Please pray for Peewee

My chihuahua Peewee recently acquired a mild flea problem. Wouldn’t be much of a problem except that he is allergic to fleas. He was so miserable…scratching so much that he scratched himself raw all over his little 7 pound body. I actually put his winter sweater on in an effort to keep him from hurting himself further. On his way home from work, I asked my husband to pick up something from WalMart for fleas. He brought home Hartz Ultra Guard pour on for dogs/cats. We carefully read the instructions and poured a thin line from his shoulders to the base of his tail. About 3 a.m., we were awakened by Peewee scratching. He would rub all over the covers trying to get relief from the itching/burning. I turned on the light and found that he was broken out all over with hives. I bathed him immediately with baby shampoo and gave him a small dose of Benedryl. Then I went online to see what else I could do for him. My search..allergies in dogs from Hartz…brought me to this Web site. I only wish I had the forethought to go online before I put that poison on my baby. Anyway, Peewee is in the hospital right now. By the time we arrived, he was running a fever, his eyes, ears, nose, feet and belly were all blood red, and he was very lethargic. The vet told me that we probably got him there in time, but only time would tell. She also said that they see hundreds of cases like this…due to Hartz. Apparently, cats have more severe reactions and most have seizures and die. How can these people get by with this? They are killing animals, people’s pets, and getting by with it for profit. How can they continue to sell this product??? How many animals have to die before something is done? We thought we were helping our beloved, sweet little Peewee. We had no idea we could be killing him.

Another Saddening story

I received a call today fromForrest about his 5 dogs that he applied Hartz flea and tick drops to and almost lost all the dogs. All the dogs started to go mad and run all over the house throwing up. So he contacted his vet and  they told him to give all the dogs a bath right away and bring them in. the dogs appear to be recoving from the treatment. and forrest now is aware of what this type of product can do to his animals. I need people to think about there animals as if they were your children and remember if your cat or dog could talk they would tell you please daddy/mommy take this off me I’m dying. Forrest is one of the lucky ones that was able to save his animals. we hear from people everyday that can’t say they saved there pet only to tell us that there dog or cat is now gone. please take a minute and remember if something cost $5.00 you get what you pay for.


Pets are People too.

Sadie is gone now thanks to Hartz

I had a beautiful tortoise shell calico cat named Sadie. She was only 9 and a half years old. I had let her become an indoor /outdoor kitty because she loved to chase butterflies .Because of that fact, I wanted to make sure she was not infested with fleas or ticks, so since I was not able to afford the meds the vets use and recommended, I went to Walmart and purchased Hartz Mountain Ultra Guard  One Spot treatment for cats. I applied the drops in 3 monthly doses as the box said, after the first 2 applications, nothing happened. Sadie behaved as normal. About one week after I gave her the last treatment, she started acting strange..Her eyes were not clear and bright, and seemed to be hazy. She also could not walk normally. Instead she walked sideways and her tail was up in the air, She was in the midst of renal failure ,but I did not know that. All I knew was that something bad was wrong with my baby .I called the Emergency  Vet hospital and they admitted her on Aug 10.

While I was doing paperwork, a technician came to my friend who drove me to the hospital,and asked her if we had treated Sadie for fleas, and if so when and what did I use. My friend told her it was Hartz Mountain and the vet immediately said Sadie was suffering from Hartz toxicity .and it had already affected her kidneys. She was having muscle tremors and then seizures. I took her to my vet on Monday the 11th of Aug and my vet tried desperately to put fluids into her system to flush out the toxins but Sadie was too far gone, She was starting to be labored when breathing, and was not responding to anything at all, so I had to make the worst decision of my life and have my baby put to sleep.It almost killed me in the process. I am so upset by Hartz who had the audacity to tell me that the  main ingredient in that product was a growth stimulator and they had no intention of issuing a recall on it. I am writing this to you to please have other people with similar stories to do something to have this horrible product taken off the market or have a warning to not use this porduct on cats over 7 years old.
I want justice for Sadie and I plan to hurt Hartz where it Hurts  in the pocket book
Thanks for your website and I am serious about this
No one should ever have to go through anything like this ever.
Do not use anything except what your vet recommends regardless of the price. I wish I had not done it, but it is too late because all I have left of Sadie is a BEAUTIFUL CAN WITH A BAG OF ASHES!!!! THANK YOU HARTZ MOUNTAIN YOU KILLED MY CAT!!!!!!
Please contact Joseph Frank at Pets are People too. at 951-746-4111 he is working on resolving this hugh problem for pet owners.
Peg Castetter

Need advise now!

So yesterday i used hartz flea && tick drops on my miniature yorkie & the same day he started throwing up, & all night he’s been trying to rub the stuff off his back, i just found this site & have read many stories…i feel very worried now, what should i do?

Flea Collar on Cat

My lovely cat has been the victim of fleas recently, and I thought of buying her a flea collar. I bought a Hartz IN Control Flea collar [the one with the purple stripe] and I started reading the directions. Even though alarms were going off I still put it on her. And then I went back to reading the directions and all the warnings, and I was rather concerned so I looked around online and found that it wasn’t good for pets. I immediately took it off upon finding this site. I think she had it on for about 20 minutes. Then I took off her regular collar and wiped off her fur with a wet towel. I’m really concerned for my sweetie pie. Will she be ok? She doesn’t take well to baths and will definitely scratch me all over if I try to bathe her. She seems fine and I’m monitoring her. Boy was I stupid, not researching a product before buying it. >.<

Hartz Flea Once A Month Drops

About two weeks ago my husband and I noticed some fleas on our dog Sami. We saw the Hartz products at WalMart and decided to give it a shot-we figured there is no way they could sell something that would be harmful to the dog and so much cheaper then the stuff at the vet! We gave her the drops down the back as directed at about 4p.m. Around 8 or 9 we noticed her running into walls and staggering around the house. We thought it was a little bit weird but let it go. By the next morning she would not eat, was drooling excessively (she never drooled) and was staggering around. She was unable to walk up or down the steps to go to the bathroom. We called our vet and they said that Hartz Flea Medication has been known to cause neurological problems and seizures. We took her in to be seen immediately, by then she could no longer walk on her own. They looked at her and confirmed that she had severe neurological problems and had already gone blind. They said seizures would soon follow. They suggested trying to flush her out, but that they damage had already been done. 18 hours after we gave her the Hartz, we had to put her down. She was 2 years old.


I gave my cat Olive a flea treatment in the morning and left for work for the day.  When I returned home at lunch time I noticed he was having tremors and could not control her eyes and arms and legs.  I rushed her to the vet and while in the car she suffered from a huge seizure.  When arriving at the vet the knew exactly what was happening to her.  They told me they have seen this before from flea medications. They had to shave her back and tried wash the medication off.  When relizing that the tremors where not going to stop they sedated her gave her numerous medications,  an I.V., a catheter and muscle relaxers to calm her body down from the shaking. She had to recieve 24 hour vet care because of this flea treatment. This is the most horrible thing I have ever gone through and witnesses.  I am thankfull that the prognosis of her recovery is good.   I wil never ever give any of my animals a flea treament,  it is poison you are putting on your cherrished and beloved pets.

Another Victim phoned


Thank you for your dedication and if not for you I would not be crusading this drive to stop this company from selling this killing product.

We now have many victims willing to step up to the plate and support what we are now calling Pets are People too and if they could talk and tell us what was going on this company would be CLOSED.

If anyone need support or is a new victim  please contact me at 951-746-4111 or at [email protected]

I promised Maxwell if he lived i wouldn’t stop until Hartz Mountains products are off the shelves.


Joseph Frank

Horrible night after applying Seargents Gold to my dogs!

Saw a story on the news tonight, and it mentioned a lot of problems with Seargeants Gold and negative reports online, so I had to check it out, because about a month ago, I also made the horrible mistake of using that product, for the first time, on my dogs. SEVERAL dogs, and just before bedtime. Luckily, some of the dogs sleep inside, (or they might have died), but unluckily, the problems that resulted cost all of us a night of no sleep and tremendous worry. (The outside dog disappeared, for the first time ever, for a whole day).

First we noticed the dogs began scratching like crazy. Like they wanted to tear their own skin off. They had never acted badly after any previous flea product. I thought the med was aggravating the fleas and they were biting the dogs. I just didn’t know. But it just kept getting worse, and one dog began drooling, unbelievably dripping, and gagging, and her collar got so tight I had to remove it, she definitely got hit the worst. And my husband said somehow it got on his face and was burning like fire. I took the dogs one by one to the tub and bathed them furiously, rinsing well, and used my own coconut conditioner, to soothe. Just doing what my instincts told me to do. Then I raided the refrigerator, offering their favorite foods, expensive meat,  and bread and milk. They ate, which made me feel somewhat better, thinking it might help dilute the medicine (or possible poison) in their system, and thinking, as long as they had appetite, they might not be dying.

The dogs were miserable. They scratched, and whined for hours, though it did start to slowly diminish. I was scared for them, but it was during the night hours and the clinic was closed. I just knew I had to do my best to help them or they might die, especially the one that drooled.  I was with them all night long, worried to death.

I knew it was caused by the Seargeant’s Gold, no doubt whatsoever, because it hit ALL my dogs just after application. But I thought it was due to me misjudging my dog’s weight, (though I didn’t use the whole tube), or my dogs were allergic to it, or I just got a couple of bad packages. I was just so relieved that they got better, I tried to forget about it and resolved to never buy it again.

But after seeing this on the news tonight, and that so many were affected, now I regret NOT doing something about it. And I am very angry. And what I want to know is: Where is this stuff made? AND WHY IS THIS STUFF STILL ON THE SHELVES?

2100 stories told

As of today, there have been 2,100 stories submitted to since 2002.  That’s pretty sad.  My dream is to one day have the luxury of shutting this site down because there are no more Hartz victims.

One day…

Let’s keep fighting!!!

My best,