believe what happened. I can’t believe how stupid it was to put that on him and i especially will never get over how evil it is that this product is still being sold. The indication is that it’s cost-saving, and worth a try. The results could be the loss of your beloved pet.

Lets stick together and make them listen!!!

I want to share with you an experience that my sister and I have gone through with our animals.  I bought a hartz or sergeants flea collar for my cat and I thought he acting jumping and crazy running around cause he was in a new place but I have now realized that it was cause of his collar.  My sister wanted to control the fleas so she went to Walmart and purchased Sergeants Gold topical flea medicine and put it on her dogs (all four) yesterday morning.  By 730pm we were in the animal ER cause they were having a bad reaction to it.  Well we thought it was cause they have never used it before but to come to find out it was cause Hartz and Sergeants is poisoning their bodies.  I got online this morning and found a website ( that has numerous people talking about how they have done the same thing and have lost their animals or their animals had to fight for their lives.  It isn’t just the topical flea treatment.  It is also the flea collars and shampoo that is doing it. Here we are putting this stuff on them and we think it is safe cause it is on the shelves at our stores cause the government says that it is save for our animals but it isn’t.  It is harming and in some cases killing our animals and they do nothing but say I’m sorry for your lose or that you have to go through this. Well sorry ISN’T good enough for me anymore.  My sisters four dogs are in the hospital fighting for their lives as we speak.  We pray and ask you to pray for them.  Yes I know some of you are saying they are just dogs but to us they are our families members, our children so please pray for the recovery of our family members.  We all who have these precious loved ones need to stick together and fight these companies and make them pay for our loses and medical bills that we incurred due to their negligent.  If we do this then we don’t have to worry about the next time (if there is a next) that we put this kind of medicine on them that we have to worry about IF it is going to kill or harm our animals.  I have already lost one family member cause of the neglect from a food company and nothing got done cause it was just a dog.  Well IF your child, mother, brother, father, or son got sick and passed on wouldn’t you make the doctors or the company that caused their death be held responsible.  I know I would so lets stick together and make this happen for our furry, feathery, scaly family members.

Cat Lover

I moved into my house 14 years ago. When I moved in there was a grey cat on my steps. Everyone said she was the block cat. Any way who ever took care of her moved. Being so old she began to get real thin and shaky, so I decided to help. Even though i’m allergic to cats. I started giving her water everyday and soon soft cat food.  It looked like she was having problems with the dry food a neighbor was giving her.  She began to scratch alot and loose her hair, so I bought her some hartz flea liquid, put it on the back between the shoulder blades and I though everything was okay. The next day she began to snort, jerk and drool at the mouth.  I was concerned that she was on her way out until I read a story on I just finished washing her as best I could. I will find a way to get her checked out at the vet to make sure she is okay. How could a deed so well intended go so wrong. That solution could kill her. It’s important that the side effects are listed clearly so you know when something is wrong. I still can’t believe that I bought this off the store shelf. I’m speechless.


By trying to save money and time, I nearly killed my precious Shih-tzu using this product!  Teddy Bear only had about 3 or 4 fleas, but they were driving him crazy and I couldn’t find the Adam’s flea spray we usually use.  I picked this stuff up at Walmart istead of Adam’s when I saw that it killed fleas in as little as 1 hour. That SHOULD have been a red flag)!  Within that first hour he started panting like mad and drooling, couldn’t sit still and scared me to death.  I quickly Googled the product and was absolutely horrified to find over 33,000 cases that had even killed some pets! I gave him a bath toget the stuff off and it made no difference.  I called my Vet and they said to bring him NOW.  He gave him two shots, one was Atropene and the other a steroid  to help him stop drooling.  Gave me a new flea pill, Comfortus, to give a week later.  Not sure now if I will….Took him home and within minutes he vomited a HUGE amount of white foam and was getting more paniky by the minute.  Harder panting and profuse drooling, so I called the Vet and once again said get him here now.  He gave him charcoal in liquid form to absorb what was in his stomach, we had black slime all over the place!  Got him back home and there was not much difference, except that the drooling was less and he finally started drinking water.  He still couldn’t sit still and it was apparent that he was totally exhausted.  I finally got him to lay on my lap and I just kept rubbing his hair backwards and forwards and as long as I did that he laid there.  If I stopped he jumped like he had frogs in him. I have NEVER seen anything like this and I’ve had dogs and cats all of my life!  Before I tried to go to bed, I offered him a bone marrow treat which he loves and to my surprise, he ate it!!!  My husband said to give him all he wanted since he refused his regular food.  He ate about 6 and we went to bed.  He still could not lay still and was still panting and breathing fast.  I laid there all night with my hand on him.  If I stopped rubbing his fur, he jumped all over the bed.  Finally around 4 am he went to sleep with only fast breathing.  I got up around 7 am and he won’t get  a foot away from me.  I think he knows how sick he was.  My Vet said they have had other cases that were alot worse, but I can’t imagine what I would do if I had lost Teddy.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t use this stuff on your pet!!!  It should be taken off the shelf and Sergeant’s should have to pay for all of our Vet bills!!!!  That is nothing compared to all of the suffering our beloved pets have endured!!! I will be calling Sergeant’s today with this story.  If there is anyone who has questions or just wants to talk about this experience, please lt me know.

Thank You

My husband and I thought our cat Zeek had fleas, We just wanted to try a cheap flea drop to take care of an fleas or eggs he might have. I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. Almost immediatly Zeek started acting strange. He wouldnt sit still and kept rolling around on the floor. I thought maybe he didnt like the feel of the drops. After awhile he was still acting strange. I am feel cautious with him as if he was my child. I knew something wasnt right. I looked up allergic reactions to flea drops and I found this web site. I immediatly wash his back. I kept a close eye on him all night and as of now he is acting like himself. I just want to thank everyone for writing their stories. I dont know what I would have done if anything more would have happened to him. Thank you again to everyone.