Seargeants PreTect squeeze on for cat and kittens

I have just recently put Sergeants PreTect Squeeze on flea control for cats and kittens on my cat and the strangest thing happened, about 5 minutes after putting it on the cat he started to jump and run around, then he started to foam at the mouth, so immediately I gave him a bath to take the stuff off him. About 3 hours went by and he started groaning and making loud meow noises (like when ther in heat) but more of a pain noise, he also would pooh all over the place if you touched his stomach so I called the vet at 9 pm, he told me to call the toll free number on the box, so I did, but nobody answered, so I called the human poision control which then gave me the number for the animal poision control, when I called them I needed a credit card to get some information and it was in the united states (I am in Canada), after all this went about, the vet had called us back to give us another toll free number and I told him that I was getting pissed off and I would meet him at his office in 10 minutes, when we got to the vets, he was checking the cat out and said that his lungs were filled with fluids and that his heart was starting to fail. I was shocked, the vet didnt really know what to do so he gave the cat a needle for shock so it would calm him down so his heart woudlnt pound so much, then he gave him a needle for allergic reactions in case he was allergic to the medicine, I cant remember what other needles he gave him but there was a lot, the vet said he didnt think the cat would make it through the night and there was nothing he could do for the cat, so he put the cat on a heating blanket to keep him warm and put him in a cage, when I got home from the vets, I found an emergency toll free number for sergeants and called them and explained to them what happened, I told them that since I put their product on my cat they are paying for the vet bills, they told me they have a medical reimbursement and I would have to mail in do*****ents from the vet and they would reimburse it to me, this all happened last night, this morning when I woke up I called the vet and he said surprisingly the cat made it through the night and is doing a little better, he keeps giving him needles to keep him calm so his heart doesnt have to work as much, later on this evening the vet called and said that his heart sounds a lot better and is getting stonger now but you can still hear some fluid in his lungs, he hasnt touched his food or water all day but the vet said in the evening he was starting to poke at it and just lick it, so in the morning I am going to call the vet and hope everything is well and he can come home.

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  1. I used this just today and my cat is fine, maybe you put it somewhere where he could reach and he licked it off? They warn not to let them ingest the stuff so I imagine it’s really not good if they do. I hope everything worked out for your fur baby!

  2. I have treated him a week ago and he’s still scratching and we are full of flea bites. When can I retreat cause the first one didn’t work?

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