another victim

A couple nights ago, our beloved cat Iggy (whom I’ve had for 13 years) SUFFERED a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE death. She has always been a thin, young acting cat who never seemed to age. She’s an indoor cat, but recently developed a flea problem that spread throughout our house. Due to our economic situation, instead of going to the vet and getting Advantage like we usually do, I bought Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick drops at Walmart. We had put the drops on her a couple days prior. We noticed she was leaving clumps of hair around the house, that her water intake increased, she wasn’t eating and she had vomited clear mucus. Since she has had a sensitive stomach her whole life, is persnickety, and is often picky about eating, we didn’t think a lot of it right away. My husband just thought she’s getting old, and I figured she was mad at us for putting the medicine on her and was refusing to clean herself.  Two days later, she was fine in the morning, rubbing up against my husband for affection. He went to bed that night while I was in the office working, and he heard her gasping for air from under the bed. He found her laying on her side, struggling to breath. When he pulled her from under the bed, she was gasping for air, vomiting dark green bile, defacating, and jerking around. The stuff coming out of her was GREEN!!! IT WAS HORRIBLE. It happened so fast, that all he could do was stroke her and comfort her while she died in his arms and tell her it was ok to go, because he knew she was in excruciating pain. He buried her under a tree the next morning while I watched from the kitchen window, crying.

He was sure that her liver failed due to old age. I wasn’t convinced, and thought it seemed like she was poisoned and asked my husband if he thought the Hartz flea drops did it.  He assured me it was just old age, but I was thinking he was just telling me that to keep me from feeling I poisoned my cat to death. I haven’t been able to let it go the past 2 days, playing everything over and over in my mind. So, I just started researching liver & kidney failure in cats. Didn’t seem like she fit the traditional. Then I did a Google search on “Hartz” and immediately found your website.

Needless to say I am ENRAGED to find out that Hartz is what probably killed Iggy!!!!!!!   I just called my husband, and he is shocked as well.  How can that company be ALLOWED TO STAY IN BUSINESS WITH SOOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE SAYING THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????  It’s like living in an episode of the Twilight Zone!  It completely DOESN’T MAKE SENSE that they have been allowed to continue in business!!!! Furthermore, I’ve been a pet owner most of my like. WHY HAVEN’T I EVER HEARD ANY OF THESE REPORTS????? WHY AREN’T THERE HUGE NEON SIGNS POSTED IN VETS’ OFFICES if they are all saying “I hope you didn’t put Hartz on your pet!”?????

THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something has GOT TO BE DONE to put them out of business

Thank you for providing a means for allowing me to vent, so my healing can begin. Thank you also for creating this website as a way to help stop this horrific cruelty, torture, and murder of innocent animals and our beloved family members (our pets).

My baby passed away cause of this company

I stumbled across this website doing some research and thought I would share a horrible story with all of you regarding a hartz product.  We had this all gray long haired cat named Holly.  Christmas Eve she was doing great.  Christmas Day we woke up and she was laying under the Christmas tree dead.  Our 4 year old found her.  She was at the vet a week before and given a clean bill of health.  We put a Hartz flea and tick collar on her the 22nd.  It was a very bad Christmas to say the least.  How can a company remain in business after killing so many animals?

R.I.P. Holly(11-18-2000 to 12-25-2004)

HARTZ Flea and Tick killed my new puppy

I was totally appauled when I read the articles. This product should be banned. I adopted a puppy from a rescue.. he was a little shy when he first got here, but needed a flea and tick bath ! I stopped at a grocery store and bought the Hartz Flea and Tick Shampoo ( safe for dogs and puppies ) or so I thought.I gave him a bath on Saturday night – he was full of pep on Sunday running in the field – like a new dog. I noticed he still had some fleas and ticks on him so I gave him another bath – worst mistake of my life. By Monday morning he had loose stool and loss of appetite .. I thought it was just the stress of the transit from Alabama  . I had made a Vet appointment for Tuesday because he was a new addition to my family and they wanted us to have him checked at the vets .By Tuesday mornig he had not gotten any better and he had started to vomit bile .Took him to the vet who just thought he had a nasty virus. Had to bring him back Wednesday morning ..he had not impro ved with the fluids and antibioctics. They kept him all day administering fluids and IV’s. They let him go home at 4 pm 9 pm I had to bring him to the Emergency Clinic – he looked horrible . He passed away at 11pm.Thursday night my husband was taking a shower when he noticed the shampoo inside the tub. In bold letters on the front it stated SAFE FOR DOGS AND PUPPIES. My husband made the comment that maybe he was too young .. then we went online to research the product. It was the HARTZ flea and Tick Shampoo that killed my precious cargo!!

My poodle fell victim to Hartz Flea and Tick Medication

On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 I lost my pet Poodle and dear friend, Baker, within 12 hours of applying the Hartz Flea and Tick Medication.  On Monday night, June 23, 2008 the drops were applied as directed and at 7:00 AM on Tuesday morning Baker had passed.  When my father found him his body was jerking, his breathing was slow and he had been vomiting.  It was apparent that he had suffered for some time from the poisoning before his passing.  My family and I are devastated over our loss and angry that Baker not only fell victim to this poisoning, but suffered through such a horrible experience before his death.  He was a very smart and lovable dog that was my father’s best friend.  We have been grieving his death for several days now and the more I research this product the more upset I get that it has not already been pulled off the shelves. How many more pets and owners are going to have to suffer before this product is removed from the stores?

thank you, thank you, thank you

in the flurry of buying things before my new dog comes home, I picked this up thinking “oh great, a bargin” No more- these are in the trash unopened. Thank you for your site, you saved my dog.

Hartz… a word that makes my blood boil!

My first thought upon coming across this web site… Why am I just finding this out now.  I am mad at myself for not doing my research before putting the Hartz flea and tick drops on my 2 pugs-  my first two babies.  Thank god I acted quickly.  The result was still bad, but my 2 black pugs are alive and seem to be doing well.  Both ended up with hugs staff infections.  After about 1,000 dollars in vet bills and a lot of quick action they seem to be back to their usual selves.

After applying Hartz Flea and Tick Drops according to the instructions, Rocky, my one year old immediately started to act a little crazy…  MUCH more that normal.  Both dogs were trying to rub it off and were whining like they were being “burnt”…. they were.. it was like acid on their skin,  and who knows what the product was doing to their insides.  After they had scratched and whined for the rest of the day, I bathed them twice, then took them to the vet in the am.  Rocky had a patch about 3×2 inches that was oozing puss.  Jordan, who is older and bigger faired a little better and just had small patched of infected spots.
As soon as I brought them into my vet, she took one look and said, did you by chance put Hartz on them.  I was crying as I admitted that I had used an over the counter flea and tick drop instead of the Frontline that I had always used.  I felt disgusted when she explained that she sees that all the time with this Hartz  product in particular, in addition to other products that they have on the market.  She explained how the product works… the end of the story was that Hartz had “poisoned” my dogs.  And that they know that there is a major problem with this product, but will not pull it of the shelf…  Big money maker for those who don’t use vets regularly or have the money to afford the more expensive “vet approved” brands.

I can hardly believe that so many animals have been affected and that they can continue to sell this product.  Shame on anyone associated with the Hartz Company.  I feel for those who have lost their pets.  I am so mad, that something cannot be done.  I will join anyone who needs another story.  Meanwhile, I am going to do by best to make something happen.  I have emailed all of my groups and people and have told my story to anyone that will listen.  I will call and email Hartz everyday until I get something in response from Hartz.  I don’t care about the money,  I just don’t want any dog or cat to suffer or be killed by Hartz.


Untimely Deaths

I also was a victim to the Hartz Flea and Tick spray and my daughters poor little babies are lost forever. This product should be banned from shelves and the manufacturing of it should be stopped immediately. It is bad enough, our society does have cruel people who exist but knowingly this product KILLS, is even much more cruel. The ASPCA should take action against the company and put  a stop to selling this product over the counter. If I would had knowledge that this product could be fatal, I would have never used it! The general public needs to be made aware and people should be held accountable. You have to wonder if the people who make this product use it on their own animals.  I can assure you that they don’t  but laugh that us consumers purchase it and they make a profit. Wonder how they sleep at night, knowing that how many families they have destroyed.

Thank you for your time and May God bless all of the animals lost to Hartz.



I have two dogs, both pound pooches ages seven and two.  They are chewers, so I thought I would treat both dogs to the Hartz DENTAL CHEWS.  The younger dog is crated when no one is home.  Upon arriving home from work the morning after the dogs ate the chews, I discovered he had terrible diarrhea and had vomited in his crate.  He was able to escape, and had poo all over the house.  What a mess! The next day, my husband came home to find the older dog had an accident in the house with the same mucousy diarrhea mess as the younger dog.  Neither of these dogs have accidents in the house, did not get into something else outside or have any other reason for this to happen.  I will not use Hartz products again.

In Memory of Gumdrop

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use flea drops on your cat or dog. My sister put Sergeants Flea drops on her cat and she is no longer with us. She had many of the same symptoms as stated by other pet owners such as vomiting, loss of appetite, seizures etc…. She was perfectly fine beforehand. It’s a horrible outrage that these products still continue on store shelves. We’ve learned a hard lesson and encourage others to please find alternatives to flea control. Gumdrop was a big part of our lives and is sorely missed.


We applied profender to our cat, according to the instructions with the drug, on April 20, 2008.
On May 15, 2008, she died of, according to the vet, “Strongly suspect aortic thromboembolism (ATE). No history of heart disease.”
Anybody have a similar experience? Is there any suspect relationship between profender and cats dead from aortic thromboembolism?