I am so incredibly heart broken over what my little hotdog Hank went through last night. I applied this horrible flea & tick remedy on Hank, and not only did it just sit there and create a mess( be careful not to ingest it yourself, not that you would use it) on the back of HIS neck, but within an hour he was foaming at the mouth, shaking his head ( as if water was in his ear), scratching, and walking like a drunken sailor. My boyfriend suggested that i go online to a forum to see if it was a reaction to the medication (god knows it doesn’t say anything like: WILL CAUSE SEIZIERS, POSSIBLE KIDNEY FAILURE AND DEATH. WASH IMMEDIATLEY WITH DISH SOAP, on the box). Come to find out that hundreds, even thousands of people and their pets have been through this. I hate to say , but some have died. How is this stuff able to survive on the market? I WILL not be going to Petco anymore, they don’t seem to care….and forget Sergeants 1.800 #. That Lady couldn’t give two shi….s about whathappens to us. Frontline really is the only way to go.

So, after reading from other people, i quickly washed him with dish soap and gave him some Benadryl. It’s been 24 hours and he has yet to eat or drink and is still acting odd. Everyone says that a vet really can’t do much, and just to watch him closely. My heart hurts so very much, not only for hank, but for the unsuspecting people who are soon to buy this for their pet. I am going to Pecto and putting stickers on all the Sergeants boxes, to warn them. THIS IS AN OUTRADGE!!!!!!!!! I am also going to call the consumer board. If you have gone through this, i suggest you do the same.

A very hurt mom…………………………..


  1. Poor Hank — but lucky for him and for you that you acted quickly! Keep us posted about his progress.

    I urge you to take Hank to your trusted vet, even though you suspect they may not be able to help. It’s really critical for him to be checked out by a professional. Here’s why:

    – You’ll feel better knowing that you’re doing everything in your power to ensure the most positive outcome for your dear little boy.

    – Your vet may know something about Hank that has implications for how he should be treated.

    – Hank’s experience and reaction should become a part of his medical record (this is extremely important).

    – You AND your vet need to file reports to the EPA and other agencies. Check the “Need Help?” section of this website for information on who to contact, and do it right away! Please remember that your report will be the MOST useful if you have the packaging, which contains the all-important “EPA registration number.” Reporting these events is crucial in our campaign to get this poison off the shelves.

    – Your vet needs to know how important it is for them to be proactive in warning clients against using these highly toxic products on their pets.

    Good luck, and please let us know how Hank is doing!

    1. I diluted my original liquid, fifty fifty. Then, even ran a comb through NY pet right after and git about 15 dead fleas off real quick since I was headed to work… Also, put a flea collar on her, and came home to find her happy as usual… Waiting to eat, I plan to comb her again… Dip my flea filled comb in scolding hot buckets of water.. then flush the nasty bastards. I’ve been through it all… Had a pro dip(rip off), dawn soap bath(temporarily helpful), capgaurd pills, etc…. IDK I’ll see what happens from here on out. Good luck to us all

      1. can you please decipher all that? what liquid? what is NY? what brand flea collar? IDK? Wait to see what happens ? – is your pet an experiment?

        1. Agreed, what the hell.. I’m only looking at this forum to trying to see if my husky’s cataracts that suddenly appeared in both eyes could be related to this flea and tick medication that I used on my dog in the past and now hear messed up many other dogs from a friend who just told me to look into this cause I didn’t believe it.

    2. My best friend just lost her cat last week due to the Sergeant Dual Action flea and tick collar II for cats. The veterinarian told her that was the reason she lost her cat. She also took her other cat in because he was showing signs of being sick. Fortunately, the Vet was able to save his life but he is not the same. My friend is so heartbroken that I told her I would try to find out why these flea collars are still on the market!!!
      They kill pets!! They know it too. Can anyone please give me names of agencies to contact to try to find out why Sergeant’s is still making profit off of pet owners dead animals?? Isn’t this considered cruelty to animals??
      My friend told me when she left the veterinarian’s office, another pet owner was bringing in her sick pet for the very same reason- toxic collar. Please any advice would be appreciated. I won’t let this drop even though Sergeant’s has much more money and high priced attorneys than I do. It is WRONG AND UNETHICAL AND SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!

    3. I just lost 2 7 mth old pups from using sergeants flea and tick silver spray. With in 2 days of spraying my babies.

    4. We just applied it to our cat and now she is spending the night at the veterinarians and we still dont know if our little girl will make it through the night. The horrible seizures I had to watch Chloe go through for 3 hours straight and she is still twitching. If there is a lawyer I can get ahold of just point me in that direction cause if she passes tonight this company will be shut down one way or another. I’m so sorry for everyone who has had to go through this and wish everyone the best of luck.

  2. you have to be very careful with these products my grandmother runs a kennel.i have seen people come in looking for a new pet because of the fact that hartz and their not so clear directions have killed their pet. you have to read the labels follow the directions and in hartz’s case hope and pray that it goes right. when i was a teen.i had a pitbull that was 6 months old that i had gotten as a gift. i washed him with some of the hartz flea shampoo. same thing he started frothing at the mouth and just acting really really groggy. i instantly washed it all off of him and sat up with him through the night.fortunately he made it with no ill side effects but the vet stated that the chemicals in there were a very strong mix and if i hadnt of washed him off as fast as i did and let it sit there for the recommended time i would have lost my pup. good luck to you and your dog i feel for the both of you

  3. I purchased the Sergeants Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze On for Dogs (40 – 60 pounds) and applied it to my German Shorthair as described in the packaging. About 12 hours later, she began drooling excessively and acting very nervous, trying to lick off the solution. We called the vet, who recommended washing her to get as much off as possible, but added that the solution was most likely already in her system. It’s now been two days and Caty (the dog) is still not right – she has no bounce at all and hides in the closet. This, from one of the bounciest dogs on the planet. I went on the internet and read of many similar episodes involving Sergeant’s products and dogs, including some where the dog had died.

  4. Last night i purchased the Sergeant’s squeeze flea and tick product for my 3 dogs. I have a Shit-Zu Lhapso mix, a Shit-zu and an Old English Bulldog. Obviously buying the correct amounts for their weight class.
    Within a half an hour they were ALL acting funny. Panting, scratching uncontrollably at their backs, foaming at the mouths, coughing as though they were all gagging on something and they were all very restless. None of them could sit still. All i could think about was loosing all 3 of my dogs. We washed off as much as possible but they are all still showing some sort of side effect from using this junk! Normally i would buy K-9 Advantix but because of some money issues was not able to spend the money on it. I will never make this mistake again. I will be going home from work tonight to bath them all again. My boyfrined had stayed home from work today just so he could be there with them and he has called and said they are looking a bit better but still not normal. I could see if it was one dog having a reaction but all 3??? What is going on? Why is this stuff still on the market?? Why are these pet stores still selling this stuff?? Do they even care?

    1. I used the sergeants gold spot on for cats on my cat charlie.a week or so later he had a big gaping hole on the back of his neck where the junk was applied. Even after medical treatment, the wound never really healed. Years later there were still complications. The wound would start to heal,and then suddenly reappear again.One morning we woke up to find him dead.I would dare to say that it became septic.Nothing we did made it better.I have since stopped using any Sergeant’s products.

      1. I too feel like an awful cat master. I’m all about natural healthy living, Then I go and do something stupid like place Seargents hartz on my poor Whisper. Same conclusion, poison reaction. My vet only could recommend bathing her to remove toxin. But my iridiologist told me to give her some food grade diatomaceous earth, and sprinkle the powder on her fur to help fight toxins, and bath her with Dr Bonner’s Castile soap to get her PH balanced. And to feed her cold raw salmon, dark chicken, or sardines, all raw, with bones ( will not hurt her ) to get her some fish oil supplement as well. Then she should be back on track. Hope this helps in future cases of master failings.
        Remember, we & all creatures all belong to a forgiving & healing God .
        Admit our mistakes and He will bring healing 😀

  5. i used sergeants gold flea and tick on my chihuahua last night. she started throwing up white foam ,hyper and shaking her head like her ears hurt.i washed her and she quit throwing up but her back leg[the one she used to scratch the stuff]is bugging her and she shakes her head like somethings in her ears. i got her to eat and shes settled down but from what ive read i just have to let it run its course.i hate to think how sick I made her just by using a product i had every right to believe was warned

    1. Same thing happened to my chi the stuff should be pulled it’s toxic my chi wouldn’t sit still or sleep at all . All night long wouldn’t come to me and did circles around everything I think he licked it and made him sick won’t eat or drink I washed him immediately and he finally calmed down to sleep and eat something it’s definitely the drops of sergeants

  6. I bought Sergeants gold flea and tick for my bull terrier (Buddy)yesterday, and lucky for me you people have posted your stories on this site. About 45 minutes of putting it on him I noticed he started itching more than usual but I thought it was because the fleas were running for their life. I didn’t know that it was the first sign of my dog fighting for his. He then started crying which he never does,rolling around on the ground, and shaking his head like he had something in his ears. When we came inside I decided to google this product and I am OUTRAGED on what I found. Just like all of you I am wondering why this product is still on the shelf! After reading what kind of POISON I just put on my poor dog I quickly gave him a bath with dish soap. It seemed to help him a little but the POISON had 3 hours to soak in. He wouldn’t stop shaking his head he was trembling,His skin was so red, his legs were jerking, he was so restless he wouldn’t sit still. My husband and I put him in bed with us and we held him and stayed up with him all night. I was so worried I thought he was going to die. He just kept panting and trying to bury his head in our laps and acting very strange. I finally gave him a benadryl and 6:30am he finally fell asleep. Today he is MUCH better he still keeps shaking his head but he is eating and drinking and chewing on his bone as I write this. I can’t even imagine what some of you have gone through especially the ones who lost their pets. I will NEVER buy buy any HARTZ or SERGEANTS product again and I will warn anyone I can about this pet killing company.

  7. Like many of you, I purchased Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick for my Miniature Schnauzer (Jodie) and Shit-zu (Odie) both had the same reaction gagging, scratching, skin redness, trembling, and running around acting really crazy. I tried to wash most of this crap off both of them but they are still acting weird. I am going back to my local Wal-Mart and put a sign up next to this product warning others not to purchase. I know the sign won’t stay for long but if I can keep one person from sending their baby (s) through the hell I put mine through last night, I will feel better. I would feel even better if Sergeant’s stop selling this POISON!

  8. I put this crap on my dog Bugsy last night at about 930pm. And at 1030 he started acting really crazy, he was drooling from his mouth really bad, rolling around on the floor…just going nuts. So i called the 1800 number and all they said was 2 bath him. How can they not care that not only my pet but all these other peoples pets are getting sick from this crap. I will never ever use this sh**t again!:(

  9. I used this product on my cat and she began to shake and cry and she could not walk. I took her to the vet and she had massive liver failure and we had to put her to sleep. My poor Gabby wasn’t on any other medication besides this. It has to stop and if anyone files a lawsuit I’ll be first to jump on the bandwagon.

    1. I too put the Sargent flea and tick, an within 5 days our beloved pom a poo, Poo passed away with liver failure. I feel like dying right now. I don’t know what to do.. I feel responsible.

      1. I am so sorry for your loss but you may have just saved my precious animal her name is Dolly she’s my service dog and I am holding in my hand that crud murdered your dog and I am fixing to pour it out in the same God I read this before I put it on my dog

  10. For those of you that I sent this warning to (below) about ” Hartz product, Sergeants Flee & Tick Treatment” and to those that are getting this for the first time,
    I now have to send out with a painful sorry the news that our smallest little fur ball filled with wonderful joy, has passed away.
    This happened about 3:00 am this morning. Our youngest daughter awoke from a sense of something being wrong and found Morgan in a bad way. Morgan died in my arms 10 minutes later.
    Needless to say, the cloudy, cold and wet weather outside reflects the feelings we have inside our home. Please say a Prayer for him.
    If anyone knows a veterinarian that will perform an autopsy for an affordable price, please let us know. We are filled with much sorry and anger that this happened from a product that should not be sold to the public.

    Please warn others about this product…


    Victor Depaola
    Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

  11. Victor, sorry for your losss. I wish I’d had enough sense to go to the web and check for comments before I used this crap on my Shih-Tzu’s. Lucky for us there is an emergency vet just around the corner and we got them there in time to help.
    $320 later, the vet said that the product causes nerve poison reactions in small dogs.

    Yeah, roger that one.

    [email protected]

  12. I have just sent WFLA an account of what happened with my case. They had a previous news story about Hartz in Feb, 2005. Hopefully, they’ll use my story as an update. Also filed a complaint per shannonbad with the BBB. Stay tuned. and good luck


  13. I normally used Advantage on my 6 yr old Pug, Mac. However fleas were taking over and I was low on money and decided to go to Walmart and pick up Sergents Gold for Dogs.
    I put it on him approximately 9:30 at night, and within minutes he was acting aggitated. I thought the fleas were just annoying him. I put him in my room with the door closed, along w/our two cats, cause I was doing a flea treatment on the floor in the living room carpet, which took about an hour, so I didnt really get to see his behavior from there. And my heart bleeds now that I didnt keep a closer eye on him.
    After the vacuuming, it was bed time, I put him in his cage to sleep and we all laid down. Throughout the night I heard him whinning and thought the cats were harrassing him at his cage (has happened before). Too early in the morning he was whining like it was time to go to the bathroom and when I wearily woke up to let him out he could barely walk. He couldnt put his left leg down, was running around and falling, and itching his whole body uncontrollably.
    I immediately took him to the bath and tried to soothe him, but im sure it was too late.. as it was the next morning since the application.
    Its now 5 pm the day after application, hasnt even been 24 hours, he is shaking his head like his ears are bothering him. His whole body is twitching, still cant put his left leg down and I decided to do a search for this product and found this..
    what did I do to my baby???
    will he ever get better????
    What can I do?
    im going to go put him in the bath again.. there has got to be a way to reverse this… he is suffering.. he is whining, in pain.. and so restless..
    this is a tragedy.. why didnt I just go buy the advantage????

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your baby. I just bought this stuff for my 3 small dogs and decided to Google it before I put it on them thank God I Did. This is horrible why are they still selling this craps. I was just told by the clerk at the store this stuff was safe and she uses it all the time on her animals. I want to thank everyone for posting your stories on here and my heart is breaking for each and everyone of you and your babies I wish all of you the very best.

  14. I am sitting here holding my boston terrier who I gave this medicine to last night. She is foaming at the mouth. I washed her in dish soap and am hoping and praying she get better soon….
    Why do they make a product for pets that kills animals???


  16. We camped this Memorial Day & forgot to treat my dogs with the veterinarian provided medicine. Got some Sergeant’s Silver @ Meyer’s. Since they were are between 10-14 lbs., and the dosage went up to 20 lbs., I only used 2/3 of the medicine. Within a few minutes they were all acting strange, so we washed them with dog shampoo within 1-1/2 hrs. All continued scratching, but the smallest one was jumping uncontrollably, crying and vomiting. I was with her all night. The other two gradually seemed better. The next morning I went on the internet & found that a vet had told one person to wash the dog 3-4 times with Dawn detergent & then rub the back with vitamin E, so I did that. That seemed to provide quick relief, and she seemed much better by the end of the day. I am so glad that I did not give them the whole dosage! This product should be taken off the shelf & the business investigated by FDA!!!!

  17. We Are Going Through The Same Thing Right Now On All 3 Of Our Minature Poodles.Took The One To The Vet”Emergency Call On A Sunday”Said Same Thing Wash Animal With Dawn Dish Soap Immediately,Give Benadryl And Spray Hydrocortizone On Affected Areas.It Seems Like It Is Burning The Skin,We’ll Never Use This Product Again.Seargents Silver,Flea,Tick And Mosquito.No Help From Or Reimbursement From Seargents.

  18. I wish I had read your comments before I put the Sergeant’s Silver (for dogs 9 -20 lbs) on my Sheltie. Initially, I thought she was choking on part of a “pig’s ear” that I had given her…but her throat was clear (actually, it was swelling up inside and I didn’t know).

    Then the vomiting started…profusely! She had no more to throw up…but she kept gagging and running in circles. About 2 hours later, I noticed that she wouldn’t leave my side and her legs were weak and unable to hold her up. That’s when I scooped her up and went to the Emergency Vet Hosital.

    There are NO PRECAUTIONARY WARNINGS on the label other than “Harmful if swallowed or absorbed through skin.” Hmmm…now I get it! This must be their “loop hole”. OR is it the disclaimer that reads, “Sensitivities may occur afer using ANY pestacide products on pets”. They are GUILTY of allowing this product of remaining on the shelves!!!

    Sergent’s Silver flea & tick – $8.00
    Emergency Vet Hospital – $430.11
    My Shelite – PRICELESS!

    We need to notify 20/20 about this!!!

  19. This stuff killed my cat yesterday. We took him to the animal hospital and he ended up dieing of cardiac arrest. I am so angry that stores would sell this.

  20. Matt,

    So very sorry to hear of your loss. This has happened to so many animals. If you want to help put a stop to this please take the time to file complaints. All the required information to do so can be found on our Need Help page. Thank you.

    Against Hartz

  21. I put this stuff on my two mini dachshunds the other day and I feel like a horrible mother now!!!! They were itching uncontrolably and whining, I just wrote it off to flea scratching. I put it on them on Sunday night, then Monday morning I took our male, Schultz, to work with me because he was acting funny the night before. I got to work and started to research the product and was floored by the complaints I had found!!!! I left work at 10 am, went home and washed both pups in an oatmeal dog wash while I was on the phone with the Sergeant’s Flea and Tick people. So anrgy!!!! I even said to my husband in the store “Why would they sell it if it is not safe?” The lady at Sergeant’s seemed cold and did not care! She told me to wash them with dish soap which I did right after washing them with oatmeal dog wash, I left them both home, went back to work and came back home an hour later with my dogs happy and not scratching as much. So in the process of helping my dog itch himself before I took him home to bath him I got some of the flea stuff on my hands and then touched my face!! Let me tell you what your dogs are going through! My face was BURNING so bad!! I tried washing it with dish soap and putting lotion on it and it still burned for hours!!! It is not itching your dogs it is BURNING them!!!!!!! If anyone starts a class action lawsuit let me know!!! I don’t want the money, it is the principle!!! This stuff should be off the shelves!!! Walmart, Fred Meyers, take it off the shelves!!!!

  22. My girl friend used the hartz – Ultra guard flea and tick treatment you rub into the dogs back active ingrediant Phenothrin. I didn’t think this was a good idea, any poison being used on skin to kill bugs has gotta be bad. My 45 pound pit bull lost some motor skills, especially rear legs. Acted funny, and the most telling feature were the blisters and bumps she got at the site of the application. Really nasty looking blisters all up and down her back.

  23. Yes, I wish I had known about this 2 weeks ago. I used the Sergeant’s GOLD squeeze packet on my 4 year old pugladore, Stringer, and he immediately started jerking his head, whining, and rolling around. He looked as if he had lost his motor skills on the right side. He then threw up a foamy liquid, and I knew I had to do something. I had just bathed him before applying the packet, but I immediately put him back in the bath and scrubbed that stuff off as quickly as I could. It was hurting him so badly, I just about lost it. I found the 800 number on the package and called Sergeant’s, whereupon they told me to bathe him in dishwashing soap up to 3 times because it is an oil-based product. So I did just that. They then told me to get some pure Vitamin E oil and rub it into the neck area to soothe him. It really didn’t help. I ended up having to take him to the vet for a cortisone shot and cortisone tablets for him to take for the next 5 days. After a couple days, he was back to semi-normal. I’ve never been so pissed off over a product in all my life. I will NEVER ever put anything on my dog like this stuff again. I ended up getting him a natural flea collar, and figure that if he gets a flea or two, it’s a helluva lot better than the agony I put that poor pup through earlier this month!! I can’t believe this stuff is out there on the market for every other unsuspecting person to pick up. And it would also be fair for Sergeant’s to pay my danged Vet bill.

  24. DO NOT BUY SERGEANTS PRODUCTS FOR YOUR PETS!!!! I have heard this before but like others I figured they are selling this in stores everywhere—it MUST be SAFE!!! WRONG!! My little Minnie, within hours, started shaking her head and biting at her back legs. We thought it was the fleas going nuts on her to cause her such discomfort. We went to bed, my husband said she tossed and turned and whined most of the night. This afternoon she has had 2 baths with dawn and I am trying to get as much liquid in her as I can to flush her system—I’m afraid because of the lapse in time she has gotten too much dissolved into her body through her skin. I am going to try the Vitamin E oil and benadryl. Pray for my baby, I feel like a horrible pet owner. I will never purchase another sergeant product again!!!

  25. Our family used the one for Cats and our cat has been throwing up for two weeks. Its heart breaking, he’s lost so much weight and can’t keep food down. THIS IS INSANE! I’m sorry to hear about your dog it must be terrible.

  26. I also wish I would have seen this post before using this product on my Shitzu. I used Sargeants gold last night, for the proper weight of dog and within a half hour my dog was also scratching uncontrollably, crying, and just plain acting out of character. I immediatley gave him a bath to try and wash it off, did not help, gave him a second bath, still no relief. Unfortunatley this happened at night time, he cried all night last night, gave him another bath this morning again with the dawn dish soap, tried to get him to drink water, nothing was working, finally broke down and called my vet and they said I needed to bring him in as they would probably have to flush his system, they informed me that they had a cat that had been there all night getting its system flushed because of the same stuff (of course for cats but same brand). I am not looking forward to a vet bill and should not even be as this stuff should have been pulled from the shelf a long time ago. If this was something that was making people sick it would have been removed, why are animals any different. Why is there not a class action lawsuit, I know I would sure join it.

  27. Same thing happened to my Polly,she was foaming from the mouth ,eyes dylated,ears trembling she lost so much fluids. Shame on those people for putting something on the market like this,I could have lost my dog paid out big time to the vet just cause those people dont give a good s—.There is lonely people that need their pets to give them comfort its all they have so why keep doing this to peoples best freind.Lawsuits YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,,I for one sure join in on it shame shame on those heartless people

  28. I am very saddened by the pain suffering all of you have had. I however, feel somewhat compelled to give the other view point. I have a Boston Terrier. I have always used Sergeants flea and tick wash and squeeze on. It works and is inexpensive. Not once have I had any kind of reaction. I have also used it on every other pet we have ever owned. Still, no reaction. I will say, that the package has never said Gold, so perhaps that version is more potent. Again, the stories you tell are heart wrenching, but I have to wonder if it is not actually a minority of dogs are actually having reactions, because obviously people don’t often comment when things are okay. I just happened to be looking it up because my mom has badgered me about frontline working better. my advice to anyone thinking of using it, don’t apply an entire tube at once the first time. apply a very small amount and see how your pet does. if things are fine continue. i did this when first using this on my boston terrier. i had never heard of any of this but it is just good common sense when using any kind of new product on your pet.

  29. Dear zoeys mommy,

    I appreciate the point you are making. However, with all due respect, you are playing Russian Roulette. It’s very typical of these pesticide products to perform once, twice or more times without adversely affecting a pet. And, without warning, the next application can literally blow up an animal’s nervous system with terrible results–including minor or major injuries or death. This, in fact, is a typical response. I’m delighted that you have had no problems using Sergeant’s or any other of these topical products. Unfortunately, it may only be a matter of time before your pet (and you) is just another victim of reactions that are scientifically documented to alter an animals nervous system.

    In 2005, when Hartz Mountain was responding to tremendous media pressure and increased scrutiny by the EPA because their cat and kitten products (containing synthetic pyrethroids–now known to be lethal to cats) were causing so many injuries and deaths, their company spokesman, John Mullane, told the USA Today Newspaper the following: “…7,000 reports (of cat injuries and deaths)are a very small number compared to the number of applications.”

    Think about that: in a period of 3 years over 7,000 reports of cat and kitten injuries and deaths caused solely by Hartz products were reported to the EPA and Hartz felt that was “a very small number”. And what about the larger percentage of injuries that typically go unreported? Sergeant’s, BioSpot and others have the same record and the same attitude. So, it is not a tiny minority of animals that have a negative reaction. It’s truly an unacceptable level of injury, death and devastation that has gone on for many years. The EPA in their May 2009 Public Advisory announced over 44,000 adverse incidents were reported in 2008, up from a horrendous 28,000 in 2007! How many animals have to be injured or killed before proper action is taken?

    Please re-think your decision to continue use of these products. Pesticides on any living thing are dangerous–intended to be lethal. Count yourself fortunate that you have not had to endure the hurt and devastation that so many others have had to experience. Use of these products DO NOT build an immunity to adverse reactions–just the opposite–they can blow up on an animal at any time, in any volume, used according to directions or not. Please do not subject your pet to these reprehensible products simply to save a couple of dollars. Thank you for your post and opinions.

  30. Like many other posters to this thread, my three dogs had similar reactions to the product. We contacted Sergeants immediately, and they immediately gave us explicit instructions on how to treat the dogs, and assigned an FDA case number to us.

    We had vet bills as a result of this. Our dogs were evaluated for motor skill inparement, and given medicine for nausea. Lucky for us, the was no permanent damage, most likely because we were able to administer treatment so quickly.

    I called Sergeants back and received information on how to seek compensation for the Vet bill’s and product purchase. We sent the required form and copies of our bills to the address, adding Delivery confirmation and Signature Confirmation. It has been over a month and there has been no word from Sergeants.

    While I appreciate their attention to us in a crisis, their follow-up has been terrible. I see this stuff on the shelves at the store every time I go in. There should be a class action suit of some sort! Perhaps, since we were assigned an FDA case number, the complaints of Pet Owners would get better action from the FDA.

    As a side note: When we brought our dogs in, our Vet told us to never use any Hartz or Sergeant’s products, mainly because the level of testing they do is inadequate and the quality control at their manufacturing plants is very poor.

  31. Just another statistic! Sure enough put Sergeants flea and tick oil on my rottweiler and pitbull and my rottweiler started frothing, twitching, puking and rolling around crying and groaning. Needless to say 4 baths later with dish soap, antioxidant herbs and lots of vitamin E he and my pitbull who didn’t have the symptoms as bad are resting quietly. What kind of crack smoking idiots would put this on the market!!! I need to sue somebody pronto! Shame…shame shame on you Sergeants and Hartz!!!

  32. I used this product last night on our little dog. I used the recomended dose. Within a couple of hours, he was foaming at the mouth, shaking, rubbing on all the furniture and the floors uncontrollably, could not be still. He was whining and throwing up. I thought he was going to die. I was panicked because there are no emergency vets in our area. I got on the computer and could not believe what I was reading. I washed him once with dog shampoo, then luckily I had dawn, I don’t usually buy it, but it was the cheapest that week. I had just a little left, so I bathed him in it three diffrent times, and then gave him 1/4 tsp of benedryl. He never really calmed down, but he did slow down some. The next day he was much better. He still is acting a little funny, and he twitches his back leg, and sometimes twitches his whole body. He has only eat a little, and drank a little. I’m worried he may still die, or at the very least have long term effects from this medication. I have three children who love this dog dearly, I will be pissed if this stuff kills him. Something needs to be done, no one should have to go through this with their pet, and no animal should suffer this way. It is cruel.

  33. I used this product on my two shitzu. They started foaming at the mouth and throwing up, shaking their heads, twitching, crying, after bathing and benadryl they both are still twitching, shaking their heads and whinning. This suffering, I can’t believe there’s no warning on the packaging. I’m so sorry for this purchase. I just pray there’s no permanent damage.

  34. Hi, im a local promoter here in fayetteville nc, and i plan to post some articles about the dangerous products for pets that are on the market now. My dog is a yorkshire terrior and after using hartz and adams flea spray (during different times) in the past my dog went unconcious and began having seizures. He is a tiny dog and over the years we didnt know how badly this was affecting him. After use, he began to vomit on a regular basis, pass out, lose control of his bladder being that he went unconcious and stagger and fall. He stopped eating and drinking and we thought he was gone. Only after i rinses the product off the day he passes out, did he begin to come back around. I got water into him and had to nurse him back to life for the past few months. He is still recovering now, and is an older dog now, so it has not helped his body. Its a shame what companies put on the shelves for animals with no regard for lives. If You would like your article posted on our website or information promoted about this situation, go to and click contact us. There are various email addresses there that will get through to us, or you can simply submit a mailing list for with your name and email address and link to your article.

  35. I don’t want my pets death to be just another statistic! I want his death to make a difference!

    Within 4 hours my dog Samson, experienced the suffering as so many described followed by internal organs burning within his body after applying Sergeants flea ad tick Gold. My posting and notice has been long overdue, Samson died in 2006 but he was my child, my friend, my companion and only now I can write rationally about the experience with supporting facts. I have full documentation from the veterinarian team, detailed notes of the interaction with Sergeants help line and horrific videos of my pet Samson in agonizing pain and supporting pictures that Samson was a healthy dog prior to the ointment again followed by him suffering in excruciating pain caused by an over the counter product I bought at Walmart.

    My biggest fear today is the economy. Pet owners can’t afford the high prices of prescription flea and tick products so OTC products will be the alternative choice and if my story and videos in combination with other pet owners comments with similar experiences can make a difference we need to forge forward to remove the product from the shelf.

    Therefore, my ultimate question is, can I share, post…my dog Samson information, specifically, the videos to promote awareness of harmful pet products? If anyone can inform me, how and where I can distribute video postings to save our companion lives please tell me.

    I no longer want to be silent. “It wasn’t my fault” I was unemployed and did not have enough money to purchase a prescription product and never imagined a company could be granted permission to produce and sell to the public a product containing harmful pesticides to use on living beings.

    I apoligize for not sharing sooner but I am ready now to help!

    1. I have 3 babies and put a sargents flea and tick color on all. It was on about 20 – 30 minutes before I read all these posts. I took them off immediately and rubbed them down with warm water. I feel pretty sick to my stomach. Like many of the posts I am short of money but I will never use sargents again. No reaction yet but I’m scared to death! I think they’re ok but I’ll be glad when morning comes so I can give them a bath.

  36. An answer to my own question, where can I share the details of the last 48 hours with my pet? I just reviewed this website and realized this is the site “HartsVictims”!

    HartsVictims supports my views and I am thankful others are dedicated to the cause of promoting awareness and banning harmful pet products.

    You have my support, I will be printed the flyers and posting them in stores such as Walmart where I purchased Sergeants flea ad tick Gold.

  37. Fran, I am so sorry for your loss. I too just went through this horrible experience but fortunately our little Buster survived. I contacted everyone I know to warn them of this and I emailed the BBB of Nebraske where the company is located, they sent me a Get Well card for Buster and a form I need to fill out and return to them. I emailed our local news station and they are going to do an interview with me and Buster, so I am doing all I can to get the word out. We rescued Buster from a shelter and if he would have died after all we did to give him comfort in having a loving home with people he could trust, I don’t think I could have dealt with that. This company needs to be stopped and I for one am doing what needs to be done and i’m sure I would have lots of support.
    Stay strong.

  38. if my dogs lives thru tonight, i’ll be surprised. she is only 2 years and 1 month old. we applied the sergants gold tick and flea spray on her about 5 hours ago, and she is going nuts.. (suicidel) I can’t even lie on the couch with her, because her muscles spasims are terrible, at the point of knocking off my glasses…. i’m not happy at all, and hope my puppy lives!!!!

  39. I also had the same reaction with my cats. one of my cats had a seizure and didnt eat for days and still acts funny. The other cat had a chemical burn and was not well for weeks. I hope the company gets shut down!

  40. To get rid of fleas isn’t an easy job. You have to make sure that your surroundings is clean especially your backyard. During flea seasons, vacuum your rugs frequently and don’t forget to give your pets some supplements.

  41. I have a part Bichon – Shitzu – I use Sergeants flea ad tick Gold and have no problems. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  42. My cat has been in the hospital since yesterday morning in a coma because of this product. We don’t know if he will pull through. If he does, the vet told us he may never be the same. While we were there, in came 2 dogs with the same problem. I have told everyone I know to tell everyone they know NOT to use this. I don’t know how this is legal but you can believe I will call a lawyer on Monday.

  43. Yesterday we gave Sargeant’s Evolve Flea & Tick formula to our yellow Lab & chocolate Lab. About 5 hours later, our yellow lab (whom is 70 lbs) started to fall down, froth from the mouth, tremor, & vomit. We rushed him to the emergency vets & they bathed him, shaved him, treated his tremors, contacted the animal poison control & gave him medication to ease his stomach. We were sent home 4 hours later with muscle relaxers & medication to settle his stomach. I do NOT understand why there are products on the market that could make our dogs sick or even kill them. Worse off, the vet said that this typically happens with cats. DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG or cat any flea & tick ointment that is not bought from the vet. Frontline was suggested the least harmful.
    I am disturbed & upset that markets & pet supply store sell things that have the potential to be detrimental to our pets. Our normally perky, upbeat, energetic Labrador was devastated by this Sargeant’s Evolve. I suggest if ANYONE has these side effects in your animal after a flea & tick treatment, do not hesitate. Take your pet to the vet immediately where appropriate action can be taken that is administered by the vet & recommended by the Animal Poison Control Board.


  45. I currently take care of a few cats as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program. They all live outside and are very healthy except for their recent development of fleas. I bought Sergeants Gold for cats and applied it to one of the cats last night. (They allow me to handle them) I haven’t seen her all day today, which is unusual. Then she just showed up on my porch shivering, drooling and foaming at the mouth, and walking stiffly. I called a vet and asked for advice and they told me that Hartz is pretty much RAID in liquid form and highly toxic to animals. Basically take every chemical you can find under your sink and mix it together and slap a label on it and you have Hartz Sergeant’s flea and tick product. She told me there is no “safe” way to apply this crap. It’s straight up poison and you just have to hope for the best after your pet already has it on them.

    Not only does it hurt to see this cat, which I have been watching over since kittenhood, writhe on the ground in obvious agony, but she is being vindictive and will not let me catch her to wash it off. I don’t blame her. If someone poured this crap on my shoulders, I’d be pissed at them too. This was a cat who ran up to me eagerly for pets and purrs nonstop. She now is acting wary and anxious. She won’t eat or drink either.

    I pray that she’ll be ok. The fleas aren’t worth this. Shame on Hartz for putting toxic, painful, DEADLY poison on the shelves of stores. Best of luck to all of you.

  46. Umm…sue? Why wouldn’t you sue Sergeant’s? They deserve to be punished for releasing a poisonous product on the market.

    I came across your post because my cat is currently suffering from twitchiness from that company’s toxins.

  47. Umm…sue? Why wouldn’t you sue Sergeant’s? They deserve to be punished for releasing a poisonous product on the market.

    I came across your post because my cant is currently suffering from twitchiness from that company’s toxins.



  49. about thirty minutes ago i put sergeant silver flea and tick for cats on monster. About and hour later se is foaming out the mouth freaks out if i move away from her to do anything. Sounds horrible but i put her whole head in to a dish of water it ticked her off but help the foaming and to get it out of their nose throat and mouth as well. Kitty my other cat had absolutely no reaction to it. Alot of the problem is cats cleaning their selfs after bathing and getting the horrid junk in the digestive system. Also when i read everything it says to not let sit on your skin ingest or smoke after use without washing your hands well not calling us all dumb but duhh common sense says dont use on your pets if it can hurtyou to. They arent much different than us. I learned a lesson from. For sure. And anything that could hurt myself in the process will not touch my monster again. And for kittens for those who dont know baby shampoo kills fleas and safe for them. That way you can get their face without brning their eyes and also you have a really good smelling animal and no worries of harming your animal. If its safe for a new born baby surely its safe for baby kittens dogs ect.

  50. I put Sergeants so-called “natural” flea remedy on my cat yesterday, and she’s been in the vet for two days with bloody diarrhea!


  52. I bought this and used it on my pug Yogi. He didn’t have any reaction, but I can’t believe the danger I put my poor baby in! I’m throwing it away and never buying again. I feel for all of you who have lost pets due to this crap.


  54. My wife used this sergeants flea and tick shampoo and after that we sprayed sergeants flea and tick spray on my cat , after a hours he starts drool, so we start to google , to see what’s going on with this product , then we found this horrible thing about this this product, we gave him 2 bath, we gave benadril and some milk , this was sunday night , we going to take to the vet tomorrow , i hope everything its going to be ok with him , it does hurt were pet its like a family …

  55. I put Sergeant flea tick on our cat after I put it on our dogs (never realizing it was poison for cats) I don’t see well up close so I never seen the tiny spot on the package about cats.I know that its my fault for not seeing the tiny warning but you would think that a large corporation that knows how dangerous their product is would be more conscience and put a warning large enough to get the consumer’s attention so that they would not use it on a cat. The. dog on the front takes up almost thje entire package, so why couldn’t the warning about the cat be as big on the bacbe the same size beside the dog with the line crossing it out so when you looked at it you would know it was BAD? We just used our mortgage payment because we found our cat outside laying next to a rose bush drooling,trembling, barely able to move and hurting. It was the seargents flea and tick squeeze on. We still dont know if he will live yet. But I decided BEFORE I read all the bad comments on here about DOGS that had the same symptoms that I would not use the product anymore on our dogs either. In the past I did notice milder symptoms on our dogs at different times but I never connected the two. My cat was so pitiful to see. I would like to see this product off the market due to its highly toxic and poisonous attributes. Sergeants Corp. Should be held to a stricter set of labeling by the EPA and more people should complain and report any type of poisoning as a result of it’s product.

  56. I put Sergeant flea tick on our cat after I put it on our dogs (never realizing it was poison for cats) I don’t see well up close so I never seen the tiny spot on the package about cats.I know that its my fault for not seeing the tiny warning but you would think that a large corporation that knows how dangerous their product is would be more conscience and put a warning large enough to get the consumer’s attention so that they would not use it on a cat. The. dog on the front takes up almost thje entire package, so why couldn’t the warning about the cat be as big on the back be the same size beside the dog with the line crossing it out so when you looked at it you would know it was BAD? We just used our mortgage payment because we found our cat outside laying next to a rose bush drooling,trembling, barely able to move and hurting. It was the seargents flea and tick squeeze on. We still dont know if he will live yet. But I deided BEFORE I read all the bad comments on here about DOGS that had the same symptoms that I would not use the product anymore on our dogs either. In the past I did notice milder symptoms on our dogs at different times but I never connected the two. My cat was so pitiful to see. I would like to see this product off the market due to its highly toxic and poisonous attributes. Sergeants Corp. Should be held to a stricter set of labeling by the EPA and more people should complain and report any type of poisoning as a result of it’s product.I put Sergeant flea tick on our cat after I put it on our dogs (never realizing it was poison for cats) I don’t see well up close so I never seen the tiny spot on the package about cats.I know that its my fault for not seeing the tiny warning but you would think that a large corporation that knows how dangerous their product is would be more conscience and put a warning large enough to get the consumer’s attention so that they would not use it on a cat. The. dog on the front takes up almost thje entire package, so why couldn’t the warning about the cat be as big on the bacbe the same size beside the dog with the line crossing it out so when you looked at it you would know it was BAD? We just used our mortgage payment because we found our cat outside laying next to a rose bush drooling,trembling, barely able to move and hurting. It was the seargents flea and tick squeeze on. We still dont know if he will live yet. But I decided BEFORE I read all the bad comments on here about DOGS that had the same symptoms that I would not use the product anymore on our dogs either. In the past I did notice milder symptoms on our dogs at different times but I never connected the two. My cat was so pitiful to see. I would like to see this product off the market due to its highly toxic and poisonous attributes. Sergeants Corp. Should be held to a stricter set of labeling by the EPA and more people should complain and report any type of poisoning as a result of it’s product.

  57. I put sergeant on my two cats few days ago. They are doing good with it. But now I am worried because of the bad stuff happening I usually do research before buying stuff but it didn’t cross my mind this time. If your animal has a bad reaction a dawn dish soap works awesome. To get the stuff off them my cat had a reaction to frontline and it helped him a lot.

  58. I am so pissed off at myself for buying and using evolve on my Boston Terrior and 2 Pugs this past Thursday evening. Same story as everyone else whoose dogs had such terrible reactions. Thankful I thought to get on the internet Thursday night and read of how to help my dogs. My Boston seems back to normal but I am taking my Pugs into my vet today because they both still seem very uncomfortable and cry….. If there is to be a suit against Sergeants for this toxic poison that they highly recommend for flea and tick control, count me in!!!

  59. this is nerve gas for your dog!!!!! a pesticide that isnt regulated from fda and this is why you keep getting away with hurting and killing animals….my cairn terrier is in the hospital tonight on IV,s with a cost of 300-400 to start.Why would you keep selling seargents gold after so many bad comments and ill effects? is it stupidity or just plain profits?

  60. I have two cats and very upset at the fact that Ive had this crap for bout four months before I decided to use it and when I do my littlest cat almost died from it. I wasn’t aware of what this product has done to others but when I notice my biggie strange reaction and the forming at the mouth I quickly Google the side affects and came upon this website which alerted me to act quickly by washing that hazardous crap off my cats. This product needs to b taken off the market or at least be sued for the hurt it has brought upon pet owners like myself

  61. This stuff is deadly, I lost my beloved chihuaha to the shampoo in May, and have been so heartbroken that I was not aware of the cause and did not catch it in time. He began gagging and spitting up foam and when I got him to the 24 hour emergency hospital he was having cardiac failure, and died in my arms a short time later,and a very agonizing painful death. The vet thought that he might have a chance, so did not offer the option of ending his suffering.which I don’t know if I could have done ,anyway…I had also bathed my other dog in it , and she had experienced some temporary discomfort but nothing severe. She is also a younger than my JoJo was, and it wasn’t until much later on that I saw on the label in TINY print ,not to use on elderly dogs! Well, JoJO was not THAT old an was in pretty good health until then.I think if this company cannot take this off the market, then AT THE VERY LEAST make post the warning RIGHT UP FRONT IN PLAIN VIEW! i think it’s a disgrace that we, the pet parents are led to believe that these products are to help our animals! AND THESE COMPANIES, Hartz and SEargents, respected names for many years,not just some “ACME” brand x unknown co. , should take the responsibility of owning up to the fact that what can kill a flea is also strong enough to kill your dog or cat!A friend just recently gave me a pack of the Seargents”GREEN natural flea and tick treatment But it will go in the garbag before I take a chance using any of their products again! I blame my ignorance in not knowing about this poison in time but now will boycot that crap …….

  62. Just spent a very scary and anxious couple of hours bathing and giving benedryl & hugs to my 28lb pug after applying Evolve for 21 – 39 lb dogs. I was trying to save a little money and use the “grocery store” variety of flea meds (he has never had a reaction to the “pet store” brands), but am just kicking myself now.

    About 30 – 60 minutes after applying, I noticed that he seemed really hyper and needy, and I tried feeding him, playing with him, etc. But he felt really hot and was shaking his head excessively, and panting like crazy. It just is not his personality, so I got online and found this site. Thank God! Without this site, I probably would be sitting at the vet’s right now (or worse), instead of closely watching my little man for signs that he is getting better or worse.

    It amazes me that there have been this many issues and nothing has been done so far… It’s probably only a small portion of animals that have side effects, but still.

    So, I will definitely research this a bit more and am going to attempt to get my money back, and just hope all turns out ok.

  63. I put this on my cat she was shacking her legs licking herneck flipping ears.i washed her in dawn dish wash liquid. Hope it works.i would of never of put it on my you need to pull off all those products off the shelf that will hurt your 1st. Companys need to think of that. No there wallet.they dont care about are pets.

  64. This happened to my pup as well. She is my heart!!! Gave her a flea drop on the back/base of her neck. Sergeants…she couldn’t stop scratching, she was crying, acted almost drunk. I stayed up with her through the night. She was so exhausted and tired, just wanted to sleep..kept falling over in her cage cause she was so tired. But had non-stop scratching. First thing am I took her to the vet, calling them on my way. Same recommendation, dish soap and Benadryl. Also gave her a little something to help her rest. Broke my heart. Frontline all the way!

  65. We bought Sergeants Flea and Tick Collars for our cats a few weeks ago since our male cat had been outside and contracted the little buggers. I read the instructions and proceeded to put the collars on our cats, the smell should have alerted me, something that smells so sickly sweet like Death buying you ice cream should never be put on your pets. I was away for a few weeks and when I got home my little mama kitty was herself, cuddling and being a sweetie, but since I spend most my time out of the house or in my room I didn’t notice that she wasn’t eating or drinking water. The night before she died she was still mobile walking around without a problem but she was sleeping a lot, when I would wake her up by kissing her nose she would glare at me as usual. However yesterday she was lethargic, not moving unless she was uncomfortable, she wasn’t drinking water or eating and she was vomiting clear foam and later on she had vomited green fluid all over her side when she was grooming herself. Shortly afterwards she stumbled to the litter box and laid down in it. We moved her out and I made a bed for her, she was having trouble breathing and was having convulsions and siezures. She died around 8:40 last night. We live an hour and a half away from the nearest vet so even if we had gotten her there we still would have lost her. I love my mama kitty Spunky. I would cuss but ill refrain, DO NOT BUY SERGEANTS ANYTHING!!!!

    1. Our cat had the same symptoms before he passed away like 2 years ago …Im pretty sure we used the same flea and tick collar and the squeeze on treatment as well on him from the vet cause he was allergic to his flea bites…I don’t remember which of the treatment types we used on him last but he got all dehydrated one night …he just stood over his food and water, every time we would pet him or try to move him he would let out a cry like we were hurting him. I stayed up with him waiting to see if he would finally take a drink but he wouldn’t even try , I found one of those dropper things and tried to give him water..I didn’t know what to do and neither did my bf . it was the weekend so I had no luck with the local vet offices . Closest pet hospital was established patient only for on call emergency. I wish we found this thread to try the bath. The next morning he was still being all weird, we found some pet emergency hotline but it was the same, a 90 min drive both north & south to a pet hospital. We were realllllly hoping that Forrest wouldn’t pass away before we got him help , we didn’t even get out of town before his eyes glazed over and he died in the backseat with me and my bfs teenage daughter. We were devastated. Went back for a shovel & buried him that day .

      I can’t believe I was about to use this same shit on our new cat…i was trying to get some info on the collar I got her cause the smell is really obnoxious & she kept trying to groom herself and I thought I heard her gagging so I took it off and now I’m gonna throw that poison away!! I could tell my Artemis wanted to get outside and try to ditch the collar like she always does to her collars ..thank god I didn’t let her do it herself .

      I was about to stop scrolling when I didn’t see any reviews about the collars .
      I NEVER WANT TO SEE ANOTHER CAT GO THROUGH THAT . So EVEN THE COLLARS WILL MAKE THE PETS SICK!!!! (Hopefully the bath thing works for this too) ***

  66. Hay I washed my dog in this mess and while washing her she was doing this lil cough like she was about to throw up but I didn’t think anything was wrong so I kept bathing her then I dried her off and she started lickin herself alot and rolling all over the floor like ticks or flees were taking over her 2 pound body but I still didnt think anything was wrong so we went to bed the next morning we got up around 10 am and I went outside for fresh air and she didnt follow behind me so I went back inside and she had fell over having a sezuire foaming and shaking bad!!!!!

  67. i put sergeants flea&tick on my 50lb chow,retriever mix on the 19th,he was acting lot stiffer than normal few days later,hes 12,thought he was tired from a walk on a warmer day,by following sunday he wouldnt get in water to swim,monday he didnt want to be touched or want to even get up and was in pain today,vets takn him in today,(monday holliday),it mimics bone cancer. was luky to have tramidol for him. gave him 2 good baths,shit is hard 2 wash off,wish i would of seen this site sooner,its gd poison(pestiside),wtf.

  68. I’m sorry for all the beloved pets that have been sickened and died from flea products. There are many other ways to get rid of fleas without poison. I learned this lesson many years ago. I have used flea killers here and there and it scares me when I do it. However, now when I use them I don’t use the whole thing. The weight guide they give is meant to be just that, a guide. You can always add more but taking it back doesn’t happen. I hated having to use the drops buy this year the fleas are so bad that they aren’t getting enough relief from alternative methods so I’m typing this, watching for any reaction they may have and praying they don’t. These products are my last resort. They seem to be ok. I just want to give them some relief.

    Treated my two dogs(65# Rotty/shepard & 55# Akita/heeler) with Adams flea and tick spray(pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide). Within less than two minutes both dogs start panting heavy, drooling uncontrolably and scratching/rubbing on everything. I then notice MY mouth and tougue going numb and a lingering bitter taste. Dialed the Vet. while Google-ing… HELLO?!
    Instantly the Vet. says get off the phone and wash them in Dawn dish detergent until the pesticide odor is GONE… not easy, but the dogs were very cooperative as if they already knew what was up. Both dogs were already head bobbing. The bathing helped but didn’t change the odd look in their eyes.
    I used Bentonite Clay to help remove the toxins from their bodies (and mine, 1T in 8oz OJ)-
    1) if pet is still eating: (50#+) mix 1 1/2t of dry clay into a small amount of food and feed right away.
    2) if not eating or drinking: mix 1 1/2t of dry clay into 1/2C water and force feed with turkey baster.(be nice, you want to help not hurt)
    3) repeat every 12 hrs for two days.
    *Make sure pet consumes lots of clear water in between, even if you have to keep basting them. This also works for THC toxicity, which has nearly same signs and symptoms as well as many other toxins.
    The dogs seem happier/better 24 hrs later. I’ll not be the same for a while, as nobody wants to bring suffering to the companions that love and count on us so much… Luv my Dags!

  70. As all of you have said before this is am outrage to buy a product and posion my puppy without k.owi.g this would happen. Mine was a sergents three pack. The first ones went fine. The third pack was rediculous. She was shaking like water in the ear so bad her head was hittong the floor. I had been at work all day so the meds were in her system reallu good buy the time I realized there was a prob. I used this website to get info. I washed her fur off best i could and gabe her a half benadryl cause she is a small breed. She is still haking her head and is still acting like she has water in her ear. Shaking all ocer uncontrollable like and nervous. Pitiful. I habe cried myself to death cause i did this to her with that medication that shoildnt be allowed to be sold. One dog is to many to be having this problem. Bless her heart ibdont thi.k she will ever be the same. Its been 13the hours of this so far no change. She is eatting and drinking but a nervous wrek and shaking so badly! Please someone take this stuff off market. Is there no where we can report this????

  71. there’s no other way to put it but sergeant’s flea and tick is a deadly medication for your cat or your dog I’m here to tell you that a few years ago my daughter Bought sergeant’s flea and tick to put on her two kitties. That had been with her for years, they both got sick when in no time . she went to the hospital I know I was talking to her on the phone and it was an awful situation needless to say both cats died. To this day my daughter can’t come to grips with it. Just 2 days a go some one posted a live video of her pets at a hospital Dieing from this meds. How menu animal’s have to Die. Before this is removed from stores. I read to day on line that there is 7 flea & tick meds out there that can Kill your amlmal. If you can read all the heart felt messages from 2008 to 2014 there has to be some thing we can do. Please let me know… Me and I’m sure lots of other people will stand with you. We need to take control of this some how… pass this a long. I don’t mind. I will stand for our pets our family .. God Bless you all. Suzanne VA..

  72. I’m only 14. I have a cat of my own. Thank you so much for posting this. I don’t know what I could ever do without my sweetheart.. I love her so much.

  73. I, unfortunately, lost my Pomeranian two years ago to the shampoo. She was my pride and joy, a christmas present from an aunt. She was so full of life too, only 3 years old. She had been diagnosed with Epilepsy a short time before her death, but ultimately after using the shampoo, she suffered brain hemorrhaging and died in my mother’s arms at 5AM. I never even got to say goodbye. I am so horrified that this product is STILL on the market. I lost a beloved animal who saved me from suicide many years ago when I had no one else. I saw a video on facebook about a cat who had to be put down due to sergeant bansect. I was sobbing through the whole thing because now I am an owner of the sweetest cat ever and if I ever lost him, I would never forgive myself.


  74. I just watched a video on Facebook of a sobbing family holding their beloved cat while she seizured uncontrollably, and ultimately had to be euthanized. Now I am sobbing uncontrollably. Can there be anything worse in this life than accidentally killing your loved one? )`:

    The family posted the video hoping to warn others about Sergeant’s.

    Is anyone organizing a class action suit? If the victims win the case, they will probably not get much money, but it is important to do because that is the only thing a heartless corporation will pay attention to. With luck, you could put them out of business or force a bankruptcy.

  75. I certainly wished someone had told me not to use Hartz on my cats…one who had a litter of 6 kittens. I had always used frontine or advantage, but I was laid up with fractured ribs so my neighbor went to the store for me. She came back with Hartz plus. I applied it to both of my adult cats. Within an hour my mama cat was drooling and shaking her head, and the other was hiding on top of the refrigerator. I immediately washed them in dawn soap…soaked them in it, and their symptoms started to improve a day later. Unfortunately, the kittens did not have the same fate. I hand bathed all of them in dawn as the vet requested, but the toxins were already in their blood stream and I had to watch them suffer and wither away…dying in my arms. This was pure torture to me…there was nothing else I could do, but wait…holding them into my arms, apologizing, while they take their last breath. I have buried two in the past two days, and two more are reaching that final stage now, so i will be up all night craddling them until thy take their last gasp of air. There are the last two that do not seem to be affected, and I pray they make it, but at the same time this has been such a devastation!! The vet even said, she has no idea how they even still have these products on the shelves. I am so outraged!! This has been an overwhelmingly exhausting experience for me. I want to blow up every Hartz factory so they can no longer kill anymore innocent animals. I take them to bed with me,cheCking on them through the night to make sure they are still breathing.they let out these little high pitch noises…for they can’t even cry anymore. There is nothing more heartbreaking, than holding these precious kittens, one by one, until they take their last gasp for air. I will never forget this experience. And I promise you Hartz wont either. They need to change their name to “HURTZ!!” I wish everyone would write their horrifying experiences to the company, and flood them with our stories. I am willing to contact the news to do a story, if enough people would write their testimonies and turn them in! I am so serious!! Whose willing to submit their testimonies???

  76. Help any one will they live what do I do so Mama cat and her kittens will survive this poison running through their tiny lil bodies, I feel horrible don’t know what to do ..I even put on Chihuahua..took them all a bath all but my Chihuahua are shaking hurts me so much I didn’t see lil tiny symbol on the.side.not to use.on cats..I am furoius how dare they put porducts out there..who does that? Where they do that..?

  77. I put this product on my little kitten a day or to ago and she has the same damages most pets are having. She’s twitching,sleeping alot, dont wont be bothered, not eating etc.. It’s very hurt breaking to see her go through this i hope nd pray that my baby survive through this. I promise i will NEVER buy this deadly product again.. I really hope so survives this 🙁 🙁 I can’t go to sleep im so use to her coming under me. I will take her to the hospital tomorrow hope they can refund me my money back! Because this was not my fault!

  78. I used this on both my pit bulls (7 mos & 2 yrs) and it didn’t give them a reaction but it did not work AT ALL. I was just getting on to see other reviews and if it didn’t work for anyone else also; I didn’t know if it was the medicine not working or just my neighborhood is bad with both fleas and ticks. I can’t believe what I’ve read tho, how could these products stay on the market for pet owners to even buy. My heart goes out to all the people who had to go thru this trying to protect their pets. Needless to say, I’ll never be using this again.

  79. I used this on my cats and dogs 2 days ago so issue with dogs however yesterday my 1 yr old cat was jerking and walking crooked it was first I ever used on him he was a kitten last yr so did baths we washed off with dish soap gave him Benadryl and watched him close this morning doing so much better all signs gone however my 8 yr old is now doing same so repeated steps she threw up and couldn’t make to litter pan so as well watching close if no better taking her to vet she has had this before the meds with no probs so in percausion gave other 3 cats full bath tho no signs I wish I knew these risks and seeing so many go thru this what can we do to get it warned if it was a human theyd be held responsible what makes our pets different?

  80. I used Hart flea and tick medication on my cat and almost on my two dogs. It was readily available at Walmart and had the same active ingredients to the vet brands that I could not get without a prescription. Almost immediately after applying the treatment to my cats skin, within 15 minutes she began to foam at the mouth and could not walk. I immediately washed her down and she started to get get better over the next couple of days. The guilt. I could have killed all three of my animals to save a couple of bucks on flea medication. It’s amazing that this product is available. It clearly hurts so many, something has to be done. But what? 🙁

  81. I used this on my pets, two cats and a dog, a couple days ago and I am now seeing all of these posts about it. I haven’t experienced anything wrong with my pets yet. How to I get this stuff out of their systems?!

  82. My manager at work just had her cat of 12 years die yesterday from this shit!!
    Is there a way i can make them pay the vet bill for the cat??
    She is distraught! Didn’t know the danger until it was to late!! This was a healthy cat!

  83. My mom applied this medication on our cat last night we woke up this morning to the cat foaming at the mouth and having seizures. Unfortunately for Chabella she didn’t make it and now left with a vet bill for having to put her down. I would of never put this crap on her if I didn’t think it was safe. Sad day today rest in peace Chabella Kitty

  84. My little puppy died today because of this flea collar, I put it on my female yorkie, and she wax breast feeding the puppy, and the puppy got sick and died today…..

  85. We moved into a new apt and found fleas. I purchased Sargents flea tube gel. I applied it and seems to have done nothing to help. She appears to still be in great health, she eats great, drinks her water, enjoys her treats. The problem is that I never actually seen fleas on her but a few around the house which the landlord will bomb out. I followed instructions I read online by checking the little black dots I found, using a damp paper towel I wiped them off and did find the damp towel turning the black dots into red Which is blood. What my question is why after applying the med she still scratches horribly all night long getting no sleep but can sleep most during the day without scratching. For any feedback will be extremely grateful.

  86. Boy am I glad I found this article as soon as I did. My grandmother bought a Seargents flea collar for both our kitten (under 1 year yet) and our dog (17 year old shih-tzu, knock on wood), and not even half an hour after application I noticed a change in my cat’s behavior. He got extremely hyper. So I cut both off and bathed the cat in Dawn dish soap (the dog had worn it less than five minutes).

    I am so sorry about everyone’s pets 😢 I wish you all the best.

  87. I put sergeants silver on my cat yesterday,, October 19th 2014 about 20 min later she kept getting under my legs, I kept telling her to move, when I finally looked @ her she was foaming, I immediately grabbed her and gave her a bath, first I tried giving her some water, but she kept foaming, washed that mess off her and left her in the water for about 10 min. Washing her I saw the fleas trying to get off her, I put dish soap on them and when I rinsed her they were coming off. So sad they still sell this stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. I used this shampoo and i was drying off my cat and was carrying him to the couch to finish drying him but then i thought he was trying to get out of my arms and then his head started to jerk back and then he bit me in the shock i accidentally dropped him i have never been so scared in my life. He wasn’t moving and i thought he was dead i freaked. i picked him out but he wouldn’t move and his eyes were wide out and i held him close and patted him. but he remained stiff and not moving i thought he was paralyzed. He stayed like that for a while. This was the worst experience I have ever had this shampoo caused me to have a nervous break down and hurt my cat. I love my two baby boys so much and this shampoo made me feel like I almost killed this amazing little boy. I called the company about this and they would not do anything they don’t even take responsibility for what they are doing to these animals and i feel that they should be forced to stop selling.

  89. Im so sry bout hank, but I did the same too thinking I was doing good I put this medication on my american Stafford shire pitbull. And yes within an hour he was drooling rubbing all over vommiting foam and shaking his head crying. Hes never acted like this before so as it was late at nite I rushed him to the vet taking a cab too they did absolutely nothing but charge charge charge. He went home and was uncomfortable all nite. Until I told my mother in law and her reply was oh thats what happened when I gave it to my cat its killing the fleas I called the company. Well I also got this product on my face when he first startd flipping out rubbing all over and no washing my face didnt take it away I have no washed it off my dog he seems better still shaking his head but no this product should be banned. I am an animal lover I would do anything for my pets and to see him like this and not be able to do anything about it. But “its ok if u call the company” “ots just killing the fleas and who cares if it kills my family member, my son (my pet) in the process. Sergeants your company should be ashamed of itself your supposed to help the amimals not make em worse. Oh and you can bet ive jus begun the way this has drove my dog crazy I will do to you obviously this isnt an isolated incident.

  90. I have had my two cats Scout and Boo for 7 years now. Ever since they were found in a building that was being demolished in which their mother and several of their litter mates were killed. I never owned a cat and consider myself a dog person. But after having to hand feed them with an eyedropper and watch them start exploring the world I have to admit I fell in love with the little critters. Of the three total that I had I decided I would keep one of them. As I tried to farm them out to friends family and well honestly, just about anybody I could came across I decided to keep two. I did eventually manage find a good home for their brother Dill. They have since given me a lot of what life is all about. it may be strange to say this but having those cats actually taught me how to love. it’s all about putting the joy and well-being of others before yourself unselfishly. Thats why I feel so bad today. Because I failed them through a selfish act of trying to save myself a few measly dollars on some inexpensive flea drops to have more money for myself. I am such a piece of crap! I just had to bury my best friend, Scout… ” The Coolest Cat Ever “, is what it reads on his grave marker. I found him lying at my bedroom door dead this morning after applying this lethal poison to my innocent victim, a trusting friend. I murdered him. I found him lying at my bedroom door when I woke up. I can only imagine he was trying to get to me. I just figured this stuff was cheap because it didn’t work probably as good as Frontline or some of the others that I normally use. I didn’t realize it would be a lethal poison version of Russian roulette. Thankfully Boo seems to be ok so far and doesn’t seem to manifest any of the symptoms I see listed in so many of the post above me. How can this company continue to market and sell this product when they surely must be aware of the danger it poses toward so many pets? I’m so angry with myself and this company… I swear if I could get to the person or persons responsible for this right now. I would pin them down on the ground and force this crap right down their throats! please please nobody put this stuff on any pet.

  91. I have a Jack Russell/Beagle Mollie. I had given her a bath a couple days ago realising I was out of flea treatment. I asked my son to pick up some Sergents flea and tick squeeze-0n for dogs at Family Dollar, we had used before. My son and I put on the treatment on and Mollie, she went into her kennel. I thought she didn’t like what we had done, but she started acting very docile, not reacting to any stimulli even treats. I went online and found this site talking about the dangers so I immediately washed it off of her. Mollie started reacting to treats and her toys. I’m grateful it was such a mild reaction and everyone whose pets had more severe reaction or tragically died has my sympathy. I will never use this product again and I plan on reporting it to the company and the store I got it from, I thank everyone for posting the danger, it could have saved my

  92. I used this product last night on my dog Penalope.. she is a 62 lb pit bull.
    With in approximately 1 hr of using this product. She was acting strangely. She seemed paranoid, scared and didn’t want to be alone in a room.
    So I layed down with her to assure everything was ok. ( I was horrified, because I had no idea of why this was happening, I ve had her since birth and she has never displayed this behavior)…. after calming her. I went to bed. Not feeling well myself, I felt like I was having a hard time breathing. I woke up this morning with the entire left side of my face and my nose completely numb. My eye stretched open twice the side of the right. Could not figure ouT what was going on.
    Well I read the ingredients in the product. The main ingredient is designed to paralyze ticks and fleas.
    Going further into it I found in humans it affects the nervous system. My symptoms were from being near the dog. Her symptoms were from the chemicals as well. I can’t imagine what would happen if a child came in contact or patted the dog..
    This morning after reading all this, I scrubbed the dog and myself. I’m still numb, however less so.
    This stuff is deadly, I can not believe it can be sold like this. The thing that really scares me is. I did not put the entire dose on Penalope, it just seemed like it was to much. I can’t imagine what the end result would have been had I done the full dose.

  93. I just lost my 5 month old Pomeranian to this shampoo. It says you can use on dogs and puppies 12 weeks or older. Total bullshit. 2 1/2 hours later he had a seizure and was foaming at his mouth. An hour later he had another one, and I had never experienced something like this so I didn’t have the best reaction. I just thought it would pass, and he would get out of it. He ended up dying at the vet hospital and they said the shampoo went through his pores and it had already effected him neurologically. NO ONE should use this shampoo. It will kill your beloved pets. I don’t know why more people have not done something about this and why the word of mouth has not spread as much. I only found out about this because he died and I wanted to see if there were similar cases and how many. Clearly this has been going on for a while since the thread was from 2008. I wish I had known about this so that his death could’ve been prevented. It was so heartbreaking and scary to see him in pain and not be able to do anything. I’m very upset that this happened I only had him for a little over two weeks. I at least now know that this is harmful to pets, but I don’t even want to own another dog after this.

  94. I think I’ve hurt my dog with a sergeants collar! He’s acting paranoid and keeps jerking his head when he tries to lay down! I’m so mad at myself!

    1. Wash him with dawn dish 3 times and rinse and repeat it also I have been following this on this site also feed him every 2 hours and give him milk.take him to your vet

  95. I am so sorry about your pet passing.hi my name is Patricia Jenkinson and we lost our beloved boo she was killed by pesticides in flea collars she passed away on june 11th she was so sick and the collar did not work and when I took it off the fleas took all of her blood out of her our heart’s hurt we also have 3 cat’s and they r doing well bit i want justice for my boo we should get a petition going on Facebook and every site and get justice for our baby.we need to get them off all the shelves.

  96. My current is 80lbs. Do not give these drops to your animals. My 2 year old healthy cur started having seizures from these drops !!!! Warning. !!!!

  97. Cant believe the horror stories about this product ! My cat developed open sores and scabs all down her back and around her neck as well. She vomits regulary every day and her tail is twitching badly !! Im calling these idiots in the morning this has to stop. Id rather her have fleas than go thru this pain every day……very sad SHAME ON YOU SARGENT AND HARTZ your killing animals bet you dont use tjis shit on your pets!

  98. I put this on my baby boy. He is a 89lb blue pit and within minutes droul was pouring out of his mouth and he started running around acting crazy. I gave him a bath. I scrubbed as much as I could off but not fast enough he has two big open sores on his chest. They look like chemical burns. He is laying in bed panting. I can’t believe this stuff is aloud to be on the market. It’s been going on for years!!! Something needs to be done!!!

  99. My heart goes out to all of you. I have not used this product, and never will, thank you for warning everyone. Please dont blame yourselves… You were only trying to be good to your babies. <3

  100. I am frightened to death at this moment. My little Roxue is acting like she losing her mind. We bathed her yesterday and used the Sargeants flea and tick on her. She doesn’t even want us near her. Don’t do it! God!

  101. Lost my kitten to this poison this morning… I cannot believe it’s still being sold.. He had a lil batch of fleas and now he’s dead due to this…

  102. I have used sergeants products for many years and I have never had a issue with it harming my pets. I am currently using flea collar and shampoo on my two 8 month old pups. The only issue I have is it doesn’t work. It does not deter the flea’s at all.

  103. I used sergeant glean and tick on my french bulldog and he started vomiting and acting crazy itching uncontrollably, chasing his tail , rolling around on the floors trying to get the medicine off and the next day there were burns and a patch of hair that felt like it had superglue in it . I looked up the side effects on line and saw all of the same side effects that my dog had on line. I feel terrible because this is something that I put on my dog and he trusted me and it ended up Hurting him ,making him sick and giving him a gooey wound that is not healing . I washed him in dawn as directed and gave him Benadryl but cannot get the mysterious burnt gooey spot off -and my dog is constantly looking up in the air and rubbing the back of his neck trying to get the residual off. I think it is of great importance to get the word out that this will cause great harm to your animal. It’s been four days and he is still acting weird and I can not get his fur /burn/goo patch clean .

  104. If ANYONE can help me it’d be very useful and appreciated!!! I myself had bought Sergeant’s Flea and Tick Spray and used it on my dog, Sammy, who’s a Morkie(Maltese and Yorky mix). Literally, not even 20 or so minutes go by and he’s making a kind of gagging/dry heaving sound. I made him drink a bit of water and when it still had not gone away, I took him outside to chew grass in hopes it would help him to throw up because i figured hed probably licked himself and got the carp in his mouth. So far, he seems to still feel sick and is licking the furniture. I’m not sure exactly what I can do to help besides give him a bath to get it off. If there’s anybody that has gone through a similar experience or has any idea of how to help please, reply to me or send me an email with any information. I can’t stand to watch my poor baby go through this!
    Thank you in advance.
    My email is: [email protected]

  105. I just bought Sergeants flea and tick oatmeal shampoo, and my dog started acting weird, grinding his face into the ground as if he was itching. I googled the brand and came across this. I immediately washed him with dawn soap, he was still doing the face thing and he was jumping around like crazy, hes now sleeping, but Im still nervous. Does anyone with any experience on this know if its a good sign hes sleeping?

  106. So, we had put Seargents flea spread on our cat at 9:00 last night, it is now 7:34 am the next day. Our cat was acting weird when my mother had noticed her this morning, crawling out from underneath the bed like a zombie, shaking her head like there was something in her ears, twitching, her eyes are real dialated. My mother had gone to wash it all out, and watch our cat as I write this. We had given her two baths trying to remove this from our cat. It has been about nine hours of the treatment being left on her. I read here on this page some of the similar cases. and how other people’s pets have died due to this “Flea Removal Treatment” or what they want to call it. We think that it is poison. But a lot of the similar cases to ours have nearly the same side effects, resulting in various outcomes. As much as I do not want my cat to pass, I want something done about this product, the company is selling it to us as a poison, it isn’t useful. As I forgot to mention, our cat is only one year old. She has never acted like this before, she is usually completely energetic and running through the house like crazy in the early morning. But it was strange hearing how she “Crawled out from underneath the bed twitching and walking like a zombie” it totally doesn’t match her personality. If I was to make a review on this, I would call it a waste of time, a poison, and overall animal murderer, and a waste of money. This company should recall all of its products and be put out of business for doing such a thing to animals around the world. Someone needs to do something about this product! My mother has been a pet owner almost her entire life and has seen nothing like this aside from one other time, but that pet didn’t live. Something seriously needs to happen to this company, let it be a punishment or to be put out of business. Nobody else should have to go on and make the same mistake to buy it as we did. How come pet stores are still selling this product? Why hasn’t anything been done to change or remove this product from its shelves? This all comes as a complete shock to me for a company claiming to “Help” pets. When after all, they are simply selling you your pets death literally.

  107. I’m very sorry for everyone who lost their lovely pets. I just purchased sergeants for my little small chihuahua I would not use this on my Chico. I’m glad I have looked this up on the Internet before I put this on him. I would like to thank everyone who posted this information out there it was very helpful to know ppl still care about other animals. I very appreciative thank you for sharing

  108. i agree. same thing happened to my cat but we did get the collar off immediate after we noticed and he seemed fine within about an hour or two.

  109. Are you FREAKIN’ kidding me??? What the hell is this crap doing on the market??? This is ridiculous!! I came on here because I bought this junk and wanted to be sure it was safe. Hell, I wont even put it in my OWN garbage can! I have a neighbor that has been a pain in the rear, so I’ll throw it away at their house tonight. My dogs are absolutely the most amazing babies-a Keeshond and an American eskimo, named Gypsy and Luna respectively. I guarantee you if I had used this crap and something happened, there would be one HELL of a lawsuit!! This stuff has never been something I would use, it’s always the best for my girls- (their grocery bill alone is $200/month!) I have actually always rolled my eyes at people that use “flea collars..” They are such garbage. Stick to vet recommended products and tell everyone you know about this junk. There is a reason vets go to school. And if you are one of those pet owners that doesnt vaccinate your pet, or do regular pet visits, shame on you. Pets are family members, and if you have accepted the responsibility of owning a pet, then take care of it!!

  110. I just lost my service dog Tuffy after giving him a sergeants flea and tick treatment he could not walk after about fourth five minutes of application than he couldn’t walk he fell down and nevered moved after that now my service dog as crossed over the bridge. And it’s all sergeants fault you need warning lables on this stuff you know like warning this will kill your dog or cat or warning not safe for use

  111. I had this product in my hand and was about to spray my dog with it. For some reason I desided to look up this product sergeants silver and found all these post. Thank god I found this info. My heart goes out to everyone that lost a pet due to this product and had I lost my dog Roxy cause of this product I would have made it my life mission to find someone from sergeants that helped make or get this product out to the public. Beat the shit out them then opened a fresh bottle of this shit and poured this shit down there throat so I am so glad I saw this first and yall saved my baby girl and my life as well cause I’m sure I would be in a world of shit had I had to make one of those murders suffer like they have so many of our loved ones. So glad something told me to check this product out online cause its normally not something I would do i didnt think something like this would be out on the shelfs to but. I’m still pissed going to where I bought this and take them off the shelves my damn self cause I know someone’s pet will suffer if I do nothing and I doubt the manager will do it on his own but I will try and if not i will be telling all about that and the store later either way shit will be coming off the shelf

  112. Today I made the same mistake many of you here have. I used Sergaent Silver Flea & Tic Spray on my 10yo kitty before getting ready for work. She already hasn’t been doing well, as age catches up. She was meowing awfully weird and when I looked I saw her foaming & drooling. Thanks to this site I gave her a bath with dish soap (but it still had about 45 minutes to soak in) and tried giving her a little Benadryl. Even after the bath though she had 2 seizures in my lap & keeps twitching periodically to certain noises. She’s also been breathing heavily, panting at times. I fear this product just killee my cat and all I can do is watch.

  113. I put Sergants flea and tick squeeze liquid on my Chihuahua tonight. She almost immediately started acting strange. She went outside and just flopped over, she was shaking, and hiding under furniture. Very lethargic and wouldn’t even come when called.. I googled what could be wrong and found this page. I was in shock! My husband gave her a bath in Dawn Dish liquid. The treatment was only on for a couple hours. I’m praying everything will be alright.. She’s the sweetest dog ever! Sergants shouldn’t be allowed to even sell this stuff! I’m outraged

  114. We just applied it to our cat and now she is spending the night at the veterinarians and we still dont know if our little girl will make it through the night. The horrible seizures I had to watch Chloe go through for 3 hours straight and she is still twitching. If there is a lawyer I can get ahold of just point me in that direction cause if she passes tonight this company will be shut down one way or another. I’m so sorry for everyone who has had to go through this and wish everyone the best of luck.

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