This site confirms my suspicion

I had 3 related cats, all of whom I used the flea drops on per instructions (I used Advantix and one other brand). One, a female, is very sensitive to skin irritation, will avoid being petted due to those little static electricity shocks, and grooms more vigorously and more frequently than the other two (her mother and brother). Well, the last time I treated her with the flea drop behind the head, she seemed to become ill: lethargic, and looking very miserable; also she didn’t stop scratching herself after the application, as though the fleas were still active. I suspected a reaction to the flea drop, since she is unusually sensitive. It took several days for her to get back to normal, and I am now afraid to treat her for fleas. I guess I’ll try the vet and see what they say, but I’m not putting anymore stuff on her skin, regardless of brand or type. I still have her, and she is healthy, but sadly, the other two very special kitties died in accidents; so I am very anxious about her well-being. Carol

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