Protest Hartz

On a Tuesday evening my husband and I applied Hartz Flea monthly application to both of our cats.  The next couple days they both seemed okay, however by the third day, I noticed that our little girl was not her spunky self.  We had to beg her for attention, when she would normaly be snuggling with us every chance she’d get.  She started to throw up her digested food and just seemed kinda depressed.  I started to get really worried about her the other night, so I just thought I would google Hartz and this product.  I was so disgusted to find so many bad things about Hartz.  At this point, I knew I had to do something, so early the next morning, the fourth day after application, I brought her into our vet.  By this point she was jolting her head a bit and didn’t look good at all.  I spent hours crying and had to leave her through the day for blood tests, xrays, iv fluids, etc etc.  Thankfully enough she is home with us tonight stabilized and more than a half of a grand later.  Hartz owes us this money for the expense and heartache they put us through.  It is the least they could do.  Please don’t take this lightly, because this is not new.  It has happened to many cats and many are not as lucky to make it through, like our little girl.  Her brother is thankful she is home also.  Let’s spread the news.  Education is key and together we can put Hartz out of business.  They deserve it!!

Cute Overload serving Hartz ads

Cute Overload (CO) is serving Hartz ads.  I find it completely appalling and asinine that a popular, animal and pet-oriented website would knowingly promote a company that sells products that kill pets.  Alert reader and former CO visitor, Erin, sent me an email over the weekend to inform me of these ads.  Erin and I have both contacted Meg at CO to no avail.  I wrote a very friendly, formal letter urging Meg to visit and to reconsider serving Hartz ads on her site.  I also proposed a link exchange partnership so we could drive traffic to one another’s websites.  I have yet to hear back from Meg.

Erin has since been banned from posting on CO.  Her comments on CO in regards to Hartz ads were also retracted.  Erin started a website she cleverly calls Sad Overload.  Erin also made me aware of the Junepath website where Junepath is obviously appalled that CO is serving up Hartz ads in the posts Cute Overload/Hartz, Re – Cute Overload and Cute Overload x3.

So it’s here that I urge you to contact Meg at CO and ask her to cease the Hartz campaign.  Meg’s email address is: meg [at]

Also, do what Erin and I have done and post comments on CO, warning others of the dangers of Hartz products and request to have the Hartz ad campaign pulled.

UPDATE: Cute Overload deleted my comments


On Sunday, April 20th, I applied Sergeants Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze on for dogs and it was the beginning of the most horrific time in my pugs life. Soon after applying the product, he started to scratch uncontrollably and whine in his cage. He would run circles and simply collapse, after which he started to vomit and try to tear out his fur with his paws. I rushed him to the vet and he immediately was given steroid and anti-inflammatory shots and then bathed with dish detergent to strip the product off. The scratching continued to the point where his skin was bloody. The vet shaved the area and to our horror this product had burnt his skin. He was then bathed again in some kind of a sulfur dip and given more shots. He spent 4 nights at the vet hospital, where he had to have his paw taped up and socked, so he could not scratch. The burns are awful and they have now started to scab over which is part of the healing process. My pug is now starting to return to his normal self which is a good sign.

I just want to say, never use any Sergeants or hartz pet products, the money you may save is not worth the life of your pet.

I have sent my vet bills to Sergeants where the matter will be investigated and reimbursement will be decided upon. I was infuriated to hear this, I have been looking for a lawyer to sue the company, but have been told lawyers do not take cases where an animal is the victim, even though this is clearly a product liability case.

If anyone can offer any suggestions in this legal area, please post your information.

Thank you


Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick Squeeze-On

This is my first experience using this products on my two dogs.  My babies are dachshund and blue heeler mixes, each weighing around 21 and 24 pounds.  They each got a treatment with the squeeze-on product.  One dog is just fine.  The other one was drooling like crazy!  I thought maybe she had licked some of the product off her fur and it was making her salivate; however, I did not want  to take a chance, so I washed her down really well and scrubbed this crap out of her fur.  From now on, I think I’m going the natural route.

Hartz Ultra Guard

had a moment of stupidity. I already knew from when I was a kid that this company has bad products from the news in the 80s and 90s.Used it again tonight and 2 hours later my 12 pound mixed breed baby girl was lethargic and her head was trembling. I snatched her up and bathed her fast,in tears at my stupidity. called the Hartz ppl.they don’t care.wasn’t their product.she is allergic to something..duhhhhhh their poison !! she is now fine,called her vet.he knew right away.has seen it before. so i am looking for something organic to help.she is a happy girl now. for a few hours of illness and mom’s guilty feelings,she has been getting treats…lol..happy story here..i wish everyone could have one too. sorry for every one’s loss and pain. I love all pets and this company has to be stopped !!!!

hartz ultra guard rid worm paste

My Black cat Church always has worms…being black they are soooo noticeable.

I use to get a pill from vet at $7.00 a pill…the worms were back again within weeks

church and her sister Omalley are indoor cats…but have a large screened in patio to get the outdoor thing.

I gave Church a dose of the hartz rid worm paste…mixed in with a big portion of canned cat food ( a treat for my 2 cats)

luckily she didnt eat it…as she will eat anything

after reading the stories about Hartz products…I will never buy again

why didn’t i find this site first before i used that poison?

I used Hartz Ultragard on my cat, now she’s almost dead.  I should have never used that poison on her.  I couldn’t believe all the horrible stories that I read here.  And they have the guts to keep selling it?  Why can’t they be stopped?  This is ridiculus.

I am telling everyone to stay clear of that horrible poison.  I am telling them to on there site: maybe if we all tell them to do it they will?

Have to go to the vet and spend a fortune to save her life.  Good news is hartz is glad to pay for it.  They do this all day long, pay for their poison.

I Almost Murdered My Cat Cheeba

Last night my girlfriend asked me if it was alright to use a 2ml dose of Hartz Canada One Spot on her cat Cheeba. After inspecting the packaging and making sure the weight/dose was correct I said it seemed ok to use and she held the cat while I applied the One Spot. Afew hours later my girlfriend told me she thought the cat was acting weird by curling into her and she said shaking every so often. When I checked the cat for her I didn’t notice any shaking and figured he was cuddling although she said he normally doesn’t just come up and do that and she normally has to go get him to cuddle, but anyhow we came to the conclusion he was sucking up and maybe shaking because he was scarred he was going to get in trouble for urinating/spraying somewhere in the house because thats been a big problem with the cat recently. So anyways I went to bed to be awakened by a screaming/crying frantic girlfriend to come check out the cat and something was wrong, a little annoyed thinking she was over-reacting as usual I got up and come out to be horrified after seeing the cat trembling uncontrollably and I would say almost to the point of a seizure but he was still sort of standing but very very disoriented that when he was trying to get from the couch to the floor he flopped on his head but the symptom that had me the most worried was he kept opening his mouth real wide and closing it which made this horrible clicking noise as if his jaw was coming off track or something. I swear I thought the cat was going to keel over and die right there on the spot and with my girlfriend screaming even more hysterically after she seen my worried expression which in turn made our 18 mo. baby just as upset (the cat by the way is my babies best friend and she laughs her head off at that cat everyday but I was sure she didn’t understand the situation and was just reacting to mommy) so I told my girlfriend she wasn’t helping matters and totake the baby in the room try and calm down and I will help the cat. We are a very low income family so we knew a vet was out of the question (which I’m sure just made the GF more upset) so I put the cat in the center of the room with a blanket and went straight to the computer to research the Hartz One Spot product as I knew immediately that was the cause and found this site. After reading only a few posts my heart sank into the pit of my stomach for the fear of the family cat dying but I had also gotten some practical solutions to the problem. I had started to run a bath for the cat and gotten the dawn dish soap to help get rid of the oily product on him the problem was though our cat has never liked baths and I was scared in this condition it might make things worse and my fears were correct as i slowly, calmly placed the cat in the bath it started flailing but with its horrible coordination and spasms it just made things bad as it fell onto his back and just went stiff allowing his head to submerge in the only inch of water in the tub and at that moment I thought he had died. I quickly scooped him up instantly after he fell over and placed him on his stomach with a towel over him and started petting him to try and comfort him to let him know the whole bath ordeal in his current situation was over and he could calm down and to my suprise he wasn’t dead but I guess had momentarily went into shock. So after a good 15mins of comforting him on the floor of the bathroom I moved him back into the center of the living room and gotten a pot of very warm water and the dawn dish soap to try and remove this poison by slowly lathering him up and stroking the soap off with a wet cloth which went so much better than the attempted bath and I washed him off as best I could with this method. I had gotten my GF to buy some vitamin c as someones post said a vet recommended that but the cat wasn’t responsive enough at this point to eat or drink. I wrapped him in a towel and put him on the couch to dry and hopefully start recovering a bit so I had told my GF to go to bed and get some sleep because she was still just extremely upset seeing him shake uncontrollably and opening his jaw with the clicking noise so when she was leaving she told me if he dies to please make him a little coffin and remove his body outside for burial the next day so she wouldn’t wake up to see him dead which her instructions sort of went without saying as I was going to do that anyways. At that point we both were pretty convinced the cat was not going to make it through the night. Around 4-5 hours later of comforting the cat and watching his condition not improve much I had went for a smoke and said a few prayers for the cat when I came back inside i sat next to him and started to gently pet him and for the first time he actually looked up at me but still had all his previous conditions which included his pupils being black and huge to where you could see no white. A miracle had came for this family though and I truly believe it to have started when he looked up at me when i came back inside because every 30mins after that his condition just kept improving to where his uncontrolled shaking became slight jerks in his legs while laying, his eyes were almost returned to normal, and he was not opening his mouth anymore with that horribly clicking noise. The big thing besides the improvement to his symptoms that let me know he was going to be alright was the way he was responding to me comforting him such as pushing his head into my hand while petting him and raising his bum when getting pet on his behind. I was so happy he was going to make it and I wanted to wake my gf but I held myself back so she could have a huge suprise. When my GF woke up and started down the hall and saw the cat wasn’t in his towel next to me he face sank and she started to swell up with tears but as she continued into the living room she saw him up and walking around my feet and her reaction had totally changed…well sort of, instead of crying out of sadness she was crying because she was so happy and was saying “oh my god i can’t believe he’s alright I thought for sure when i went to bed he was going to die and when i came out here and saw his towel but no cat I thought he was a goner”. Her reaction and the cat himself being alright made staying up with him all those hours more than worth it. Now that my story is basically been told I would now like to move on with my conclusion which is my hatred for Hartz and companies just like it which sells poison for our pets with such disregard and makes a profit from killing our beloved pets. After my ordeal and reading tons of information on this situation I just can’t believe this has been going on for many many years and countless pets have died and it hasn’t really gotten the attention it deserves. The public needs to be aware of these products and the more than certain harm it will cause your pet but it also needs to be taken off the shelves and banned. I am appalled I paid a merchant of death my hard earned money to be sold poison to kill my families beloved pet/friend/family. These are not just our pets these are our friends, our family, our children and it is totally immoral for these companies to be selling us poison in turn killing our ‘friends/family/children’ and actually getting away with it scott-free. I was so upset when I had seen the symptom for myself as I felt I had personally murdered a member of my own family with my own hands once by telling my GF the product should be fine to use, twice by putting that poison on him, and third by brushing off the early warning signs that my GF pointed out. I am wounded deeply by the experience and god forbid if our feline family member had actually died I would have always lived with a sense of regret and pain for the whole ordeal. I am obviously one of many lives these companies have severely effected and I pray for everyone who has lost their pets/friends/family/children to these obvious evil, malicious, profiteering companies and I also pray they will get what is coming to them. I urge everyone to report these companies as I can’t believe they can actually sell these products and get away with it when in my country Canada I can’t even buy a flea bomb because they are toxic but I can go ahead and pick up a product which doesn’t properly make you aware your treating your pet with poison and will most certainly kill them. Anyways sorry for the long post I had a lot to get off my chest and I am truly sincere to everyone effected by these malicious companies.

Sergeant’s Gold Flea & Tick

I had used this product on my three dogs several months ago, with no obvious problems.  However, tonight,  about an hour or so after application, my female Doberman started drooling horribly.  I searched the ‘web and found that this is a common problem.  As recommended, I washed her immediately in dishwashing liquid and am now keeping an eye on her as I have read that seizures and other neurological problems can manifest.

Don’t think because you have used it before that your pet will be safe, or that only small dogs have these problems.  My dog weighs about 65 lbs and is 1-1/2 years old and very healthy (until now).  I used the proper size (up to 61 lbs) and I also used it on my other two Dobermans tonight, who appear fine (but also needed to have it washed off to further protect her and them).  It was applied to her first, as she was first out of the bath.  I don’t know if she might have licked them, or what… but I will never use these over-the-counter flea products again, and I urge you to find another solution.  I will contact my vet in the am and get a prescription.  I was avoiding it because for my dog’s weight (65, 75, and 112) it is VERY expensive.  However, their health and well being is the most important, and I just hope that the lesson I learned doesn’t have any lasting health effects for my furbabies.

Sergeant’s Sentry Pro XFC squeeze on flea and tick 9-20 lb dogs

I used this treatment for my two dogs and both had a reaction that made them very sick, They cried, scrached, rolled on the floor and chewed their feet.I took them to the Vet and after treatment, I brought them home both are still sick but seem to be getting better, but I don’t know yet. How can a company that is supposed to help animals, create such toxic crap!!!