Maxwell Just made it 2 hours from death

Hello my name is Joseph and I have a 7 year old Shitzu by the name of MAXWELL on monday I took Max to the vet for what I thought was a skin condition/rush only to find out that my little buddy only had fleas. the vet did recommend CROMITE a oral flea and tick killer for 68.00 with that I thought the cost was a little high so I decided to go to Petco and purchase some flea and tick killer.

this is were the really storie begins I went to the pet store and purchased three of the cheapest products 1 Bio spot flea collar 2 Sentry oatmeal flea and tick shampoo and the last but not least Hartz 4 month flea and tick drops i then took Max home and Bathed him with the shampoo then dried him and applied first the Hartz drops to his back as directed and then place the Bio spot collar on him. ( none of the packages ever stated not to use with other products or any warning about applying) with that said i walked max for the night and we went to bed. went I woke up max was just laying near the door as he always did for his morning walk but this time he didn’t want to go. I felt his nose and it was very hot so I removed the collar and gave him a new bath with his old shampoo trying to remove the drops from his back. after I gave him the bath he did take a morning walk but wanted to go home early this was totally uncommon for him. i then went off to work and when i got home at 4;50 PM Max was near death he was laying on the floor and unable to move his back legs and his gums where white and foaming. I call his vet and they told me to rush him to the Animal hospital right now. Max was in the hospital for 3 day and surviored i bought him home today with great joy to see him able to walk again. My dog was poisioned by what i now believe to be the drops. please contact me if you have any questions 951-746-4111


Joesph Frank and Maxwell Frank

Shakera our lost baby

A few months ago we purchased hartz flea and tick spray for our dogs.  Being animal lovers we have five beautiful dogs ranging in breads.  After using the awful product my chiuaua  came down with a severe cough.  We took her to the vet and she is still undergoing treatments because of trying to save a few dollars.  Unfortunately her daughter twelve week old Shakira ied from it.  Our basset hound has also got sick vomiting diarrhea and coughing.  Whatever you do, DO NOT spray this product in your house or on your animals it has cost us SO much more in medicine and the lose of our baby chiuaua.  Please BEWARE of this .  The lose of an animal is very painful especially when people could be warned of the dangers and it could have be prevented this whole line should be banned from stores

Hartz Ultra Guard flea spray for home

I used this spray as per the generic directions on the bottle and I had seiz and muscle spasms two hours after I used this product.The seizures continued throughout the night and when I saw my neurologist she got together with poison control and the partial diagnosis was poisoning. I am a person and this product did this to me. I am still suffering from mild seizure activity one week later. I have never had any seizure or neuro problems in my life. I need a good lawyer and I live in North Florida. Help!

We used Hartz Ultra Guard Plus

Yesterday I used Hartz Ultra Guard on my Star Sparkle. Today she is showing signs of poisoning. Since we live in the country away from any vets, I have tried using hydrogen Peroxide to induce vomiting. I am hoping that she makes it through the night.  I cannot believe that this company has this product for sale with all the post that I have been reading. I know that the current administration will not do anything to stop this but, I hope that the new administration will make this company pay for the damages that this has caused to families.

Record Your Stories and Upload them to YouTube

We are outraged and sad and frustrated and horrified. Why are Hartz’s products still on the shelves?
Thousands upon thousands of animals have been severely injured or killed.
The dangers are well documented, and regulatory agencies are twiddling their thumbs.


I can’t bear to read one more story of a loving owner unknowingly poisoning their beloved animal.
As this web site says, One More Victim is One Too Many.

We live in the information age, so let’s exploit it to our purposes. YouTube belongs in our anti-Hartz arsenal.
I urge you to record the story of your experience and upload it to YouTube (with strategic tags).
You can record a short video with most digital cameras. If you don’t have one, borrow one from a friend. If you’ve never uploaded a video to YouTube, don’t worry — it’s easy.

If you have suffered at the greedy, filthy hands of this evil corporation, please take the time to record your story and upload it to YouTube. As long as there are people who don’t know the truth, animals will be needlessly poisoned and killed.

Imagine how quickly the truth will spread when YouTube is flooded with stories of the devastation caused by Hartz (as well as Sergeant’s, Farnam, and Wellmark).

I didnt know

i did not know this stuff could be so dangerous.. i had a cat named flower a few years ago. she was very healthy until around the time i used hartz flea and tick drops. Soon after she began to vomit all the time and could not control her bowls.. Soon after she passed away. i know believe she is a hartz victim. this company needs to be stopped

sergeants gold

Ok it is 5 in the morning, I have been up all night with my two dogs Lily and Fancy. both were bathed at 7 pm yesterday. thank goodness I found your site when i searched 4 help at midnight. I have bathed them both twice since. The vomiting and foaming at the mouth have stopped and Lily is resting some, Fancy is still twitching and jerking.

Is there a way you could make a link to your page so that people could put it on Myspace? I know I would , and it would get the word out to a lot of people and possibly prevent people from using this product.

Do not feed Hartz milk replacement for kittens!!!

I recently took in a 2 1/2 week old infant kitten who was found in a car engine at my job.  I immediately put him on KMR which is the best kitten formula there is.  We accidentally ran out of formula on a Sunday night and had to get some from the only place open which was Wal-mart.  We bought the only formula they had which was Hartz milk replacement for kittens.  Within 24 hours, the kitten was in hypoglycemic shock and near death.  It took us all night and most of the next day to nurse him back to health with Karo syrup.  Once we got him concious again, we immediately starting feeding him the KMR again.  By the end of the day he was back to normal and happy and healthy.  Hopefully by posting this message, someone else won’t make my same mistake.  Do not feed this formula!!!!  It will kill your kitten by it’s lack of nutrition.  Don’t make my same mistake.

Cats gone WILD!!

It doesn’t take long to notice something is very, very wrong… A few years ago my first pets (2 cats) had gotten fleas, and since they were my first animals I didn’t know what I was doing. I should have called my vet but I didn’t. I went to the grocery store and bought some Hartz flea & tick stuff you put on there backshoulders. Seemed easy enough. So I get home put in on them and they went NUTS! They started pawing at their heads, squinting their eyes, running as fast as they could through the house until throwing themselves onto the floor into a howling craze. I thought they were just being sissys about it, so I paid no real mind. Until 2 days later they wouldn’t snap out of it, not opening their eyes, not eating or anything. I took a wash cloth, washed it off and they snapped back. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I will never use their products again.

Lost Dog Because of Hartz Products

It has been about a week now since the death of our beautiful dog George. I have taken it the hardest as he was my baby. He never wanted to leave my side when he was alive and now was forced to leave my side forever. I brought home his ashes today and it makes me sick because it was about two days ago that my fiance and I watched a local news report concerning these horrible products. We had George for only eleven months. We had adopted him at the local shelter and quickly welcomed him and all his quirks into our family. We had planned of course to enjoy him much longer than eleven months! We found out that within a month he was epileptic. We began giving him Phenobarb and he began to steady out extremely well. Other than that, he was the most happy and playfull dog. We were not able to get him to the vet when the fleas this summer had already begun to spread like wildfire on him. Like many of you, we were trying to save money until we had enough to get him the proper treatment. I wish we had known this would be a fatal mistake.

About two to three days later, after applying the flea drops, george had about three seizures in one day. The next day we thought he would be alright and that maybe we would need to get his dose of meds upped again. He began having multiples that day which became horrifying as the day progressed. He finally went into a Gran Mal, raging like a rabbid dog. He didn’t even know we were there. We frantically made phone call after phone call attempting to get him in as it was the weekend. I finally got him in and kissed him on the head not knowing if there was more I should have done. The night was touch and go. He had diarrhea and vomit all mixed with blood. The vomiting subsided and the only concern was that he still had the bloody stool. I went to see him about two days later because my fiance was afraid it would be bad for me to see him in that state. He knew who I was and I loved on him and spoke to him as we all do with our babies :).

The vet said that after I left he began sitting up and trying so very hard to come around. 10:30 that evening as the vet went to check on him, she saw the cage rattling and immediately opened it and picked him up. She got about two or three feet and his little heart gave out. This is one of the most heart breaking things I have ever had to go through. I have done the blame game and thought I failed to do all I could have. The vet was at a loss as to why he was reacting the way he was. I never thought anything about what we had applied to his poor little body. I had also given him a bath a few days earlier with Sergeants. We have since brought another puppy home in honor of George. I am so touchy and overly protective now fearfull of ever going through that again! No matter what anyone says, it is just like loosing a child. They have feelings, emotions, trust and expect us to take care of them. They can’t speak and only rely on us to do what is best for them.

We have a meeting with an attorney in August. They have over 300 cases with Hartz thus far! There is no amount of money that can take away the pain and bring back our Georgie, but we will do our damndist to make sure these products are pulled from their shelves. Our only wish as well as what George would have wanted is to save other animals from going through what he went through his last days on this earth. If it only saves one, two, three lives, it is so very worth it. I will be making copies of stories and bringing them all to my attorney. If you have any and would like to join us in this fight, please feel free to email us your stories. Our email is [email protected]. It doesn’t matter if we are in different parts of the country. Each and every one of us must be heard! Our beloved pets cannot speak, but we can speak for them.