I can’t believe how ignorant I was in the fact I didn’t research Hartz InControl Flea and Tick Drops when I purchased them for my cat for the upcoming flea season. I mean… you see Hartz and assume you are buying a reputable product to protect your animal. I used InControl Flea and Tick Drops on my cat and within hours she was shaking and tremoring as if she was in the beginning stages of a seizure. I IMMEDIATELY called the number on the back of the box and though their Eastern Standard TIme Hours are 9 to 5 their “Hartz Mountain” offices were CLOSED and though it was 10am EST their soulless recording echoed in my ear to call them back during their regular business hours from 9am to 5pm EST. Not to mention this line hangs up on you after choosing this number 2 phone option for “POISON EMERGENCY!”

After taking my cat to the emergency vet and providing her with fluids and muscle relaxers to stop her convulsing my veterinarian immediately shook her head, sighing when I said “Hartz” She immediately knew how awful their products were and the horrible consequences cats and dogs have suffered from them. She told me she has had too many case to even count!

Upon arriving home with my cat, I researched what I had unwittingly subjected my beloved animal to and felt so irresponsible and sickened I had to post this story to try and raise awareness of this company and their pet killing products in hopes other mislead pet owners don’t end up in the same position as me, watching their cat or dog suffer like this. This company does NOT care about animals and ADMITS to using ingredients that cause irreparable liver damage and BLEEDING OF THE EYES! Even now at this very moment I am agonizing, wondering if my cat will pull through this. She is 13 years old and if anything this product has certainly shortened her lifespan by forcing her organs to work in overdrive to try and force this poisonous product out of her system! I know in my heart I will always feel responsible for putting her through this, but in the end it is THE HARTZ COMPANY WHO IS RESPONSIBLE TO MANUFACTURING A LETHAL PET PRODUCT!


  1. Wow. I can’t believe that a company could get something like that on the market! You would think there would have been enough restrictions to kick a product like that off. This is insane.

  2. I purchased Hartz advantage for my outside cat, it took all of the hair off and abraded her skin. It shocked me to say the least, how can they let things like this happen to unsuspecting owners and their pets who have to suffer from these products. No more. Winona Kocurek Beaumont Texas

  3. What i don’t understand is why you used a dog product on your cat! Hartz isn’t the problem here. Dog products are not the same as cat products. It states that right on the box.

  4. Amy, what are you talking about? This WAS a cat product! Do you listen to yourself when you type or do you just say whatever pops into your head? Have you read the other comment in this site about the exact same product and what it did to their cats? Obviously if I was such a horrible cat owner I would not have one that just turned 21, and not to mention, have taken her to the vet immediately after her showing the side effects, but even try and use flea and tick prevention in the first place. Why don’t you try reading up the ingredients on the chemicals used on either cat or dog products and tell me they are safe to use on ANY living thing you don’t want DEAD!

  5. I used the same CAT product and she started foaming at the mouth and drooling every where. I am very sick to my stomach thinking how this company could still continue to put these products out there. My fiance and daughter are thoroughly washing her in the tub right now. I am very scared this has really harmed her.

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