My Lil Ozzy(Cat) DIED* from Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray ;[

A beautiful bold eyed kitten was born May/2007. Come to find out it was a boy and I named him Ozzy. Ozzy was the first pet that I ever got REALLY* attached to. He was so cute and lively in his many years of being a (Indoor) cat. Always running around the house with so much energy and spark. A year later in early January I noticed him itching really bad, so my first thought was ugh o! FLEAS AND TICKS have got my cat. Later on a couple weeks after me and my mom purchased a bottle of Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray from Walmart on January, 11, 2008. We came home later that night and sprayed it lightly on his coat hoping that it would clear his Fleas and Ticks. I saw him licking his coat and thought really nothing of it except I guess Hartz would know cats lick this stuff regardless when you put it on their fur…Also then again I questioned myself- Is this stuff okay for your pet to lick off its fur when it is strong enough to kill pesticides? I would think not. Later on the next day(Jan 12th) I noticed him vomiting 3-5 times per day, not eating or drinking any water, he walked like he was drunk and couldnt keep a steady pose when walking, he tried going to use the bathroom and no luck. So my cat was basically in critical condition. I called Hartz Emergency Stand By Techs-After Hr Support later that night and asked them what I should do? They told me to bathe him to get rid of the spray or any that could be left on his coat, also to get him to a vet. I bathed him in the sink of my kitchen, he didnt fight either…that made me think twice because if my cat Ozzy would’ve been in the right state of mind he would’ve clawed my eyeballs out when I put him in that water. I got him to the vet as soon as I could the next day. Symptoms didnt get any better either by(Jan 13). The symptom was throwing up but he cried like it hurt really bad. When I got him to the vet on(Jan 13) the vet examined him and wanted to hear more information about when it happened, when did you spray him, etc. After we told her that information she said the timeline fits perfectly to where it was the Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray that made him sick. Also his kidney system/urinary tract had shut down completely and said he would need a catheter to stop the blockage. She then told us that he would need to be kept atleast 3 days for the correct procedures to be done and that she would keep us updated on Ozzys condition. My vet called me later to tell me that they had got fluids in him, sedated him and put a catheter in him to stop the blockage. She said when she finally unblocked it blood came running out/it smelled like pee. I think he was poisoned and thats why blood came out. She said he might have permanent damage and she would get back to us the next day. I then stayed up all night long because I couldn’t sleep thinking about my cat. Around 9 o’ clock in the morning(Jan. 14 2008) my vet called me, and said "Are you the owner" I said yes mam and she said I’m sorry to have to tell you but your cat passed away and then asked me if I wanted to come pick Ozzys body up so I could give him a proper burial and I said yes. I would like to tell everyone "You dont know how much you love something until its gone". Ozzy became apart of the family and he was my bestfriend. I lost my bestfriend to Hartz 3 in one Flea & Tick Spray. I would like to tell anyone who has animals DO NOT USE ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS-IT IS DANGEROUS AND WILL KILL YOUR ANIMAL. If I would’ve had any clue my cat was going to die I would’ve never bought the product. I was devastated and still am while writing this. What is sad though it that its still on shelves at mine and your* local Walmart. Plz SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT HOW BAD HARTZ IS.

Thank You,
A Loving Pet Owner

R.I.P. Ozzy-I Love You Buddy

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