Profender Killed My Cat

Our vet, who used to give us a tablet to worm our cat, instead gave us a new product called Profender made by Bayer. It is applied topically on the shoulder blades like flea and tick medicines. Three days later she went into seizures and died of cardiac arrest at our vet’s office. He agrees that this almost certainly is the cause of her death.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Olivia B

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  1. Profender killed my cat too! He died of renal failure 2 days after application. DO NOT use Profender on any cat you care about!

    1. I gave my cat profender three days ago as instructed by the vet. She immediately bolted out of the cat flap and has been missing ever since. I’ve looked for her everywhere but can’t find her. I’m feeling overwhelmed with guilt, reading all the side effects I was previously unaware of, that I have unwittingly poisoned my cat and she has died in horrible agony, alone in a ditch somewhere. The vet did not warn me that it was a dangerous medicine and there was no leaflet in the box. I feel absolutely terrible.

      1. I also feel so guilty for not saying no to her or reading about the meds before hand, but they are VETS they are suppose to be the experts here and know what is best for our cats! Still it feels horrible that I allowed my cat being poisoned!

    2. I am so sorry about your loss. I had a very similar situation. My cat ate some toxic grass and was getting treated. After being in the hospital for 2 days and after recovering well my vet said if she continues doing well she will give her Profender. If the VET said that we need to wait for her to do better before we give the Profender, that already says alot. The next day when I returned to the VET (after Profender was administered) I could see she was extremely weak and not herself at all….2 days later she died…. DO NOT BUY THIS MEDICATION!!!!!!

  2. We lost our healthy cat of 2 years to this new wormer… she was fine then hours later was like paralyzed in the back end and could not walk. Took her to vet and she died. Horrible experience.

  3. We found a kitten (RIP baby Alice) few months ago. We took her to the vet and they gave her Profender, next day we found her paralyzed and bleeding from her bottom. She died shortly after we found her. I regret taking her to the vet. I paid money thinking it would make things better but instead these assholes killed her.

  4. I gave my cat Profender Saturday, and he has been hospitalized on IV, steroids and antibiotics. It isn’t going to save him. Liver test came back high when they tested him yesterday. Liver was fine on day one.

  5. Vet gave my healthy cat of 3 yrs profender. Three weeks later shes dieing in my arms as we speak. Was hospitalized and out on fluids but it didnt save her. Ill never take my animals to any vet except for their base vaccines. The worst part is no ones hurt by this but myself and my cat. Please do not use profender. It can take up to 45 days for an adverse reaction to occur. Basically once that happens theres no going back. No anti-profender, just death.

    1. My healthy 1 1/2 year cat just died from profender. The vet put it on both of our cats. I am worried about our other cat, you said it can take 45 days for dude effects. Where did you find this information? I need to know how to protect my other cat.

  6. Happened to my cat too applied pro fender my cat went mad didn’t come home the next day following morning we found him lifeless he became paralysed too I mentioned profender to the vets they said they don’t normally like to prescribe it I called Bayer who manufacturer they said haven’t had any other cases reported but contacted the vets my lovely cat suffered feel so bad giving it too him he died on the Tuesday still grieving for him will not be using this vets they said he had been in a fight I kept on insisting it’s poison please please please find an alternative to this treatment for your cat !!!!!!

    1. My cat died on Saturday after I applied pro defender 24 hrs after application it is toxic and should not be prescribed without warning owners the side effects heartbreaking

  7. My beautiful rags was given defender by vet on Wednesday after a yearly check up everything was fine was prescribed profender by vet and diet supplement I administered. Pro defender that evening by saterday morning rushed cat to vet rags died 12 hrs later do not use this medication it has horrible side effects and it kills it is completely toxic and a death sentence to some cats it is poison ☠️

  8. My beloved cat was given Advocate worm treatment – he was a beautiful healthy boy and he died. I poised him with Bayer’s product. I cannot deal with this. These drug companies need to put massive warnings on their products. Heartbroken

  9. I gave my cat Profender (at vet request) last week, and yesterday she was insane all day. Hissing at invisible spots in the air & bolting away, repeated all day long. She was terrified, even of me. Finally she calmed down a little at night, and today is skittish & has tremors but is a lot more lucid. says Profender side effects are self-limiting (temporary), so if that’s the cause I hope it wears off.

  10. Just lost our beautiful cat to profender, administered by our trusted vet. My wife is beside herself . 3 days after profender application by our vet, we took our cat in due to vomiting and lethargy. The vet believes it was toxic poisoning. Prior to this he was a healthy 2 year old. Is there any recourse?

  11. Profender was given to me in error instead of flea treatment by vet nurse. Unfortunately I didn’t discover this until after his death. We had to basically watch him die over a 3 week period despite visiting vets constantly throughout. He stopped eating, his balance was affected, had tremors and pretty much most of the symptoms of a reaction to the ingredients (praziquantel and emodepside). No accountability from vet after complaint. This stuff is toxic!!

  12. I had a 7 month old kitty she got worms I notice when she threw up I took the worm to vets and it was round worm they gave me profender,it didn’t seem right to put something on her skin oral is better but they no .wrong 4 days later she died I’m so beside myself my first cat I ever had u loved her now I’m without her.

  13. I took my Cat for deworming to the Vet clinic, in Abbotsford. (Alpha Animal Hospital) They gave this very same “Profender” to my cat. How ever later on I read these very scary comments the pet owners has written here & called back the Hospital to inform about the Seriousness of this medication. But I was received with much hostility & arguments saying that this medication is not killing anyone or they have never received any complaints of this med. The clerk went to the extend of telling me it may be different drugs & not the Profender etc. also adding this might had happened over 15 years ago etc. Be careful if anyone is going to this Animal Hospital because THESE PEOPLE WILL NEVER ACCEPT IF THEY DID ANY MISTAKE. They will always have something to say JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SAYING SOMETHING.

  14. I just got Profender in the mail and when I was reading the instructions I see that it comes from Germany so the weight and amount to give is not clear to me so I went online to find out but after reading all these comments there is no way I will put this on them. I was already not feeling right about it when on the package insert they misspelled authorisation. That is a red flag for me! I would have been devastated if my cats died. I had bad feelings about the way it came in the mail too. No box just 4 doses in a baggie.

  15. I gave my cats Profender a few months ago. All three were healthy with no health issues other than suspected worms. One of my cats vomited after application but I didn’t know which one. I began finding vomit here and there around the house and that went on for months. Then my four year old stopped eating and began vomiting every day. Ended up in the hospital suffering from liver and maybe gallbladder complications apparently brought on by starvation caused by the inability to keep food down. Now, three weeks later and after numerous drugs and the placement of a esophageal feeding tube (that he just vomited up last night) I’ll be holding him as the vet puts him to sleep tomorrow. There is no hope at this point. I’ve wracked my brain trying to understand how this happened and the only thing that I can think of that is contemptuous with the apparent onset of this chronic vomiting is my application of Profender. I have no way to prove that Profender has killed my cat in such a horrible way but I’ll never use it again.

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